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Mass Effect: The Ephyra Incursion takes place exactly 150 years after the events of Mass Effect 3, where Commander Shepard survived the war. I have decided to stay away from Mass Effect Andromeda and to go with the old lore for the time being, since the new game is kind of lacking in story. The RP will start off at the Citadel during the 150th celebration of the defeat of the Reapers. Something big will happen and we won't stick around the Citadel for long. I plan to have to us visit a lot of the planets from the original Mass Effect games and perhaps even a couple new planets that I have designed. Without getting into to many details, I also want to let you know that we will be fighting a number of familiar hostiles across the galaxy and may even run into something new. We will also have our own ship, with its own NPC crew. The ship will be 1.5x bigger than the NR2. Many challenges and surprises await us in the RP, and I plan to have us quite busy. We will however have down time, some R&R is inevitable, an RP cannot be 100% action, that just wears down upon you. If you would like to see anything in the RP, have any recommendations, suggestions or constructive criticism, please let me know via a PM. If you are interested in joining the RP, the link is below.

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You like waxxed the shit out of an old ME check you did last month, this the same one?
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