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Ivas Gainworth

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
Age: 24
Race/Species: Human

Tier/Influence: 1 (self); Physically fit but otherwise unremarkable. Remarkably hard-headed, perhaps, to the extent that simply not quitting is a skill or ability.

Group(s): ??? (Native to Ecetopia, the magic planet)


Personality: Excitable and boisterous, Ivas never says no to a good adventure. Raised with tales of grand heroes as the sole respite in an otherwise dull existence, Ivas never wanted anything else but to become such a hero himself, and when he stumbled upon his magical sword he got his chance. Unfortunately, he's overly naive, not very bright, and lacks any clear purpose beyond "doing cool stuff." He is capable of genuine bravery and altruism if the opportunity presents itself, though whether this is due to a truly exceptional spirit or because he is simply too stupid to understand the risks that he takes, it's hard to say.

(3) Edge -- Ancient masterwork longsword; ornate golden grip, blade inscribed with runes, shining orange pommelstone. Where the handle meets the blade, the shape of a dragon's head is carven into it, its jaws closed around the first few inches of the blade. The crossguard takes the shape of a dragon's wings wrapping around the wielder's hand. The blade is nigh-indestructible, never rusts, and never loses its edge; Ivas chose this word, Edge, as its name mainly because it seemed too cool not to name, but he also couldn't think of anything better at the time (or anytime since, for that matter).

The sword is enchanted with ancient magics which Ivas doesn't understand, although he's learned how to use them. It is bonded to him as its only valid wielder; he can draw it through the air to his hand, even over significant distances and without eyesight of it, but if any other picks the weapon up it becomes extremely heavy, weighing far more than its size would suggest, and the blade dulls to the point that it is little more than a blunt slab of steel. While holding the sword, Ivas can alter its size and shape at will, as well as throw it like a javelin or a dagger with pinpoint accuracy, despite the fact that it obviously should not possess the aerodynamic qualities of either.

Ivas is able to draw on the memories of whatever strange spirit or other magic inhabits the sword, giving him martial skills far beyond what he would have on his own. He is also occasionally able to draw knowledge about other subjects from it, though this information comes haphazardly at best, as if through a barely remembered dream. If he loses the weapon, his fighting skills (and skills in general) are.... rather lacking. After all, there's little need to train properly when one can merely borrow the talents of another.

History: The Gainworth family owned a farm in the countryside where they made their living working the land. They were never rich and they were sometimes poor, with none of their number having much to their name in terms of talent or special abilities, but they had a strong work ethic and strong family bonds to see them through tough times. The farm's secluded and unremarkable location kept it safe from the wars and magical disasters that often occurred around cities or more mystically active regions, but it also made life there repetitive and dull.

Ivas loved his family, and he still does, but he knew that he needed to see something else in the world before he was too old and set in his ways to make the change. He set off with high hopes and a head filled with tales of legendary adventures, sure that he would immediately discover his hidden potential as the chosen one of some long forgotten prophecy, embark on a quest to slay a great dragon or topple an evil empire, and have a beautiful princess swooning into his bed afterwards. Instead, he found that the reality was rather less fanciful; a simple farm boy, who had no magic and didn't even know how to swing a sword, could only find work as a manual laborer. Ivas was back to the mundane existence that he had hated so much before, only now without his family to help him bear it!

In spite of this rude awakening, he didn't become bitter or jaded, instead bouncing between locations in search of any whisper or hint of some exciting quest or another that never ended up working out. Adventure only found him when he wasn't looking for it--on a job excavating ancient ruins for an archaeological expedition, the laborers tunneled into a forbidden crypt and awakened a cursed beast set to guard the sarcophagus within. While the rest panicked, Ivas leapt at the chance for glory, expertly dodging around the monster to push open the sarcophagus and take the enchanted sword held by the corpse within (in reality, the monster kicked the lid aside as it jumped off the coffin as a springboard, and Ivas was only able to pass because it went after his meatier companions first).

Everyone else in the group was slaughtered horribly, but dumb luck was on Ivas's side. The sword, imbued with the lingering spirit of the warrior-king, was meant to pass on to whatever warrior was strong enough to defeat its guardian and claim its might.... but the ancient pharaoh had never considered that someone might get to it without actually killing its guardian, and so the sword had been made to bond with the first person to touch it, who happened to be Ivas. Unable to do any more than watch in exasperation from the afterlife, the pharaoh's spirit sighed in ethereal frustration as the simple farm boy used the sword's incredible powers to effortlessly eviscerate the monster, cheating his way through the sacred trial without ever properly understanding what had happened.

Ivas didn't need to know any of those pesky details anyways. He had finally earned his legacy as a great hero, and with Edge at his side, adventure would be his!


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