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The thunder crashed outside as the doors to the bar flung open. It had been a long day, and the brunette woman really needed a drink. Her dark eyes shined in the dimmed lighting, and her heels clicked across the wood floor as she took her regular seat. She sighed, removing her jacket and placing it behind her to dry a bit, having left her small umbrella at the door. "The usual?" the bartender asked, not even having to look up to see who was at the seat in front of him.

"Please." her voice came, and soon a short glass filled with bourbon was placed before her. "Thanks." she said, and he gave a curt nod, seeing a few bills be placed on the counter for him to take. He took them and went back to wiping down a few things. Wednesday nights were usually slow, but with the storm, it was extra slow. And all Nichole wanted at the moment was to drink and be away from her family. Her father had asked a lot of her today. With Richard learning to take his place, and everyone else trying to keep things in their control and to gather intel on the O'Connells, it was hard for anyone to get anything done.

"Take a seat, Nichole." the tall, greying man spoke as he motioned to the chair before his desk. To his right was a man that Nichole had known for years now... Victor Moretti, her father's right hand man. Nichole gave a gentle nod, smoothing out her black dress as she sat before her father. For a moment he remained standing, but soon he took a seat and looked at her across his desk.

"You wanted to see me?" her voice came, and he nodded. She had seem that look on his face before. He was trying to piece together what he was going to ask her. "Have I done something wrong?"

"No, no, dear." His voice came, and Nichole looked around the room again. She noticed that Richard wasn't there and her interested became piqued.

"I thought Ricky was supposed to be shadowing everything you do?" Her statement came as more of a question, and she received a look.

"He need not know what I am about to ask of you, Nichole." Her father said, plainly and she gave a nod. "I have a very important task for you. It is strictly need to know. With me trying to prepare your brother to run this Family in my stead, and everyone else with assignments of their own, I need someone I can count on."

Nichole sat up a little straighter. "Yes sir." she spoke, knowing that he meant strictly business.

"Victor agreed with me. With you not being as known as your brother, Victor, and myself, I need you to do something a bit different than your usual hitman routine." He said, and Nichole had cast a look to Victor that time. "I need you to find a way into the O'Connells, gather intel necessary for us to cut them off and get rid of them for good."

She nodded. "Why ask this of me? You have plenty of new recruits looking to show that they can earn their place."

"Because, I need you to get closer than that. Recruits are easily manipulated, especially if they were to be offered something more than what we are giving them. You, however, can get in in a way no one can." He explained and Nichole nodded.

"As a gun for hire?" she assumed and he nodded. "You know, if you allow me to have reign like that, they may actually try and use me for what I am. And I can't keep up a ruse if I am meant to kill someone in this family."

Her father held up a hand. "You make your affiliation to us known, let them know we've used you. Any respectable person will not send a hitman after the one who uses them most. It is unethical, and I hate saying it, but they do tend to stick to their ethics."

Nichole's face became one of thought before her father spoke again. "If I didn't think you could do it, I would not have asked you to do so."

"I am aware father." she said, "I assume I will be checking in with Vic, since Richard isn't supposed to know."

Her father gave a nod. "Indeed, he will bring your reports to me, and we can further discuss what we need more information on. Do whatever is necessary, Nichole."

"Yes, father." she said, moving to stand. "Are we done? I have prior engagements to attend to."

He nodded, and walked over to stand before his daughter. He towered over her at 6'3" and her at 5'4." He bent a little and kissed both of her cheeks. "Be careful." he whispered beside her ear, watching as she left his office.

Nichole had barely noticed that she was tracing the rim of her glass with her finger to the point that it had made a sound. She had forgotten that this bar used real crystal glasses from time to time, but a voice drew her back fully. "Nic! There you are!"

Her head turned and she saw a blond man sit beside her, nursing a beer to his lips. "James." she greeted, and he held his hands up.

"Hey, I was being polite. No need for the hostility." he chuckled, taking his seat next to her. She took a sip from her glass and James noted the look on her face. "A game of darts? That usually picks your mood up."

She shot a sidelong glance to the man beside her and sighed. "I kick your ass every time, James. Are you just a sucker for pain?"

He caught the half smirk turning up on her face and decided that it was safe to play along. "Well, I mean, I let you win." he chuckled, and he watched her take another drink and shake her head. "The other guys bailed because of the storm. So, you know, when the clients start coming in looking for us, more money for us to split."

Nichole gave his arm a gentle smack and shook her head. "More like, I'll get all the money and you'll beg for my scraps." she teased, and James shrugged.

"Well, I'm shocked you're here. It's been a few months, The Amatos have been hording your skills." he said, and it took her a moment before she nodded. That's right, to keep from having attention drawn to her so she could actually do her job, she had been going by Nichole Yakavetta. Still an Italian name, since it was hard to hide her heritage with her looks, but it didn't stop plenty of other gangs from using her. In fact, before her father had asked her to pull herself out of the game for a bit, she had done quite a few hits in the North part of the city for the Russian mob. Those guys had asked for some very... gruesome hits, and she hoped that tonight would not bring them back here.

"I'll be surprised if anyone actually shows up with the weather." she said, and she knocked on the table and placed a bill down. The bartender refilled her drink and placed down a second. "Grab your drink, James, and let me kick your ass in darts."

James gave a grin and walked with her over to the dartboard and noticed that the scoreboard was already clear. "Ladies first." he said, handing her the darts and he watched her hit the bullseye. "And you start off lucky."

Nichole shot him a look. "Not luck, I'm all skill." she said, her eyes drifting down to her left leg. "Even in a dress, I carry. And I will prove how much skill I have if necessary."

James held his hands up, "Easy, tiger, just teasing." he said, and soon both of them found their attention drawn to the door that had opened and a figure came in. "Well, looks like people are going to show even with the weather."

Nichole's eyes watched the red haired woman though, and she just gave a barely there nod. "Not up our alley, I guarantee." she whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder and breathing in his ear, "She'd be a cop more than a gang member, Jimmy boy."

Nichole took her phone from the strap that she was wearing around her left leg and texted Victor.

So, things may get interesting, you still coming to see what goes down?


"O'Brian!" the voice had caught Cassidy off guard as she absent-mindedly wiped off the table in front of her. The man addressing her was in a very nice suit, and he straightened his tie. Luckily, Daniel had things to attend to, otherwise he would likely be here trying to discuss his new plans with her. It had been a rough year for her, since her assignment had brought her home to do undercover work. She shook her head a bit and looked to the man sitting across from her. "Did you even hear me?"

"I did." she said, her voice remaining even to try and not let on that he had startled her out of her thoughts. "It's hard to give anything at the moment. The O'Connell's are barely letting me into any of their major operations. I work closely with Daniel, and his primary focus is gathering intel on the Amato family."

The man ran his fingers over his stubble. "I see. At least that's something, Agent O'Brian. I'll be by again next week and I expect a better progress report. We need better intel soon, otherwise we may be pulling you off this assignment." he said, standing up.

Cassidy couldn't afford to be pulled off the assignment. That would cause far too much explanation to do to Daniel, and lying to him was already hard enough. He'd been her best friend since they were kids, and not letting him know that she had actually pursued a career in law enforcement was killing her. After everything behind her father's death by the hands of the Russian mob uptown had her focused on justice. That's all she wanted anymore, but the O'Connells was the only sure in she had... And they didn't deal with the Russians. Not for anything.

"Cassidy..." the voice came and she perked her head to the man. "There is a bar in neutral territory, The Cherry, that an old friend of mine told me about. It's where all the hitmen meet up. Might want to check it out, it could help you get more info to this friend of yours and he may be able to supply you with more."

"Thank you, Blume." she said, watching as the man left. She looked at her phone on the table a moment before she picked it up and scrolled through her contacts a moment. She was sure Daniel could likely go for a drink with all the stress lately, and she knew she would for sure want to check this bar out if it really was hit man central. That likely meant that someone would know something. She found Daniel's number and shot Daniel a text.

Want a drink? Heard something about a place called The Cherry. We should check it out.

She kept her phone in her hand as she headed into the bathroom of her small apartment and set it on the counter so she could hop in the shower. Agent Blume had caught her after she got back from the gym after her day job, and she had just finished some leftover stew before he had showed up. She sighed, hopping in and letting the hot water hit her back before the thunder outside startled her out of her thoughts once more. She couldn't believe that she didn't realize it was storming. Oh well, she had been past the bar that Blume had told her about, and it wasn't too far from her. She'd have to catch the bus leaving in a few minutes to the stop off 39th and then it would be a good three blocks after that. She would just have to remember to wearing weather appropriate clothes.

She got out of the shower and headed back to her bedroom in her towel with her hair up. She dressed in a black sweater and a pair of jeans that she tucked into her black rain boots. She sighed, walking back into the bathroom to blow dry her hair. She put on a bit of make up and looked at her phone, seeing Daniel had responded, but she didn't bother to read it. Whether or not he went, she was going. This would be a good opportunity to gather intel, even if he didn't show. Then maybe she could go back to him with what he would need.

"Maybe one of the Amatos will end up there to hire a hit man." she chuckled at the thought. She had a feeling that the Italian mobs everywhere tended to stay within their family for things like that. They only liked dealing with those they trusted and it was hard to get in if you weren't trusted. She sighed and pulled on her jacket and grabbed her bright yellow umbrella and headed out to the bus stop about half a block from her house. Apparently she had impeccable timing because she walked up as the bus stopped, and she got on.

The bus ride was about 20 minutes, and she zoned out for a while and nearly missed her stop. She got off the bus as thunder cracked again, lightning brightening the sky for a moment. She shook her head and walked a bit faster, finding the bar with ease and heading inside. She shook out her umbrella and placed it by the door before she walked inside.

It was dead... A couple of older men were sitting at the far end of the bar, talking to the bartender. Then there was the guy watching the game at the middle of the bar, but her attention went to the sharply dressed woman and man playing darts towards the back of the bar. She gave a gentle wave to the man. He had been in a file she had seen. His name was James Sandridge, and he was a known gun for hire around the city. No evidence could ever stick, and with his background, she could see why he had chose gun for hire. The woman, however, she wasn't one she had seen ever.

"What can I get you?" The bartender asked her as she sat at the bar.

"Sam Adams if you have it." she said, and she looked over to the game of darts. She placed her money on the counter when the beer was brought to her, and she watched as the woman hit the bull's eye. It took her aback simply because of the lack of focus the woman had had when she threw the dart. She had been talking to the man, and she sighed. She would need back up if she went over to talk to them, but she decided on an easier route. "Sir?" she asked the bartender and he turned to her. "Are they regulars?"

The bartender laughed and nodded. "James and Nichole. They're here every Wednesday night on business. They won't care if you go over and watch them. They've gotten used to it."

She gave a gentle nod and she took her beer and walked over, sitting on a stool near the dart game. She saw James throw his dart and barely miss the bull's eye.

"Losing touch, James." Nichole spoke, and James rolled his eyes. Cassidy couldn't believe this, and she just smirked, watching as they played a bit. Her hand went into the pocket of her jeans and she looked to her phone and texted Daniel, letting him know that she was at the bar already.
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The loud sound of thunder crashing down outside, was the only sound throughout the office other than the quick tapping away at the keyboard. Only to stop for a moment here or there a ruffle through papers and check the few files on the desk. The tall dark brown hair and light caramel colored eyes, sat in the chair at the desk filling out the papers to switch some money from one bank account to the other.

With a sigh he flipped through the papers again to make sure everything was signed with both last names. Both signatures from a different to make them look like a different person had signed them. “Does this do it then? My O’Riley account opened back up?” He asked the skinny brunette behind the desk who nodded as she took the papers flipping through them.

“I’m thinkin’ so, I just halfta finish typin’ in the paper work. Not ta mention that transferin’ the money from your main account without it tracin’ back that it came from your family name if anyone looks inta it….” She said, rumbling off a bit more about it as she kept typing before peeking at him to see the blank look as he just kept nodding at her words. Kimberly rolled her eyes and sighed a bit. “In other words, it takes a moment to cover yore tracks, Daniel.”

Daniel kind of laughed at her dumbing it down for him before shaking his head a bit. “I was following you Kim.” He received a look and he smirked a bit. “Well I was following you half way through it anyway.” He added giving an actual smile out of her as she shook her head at him. His family had known Kim's family for years, and when she came to America they helped her set up this tiny office. She was their bookie for free now days, she had so much business with the little gangs around her.

“You know Dan, if you actually kept yore O’Riley account updated more. You wouldn't be havin’ this problem, it takes longer to make it look as active.”

“Yeah, but I would forget about it. A lot of my contacts think that I had to leave town and go back to Ireland for a year. I wouldn't have left my accounts active here.” He explained before Kim held a hand up to stop him.

“Hey now, I don't wanna know none of this shat. I’m just your accountant remember? None of the mob shat.” Kimberly said, her voice getting a bit more strict. She saw Daniel roll his eyes and nod before going back to her computer.

Daniel felt his phone buzz and pulled it out, expecting to be his father or his father’s right hand man. It was Cassidy instead and he was happy about that.He had been working for months to convince his father that the easiest to take out the Italian mob was to cut them down from the inside. With Cassidy by his side, they had managed to convince him, and Daniel fully intended to make Cassidy his right hand when he took over.

Want a drink? Heard something about a place called The Cherry. We should check it out.

Daniel stared at the name of the bar for a minute smile. He had been to The Cherry quite a few times, one of the regulars, James, “helped him” get recruited into the small Irish gang calming to have dealings with the mob. He had even let James know he had worked his way into the mob for he wanted a reference for a hit sometime.

Yeah sounds like a plan, just finishing up with Kim.

He sent the text before sticking the phone back in his pocket without waiting for a text back. He looked at Kim with a small smile. “We’re almost done here yeah? I have a buddy I have to meet up with.” He asked before Kim nodded.

“Yeah, that should be doin’ it.” She answered starting to shut all of her stuff off not even paying attention that Daniel hadn't left yet until he waited for her and opened the door for her to head out. Daniel offered Kim a ride before getting in the car and texting Cassidy again to let her know he was on his way.

The thunder crashed again as Daniel got out of his car and he frowned a bit as he headed inside the little bar in the neutral zone. He was happy to be out of the rain and regretted not grabbing a umbrella before he left his house. He looked around the bar, it was much deader than he remembered it being before. Three guys in the corner talking, one watching the game, James getting his ass kicked at darts from some pretty brunette, and the redhead that was like a sister to him watching them play. He gave a nod to James seeing him look at the door, before heading towards the bar. “Tequila straight?”

Daniel nodded towards the bartender holding up two fingers. He watched the bartender pour him a few shots, before taking them and carrying them over to a table where he could still watch the game. His eyes lingering on the brunette between her throws.


Victor sighed rubbing a hand over his face has he get into his car, leading his head back. The had just finished up with everything Giorgio needed him to do today, and everything Richard put on his plate as well. He kind of hated that prick, but he hadn't worked his ass off to get this far to open his mouth like an idiot. Now he fully intended to go to the bar to see how things went with Nicole.

Maybe see if he could find a girl to go home with him. Though...honestly The Cherry probably wouldn't have anyone that fit his standards. Hearing his phone buzz in his bag, he reached in and dug around until he found his phone. Seeing the message from Nicole he opened it quickly and replied.

What's going on? I’m heading there now, try to hold off on the excitement til I get there. Haha

He had known Nicole for years, and he had no doubt whatever ever that she could handle herself. Because honestly...she scared the fuck out of him sometimes. It was a bit of a same she wasn't going to be the one taking over. Though he knew that even Giorgio didn't say it, she was his baby.

Victor watched the meeting between Giorgio and Nicole quietly. Though offering a smile and nod towards her when she looked up at him. He like Giorgio fully believed that Nicole was able to pull off finding a way into the O'Connells. She was crafty, hell she even could deal with the fucking Russians.

It was nice to see Giorgio wishing his daughter luck. As Nicole left the door Giorgio frowned looking troubled, he clearly hated to put his daughter in this situation. “Your daughter is talented. I wouldn't be surprised if she slipped in and got to their top.” He received a look and Victor shrugged. “I won't. You know I'll be there to help her if there is a situation.”

“You better be….” The tone caused Victor to blink. “I would hate for you to deal with something happening to my daughter.”

Victor frowned a bit. “Oh I know sir. It won't.”

Victor shook his head a bit as he turned off his car, fishing for the umbrella in the back seat before pocketing his keys and phone. Setting his umbrella by the door, he looked over the dead bar, his eyes lingering on the redhead that screamed both cop and doesn't belong here. Of course Nicole was kicking some poor guys ass at darts. When his eyes caught the sight of the two guys in the he smiled as they waved at him.

They ran some of the horse races he sometime had a hand in fixing. He waved before heading to the bar. “Gin neat and a shot of bourbon.” He said before the bartender had a chance to ask. Taking the glasses he caught Nicole’s eye and sat the shot on the table for her, before winking and heading to talk to his friends.
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The game of darts was definitely in full swing as the door opened again. Nichole's eyes flicked to the door once she saw it opened and she noted the figure at the bar. She watched a moment as Victor set down a drink on the nearby table, and when she caught his wink she just smiled a bit. She walked over and picked up the shot and walked back over towards James who was looking between her and Victor. "What?" she asked, taking the shot and setting the glass down.

"What was that?" he asked, lazily picking up another dart.

"What was what?" she responded and he gave her a knowing look that time.

"Is that guy... Is he your boyfriend?" he asked, and he saw her just look at him. A moment later she began laughing, quite loudly at that, and his look became that of confusion and shock. He had definitely not expected that reaction. Her face was a little pink, and her eyes had shut she was laughing so hard, and she shook her head, taking a breath. She stopped laughing and then spoke.

"No." she said, flatly. "He is not my boyfriend, he's been my contact in my last bit of business. Remember, I have been horded for the last few months."

James held his hands up and gave a chuckle. "Hey, just saying. He did buy you a drink and wink at you, was I so wrong to assume?"

"I guess not, but how long have you known me, Jimmy boy?" she spoke and he looked to her. "And how often do I have boyfriends? Maybe a boy toy here or there, but I don't think I've had a legit boyfriend since I was in high school."

James chuckled. He forgot that Nichole had similar attachment issues. She couldn't hold a steady boyfriend because they asked too many questions and didn't want her to do anything but hang on their arm and look pretty, but she wasn't like that. She was very independent and kind of a loner from what he understood, and she had to be some kind of crazy to have willingly made deals with the Russians before. The door opened again, and James noted the person walking through as Daniel O'Riley. He'd helped him get into a gang before, and often times Daniel threw him references for hits. It had been nice, but he offered a nod to him.

Nichole threw her next dart before she had felt eyes on her. She saw the man who had just walked in walk over to a table with a few shots and she saw the redhead walk over to him when her eyesight caught him. That definitely caused question to come over her. What the hell would a cop be doing with someone who screamed gang? She didn't bother with the question though as James threw his last dart and Nichole gave a smirk. "Once again, I kicked your ass."

"Yeah, yeah." James chuckled. "Lets play pool and I could at least stand a chance."

Nichole rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Why not invite your friend to come over and play with us then? Shake things up. I sincerely doubt we're getting any clients tonight." she said, but she felt her phone vibrate against her leg and she took it from the strap. The name that appeared on the screen caused her to quirk a brow. "Sasha?"

James seemed to stiffen at the name and he watched as she answered her phone. "What the fuck? I thought you didn't deal with the Russians anymore?"

Nichole held a hand up. "Hey, what's up?"

"Where are you? We need to talk." The thick Russian accent came from the other end of the phone.

"I'm at the usual place. What's wrong?" she asked, walking up towards the bar and away from James.

"Tonight is night. Everything in place. Need to discuss details."

"Tonight? Oh, okay. Just find me when you get here, we'll go some place private and chat." she said, motioning to the bartender.

"Da. Will do." He hung up after that and when the bartender brought her another drink. She looked at him with a smile and handed him a few bigger bills and he gave her a look.

"You have a client coming? Who?" he asked her.

"Mr. Kozlov." she said, and he gave her a look. "We just need to finalize a few details, he'll be in and out. I promise. He knows after last time that he shouldn't stay too long."

The bartender gave her a curt nod. "If it wasn't for the fact everyone paid me to do business out of here, I wouldn't allow them in here after what Gregor did."

Nichole motioned over to him and he leaned across the bar as she whispered something in his ear. He nodded to her and she gave a gentle smile. "Oh, and get Victor's next round on me." she said. He gave her a nod and she took her drink.

"I'll send him your way when he gets here." He said, and Nichole noted James was over talking to his friend and the redhead.

"Ah! Here she is." James said, motioning her over. "Nichole, this is Daniel O'Riley and Cassidy O'Brian. Dan, Cassidy, this is my friend Nichole Yakavetta."

Nichole extended a hand out to Cassidy first and shook her hand. "Pleasure to meet you." she said, and she held her hand out Daniel next. "Want to join us in a game of pool? Kicking Jimmy boy's ass in darts gets tiring."

It caused the redhead to chuckle and James shook his head. "I let you win."

"That's not how it looked." Cassidy said, and Nichole gave her a nod. "Nichole seemed to have it won and she wasn't even really into it."

Nichole gave a smile and a nod. "I've got years of experience. He knows." James just gave a look, and Nichole looked to Cassidy. "Come on, let's go get the table set up. Play a game if they don't want to."

Cassidy gave a nod and she watched as Nichole's eyes roamed over Daniel once as they headed towards the pool table. Nichole knew that James probably had business to discuss with Daniel, and if he was the one she was thinking of, she would need to ask James a favor later. She saw Cass looking her over in an odd manner and she rose a brow. "Something wrong?"

"You're Italian? And you openly talk to the Irish? Isn't that like, rocky ground." she said, and Nichole gave a look. "It's not often I see that without bloodshed."

"This is neutral territory for one thing, only blood that's ever been shed here is gangs trying to make it theirs. Second thing, yes, I am Italian, but my ties to that family are loose. I'm more of a free agent, so to speak." she said, and then she placed a hand on the girl's shoulder and whispered against her ear. "We also don't talk about that aloud, the bartender will not have any bad blood here considering everyone operates out of here, and if you jeopardize any of that, you will never be allowed back in."

Nichole moved away from Cassidy as she started setting up the table for the first round. "You can break." Nichole told Cassidy, and she nodded. Once it was set up, Cassidy took up her cue and broke, not sinking anything. Nichole could feel eyes on her as she made her shot, sinking in two solid balls. The door opening caused Nichole to look up, hearing it slam against the wall. A tall man in a dark coat came in, and once he took his coat off, he revealed a head of dark hair and stunning blue eyes. He walked over to the bar, Nichole watched, and he ordered a drink before walking up to them. "Jimmy boy!"

James looked to her and once he saw the man he gave her a look. "Come take my place!" she called out to him, and he nodded as he began heading over.

The Russian man walked over and smiled to her, "Nichole." he spoke, and she greeted him with a kiss to each cheek. "Wonderful to see you. Who is friend?"

He shot a wink to Cassidy and she turned a bright shade of red and Nichole gave him a look. "Her name is Cassidy. But, come on, you know how the big man gets." she said, her eyes motioning over to the bartender as they headed off to a corner table, Nichole pulling the curtain hung by it shut and she sat at the table. "So, what do you need?"

"I have all in place. Just need to make the hit, dump, and then be done with it. Everything go to plan so far. Now just have to finish, Da? What you need?" he asked.

"We need a place that's quiet, no one in your leagues knows of. It can't be in Amato or O'Connell territory, otherwise all of your new underbosses will want to go after whose ever territory it happened on. I have a place we could go, but it is severely uptown, past your territory even." she said, quietly, and Sasha gave her a nod.

"We go there. I have all night, but I want drink. You call when ready, Da?" he said and she nodded.

"And don't forget, the funeral will have to be planned to. If you don't give him a proper send off, it will fuck this whole operation up and you and I will be in deep shit. Understood?" she said, and he nodded. He got up and opened the curtain, offering a hand to help her up. "Pick me up here after I call."

He gave a curt nod and he headed over to the bar, as did Nichole. She made sure that James nor the two he was currently entertaining had seen her as she slid into a seat beside Victor and she looked to him. "Hey," she said, "The redhead is kinda cute. Probably not much your taste, but might be a good time if you can talk to her." She slid her phone in front of him so he could read what she wrote before he moved to get up.

Even if she screams cop. But figured I'd let you know after the day Ricky made you have today.

"Take it or leave it." she said, and she went back to the pool table and saw James looking almost irritated.

"This ain't right!" he said.


The dart game was one-sided, and though she wasn't fully paying attention to their conversation, she had seen the man that had left the pretty brunette a drink. That was Victor Moretti. He was the Amato's family right hand man. What he was doing in the dive bar, she had no clue, but she soon found herself lost in her own thoughts. If this was hitman territory and the girl was Italian, which from her looks she wouldn't doubt, then she was possibly a fill in hitman for them. It would explain why he had bought her the drink and why she was back here if she was a hitman. Her thoughts interrupted when she caught sight of Daniel and she smiled, walking over to him.

"Hey." she said, and she turned her head back towards the game and she shook her head. "That guy has been getting his ass kicked. It's been kind of funny." she said, and not long after the man came over as the woman walked to the bar.

"Hey, Dan." he said, shaking Daniel's hand and Cassidy just gave him a look. "Oh, where are my manners? I'm James Sandridge."

"Cassidy O'Brian." she said, shaking his hand when he offered it to her. "Are you just bad at darts?"

James just chuckled. "Not so much that I'm bad as she's just very good."

It wasn't too long after that, the woman joined them and after a small introduction, Cass had followed her towards the pool tables. The woman was slightly intimidating, even to walk with. She had such a cool and calm demeanor and she looked so innocent... She could probably get away with murder just by batting her eyelashes a certain way. She was dangerous, and from the way she spoke, she knew it too.

"You're Italian? And you openly talk to the Irish? Isn't that like, rocky ground." she said, and Nichole gave a look. "It's not often I see that without bloodshed."

"This is neutral territory for one thing, only blood that's ever been shed here is gangs trying to make it theirs. Second thing, yes, I am Italian, but my ties to that family are loose. I'm more of a free agent, so to speak." Nichole said, and then she placed a hand on Cassidy's shoulder and whispered against her ear. "We also don't talk about that aloud, the bartender will not have any bad blood here considering everyone operates out of here, and if you jeopardize any of that, you will never be allowed back in."

Cass stood there a moment, watching as she set up the pool table. She was definitely going to be one to watch out for, and soon she broke and their game started. The girl had apparently been very good at pool too, but she didn't have much time to think on it as a tall Russian man approached them. Sasha Kozlov. He was Don Gregor's right hand man, and she couldn't help but want to glare at him. Gregor had been a hand in what killed her father, so anyone who could operate so closely under him put her on edge. However, he was a lot more attractive in person than his file picture, and when he winked at her she couldn't help but turning bright red.

She barely heard as Nichole called over James to take her place for a bit, and she watched as the two of them headed towards a back table with a curtain that could be closed near it. She saw it close and then James motioned to the table. "Go ahead." he said, and Cass shook her head.

"It was still her go. You're solids." she said, and she watched as he took a shot and barely missed. She smirked a little. Now, Cassidy might not have been good on a break, damn near ever, but she was quite good at pool. She made her first shot. Sunk a striped. Next shot, sunk two more. Her third shot, she was a little blocked in, so she broke up what she could and James looked at her and then towards Daniel.

"Why didn't you tell me your sister was a shark too? Glad I'm not betting anymore." he joked, and he took another shot, sinking a ball before he scratched. "I'm fucked."

Cassidy just smiled a bit and took her ball and set it, and ran the table after that. She gave a smile and James just looked at her.

"This ain't right!" he exclaimed, and soon Nichole came back. "She's my partner. Screw you, Nic."

Cassidy just chuckled at the look he got. "Well, screw you too, James. I don't even know what happened." she said.

"You set me up. You women always set me up." James said, and he felt a smack upside his head.

"James, the only set up I do, is alone." she said, and he rolled his eyes before he noticed Cassidy watching Sasha who was at the bar.

"Don't mind Sasha, he'll be gone soon. He's not allowed to be in here for extended periods of time." he said. "Set up the table, Nic."

Cassidy watched as Nichole set up the table again and she looked at Daniel. "Having fun yet?"
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