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The sea rocked the ship back and fourth, the moon the only illumination as the gentle rain covered your face. It was then the First mate approached, a tall old man with whip scars across his entire body and two massive scars on his back where a set of magnificent wings had been torn from his body. His voice was rough, but melodic in a way. " We all had the same dream, fire across the kingdom as far as the eye can see, we saw the face of our doom approaching on the horison and bringing with it the armies of the damned. Yet, as we stood on the edge of oblivion in this dream that felt so real, a sense of acceptance washed over us, there was no fear to be found in that dream..... We can only hope that day never comes, but dreams carry a hint of truth. "

The old man shrugged " All you can do for now is greet your new freinds and enjoy your life for however long it still lasts. " With that the old man left, leaving you on the deck to ponder your thoughts bathed in rain and moonlight while belowdeck the sounds of laughing and drinking could be heard, people deal with their coming death in different ways, especially when they have no choice but to confront it.


HELLO THERE EVERYONE! So, For about a year I have been collecting scraps of info that I now am hellbent on turning into a proper rp. I do have a few rules, as this project of mine is kinda like my baby.

1: At the moment this is not a true rp, I have a lot of information and a half finished plot, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR BLIND FOLLOWERS. I need people who are willing and able to help create this world alongside me and not just follow along quietly and wait for me to develop things on my own.

2: I am only looking for people 18+ due to the fact that hopefully this rp will be dealing with a few darker themes. That being said I plan on this being in a public group forum, so I don't need people who think 18+ means constant bloodshed, sex and cussing.

3: I am a fairly laid back person despite how the last two rules make me sound. If anything I put here or suggest in the future makes you think of a change that could happen or an idea that could possibly change something I have already thought of, go ahead, I plan on making this a rp people can enjoy, and that means that your ideas are extremely important.

4: Hopefully this development phase of mine does not last long, and when It ends I will be looking for more roleplayers, but I can be uncomfortable in large groups, especially if nobody works together and constantly argues. Please, for those of you who may be interested please try to work together, a huge arguing mess only gives me a headache and makes me want to close the group and continue alone as I have for the last year or so.

Now that that stuff is out of the way, I will do my best to organise my information into something at least slightly understandable.

Be aware the current race names are placeholders.


The Ningheim are a race of humans who split off from the main group a little over a thousand years ago following the intervention of a handful of what can only be described as divine beings. These humans became much more graceful, their vision became enhanced and their natural battle prowess increased greatly. They also became greatly in tune with their " souls " This means that while humans ( at least in this universe ) are a group of the least magically inclined species, the Ningheim were gifted with the ability to bring turn the immense willpower and determination of the human race into a weapon.

This willpower can be manifested in many ways, most often through combat. For example, one could passively granted an aura against projectiles that would gently steer harmful objects off-course if they focused. Others may be able to enhance their natural spellpower and become a much more efficient mage, or be able to draw from their own willpower as a magical reservoir instead of their natural energy, almost completely removing the personality disadvantage others would have, though this one would obviously be much rarer.

I have not thought much more on this race, they would obviously be few and far in-between. I have not yet decided if they would be born with one of these natural ways of using their willpower, or if they would develop the ability or abilities over time. Also, I need to decide if they could use all these different ways of using willpower, or if they would have a single way, so that it would not seem too over powered.


I have not yet thought of a real name but I have many other details.

First, these " Angels " are not divine beings in any way, they are named such due to their natural beauty and wings, very clear resemblances to the angels of human religion. They came from overseas during an apocalyptic event in their homeland and were almost immediately enslaved by the high elves. For years humans and elves have been at each-others throats, and enslaving a race that resembles holy figures in many versions of human religion, well it's just delicious.

The angels have hollow bones, more prone to breaks and cracks but much lighter. Their wingspans can range anywhere between 15 ft for the smallest adult, to 20ft+ depending on things such as height, gender and body weight. Flight and their enslavement means many if not all of these angels are fit in some sense of the word. Agnels are also natural wind mages, aiding in their flight.

Their enslavement often includes physical labor, and to prevent escape methods ranging from magical collars to clipping or even removing the wings. There is a resistance in place that is slowly being crushed without enough aid.

World Details

The known world is devided into a single large swath of land where our story will be set. This area has small islands near the northeastern edge, and stories of far away lands overseas is spreading due to the arrival of the " Angels " but nobody is currently willing to spend the absurd amount of money and time to fund a expedition that may fail, to a land that may not exist, and that if it does exist it is now a wasteland.

This land has the normal fantasy races ranging from normal humans to races of elves, to be more specific two, Wood elves and High elves. Wood elves are secluded and hide themselves within their forests, while High Elves put themselves out in the open, living within great cities alongside the other races, all while considering themselves above them. The dwarves do exist, but have not made contact outside their mountains for nearly 150 years.

To the southwest in the corner of the known world lies the largest forest controlled by the wood elves. They rarely trade with the outside world, but young elves coming of age often leave here on a journey they keep to themselves, a rite of passage if ever there was one. Cutting the continent in half is a massive mountain range surrounded on all sides by desert. It is here where the dwarves hide, and here were major trade is set and slowed. The terrain makes caravans easy prey for bandits, and only heavily protected trade routes are safe.


So, even though magic exists, it's not just swords and bows and spells. Ships do have access to cannons, and firearms resembling flintlock weaponry is popular among non mages for the ability to give elemental fury to those who would otherwise not be able to contend with a mage. Gunpowder is only used for physical shots, while magical shots are most popular. Fire is most often used due to the ease of enchanting a little ball with pyromantic fire, but the kinds of shots one can use is only limited by the skill and inventiveness of the enchanting mage, or the coin willing to be spent by the user.


The plot will be set around a group of individuals who all came together after sharing a dream, and being led together by said dream. This will be our characters fighting a losing battle against innumerable odds. Perhaps we will find a way to prevail. Until the fateful day we confront our fate, our characters will be traveling the land as outlaws, as a handful of kingdoms brand those who have this dream as heretics and terrorists trying to sew discord.

Do please post questions here, I hope to get at least 2 other people to help with this, but my max is 4-5.
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This seems fairly interesting. I'd be down for helping how I can.
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