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Not much to know, just some dude with a love for writing and nearly 25gigs of word files with my cruddy ideas and half baked shortstories.

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currently homeless, unable to rp as it is the last thing on my mind and waiting to find an open wifi is dumb.
as much as i would like to continue this, I am pretty much homeless atm and rp is the last thing on my mind. I will not be able to continue this, but if you all wish to pick it up that is fine with me.
Murderhobo, you mean main protagonist of any rpg ever?
" And make sure to bring me back something nice, cursed if you can manage it. " The old lady said with a wink, it was hard sometimes, trying to figure out if what she said was a joke or if she was actually serious. " your brothers are in bed, you should leave before they protest."

Navi nodded with a smile, hugging the little old lady. " Alright GramGram, I just hope we won't be going theough any cold areas, cant't stand the cold. " She said as she finished packing her bag, stuffing empty bottles between clothing and a journal filled to the brim with plant records, a gift from the old lady.

Gram cackled loudly, a twinkle in her eye. " Well if that happens, you find the nearest strapping young lad, and hold on for life... and for the warmth I guess. " Gram finished this with a wiggle of her eyebrows and another wild laugh.

Navi could almost still hear that laugh as she moved slowly through the lower city streets. The first thing she noticed was the size of the place itself, the second being how close together some of the buildings were, it kind of spooked her a little. Nothing could comare though, to the sudden burst of quiet terror when she noticed the castle, two-legs sure liked to make their places big and imposing.

Making her way to the palace garden took awhile, and it certainly made it no easier when a guard would stop her every few feet to question her, one was even forward enough to ask if she was there to eat someone. She took no real offence to any of it, and any questions of the same caliber would be answered with an upturned nose and her moving on.

After a while she eventually reached the castle gardens, and was filled with a mix of releif and annoyance to see she had not been quite as late as she thought. As she approached the three very important looking figures she bowed gently, it being the only thing she could think of doing when meeting royalty. " My name is Navi, I do hope my arrival is not unwelcome. I hope to join you on this journey, an alchemist would not be unwelcome yes? I can create many a potion for different uses, both to aid and... harm, if the need arises. "

<Snipped quote by Not Fishing>

"A foreigner! He probably means to capture or kill you and destabilize the Empire in preparation for invasion. I don't trust him, Your Highness."
- Knight Captain Osanne, or something.

I think the forginer willl be forgotten when the venomous half snake that openly admits to creating poisons shows up.
But yea, once everyone posts their cs i think we have enough people to start.

Well, anacondas are non-venemous snakes, so they need to rely on the strong muscles to kill their prey. Venomous snakes use their venom to paralyze and kill their prey

Still, makes you think. Kinda scary.
I just figured something about Navi.... Anacondas can exert around 25+ lbs of force per square inch on prey, and hold that for a half hour or more.... Imagine that applied to a Naga, would crushing an armored knight for ecample be out of question?
Surprisingly few big dudes with swords

Big dudes with swords are overrated, but i agree we need some sorta meat shield so to speak lol.
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