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Not much to know, just some dude with a love for writing and nearly 25gigs of word files with my cruddy ideas and half baked shortstories.

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@Fetzen all good, pretty messed up myself.
All in all the place was terrifyingly quiet, smelt of rot and generally made Spark wish she stayed behind. After waiting to watch the others split up, she ducked into a small building, the edges of her hair lit and casting a soft orange glow on the inside of what seemed to be a chicken coop containing a single chicken who stared at Spark with a single unblinking eye. Needless to say Spark was immediately smitten.

Walking out carrying the newly warded and concerningly patient chicken in her arms. Spark wandered around, checking up on the bird every so often. It seemed to blink very rarely if at all and seemed to take interest in the strangest things, such as the tiny flames that flickered across Spark's body.

While the chicken was a goldmine in Spark's opinion, she knew the others would be angry if she did not find something of real value. It was then she noticed the larger of the buildings, an obvious residence to a sort of landowner. Spark remembered her father complaining about a particularly old and stubborn man, and the etchings above the doorway matched the shaky signature of the old man in question.

Ducking into the doorway was the moment Spark noticed the others were there, it was useless at that point to hide really, being a literal living torch holding a now audibly complaining chicken that, while completly still, clucked and grumbled at every flickering shadow.

" Surprise I guess, look what I found. "

Spark sounded absolutely thrilled about her find, while the chicken meanwhile kept its eyes on the particularly long shadow to their left, clucking in what can only be described as a threatening tone.
More than likely, this is just before the ruin. The town in question is at the base of a mountain, and at the egde of a forest.
Wish it was a bit longer but here we go. Post up.
Spark was in a strange mood, not really sure of anything right then. It was not just her either. As she walked she joined one other, then as they kept walking more and more arrived until a good 50-60 children walked alone into the middle of nowhere, nearly all too terrified to even think about approaching a settlement until everybody was too hungry to complain.

It was nearly midnight, and it took hours of arguing between thevolder kids, something Spark was glad she had not been a part of. Eventually though, they had to go, sending a party of older kids into a strangely quiet town at the edge of the forest the rest hid in. The little town was quiet, no torches burning or smoke rising to be seen. The buildings themselves were of simple make, sturdy and made of the wood from the nearby forest. The cultivated land nearby betrayed the small settlement's farming origin.

Spark had not been chosen to go with the older kids, but she snuck along anyways until they were too far into the village to argue. They were there for supplies of any kind, food, water, blankets. Ways to defend themselves would not go amiss, but they were children and this was a farming village, there would not be too many useful items.

The fight that happened here did not last long, a fact apparent by the multitude of bodies that lay still in the center of the village, a group that thankfully was devoid of children. Spark avoided looking at the dead, she was reminded of the undead that attacked when she was 7, easily repelled but frighteningly persistant. Spark almost half expected these bodies to getvup as well.
Alright everybody, still waiting on one other complete cs, and one other to finish. Deadline will unfortunately be thursday, friday at the latest so we can get this started.
Is there a spot left? Sorry I been busy with work.

Yessir, just pm me with your character sheet, more info on the sheet can be found in previous messages, or you can follow the wonderful examples in the characters tab.
Finishing up my character, will start once everybody is ready. For those of you who I have not responded to or are still interested but have not pmed, please pm or re pm me. My inbox is a mess and I don't want to miss anybody.
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