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Posted the first IC you can all post what you're nations are going right now. Sorry for the wait and it not being big.


At the end of an era comes a new beginning. Earth our birth place and our home has come to an end. Due to greed, corruption, and paranoia an age of plenty and of development has ended replaced by years of starvation and stagnation. But, as if was god’s or the universe will they survived and improved leading to the completion of the gate. Which contained of what remains of humanity's culture and technology, serving as a warning and guide to prevent those who will come next, of mankind’s mistake.

Then the gate came, and with it power, ambition and the sicknesses that almost drove man into extinction. Soon, aspirating minds gathered met in secret while many upheld the values of unity and cooperation many plotted their exit. But, for now they were silent awaiting for the prefect time to defect and make their own. Soon, what was deemed unnecessary was now back, weapons, gears, ammunition, coin and other luxury items that was laid buried and forgotten was searched and restored.

The flow of illegal goods in preparations for the massive expedition to the new world was blooming and alive and people started siding with people of statue and charisma as the times have started to change. Soon, violence and conflict arose and the government was needed and people that upheld order was needed and the need to protect themselves once world became a necessity.

But, in the end the preparations were done and the people of earth standby for their leader’s world and lead. Soon, the radios and the monitors lit up as their leader Alfred Green stood on the most powerful and largest ship in the expedition the S.S Hope ready to address the eager pioneers.

“People of the UNE, the greed and ambitions of our ancestors have destroyed our home.” He starts off as he stood up from his chair adopting a more serious face and tone. “We are not them, for we have done what they have never done before, in their years of plenty, we have weathered the destruction and diseases that they created and most importantly we have did so as one.” He continues retelling the victories and accomplishment that they did as united his tone and expression overflowing with proudness.

“And because of that we were given a new chance to start anew bearing the knowledge and wisdom that we have learned in this dawn of cooperation.” He adds as he raises his hand and forming a fist with it as he becomes eager for what was to come placing his faith on his people which he forms a smile as he readies for the last sentences. “Therefore my brothers and sisters let us cross, armed with the lessons and start anew, keep the spirit of unity alive as we start anew!” He ends signaling many of the proud pioneers to yell and cheer signaling the start the boarding and departing as they follow and group up outside of Atlantics.
Who would win:
An ancient tree spirit that lives in a giant magical tree
One diesel canister

Applied directly on the tree and no one is there to put it out, there's no hope. But, around it the trees would move and I"ll make the sacrifice (I hope you get the reference). XD
pretty much, the entire forest is the mothers root network after all

Nah you got it in a nutshell but the shamans thing only works because the spirits originated in said forest. I can't say the same for mountain fairies for example

Interesting... so the whole forest is enchanted?
The closer the proximity to the mother the stronger all shamans and potion users get. The shamans are self explanatory since you know how they with spirits so the closer they are the stronger the spirits. For potion users the roots and various plants get stronger as they get closer to the mother since she created the fores5 around her of course the best stuff would be near her.

Nice, so anyone that uses fairies for magic becomes more powerful. And it would also mean all ingredients taken near it the better quality it is? correct me if I'm wrong.
Hell of a lot better then just him their, I'll take 5

Nice and also another question what is the buff that the Tree of the earth mother gives?
Yeah I'm just concerned that he would be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. If it ever got to the point that he was needed then the shadow striders might not be able to help in time. That's why I though of giving him a pack of 8 versions of himself that were of course weaker but able to handle a proper defence as a cohesive unit

hmmm... they would still be powerful how about 5 of them would that be fine with you?
I'm done sorry about the wait.
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