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2 mos ago
Current Problems with the internet once more.


Life is peaceful needs a little chaos in it.

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I'm so sorry guys. I'm still here. I've been on back to back doubles at work. Things should finally be calming down. I really feel awful about my absence.

Its fine no harm done and its fine real life comes first.
Guess I'll have to move this along

yep since the others that haven't posted are still trying to catch up to us so I think you can.

@wildman13@krismer22@deaddrop@shadow daedalus

Seeing as Wild hasn't made his C.S. yet and the fact that I've made it so anyone could join in the middle of the action, I'm going to be moving the story forward as soon as I can. Expect a post soon - either today or tomorrow.

Its fine just really in alot of problems you can go on without me.
Good good, @DeadDrop@Shadow Daedalus@Wildman13

How about you lot? What are your plans if any?

Fine-is but surviving still busy with alot of things to be honest.
Speaking as a relatively disinterested observer... I recommend not placing yourselves in a position where these trolls would be trusted with your backs... ever. So... I recommend that you keep your civilization and give them a quick lesson in threat neutralization.

Also, troll leather could make for quite a bit of armor... given the creature's sizes.

But, an troll Meat Shield friend is even better.
Now, while it was probably not intended, its extremely hard to tell what you want to do in this NRP, especially considering it takes part in an already expansive universe of WoW. While I can get the idea for it, there is very little to say what the idea for this NRP is. Is the RP going to allow very custom factions? How custom will they be compared to the other lore? Does it have to be based on that warcraft lore? What about other north EK regions, like Quel'thalas or perhaps Gilneas?

The time period is also pretty much going to be a slaughterhouse, considering this is the period where the scourge and legion are best buds, and are curb stomping humanity in the process.

As a suggestion, you'd perhaps want to either expand your idea of the roleplay's theme or expand it's region is bit farther, and explain the rules and what not.

Hmmm... I'm interest but, I have to admit I'm not too knowledgable in the era.
I feel slightly at a loss for what to do with Nyma atm. One group is trying to make peaceful talks, the rest of us want EXP probs. Or something of the sort. XD

It's been a long week....

Correction one groups wants to introduce civilizations to these Heathens Majestic creatures.

that there is a man of culture. XD

Yep. We must be civilized and bring civilization to these creature. XD

Hahahhaha we are a peaceful envoy negotiating peace these intimidation tactics are too barbaric for us civil folk. XD

Also I believe me and zat we're inside the cave.
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