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By the way I didn't ignore your character but all you did was take something from the chiefs chest and make a shrine. I didn't know how else to respond to it besides letting you. My character would still be there and you wouldn't catch him praying to the goddess

Its fine
Due to bad internet @Jangel13 would be gone until friday sorry for the wait. @ReusableSword@Guy0fV4lor@Haeo@Darked13

Do you have a claim for me to put into the map?

Do they not belong to any one group? I just want to make sure I'm not inadvertently starting a war by what I'm about to do

they don't so don't worry

So which civilization is cutting down my trees to make settlements?

Modern but, more frontiersman.


Fourth Month of the arrival of the invaders

The war never started with muzzle flashes and blood rather the first skirmished happened in trade and influence as the invaders tried to interact with the locals their goods rigged with taste and offered a taste of the unknown as like their creators are mysterious and far from the understanding of the people of the planet.

Their food unparalleled and unrivaled in taste and texture which contained in steel and iron while their goods or produce hinted a world of taint but quality. Still as the elves and orcs march and prepare for the war to come. Many of their civil servants have arrived in the halls of the kings and queens of the individual races of Titania. Their eyes eager and far from doubt as they try to spread the glory of their ways. As the massive beast of the orcs and the mechanical servants of the main force of the councils started making ready for war keeping a close eye towards the frontier which leads towards the east where the invaders are said to come.

While the men soldiers set up camp in the borders a shocking reaction camp as Dwarven volunteers emerged from the mountains as news of the first mountains cities have fallen to the invaders. While far from a proper army these men of stone were armed with hammers and skilled workers able to maintain and supply the growing demand of the two coalitions with arms and equipment especially the esteemed and powerful guns of the individual Dwarven kingdoms. As the atrocities and tales of the vile nature of the invaders stemming from the aforementioned Dwarven news of the fall of one of their kingdom to a new race fuel to the growing fire of which was full public support for the war to exterminate this new enemy.


While the political crisis ensures between the different nobles and kingdoms of the massive empire in the highlands. A new threat would soon have emerged as a ship of iron and steel washed ashore towards the ancient kingdom of men. It was powered without sails and paddles as it continues on and on towards the great blue. Their men and women slaughtered and dismembered leaving behind a trail of body parts and blood giving the country of feud and blood an opportunity.

While most have been death a soul has lived to tell the tale of what happened though now shaken and silent as the horror of what he had lived through was too much to bare for the shriveled old man which cultch towards his weapon a rifle with a few rounds left with dear life hoping that he was far from danger as the blood of its kind lay out to dry as no one had bothered to mop it all up as guts, and parts spread the metal flooring of the strange ship. Still like the crew on board the ship was not spared as multiple bullet holes and craters lay around its hull a testament of how durable and powerful their ships were.

As the lonely ship stands alone within the sands of the empire within the poor region of Loskadia where the Kucys rule. As the poor yet traditionalists people of the land would soon see the marvel of progressive and modern ideas with their own eyes a new world that they could or could not take.

While towards the north towards lower Jolfa would see another similar turn up as the navy would soon enough a ship of steel which towers from the other ships of wood. Yet aside from the previous one was now far damaged and full of people as its long nose barrels survey the area as the destroyer is fixed towards a direct coarse towards the region of the capital showing no signs to stop.


As the aboriginals would soon see that hiding was no more an option as within their lands the orcs stir and make ready for war as the great bazaars would soon she a massive increase towards precious minerals like iron and steel as orchish traders flock towards the massive bazaar to trade and make deals towards many of the aboriginals which a certain flock of orcs would demand to see the leader of the dying race.

Armor of black iron and weapons of war at their collective hands while a clocked figure tails very closely towards the armored men as within the darkness of his garments hides the tint of cold red of his eyes as the suspicious creature would be protected by an entourage of armed warriors at all time as they navigate the intense labyrinth of which is known by most as the great bazaar of red hive.


The forest under the wolves was protected but, now they could feel and hear the cries of nature as strange men and strange machines emerged towards the eastern parts of the forest cutting down their trees in alarming numbers for a time until they would soon stop as they haul the logs into fine lumber for their growing colonies of man.

Yet still as they prosper they would soon return disrupting yet again the status of these mighty woods with their industrial tools which shames the long tested axes of the people of the land which brought enough time for the mighty wolves to catch the culprit but, now that their lands get reduce a new form of settlement would soon have emerged from the clearings. Home for a few families at a time as they attempt to settle the land.

But, as the loggers would soon fail these men would farm and gun for sustainability as the low population meant time for them to take care of the environment rather themselves as few of these new settlement exercise excessive cutting down of trees.


Fourth Month of the arrival

As the days pass and becomes weeks the next month of existent arose as new sets of problems dominated the new cultures and colonies of these new nations. With the loss of the SS. Hope and the SS. Prince all that was left of the vanguard would be the enduring and mythical SS. Goliath which was the cruiser which was the smallest and the least powerful from the floating city and the floating fortress which the two held with no contest yet they were gone and now the cruiser was now docking towards the individual ports.

Asking for food and fuel for protection with its commanding artillery guns which mounts the deck of the vessel. Effective at range these ship had been taking up the role as the guardians of the colonies rather than its conquerors as the crew still held the principles of the old government and keeping the flames of a unified government of the old world that they left behind.


As the two ships sail on and towards back to earth in an attempt to ferry more supplies and men back to the new world they would see an odd sight. As the Mercy would soon see an encroaching beast of the land make up their ways their position. It was large easily the size of their vehicle as it watches the ships enter and gate observing with its upright body before diving once more down to the depths of where it calls home.

As the ships disappeared into the portal and towards the new world they would see the tainted skies of the planet as the stormy winds and rain pours towards the crew men as they get reminded of the horror of what their planet became. As the ships would soon drop anchor at an junkyard’s port where iron pieces and scavengers travel and hunt for scraps now the remains of California now in ruble and far from the glory days.

Still in their island they would soon see a disturbance in the environment as strange new creature would soon reveal itself with crocodiles the size of buses and snakes as tall as man have started to emerged from the wet land characteristic of the island though docile at first when the humans have started to expand the creatures have turned hostile attacking and eating the settlers that camp out too close to the flood plains while also camping out in the outside free to the attacks of the large birds that wear the leafs in order to blend in with their environment.

While this was far from the norm as success has been found towards the northern part of the island where the efforts to tame the land has yielded promising results. While the marines sent to the south had yielded a surprising find of oil deep within a cave in the wet lands of the serpents and crocodiles.


The Japanese would see their land unlike no other as once they have started to properly survey their land they would see the ruins of an old civilization now covered in muck and green now forgotten like their people. While the land of which they found themselves were a mix of an tropical and forest area which had given birth towards creatures of complete mystery like the towering turtle which had the sizes of small cars while large eagles patrol the airs as they eat the massive buffaloos-rhino crossbreeds that plague the new lands but, unlike their old lands these lands did not flood and overflow in times of rain.

Still as they surveyed they would see hills and other various woodland areas where they can set up shop while various faunas scattered around the land in with testing can be identified and determined if they are fine to eat or not. An unfortunate trademark would be the unsafe beaches of the islands as large aquatic beings like giant crabs and other various coastal creature patrol the sands and far from the touch of most of the people.

Still as they build their massive bridge and expand further west towards the main land they would see mighty trees that rival even their tanks as the plants themselves rages towards the heaven. While get source of lumber for the empire they would see that they were not alone as green men and other various large creatures patrol the land and their hostile nature has been far from diplomatic.


As the crew traveled and make due towards honoring their contact with the Russians they would soon see a multitude of ships modern and fantasy around there area which now stands at where the majority of trade happens. Seeing the arrieval of ships fulls of supplies or men which aside form a small patrol boat here and there are close to unguarded. While a galleon of some sorts are now besieged by three to four partrol boats which unleashes unrelenting fire from its guns towards the broadsides of the ships only to get peppered with hastily loaded cannon balls revealing that their shots are going through the crew making the ship surpressed and unable to retaliate towards the patrol boats as the men on top get slowly gunned down by the unrelenting bullets of the faster and more agile ships.

While multitude of ships traveled full of easy goods and materials for the ever expanding ship of the free. Though as they would soon see in the horizon a small fleet of container ships and other various smaller vessels patrol the seas and with them their most powerful vessels which are a destroyer and an cruiser one of which is definitely higher than the other as its massive gun sits calmly on its deck as it watches the waters guarding the ground of makeshift vessels near it as they rushes back home.


As unbeknownst to most as the free cities sunk and landed on top of the ocean floor it was never just on top of the ocean floor but, within it as its robots and people worked tirelessly to dig further and further into the sand and stone in order to expand and continue to prosper down on their domain of water and darkness as outside the submersible platform on top the light that the outside world offer was limited or non-existed.

Yet instead of an dead trap or a prison the people of the free cities started to expand further into and into the ground ejecting the residue of their clearing efforts into the ocean waters flowing until disappearing deeper and deeper into the abyssal depths. Though wanderers in the shape of humanoid creatures comb the outside structure only to receive a small deterrent which takes on the form of an quick and simple shock promptly sending the creature away back to the darkness.

While as they dig and construct the structures that will form the bulk of their future the miners would soon found strange and well known minerals ranging from diamonds, silver, iron, copper, oil, and salt while purple orbs lunge into the walls are one day found by the miners and further examination would results in finds have resulted that if electrocuted will cause the material to float and levitate.


As the vanguard would soon see their island was not just unique but, strange as islands who were not held by the ground exist floating and containing a patch of flowers full of medicinal properties while the trees danced by the strong gush of winds that periodically reveal and emerged from time to time as the people of the revolution would see relics and the ruins of a temple of old in its place who after examining the various craved images contained many pantheons of gods and goddesses an testament of the old which had failed and now under the foot note of history which now reveals that books were kept around the limited shelves of the temples.

While the hills were rocky in nature and dug most likely to build the civilization that stood in the past now nothing more than stacks of stones and written in parchment and other various materials. Still they would see that they were not alone as serpentine creatures with legs and arms patrol the island while large birds constantly circle the grassland primary island.

While the larger variants of the floating rocks had a strange purple rock sticking towards it as they fly higher than the others now slowly being pushed by the strong gust of winds in the horizon.


As the people of Europe would see a revival of their delicacy as large straws of barley grow in their island as these have the tendency of making more flour as they grow up to the height of the trees. Still as they would see the dough that they produce were much more flexible and moldable then what they had in the past while the potatoes that they used to have was nothing more than growing on the trees ripe and with a sword can effortlessly remove from the tree which now combined with the sap was juicier than the root crop giving it an wetter and sappier taste to it.

Still as they build and expand their settlement the dwarven king would not be a man without honor as a few dwarven merchants came by often as they exchange gold for materials the colony was lacking not in order to make a profit but, to make sure that a creole was created and developed between the two nations at hand. An bigger investment as the king found promise with the new people within their lands while also planning to establish more laws and lenient laws to stir the new market.
This is the current map everyone tell me if there is anything that I missed or if I made an mistake.

Done, sorry project and such hampered my ability to post but, I have posted.

As she sat down and observed the stars for the start of a new day the religious zealot that she was started to emerged her faith and beliefs tested with the various events of her past from her lonely fight with several of the undead and their fight to kill off the trolls. There was hesitation in her eyes she had killed down to the gentlest of creature but, to the most vicious of them all causing her heart to falter and her mind full of doubt.

Why would she kill to give honor to her mother of life and what glory can she possibly give to her in return for the power that she had entrusted her. Her skin as tough as stone yet it had found no blade to test it and the power that she had vested and the commute with the earth was all in vain for she had chosen to draw up arms and prepare for her enemies that seek for nothing more but, the death of those that want to see her master gone and defeated yet to what end and method.

As she laid down her arms towards the ground and sat towards the altar that she made for her goddess she would soon she the domination of the moon and darkness surrounded by the spawn of her mother’s enemies a sentiment that she only found hopelessness and fear yet her heart steadied and her mind steeled itself as the crippling fear that she once fought with was no more. Now replaced with a faint yet presence reminded of the strength and courage that she found with the agreement of her and her god. Her fear still lingering but, its grip on her was no more as she closes her eyes and in that moment of silent she felt the force of her mother’s embrace as the cold breeze and the darkness settled in meditating on the values of her goddess and the way of life she would have wanted her to see. For as those minutes of silence and darkness she had found herself the light of her world lit by the green flames of her presences and it shown her that she was no devourer or destroyer as with the simple yet bigger Nene stood up towards her master gently sat down on her lap as like her they do not have the means to fight for conquest or pleasure but, notion of protecting those that wish to live.

They were questions that she generated within her mind questions that she would soon found her valuing and vowed to uphold as she like her goddess wanted life to live on and survive doing everything to ensure that life never ends and in that moment she had lay down the principles of her cult of the faith of the eternal mother the cult of Evergreen. She pondered the concept even further before she collapses her mind tired from though have finally stopped and passed on to deep slumber as she processed to the very next day.

Day 6

Her day started with the rays of the sun shining towards her eyes as the start of a productive day was to come. Yawning and starching her arms to the air as a way to greet the day clapping her hands for a quick morning thanks to the eternal mother. Before picking up her pet and in order to wake her up and gently placed her besides her in order to make sure that she had enough room to stand up and survey her new home seeing the lack of basic walls and stone to create a sense of security for her and her people making the energetic female to grab her stone axe to prepare the needed wood and equipment to launch and start up on a proper home for her and her goddess as the looming need to start her journey west where she concluded where people who might want to join her cult would reside.

She collected a few berries and fruits from the surrounding environment In order to start her quest for materials and the foundations of her little building in the protective clearing.


  • She gathered the chest and some of the animal bones.
  • She returned to her shrine.
  • She safely stored the loot in one of the holes for safe use.

As she looked around she would soon see the ornately decorated chest from the quarters of the chieftain that now is no longer moving but, now in the mercy of her newfound companion. Wanting to find if it contained anything of worth she soon opened the container revealing an thick pile of coins and the hordes of the remains of his meals now shattered around the lair of the beast. Seeing that the bones were easy yet sharp around its edges she would start gathering the bones carefully selecting the sharpest and the most durable yet adding the smaller ones in hopes of finding something of use in the future as she soon carried what she can and started to leave the cave leaving the others to what remains which were likely the club and the bones of the animals that still remain.

Though she would soon return to gather what was still there like the crudely made throne which she couldn't take because of the size and the material that it was created from. Still she would carry a chest full of circular iron objects which she didn't know the value of or what it was used not knowing that she was now the richest member of the tribe in human standards. Still the hard surface and the size made her interested. clouding her mind with designs of equipment she could make like an glove of coins to add in her fighting capabilities. Still as she was right now she didn't have the tools and knowledge to properly make them.

But, before she started she kneel towards the shrine of her goddess praying to her of how she prevail with the help of her tribe. "Thank you eternal mother... please guide me and everyone in order to be safe and far from trouble, I wish that I still am worthy of your praise and your titles as I dedicate this victory to you." She utters clapping her hands once more at the make shift shrine before sorting through her collection and safely shoring the loot around one of the holes in the alter for safe use in the future.


  • She gathered the chest and some of the animal bones.
  • She returned to her shrine.
  • She safely stored the loot in one of the holes for safe use.


Do you have a claim in the process of making the map for now.
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