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Current Done and ready to continue.
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Bit busy with life and all. I might be gone for some time but I will return.
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Life is peaceful needs a little chaos in it.

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Yes, I can have more time to improve the Rarians.
Yeah I think so, been busy these last few days so I may have missed something.

Its fine, just to let you know that we still time to let others join in.
This is the map of the world. For everyone that doesn't have discord or wants to see the world then you are welcome. The map was suggested by @Malta307…


Are you done with your nation caliban? there is still time to join.

Hmmkay. So will they be what they are?

Or you planning to use the oh-so funny idea of having 'come out wrong through the magical portal'?

Ala, an orc in our own world might look like a mass of black flesh?

hahahah, Not sure you just have to wait and see. XD

So I can post anyway I want? Can I post the initial attack of waves coming?


this post is meant to be what your nation does, before the gates have opened. In the post it is still a few minutes before they opened it.

So orcs are the Invaders?

They are one of the invaders not all.
Ok, guys the introductory post is up.
Man Legacy

Modern world

59 minutes before the incident.

The spotlights of the nearby buildings points, to the massive gate just outside of New York city. Helicopters were flying around just above the structure and boats big and small surrounds the mega structure. The port was filled with people, all patiently waiting for the time it would open. The gate was man’s access to the final frontier, it was the promised new start for everyone.

People with their families take pictures of their families, to commemorate this history changing event. The government declared this event as a no-working holiday for most government officials except for essential government facilities. small shops outlines the port of the city selling toys, food and drinks associated with the gate and what lies ahead.

Inside the Gate.

Inside the dome shaped facility that surrounds the gate, giant computers the size of a small rooms works day and night calculating for every possible. And hundreds of employees’ scramble to ensure that nothing goes wrong. They would be no rest for them for the next 24.

“I still can’t believe that we actually did it.” A black-haired man with googles, wearing a white robe man says, as stares at the mega-structure with disbelief.

“Legacy got us to the moon with computers that can only handle kilobytes of data and this is the hardest thing to believe.” A nearby man jokingly replied to the man.

“If you been as long as I have, believe me you’re gonna believe that the councils are a bunch of warlocks and magicians and believe me they aren’t the good ones.” The man jokingly continues, laughing after.

“What do you mean?” Confused, he asks the man, “I’m just saying legacy isn’t what it looks like.” He sadly answers like his remembering something in the place. “anyway, can you pass me the mug.” He quickly changes the subject as he goes back to work after getting the mug.

“Attention, the wormhole generators are to be turned on after a few minutes, all staff personnel are to get ready.” The PM system announces as the men and women in the rest areas rushes to their stations and gets ready.

Beyond the gates.

Fantasy World

59 minutes before the incident.

“WORLD EATERS.” A green muscular man screams out in shock as he wakes up, covered in sweat, as fear covers his face. “The world is ending.” He continues as he wipes the sweat from his face. After a few seconds, two heavily armed guard’s dashes inside the room.

“Grand Shaman, are you ok?” The guards ask in unison as they see the dread that plagues his face. “Summon the clans, quickly.” The shaman commands and without second though they run as fast as they can. “By earth mother hold, I pray that we survive.” He whispers to himself as he stands up, grabbing a small crude iron staff.

In a far-off island castle.

At a close off room, a group of 12 men gather. All of them looks at a giant map, laid on top of a giant table and on top of it, 10 golden chess pieces and 15 silver chess pieces. The air was tense as five of them argue with one another, while the other 7 focuses with the map. But, a heavily wounded soldier violently barges into the room.

“My majesty, the orcs by the south are mobilizing.” He says as 2 of the group supports him, making him sit in a nearby chair. “Not just on the south but, everywhere else, castle cross and fort hanger are under siege.” The news shocked everyone in the group, for if it was true than the orcs will be unstoppable.

“IMPOSSIBLE.” One of them cries out “this is just a deserter, a coward, or a spy from another kingdom, seeking to make us focus on the orcs so that they can easily conquer us.” He continues as he pulls out his sword. But, as soon as he does, the massive iron door that connects the room to the outside world falls down, due to a small explosion and with them a small group of heavily armored and armed orcs enters the room.

“MONSTERS.” One the noble man that drew his sword yells out, as he charges to the orc with the iron staff. “HUMANS, I DEMAND YOUR COOPERATION.” He demands, as he swings his staff at the charging man, knocking him out in one go.

“WORLD EATERS WILL ENTER OUR WORLD, DEMONS THAT HAVE ALREADY PAINED THEIR EARTH MOTHER.” He continues as his staff glows with green energy. “Earth mother, must be protected.” He quickly adds, planting his staff in the temple of downed man's. “Or, we will join her in death.” He finishes as the man withers as his life gets sucked in by the orc’s staff.

“We will not force you but, if we fail all of us will die.” He says as the man withers, turning into a pale man devoid of life. They left after the prophet have said his piece and like how they enter vanishing without a trace.

Modern World

59 minutes before the incident.

In earth, in southeast Asia, UN military base.

“Tomorrow’s our retirement!” Silvius drunkenly yells out as he rises the beer up. The monitor of the Headquarters tunes in with the historical event happening in New York. “So, about this whole gate thing what you think.” One of his men asks Silvius. “Pioneering and homestead is good and all but, I’m too old for adventures, I’ll stay here in this world.” He answers the question. “AMEN TO THAT.” One of them yells out laughing at the answer question.

“Hey if it’s always this calm here then I wouldn’t mind being here for another ten years or so.” He jokily says trying to tempt fate. “But, I’m done with worrying too much about others.” He adds as he chugs another bottle of beer.

(The map of the world -courtesy of Malta307)…
Found a really good song that might fit the RP.…
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