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Life is peaceful needs a little chaos in it.

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Happy holidays
I'm interested
Took me quite a long time but I have posted.

Seeing that she had done what she needed she concluded that she would travel west ready to leave behind her people to find hers and to fulfill her welling responsibility of gathering people and making her goddess stronger. She followed through her eyes eager and willing while gathering the berries and fruits in a makeshift bag made out of cloth and leaves designed to hold a small amount of her supplies like food and other small equipment as she readies herself bidding farewell to her home and her first love with a heavy heart not wanting to leave him yet she had no more will to stay. Grabbing her axe and readying her soul, she continues on her body and mind ready for the problems that would reside taking the first steps of her journey west and into the unknown.


  • She made a small pouch.
  • She made Nene followed her.
  • She started going west.

Coming back from hiatus. Sorry for the wait.

This is the latest map of the roleplay for everyone to see. The NPC are there with the unnamed ones being free to grab for new players to grab on to. Lore updates are on the way and thank you for being patient.

By the way I didn't ignore your character but all you did was take something from the chiefs chest and make a shrine. I didn't know how else to respond to it besides letting you. My character would still be there and you wouldn't catch him praying to the goddess

Its fine
Due to bad internet @Jangel13 would be gone until friday sorry for the wait. @ReusableSword@Guy0fV4lor@Haeo@Darked13

Do you have a claim for me to put into the map?

Do they not belong to any one group? I just want to make sure I'm not inadvertently starting a war by what I'm about to do

they don't so don't worry
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