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posted mine hope that lives up to the standard and also want to collab @Duthguy?
Goblin Gina

Gina was trying to climb up the large tree while the old goblin gave his speech to the younglings. So when a number of small groups of goblins made their way outside the cave, she was confused on why her brother and sisters were out in the open field like that. Still practically naked at this point, she took cover and hid on one of the bush in order to see what they were trying to do.

Soon, she saw a few of the men, trying to search for something around the forest. Arm with makeshift weapons, they stay vigilant and eyed for any signs of their prey or danger. But, seeing that they found a single hint of what they were trying to capture or hunt. With one of their guys falling to the ground with a loud snore taking a nap.


She then moves on seeing that they are failing at what they were trying to do. Walking up to the tree, she sees one of the lonely goblin just nearby the entrance. So she figured that this new goblin can easily help her climb her tree, so without any hesitation she went up to him, gave him a friendly wave and yelled out as loud as she can. “HELP ME CLIMB MY TREE!” Awaiting her answer afterwards.

Ok, but do we have a CS going on or do we just make our own?

How far are we in the future?
Where the nation sheet? Don't mean to rush you but, I'm excited to be playing a nation roleplay centered around surviving the zombie apocalypse.
Just posted mine, hope it sticks to standards.
Goblin Gina

Day 1

"It was dark." She though to herself, as she tried to open her eyes but, to no avail. She tried to speak but, all she could utter was noise. Around her, she could hear the cries of children. She tried to move, flailing both her arms and feet but, moving coordinately proved to be harder then she though, as she moved wildly in place.

She haven't noticed it before but, she was crying alongside the others. Then out of nowhere, something grabs her and raises her on up. She tries to open her eyes to see who it was. Seeing an old green man, making various faces to her in an attempt to calm her down. She marveled at him, before she blanks out again as she falls fast asleep.

Day 3

She woke up by the pain in her stomach. Hunger a feeling that she forgot she had, since spending floating in what she assumed the Purgatory. Floating around in the darkness, with no direction or goal in mind. She tried opening her eyes once more, seeing that she had more control with her "body" then before. She look tried to look around seeing a room full of green humans just like the old man from before but, drastically smaller then him.

She then inspects her body seeing that she was still a girl but, just like the others she had green skin, sharp teeth and ears. She stands up seeing that she had aged to that of a small kid. She flails around and explores the cave seeing others like her walking around just like her. She tries climbing but, gets no where as she haven't adjusted to her strange body yet. So she ran as fast as she could around the cave tripping on several occasions earning her some bruises and a few cuts that she got from the tiny sharp rocks on the ground.

Still she was happy, she couldn't wait for too long as she search for the outside world. Soon, after falling and tripping she found herself outside the cave. The heat of the sun, the embrace of the grass, and the cool breeze of the wind all of these were what she missed for the most. Being able to walk, run, and climb these were what she wanted to do once again.

So when she saw the large tree in-front of the cave. She knew in her mind that she wanted to climb on top of it, and for the following days to come that was her goal.
Name: Gina

Gender: Woman

Gina looks just like a male goblin with only a few features that differentiates her from her male counterparts like her long hair and her almost flat breasts. Aside from her looks, she also is plague with 5 major scars that she got from traversing the outside world. Born also with green eyes, and strong legs. One of her scars can be seen right on top of her forehead, which she got when she fell from a nearby tree near the cave, scrapping one of the rocks and giving herself a small horizontal cut on forehead. Three of the scars can be seen on her right arm, which once house two vertical lacerations and another deep wound. And the final scar is located just on her left foot, which looks like more of a bruise or a large clunk of her feet was lost, which she is embarrassed to tell about and makes a clear effort to hide it.

Personality: She sees the world as a place of adventure and fun, optimistic and full of energy. She likes to work up and swear and never likes doing nothing in a long span of time. Her optimism often blinds her judgement and would often leave her with a painful reminder of her mistakes.

Past Life History: In her past life Gina was named Silvey, an orphan that had to earn her own food every day. Though she could never steal anything sneakily, she could easily get away with the loot. So with a few of her friend they would steal food from the vendors and she would be tasked with running away with the loot.

After a while the police found their hideout and was dragged into an orphanage. Though the nuns where easily the kindest people that she ever met in her life, she felt sad and irritated because she missed her free life out in the world. After a few years she was adopted by her new family, where her new father was a parkour instructor. Watching him practice, Gina knew for a fact that she wanted to learn to parkour.

Being her usually self she quickly learns the basics and was doing all such of stunts around and near her house. A lots of which gotten her lots of scars. After years of training and horning her skills she was able to catch up with her father and was able to compete in various small time competitions.

then one day, in her first ever tournament their car was hit by a truck. Killing her instantly, her father left with only one good leg, with only her mother being able to survive without much injuries.

Parkour: She is good in traversing all manner of terrain, from climbing, and running, she can easily outrun anyone, hiding around the environment or even using the environment to fight her enemies.

(This will be filled in later as the rp goes on, for now just leave this part blank)


Acquired Skills:



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Hope, that this is fine.
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