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Silvia grey famously known as the luggage makes her way around the desert, lost, and confused she looks at her scanners for anything to ease her boredom. But as all of the jobs were either too far or uninteresting she gave up on looking.

“SOMEONE CARRY ME PLEASE!” She yells out complaining about the emptiness of this vast desert but falls silence as no one responds to her cries of boredom. giving up, she continues her endless march towards the sand until a strange building greets her scanners.

To her the building was strange, it was too different for the fortune regions architecturally speaking. So, it was either a different nation or shady business was going on, so eager to get some action she prepares herself as she gets a paint bucket and starts painting her mech to mimic what a northern frontier mech would look like giving the illusion of a frontier attack.

After a few hours of painting, she was done all she needed to do was to get the right equipment and gear cause if she was going to make a mess she fully intends to make others take the consequences of it all and clean it all up, almost done she takes out a helmet a trophy of a victory in the past along with the jumpsuit that comes along with it.

Now she almost looks like a northern frontier pilot but barely though it was true she is 100 percent a northern she has no love for it and neither for the other two major countries, for her fortune region was her true homeland and that’s what only matters to her.

Her preparations were almost complete all she had to do was to change her voice “Testing 1… 2… 3…” She said as she adjusts her voice modulator “Testing 1… 2… 3…” She says again as her voice slowly turns masculine now she was ready to raid the facility all that she needed to do was to plan.

So, taking out a sniper rifle she scoops out the facility and found two important things about the strange structure. One, is that whatever it is its very important and second and most importantly is that Hylo mechs guards it.
takes for the awesome Rp.
Hmmm... seems like I was late for everything, so I'll just wait for the next set of missions then.

That works for me. It fits nicely and I don't have to change a thing. Hell, if and/or when your character spots The Butcher, she can even have a nice healthy flashback to the mech hacking slashing its way through people and militia mechs alike. ;)

This is the beginning of a good rivalry. XD

I noticed that the background of your pilot has something to do with the Militia, would you like to connect a backstory seeing as my character was a former militia leader?

Can I still join?
I'm gonna be busy this week with midterms so I'm gonna be out until sunday.
To be honest, I was partial to the first, but then I realized... They're basically Reptilian type Rarians with the ability to glide. Plus we already have several warring factions in this roleplay, it would be nice to have a exploitable pacifist race for once.

yep we can help them cause they are pacifist its not like theirs gonna be a race that would try to teach them about murdering stuff. XD
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