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Faith's soldiers

Collab of @wildman13 and @Necroknight

Italy, Vatican City

Task Force Vizima kept on moving through the bloodied streets of Rome, heading for their target: the Vatican. Namely with such chaos and destruction happening throughout the word - some people had turned like always in times of peril to faith.

Currently several hundred of such people of Catholic faith, some from AESR and a few from the Germanic Republic had been assembled and sent to rescue Pope Franciscus.

The Vatican was not like what it used to looked like, as palisades and rubble decorates the streets of what was once the capital of faith. But, something was odd in the air, there was only a handful of greenies were guarding the entrances of the holy city. But, the oddest thing was that there was a huge crowd of civilians just inside the city. The SpecOps Forces nonetheless kept moving into the place, after dealing with the monsters desecrating the seat of the Holy See - as they moved inside and quickly asked the civilians where the Pope was located at.

The people that were in the crowd were walking aimlessly, gnawing as the men pass them and it seems that any kind of interaction with them seem to bear fruit, as they weakly push, claw, or react violently as they get near. Until, someone tried to pinned one of the men to the ground.

The Operatives quickly reacted, pulling out a knife and plunging it into the head of the attacker - namely straight through the temple - a quick and clean kill. "We gotta move, these people have gone mad..."

As the stench of blood and flesh reaches the others, they quickly turned to where it was coming, spotting the body lying in a puddle of blood. Soon, they race their way to it and devoured the flesh clean through the bones. Unsatisfied, the mob turns its bloodlustful eyes to your group. Soon, numerous blood culturing screams fills the area, as they start racing towards them.

"Hostile. Drop 'em," called the Captain of the group - as the unit soon pulled and deployed grenades that soon started releasing a white smoke cloud. As soon as bodies started entering the cloud - they soon started dropping as well.

The smoke itself obscuring their senses and the white phosporous itself burning their uncovered skin and burning them from within.

Soon, piles of bodies start to stack up, as numerous similar screams starts to echo throughout the city, all of which gets closer and closer as time goes by. But, as the screams starts to corner and encircle the group, a nearby door flies open followed by a yell telling them all to get inside.

The soldiers soon deployed flashbangs to cover their retreat - essentially blinding the charging horde - as much as them being disoriented from the smoke. Before the SpecOps unit simply vanished away from the eyes of the ghouls.

In truth, they had taken refuge in the door that had been provided to them.

"Are you crazy!" A man wearing clerical clothing yells out, as he quickly closes the door. "Are you trying to get yourselves killed." He follows up, as he locks the door soon after. Afterwards, he grabs his gun as he peeks at the window making sure that they were safe. The streets were swarming with the creatures, feasting on what remains of their former allies.

"Where is Pope Franciscus?" asked one, not minding what they had done or the fact that they almost had gotten caught.

"The pope was captured." One sadly answers. "A few days ago, while we were evacuating, the greenies got to him." One recalls. "So, you're the rescue that we heard about?" One of them tautly asks "Sure took your sweet time." He continues mocking the group.

"Where. Is. He?" repeated one soldier, whose face was obscured by a gas-mask. Far from being regular soldiers, these seemed to be more...fanatical.

"His at the basilica." He answers. "Where the greenies have taken up camp." He continues as a hint of sadness begins to show from his face. "His at god's side." He ends as points at the small hole in the roof, which slightly shows the roof of the basilica.

"He dead? Or is he still alive?" asked another, checking his clip and ammunition. The soldiers were crazy or desperate enough to straight up charge the Basilica to get him.

"How many greens are there?" added another.

"Too many, not to mention that's where they make the lifeless." He points out "And even if you were able to get there and save the pope, how can you even get him out safely?" he questions as he picks up his gun.

"You need to lead us all to safety." He commanded to the soldiers "We must safe, as much as we can, in order for Christianity to survive." He adds "It’s too late for the pope but, it isn't for us." he continues, pointing to the other priest and survivors in the room.

"We have a rescue coming in - but the Pope will be coming out of this alive," replied Captain Segrius - as he cocked his shotgun. "How many of us, is a different story."

These soldiers were determined, the Pope WOULD be rescued - if all of the unit had to die, then so be it. But faith needed to be restored - especially since they seemed to be desecrating the bodies of their own people.

"Can you make it to the Colliseum? Rescue will be coming there - I can have some of my men, escort you there but we will get to the Pope. Any shortcuts or shall we smash in through the front like the Crusaders of old?" he asked.

"There is a quicker way." One of them answered, pointing to the cellar of the room. "The sewers." He continues but, by the looks of how it was sealed off and the looks of the people, it’s not going to be safe.

"We sealed off the tunnels because of the mini green infestations going on." one of them elaborates with a worried look. "We lost so much." He adds with deep sorrow.

The people sighed in relief as they start packing up with hope in their eyes, the priest and some volunteers have taken the liberty of going down into the city’s sewer systems, making sure that the path was clear enough or some of it was relatively safe.

"We can take care of our own." One of the armed priest said as he takes out his rifle. "There are still some pockets of resistance shattered around the city and most of them will gladly fight with you, they just need to know when.

He brings out a small map of the city showing it to the captain "We have agreed that the signal would be the bell of the basilica." He said as he the others start to head to the colliseum. "make sure that you bring him back." He said as he finally leaves with the rest of the civilians.

The Captain nodded in reply and soon deployed his soldiers into the sewers. Their gas masks and superior training and equipment making it easier to navigate the place...and deal with any goblins in the place.

The road to the Colliseum was a treacherous one, but the soldiers lead the civilians and surviving priests well. Once there, they started fortifying the location. Readying barricades and flares.

It was half an hour later before the bell started ringing. It's holy call alerting many in the Vatican. That was the signal as green flares were popped.

In the streets of Vatican City - there was a dash to the Colliseum. As the soldiers and resistance fighters were keeping one man protected in the center. The man was holding up a green flare.

It was Franciscus, as above them an AC-130 air-ship was unleashing destruction with its arnaments at anything that wasn't covered by green smoke. It spoke of the level of equipment, men and sacrifice that they were willing to give to rescue the holy man. A man of both faith and decency before this horror.

Soldiers dropped smoke, bullets even themselves at the feet of the Invaders. Nothing was stopping them from getting to the Colliseum. When half of their people were dead, did the Roman structure open its gates and allow salvation inside. The remaining soldiers creating a circle of defense around the people.

"In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Send them to the Pits of Damnation!" roared the soldiers, both men and women amongst their ranks.

The bell signaled the start of chaos, as houses opened and with them priest and civilians armed with whatever that they can find started pouring out into the streets. Soon, arrows and guns started firing as the liberation of the Vatican was under way.

The remaining Swiss Guard joined the fray as limbs started flying all around. As hundreds started to drop under puddles of their own blood. The lifeless started attacking and overwhelming the resistance as they started ripping through the human fighters.

It was only about time before the greenies started pressing the advantage, not knowing the true intentions of the humans, as they ripped bodies in half, to crushing their enemies with their weapons.

"DAMN HUMANS." A large orc yells out as he accurately picks off the humans with his war bow. "GET THE GIANTS." He ordered as two Ogres emerged from a large nearby stack of rubble.

The appearance of these creatures has tilted the battle towards the greenies as the thick hide of the creatures were too tough to penetrate with the weapons they had, which the orcs used as giant shields.

The AC-130 was able to rip through the Ogres hides like butter but, one was not enough as the combined force of the lifeless and the greenies shattered the resistance into dust. Soon, what remains of the resistance fled in all directions as some took the chance to flee the city into Rome, while most found themselves to the coliseum.

As civilians and soldiers alike were defending the life of someone important, as they used the walls of the structure to pick off the invaders and using the numerous trapped doors to mount several ambushes inside the monument.

Wounded and exhausted the resistance did everything they can in order to save the life of their families and the life of the Pope, the symbol of morality and Christianity left in this world. "FOR OUR LORD." One of them yells out as he mounted the machine gun on the top of the walls as he rained down bullets to the monsters.

"FOR THE GLORY OF CHRIST." Another yell out as he charges into the horde with a shotgun in hand, blasting everything that could get near him, until he was decapitated by a clean cut from a nearby orc axe into his neck.

Soon, numerous cried were held and fanatic humans crashed blades with the orcs but, did little to no damages when their blades bounces off the orc' armors. And soon most of the Swiss Guards were killed. And what remained was trying to buy as much time as they can for the Pope.

"FOR EARTH MOTHER." The orcs furiously cried out, as they slowly overwhelm what remains of the human resistance.

Soon enough the yells were drowned out under the whirl of minigun and missile fire - as three helicopters and five VTOLs around hovered into the Colliseum. They were armed with guns that easily cleared the surrounding area clear and allowed the soldiers some breathing space.

"Come on! Come on! We don't have alot of time!" yelled the pilot - as the helicopters hovered over-head to keep the Invaders at bay. As those who remained created a circle around the civilians - as they beasts seemed eager to crawl in from everywhere.

It didn't help as near the end - the soldiers were running low on ammunition. It was at these moments, that men would fall into despair. Instead, those that remained - the men and women picked up the halberds of the Swiss Guard and in a religious fervor - started to hold back the Invaders on their terms. Singing in fervor - that would drown-out in voice even that of the orcs.

"For the grace, for the might of our Lord. For the home of the holy. For the faith, for the way of the sword. Give our lives so boldly!" they roared.

"For the grace, for the might of our Lord. In the name of His glory!"

"Dying for salvation with dedication! No capitulation, annihilation! Papal commendation, reincarnation! Heaven is your destination!"

"Dying for salvation with dedication! No capitulation, annihilation! Papal commendation, reincarnation! Heaven is your destination!"

"IN THE NAME OF GOD!" they roared, who didn't fall or die even when their limbs were carved off - as the last push gave the Pope and the citizens time to board and lift off. As red smoke was deployed - and overheard, German fighters zeroed in on the Colliseum and gave the dead soldiers a warrior' burial by denying the orcs the chance to defile their corpses. As the Colliseum was fire-bombed. As the VTOL's soon switched to flight mode and flew off - accompanied by the helicopters and jets behind them.

They would be taken to the Czech Republic - now a safe harbor, as the two titans of AESR and Germanic Republic kept the monsters away from that last haven of peace.

@Wildman13 can I updated on the Progress that I have made in through 8 months

yes you can and this has been approved, also I asure you we won't be having kitchen knifes. XD

The wall, however depends what do you want to wall up. and I think we should collab so that you know what you can get but, overall yours is now canon.
Ok, I finally been able to write a post. Sorry it took so long and if its not the best but, lets start the Rp again.
The fall

Statue of the world

Eight months have passed since the start of the invasion, most of the major cities of the world have fell thanks to the might of the people of Titinia. Soon, fortresses and fortifications have been erected through the rubble as the endless hordes continues to march into our world. Pockets of resistances try their best to hold but, it is only a matter of time before they are discovered and crushed.

Most communications have been severed as our cell phones, Tv, and even our satellites fail to work, as if something is interfering with the signals also cutting them off from the internet. Soon, armies to struggle as organizations and food production starts to fail, as the invaders continues to conquer more of our lands.

The seas have utterly fallen to their new masters, the Naga and because of its fall man further starve as most have been cut off from their supplies of fishes and other aquatic resources. Most of the surviving humans fled further inland but, as each day passes more resources disappear.

Nuclear power plants were ordered to be shut down and were evacuated and power starts to be tapped or was guarded by what government was still left operational. But, they haven’t given up hope they continue to arm themselves and survive for a chance to reclaim what they have lost, and take the fight back to the monsters.

Philippine, Manila

Manila was under the rule of the orc warchief called Tinhide the durable, that laid sieged to it for a month before they could capture all of it from its defenders and with it the invaders were able to capture most of their weapons in the process.

The orcs were not alone however as short men entered with them carrying numerous cannons with them. Most of them were clad in armor, holding a large shield, and had a small rifle on their backs. Seeing up their gun batteries on top of the nearby buildings providing support to the orcs on the ground as they rain down fire at their enemies.

Their short and love for love range combat has earned them the name Shoties by the locals. Together with the Shoties and the Greenies. Manila was converted into their own city. Complete with numerous stone walls, palisades, and numerous buildings that seems to have their own purposed. But, even if they captured the massive city, its inhabitants continued the fight, as they hold on to their homes and families.

“Sir, we have secured the compound.” A woman wearing a green t-shirt and cargo pants reports to what seems to be what once a military officer but, his torn uniform, numerous scars, and missing arm suggestive that he was present at the defense of manila.

“Good, how are we in supplies?” He responds calmly as he tries to grab his gun but, he fails. “Just rest for now, it’s our turn to do the dirty work.” She said to calm him down, as she helps him up. “Thank you.” He said as he gets back to place. “If we carefully rationed the supplies we have then, we have enough for a year.” She continues her report “Finally we have set up some patrols and some traps in case we ever we do get attacked.” She finishes her report.

“We’re safe for now.” She happily says as she falls to the makeshift bed near the area. “And I can take my sweet and deserved rest.” She adds before she finally fast asleep.

Fantasy world

New York City

The capture of New York for the monsters was a major victory for the greenies as it being one of the most well-armed cities in the world, the invaders were able to capture a huge number of weapons that they were able to haul back to their world.

Aside from the weapons, the greenies also have imprisoned hundreds upon hundreds of humans. Male, Female, Adult, or even the young, none were spared. The cages were completely made of wood as the prisoners were all forcefully compressed into the tiny spaces.

The grand shaman that led the charge to take New York was touring the building where they were kept, an storage depot that was once full of construction supplied but, now converted into a holding pen for the captured humans.

“Grand shaman, there was a riot just a few days ago. We were able to subdue them and are now waiting just inside that room. “let me deal with them.” The shaman responded as he entered the room. “What are you going to do with us you monsters!” One of the guys angrily yells out to one of the orcs guarding them, as the shaman enters.

“The world eaters have been suppressed great shaman.” An orc grunt respectfully says as he bows his head. “Let me deal with them.” The shaman says as he approaches one of them. Soon, he puts out a small ceremony knife drawing some blood from his neck, ignoring his pleads and outcries as he becomes weaker and weaker, shivering up into a husk of his formal stuff.

“You will only eat the flesh of your kin, you will serve us until you all have been released.” He says as the man nods in agreement. “Good, now enjoy your meal.” The shaman says as the other orcs starts to untie the others with him. He starts to groan as he sees his former friends. And without any kind of warning he starts charging into one of his friends, taking out large chunks from his body.

Soon, he started eating the meat, as blood starts to flow from the body of his friend. The others helplessly watch as the shaman starts turning them into the abomination they see now. “you all will serve as useful guard dogs.” The orcs mockery says as they, watch with amusement. “take them to the walls.” The shaman commanded as the guards drag the shriveled up creatures outside.

Second wave.

Sorry, everyone its kinda been hectic in my life for the past days sorry for the inconvenience.
The Desperate

As the camp gets showered by tiny pieces of crystal shards and smoke. The camp was alarmed as the sentries have ringed the alarms calling all to arms. "ENEMY ATTACK!" one of the guards shouted with fear as he stares at dark cloud, cause by the missile.

All eyes where at the place where the rocket meant its mark. A huge hole now replaces what was once a clear and stable pillar. Soon, huge chucks of it separated from the main body falling to the left side of the camp. Crushing hundreds and cleaving the only path to the our world in one go. The orcs have retreated in order to clear the way, desperately hacking and forcing their way to reconnect with their allies.

Back in our own world, a command station's crew sighs in relief. Their mission had been a success and the pressure had been taken off of their countrymen. The missile strike had been a success and satellite imaging shows no more orcs were emerging from the gate.

"CentCom this is substation Mjolnir, strike was a success, confirm, strike was a success."
There was no answer.
"CentCom? Do you copy?"
Only silence came from the radios.
The comms officer turned away from his desk, "Sir, all transmissions are being jammed!"
The commanding officer of substation Mjolnir sighed heavily,
"God help us all."

The orcs were still hammering at the large debris, as they have been now cut off from their camp and as a small band was all that was left in the of the initial war band, the orcs were starting to get succumb to fear. "Warchief, We are cut off from the clans." One of the orc grunts said in distress as he hammers away with all his might.

"STOP!" The warchief commanded making his followers to stop. "WARRIORS OF THE ORTAN CLAN." He follows up as he grabs his spear. "WE ARE THE DEFENDERS OF THE TITANIA!" He quickly adds "pass this obtacle our brothers and sisters prepare but, as of now they need time, so earth mother calls for our final service." he continues as he points to the exit of the gate.

"We will buy them time." He said as he lowers his weapon. " My brothers and sisters, we will not let the world eaters into our world, we will not allow them to pass thru us until we all are dead." He finishes his speech making the orcs erupt in a deafying display as they soon start preparing for their last stand.

The soldier's holding the line were thrilled when the orcs stopped pouring through the gate, and so they readied their weapons for a push. One last group of greenies came out of the gate and set up defensive positions, preparing for the oncoming assault. When it came, it was preceeded by aircraft dropping bombs and firing massive cannons into the defenders, napalm took many lives with it's blazing inferno. Rifles clattered and blades met flesh, life's were extinguished in an orgy of violence. Blood covered the ground in small rivers as the defenders slowly gave ground as they were outnumbered and outgunned. Eventually, only the warchief remained.

The warchief watched as all of his men fought bravery, there was nothing was as important to him as that as he charged into the fray killing a dozen before a bullet tore a hole into his left leg but, that did't keep him down as he threw his spear at the gunner and proceded to make his way to the others.

The orc still charged as bullets begin to hit their marks at the warchief body toring into flesh and blood but, for every bullet he was able to kill another soldier with his bare hands or anything that he had. He was determine even if his hearing was lost, even if he couldn't see, even if he couldn't speak, and even if he could feel a thing. He did everything just so that he could buy time.

However, he couldn't keep it up forever as the bullets rip through his legs and even tore into his arms. The pain was too much as blood flowed from the holes in his body and soon, the orc chieftain fell along with his men. "A fulfilling death." He said before everything turned black. His corpse kneeing on the ground with both of his arms gone but, the most baffling of them all is the happy face that he had before he finally died.

By the time of his death the band was able to kill a total of fifty men and held them off for two hours.

Sgt. Oryn was exhausted, they had retaken New Washington from these things, and had stopped their attacks through the largest gate in the country, at least for now. He just wanted to rest but he had to see to his men first. As he strode through the rubble that was once the town square he found a child's teddy bear covered in dust. How many innocent people died because of these gates today? Thousands? Millions? He didn't know, but he did know that when he found out who caused this, he was going to kill them. He worried for his wife and infant son who were out in the countryside with his wife's parents.

Hopefully they were spared this living hell. Oryn kept walking until he found his squad. They were looking at the corpse of the last orc to fall, their leader by the looks of him. One soldier kicked it's severed arm, amazed at it's hands so big it could wrap it's fingers around his entire head, and it was strong enough to crush it like a grape.

"Sarge, what kind of things are these?"
Oryn shook his head. He had no idea.


Collab of @wildman13 and @Scarescrow

As the missiles started their bombardment against the gate, it was only a matter of a few
minutes before the cracks starts to materialize on the gate. Spreading, until the horde stops pouring into our world. Until it happened, the gate imploded sending shockwaves to everyone, catching them off guard as the force of the was enough to send orc and men a like flying, shattering glass from a mile away and even sending a few nearby vehicles to the air.

Mankind raising their weapons up the air, cheering their first victory against these unknown monsters. Faraway, the sound of tanks and armored vehicles began to emerge from the nearby streets, crushing bones of both men and beasts, and causing cracks upon the paved road. The sound of nearby combat of humans against the remaining beasts can sometimes be heard echoing throughout the ruined city. And the President and the Counselors are now being evacuated to an unknown place, where they could be well-protected from these barbaric beasts. Suddenly, a few dozens of black trucks pulled up to nearby corpses of the unknown beast. Men and women in their yellow hazmat suit began to perform a small perimeter to collect the data from the beasts. And almost none of them noticing about a few Super Soldier that joined the group, preparing for whatever that come next. They are armed with a small machine gun, a flamethrower at their back, and a blade cling to their thigh. Their protective suit was also thicker, seem to be heavier as the black color allow them to blend in easier in this wreckage.

The remaining orcs have scattered around the ruined city, mostly under the rubber as they set up booby traps and ambushes and it seems that the goblins have taken up camp in what was once the underground railroads and tunnels that connect the city with nearby cities.

With the destruction of the gate, the fantasy creatures were cut off from their reinforcements and have dropped their previous tactics, which was to charge at the enemies with all their might. and due to foresight or desperation, have come up and degraded to using guerrilla style fighting.

The energy fluctuations that previously surrounded the gate have ceased to exist. As the gate consumed itself and the energy needed to maintain it. and the legacy structure that once stood besides it was no more. It was calm as most of the fighting was put to a stop.

Meanwhile, on the ground level.

The USEA soldiers tried their best to save those that lied in what once a twenty floors high. The sound of people calling, crying, and begging for help echoing under the mountain of concrete. And those that are lucky survive after the destruction were desperate. Some families had lost their children, others had lose their parents. And some desperately digging through the debris, trying to scavenge what had lost. And the Super Soldier stand there, watching the civilian as they are digging to found their loves one. Some ask them for help, only to be replied with silence. Others ask them for support, only to receive a stern glare from these big being. And somehow, because of these soldiers, there weren’t chaos. People aren’t trying stealing others, or mocking each other. No, they just dig, and dig until there hand bleed red and dust covered their face. Some lose their hope and went to the nearby medical station. They were waiting in line and remain intact, yet all of them seem to lose something. They no longer weep, or clench their fists like what those character do when seeing another suffer. No, the survivor bows their head, looking small holes beneath their feet. And farther away are multiple military trucks waiting in line, carrying puppets that has shattered its precious coat to a safer place, separated them from this broken world. And those soldier, now gathered in lines, watching the ruin of the battlefield. They hold their guns tight, afraid if they stop holding the trigger then they will become one of them, buried in this mountain of debris. They afraid that they could no longer return to their family. It had been hours since the last time they can contact with their loves one. And as anyone trying to dial any number, the only sound they could hear of the other side is an infinite beeping sound, signaling there aren't any signal. They had heard from their Sergeant. That they will have three lines: one is to the artillery, second is the general, and third is the air force. And he told them to be in line, the Sergeant said, that these beasts shall bleed. Yet, it seems so futile for them. But what do they know? They are only soldiers that are going to defend this nation. Following the military trucks, the troops evacuated from their battlefield along with an endless line of civilian. Nearby, multiple plumes of smoke rises to the sky, welcoming the new day on this broken world. Or at least, to this ruined city.

The peace didn’t last long as a huge pillar of light slammed straight through the location of the gate rubble, cars, and people alike melted in a matter of seconds as the pillar begins to burrow into the earth. Soon, the remaining orcs revealed themselves as they charge into unsuspecting civilians that were desperately digging in the rubble, and without remorse ripped their victims piece by piece with their huge arms.

Soon, the peace dissolved into chaos as arms, legs, and bodies started flying. As the orcs effortly dismembered their victims regardless if they had weapons or not. hiding in the rubble to protect themselves from the bullets of their enemies.

And then, they met the supersoldiers. One of the chieftains that survive and a handful of his personal guards stare at the strange men. “Worthy enemies.” The chieftains said as he points his halberd at the giants. “Get ready!” he commanded, smiling at the opportunity as they charge into the group.

Stream of light coming out from the Super Soldiers right hand as their attached minigun are starting to heat up. They successfully halt the coming green skin for a moment, creating a temporary defensive line for the civilians to back up and the join the army. Some normal of the soldiers had also joined the battlefield, helping the Super Soldiers to safely pull back. But the coming waves of green skin seem endless as those beast rushing over their allies corpse, only to be pierced by a maelstrom of bullets. But everything needed an end, as the both the Super Soldier and the normal ones began to run out of bullets. So, the normal one began to switch to their Glock-17 handguns and the Super Soldier to begin setting the place ablaze with their flamethrower. The distance between these green skins and the human became so near when one was almost able to kill one of them, only to receive three bullets in the head. Suddenly, there comes a huge noise, with multiple green skins at their back lines to be blown up. And they were not the only one, as many more is being blown up, or shredded by another maelstrom of bullets coming from the back of the solders. Realizing they are being backed up by their armored vehicles and tanks, the normal and Super Soldiers ran, joining the line. The tanks and armored vehicles also began to fall back, with their turrets are constantly blasting the unknown monster. And in the front lines, the soldier with nearby helicopters are shooting those bird-likes in the skies. They are still 26 km from the nearest encampment, and 50 km away from their designated point. And it seems, the USEA going to remember this day for a long time. A day when their power is stronger than the enemies, yet it felt so futile as they failed to protect the citizen of USEA.

As the initial waves dies off in the hundreds, The gate begins to starts to materializes from the pillar, absorbing the energy from it, as it becomes larger and larger. The opening was so different from the last one, as surges of electricity violently exits from the gate cleaving straight through anything that straight in its way. Orcs, Humans, and even the Avians were like butter. severing limbs in an instant before the user gets to react.

“CHARGE!!!” The chieftain commands as rows of orcs pushes a giant rubble as they advances while supported by dozen orc archers that were accurately picking off dozens of soldiers that were trying to stop them. “Reinforcements will enter the gate just endure!” The orc said as they push what was once the piece of a skyscraper nearing where the tanks of the enemy were parked.

The gate was almost complete as its ends starts to connect with one another releasing tremendous amounts of shock waves that can rip through orc and men alike like an invisible blade. But, the orcs stand strong trying to defend the gate, the last stand as they desperately hold against the armor and air support their enemy was using against them.

But, in the end they prevailed, as the humans tucked tail and run, leaving behind those who cannot keep up. Tanks, Soldiers, Supplies, and Civilians were scattered around the city as they get cut off from the rest of the military. Leaving them at the mercy of the invaders, as tanks gets pounded by large humanoid creatures, civilians and soldiers alike were mercilessly killed, and with it the city of Ha Noi fell.


I am ready and prepared for the RP to continue.

Its glad to know you like the RP and don't worry I will continue it. And the there is gonna be a time skip of 8 months so you are gonna have a lot of freedom with your posts.

The RP About to start again, so if you still have to post something, do it before November 1 cause I would post by that time.
Name: Katipunan.

Motto: Fight, laugh, and survive.

How you survived: Hiding, fighting, and looting.

They try to get by what scavenging and looting in turn making them somewhat less advance than most as they are primarily a normadic group that travels the city in search for supplies and to hide from the enemy. they have only stopped and settled into a small compound in the city.

Military might:

20 trained soldiers
1 Apc
9 cars
50 civilians
10 wounded soldiers

The fall of manila and its defenders paved the way for the orcs to capture most of it but, never its people. Soon, Filipinos took to the streets but, was slaughtered and fired upon the mixed Greenies and Shoties armies.

When a group of Filipino militia helped a group of soldiers to get to safely, the Katipunan was born as they set out to defend and rescue their fellow countrymen. And with the lost of communications with the army they had no other option but, to stay.
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