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Current The bar was set so low it was practically a tripping hazard in hell, yet here you are, limbo dancing with the devil
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*Tosses notes because fuck studying*..... *Picks them up again because there's an exam in a few hours*
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I put the sham in shaman
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Hi, this seems cool. Are you still accepting?
Arma Rockspy

Gender: Male
Race: Bori
Color: Brown
Class: Monk - Way of the Astral Self (from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything)
Character Sheet

Appearance: Standing at 2 feet tall and 3 feet long (4 if you include the tail), Arma is rather large for a Bori. His dark brown fur and gray carapace meshes well with the walls and rocks of the dojo where he stays. Although it looks rough, the fur covering his body is actually quite soft and pleasing to the touch. The thick and dense strands help keep dust and dirt away but is useless in the face of water. Once wet, he will spend hours or maybe even days trying to dry it out. As Arma is adept at maneuvering his body, the carapace is vital for his defense since he can just redirect incoming blows onto it. His large yellow eyes are useful for seeing in the dark. Arma also sports a headband to keep excess fur from falling into his eyes.

Personality: Like most Boris, Arma is rather timid. He dislikes conflict and prefers to try and talk things through even though he isn't that good at it. Despite this, once he sees that there is no room for negotiation Arma turns into a skilled fighter that utilizes hand to hand combat and his spear. Outside of hostile encounters, Arma likes rocks... a lot. And digging. Since digging brings him closer to rocks that he can see and collect. He doesn't like swimming a lot, or flying for that matter since they take him so far away from the ground which was solid and had rocks.

Background: Arma grew up under the tutelage of Master Pebble in the Dojo of Flowing Stone. Since a young age, it was all he's ever known. Although he was a timid child, Master Pebble saw the innate ability in the young Bori and encouraged him to hone his skills. The fruits of his labor was finally shown when during a spar Arma managed to hit his opponent who was several feet in front of him with what seemed like a flickering spiritual fist which disappeared soon after. Since that day, his training has increased tenfold in an effort to replicate and master the ability. Even though he was clearly the Master's favourite no one envied him as the training regiment that he was going through was enough to make even the most senior members puke their meal. In fact they even encouraged him to improve since he was the first of their kin to learn such a skill. He has never left the dojo and has never had the urge to. He enjoyed his happy, albeit tiring life with his brothers and sisters and Master Pebble.

When Faerieland started to fall, the Dojo of Flowing Stone was one of the first to respond to the external threat. Master Pebble and the most senior warriors set forth in an effort to find the source of the problem and eradicate it leaving Arma and a couple others in charge. Alas, months passed and there was still no news from them. After catching wind that Lord Hagan was recruiting a few adventurers to help solve the crisis, Arma consulted with the others and decided that he was to go. In order to find out what exactly happened to Master Pebble and the other members, for the first time in his life, Arma was on the opposite side of the dojo gates.

Eugene Esposito

Eugene’s eyes squinted. The once stoic bartender now avoided his gaze, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. Eugene took out two dollars and placed it on the counter, tapping it. He wanted to get as much information as possible.

Thomas saw it and simply shook his head. “There’s nothing good in those woods.”

Eugene tried to produce more but the bartender made it clear he wanted to take no part in what was going to happen. Eugene knew that trust was hard to come by in speakeasies even more so in a place that doesn’t really welcome outsiders. Although what they had wasn’t trust it was better than nothing and he didn’t want to risk it. Eugene finished his drink and stood up, leaving the money on the counter.

"As thanks for accepting an outsider like me… and… for giving the silent warning. Have a goodnight Thomas, I’ll see you tomorrow."

Thomas pocketed the tip and started to wipe the table. He stared at the patron who had left it, not knowing whether he was brave, crazy, or completely clueless. Maybe a combination of all three. He watched Eugene open the door, about to leave.

“I hope so.”

Eugene exited the bar and entered a seedy looking alley that was in between two residential buildings. He put on his mask and made his way to the open street where he was met with a gust of cold wind. His coat fluttered for a while before calming down. The place he was going to was going to be filled with people in high places, legal or otherwise. That much he knew. So his outfit for the night was something that would make him seem like a man in power but the type of power he hated so much. It was one he was all too familiar with, the Mobs. He wore a black two piece suit with the blazer and trousers sporting a faint white pinstripe pattern. His white polo was fitted with a brown tie and his shoes looked shiny, albeit a tad worn. It was topped off with a white hat that had a brown band in the middle. The mask he used was a bit too gaudy for his tastes but it served its purpose. It covered his eyes and the bridge of his nose and was embroidered by a flowing gold pattern. The top half was black while the bottom was designed to look like sheet music, to add a little bit of extra flair.

Lighting up a cigarette, he made his way down the deserted sidewalk towards one of the pickup points mentioned in the invitation. As he was walking, he heard a series of footsteps behind him followed by a loud cheerful voice.

“Ahoy there old sport!” The greeting came from a well dressed man in a purple jacket with a broad smile on his face. The smile on his face remained the same as he approached Eugene. Now that they were close, he could see that they stand at around the same height though the stranger had broader shoulders. Sandy blonde hair, cut neat, and green eyes looking out from behind a simpler black and gold mask compared to the one he was wearing at the moment. The stranger is handsome, with eyes that match the expression on his face.

“I take it from your dandy attire that we’re headed for the same place?” He asks in a friendly tone.

"Well it depends, are you waiting for a pick-up?" Eugene returned the smile, replying with a question of his own. He attempted to study the stranger but was surprised to find out that his intentions seemed genuine. Either that or he works for Hollywood.

“I am indeed! I must say its good to meet someone else who is on their way. The name is…” He managed to catch himself before continuing. Laughing loudly he extends his hand. “Ha, I suppose names are out of favour for the evening. But we can't very well have a conversation without names... I shall be Mister Violet. It is good to meet you, old boy"

"That is indeed true Mister Violet. Genie, a pleasure to meet you." Eugene accepts the hand before gesturing towards the pick-up spot. "It’s almost time for the carriage to arrive. Shall we?"

“Genie, eh? Absolutely dandy, lead the way my friend.”

Along the way, Eugene decided to make a mental note of Mister Violet’s appearance, voice, and gait. Once his made eyes made their way down, he noticed that there was a layer of mud on his shoes as though he had been trekking through it in the last few hours. Eugene adds another point to his evaluation of the stranger. Possibly from out of town? No he would have taken the train. Perhaps he attempted to traverse the woods by himself and had chosen to come back. Nevertheless, he pushed the thought to the back of his mind.

Once they arrived at the aforementioned pick-up spot, Eugene produces a cigarette and offers it to Mister Violet. "To pass the time. And besides, I've made a lot of good friends through these flammable sticks here's to hoping I make one more tonight."
Here's the roll for my starting gold

Ugh, I totally sent this to the wrong rp first and now I am super embarrassed. Here is our dice.

How do I roll using that link?
Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm getting swamped with work rn. Will try to get one up soon though.
Same as Alkanet, I'm fine with either
Great! Looking forward to it!
I would also like to know as much about Master Pebble as I can! Is he also a Bori? How old? How prestegious? Would people know his name?

Sure! Do you want me to post it here in ooc, pms, or should I just add it in the cs?
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