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Current False Prophet is one of them sharks nibbling on internet cables
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1 mo ago
Gurren Lagann is the best anime I've ever watched
2 mos ago
Insect glaive supremacy
3 mos ago
*starts beatboxing in the corner*
3 mos ago
For Lent, I am simply giving up


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“Gah!” Arma cried out as he tripped and fell through the floor. “I’m okay!” He called out, raising a thumbs up. The bori got up just as Ferrin arrived. “Killed? Maybe. In here though, I doubt it. They did say that this was just a test besides what would people say about the king if he killed the very heroes he sought out.” Arma got up and began walking, looking around the room. He heard a flap and the sound of feet landing as Wyler arrived . He gave the petpet a wave and continued with his exploration.

“This is weird.” He said, as he noticed the glasses and vials shaped like neopets. “Wonder what these are for.” Reaching out, he pocketed a couple of the bori shaped vials. Arma suddenly shuddered as it felt like someone was looking at him. Turning to the left he was greeted by another set of eyes. “WOAH!” He jumped back and immediately assumed a battle stance. Eyes darting around he could see other shapes in large glass jars. Slowly his expression turned from battle ready to disgust. “What the fu…” He walked up and began inspecting the jars. Various body parts including whole petpet’s were kept inside, preserved by a strange viscous liquid. He was so distracted by the morbid scene that he didn’t notice the key on the desk.
Sorry not sorry XD
Once Arma gets slow fall he'll be jumping off higher heights.

Is that sentence right? It feels wrong lmao.
Arma got the first nat 20 and took the first points of damage. It won't be long before he gets the first death too XD
Arma, why you like this? xP

Stealth check to see if Arma gets by unnoticed. He's still going to jump down now that their attention isn't on him even if they do find out. Unless they beat another check or smth, idk.
After successfully destroying the room’s floor, it turned out there was a dark room right underneath. “Gotcha!” Arma exclaimed as he continued to remove the surrounding floorboards. “Yeah, the painting’s weird.” He absentmindedly responded to Elloween, his focus still on the room below them. “Now, let’s see what other secrets this place holds.” Just as he was preparing to climb the ladder to get down, he felt a hand on his shoulder stopping him from going any further. “Hey! Wai-!” Before he could finish, she started to climb down.

That is until Ferring grabbed her and stopped her from doing so as well. “So are we all just going to grab each other’s arms now?” He grumbled. He pouted in the corner during their conversation but he saw his chance to descend the moment the two of them got distracted with moving the table. He slowly made his way over to the area he pried open and jumped down.
Hey, I got distracted but post will be out soon I promise!

Would it be alright if I post as Arma before you do? I'll have one up in a few hours, just gotta finish class.
Arma is gonna have a reply up later. Now the question is if he would just jump right into the basement or do something else. XD
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