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Gurren Lagann is the best anime I've ever watched
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Insect glaive supremacy
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Eugene Esposito

Eugene walked with the group, entering Wilde Hall. The chilly, night air was replaced with a warm interior. The dark sky, with bright lights. He took the time to admire the corridor they were at, observing each of the portraits hung up across its pristine walls. Generations upon generations of the Wilde family staring down at their guests for the night.

“Captain Khaki, isn’t it? Do you often attend these functions?” Mrs. Copper said distracting Eugene’s admiration for the paintings. He took note that she did not address their new companion by his proper title.

“I’m afraid it is Corporal Khaki, ma,am. I…” Corporal Khaki seemed caught off guard and quickly corrected himself and her for that matter by reminding her of his position. However it seemed as though he was about to say something else before switching topics. “I confess that this is not entirely ‘my scene’, so to speak. The three of you seem far more at home”

“I speak for myself but while I do enjoy a good party, something as…” Eugene pursed his lips and snapped his fingers as he thought about what word to use. “Something as grand and formal as this event is definitely new to me” Eugene’s throat felt dry and he realized that between his last drink and everything that happened, he was quite thirsty. “I’m actually quite parched. Shall we hurry along? After all what better way to meet and mingle with new friends than over food and drink.” He said with a smile.

“I feel you have read my thoughts, Genie. Yes, let’s have that drink!” Mrs. Copper replied with enthusiasm before marching onwards.

After the rather awkward exchange and Mrs. Copper’s apology, an exaggerated laugh filled the air followed by a clap on one’s shoulder. “Whatever the case, you’re in better company now, my friend!” Mr Violet said to their new companion, causing the corporal to flinch slightly. After giving him a couple more pats, their loud friend led the way forward before their walk to the party was interrupted by the last painting.

A grand portrait of the host herself, Avery Wilde. Something about the way she was painted was captivating but also powerful. An aura of power shone in her eyes that seemed to put all the previous heads to shame. How intriguing. Eugene thought to himself. If I manage to get her in a one on one interview I’d be able to get some juicy information. I can’t blow my cover though so I need to pick and choose my words carefully.

Mr Violet spoke first, though the tone of his voice was a lot less jovial than usual. “Our host for the evening looks like quite the woman.”

Eugene turned towards Mr Violet and smiled. “Certainly does and we’d best not keep her waiting.”

“I doubt anyone keeps her waiting,” Came Mrs. Copper’s reply.

Following the group, the hallway they were in opened up into a massive room. Music filled the air, seemingly from all around them and upon closer inspection, the source was a large group of musicians standing underneath the tall windows of their venue. “Well, the party has certainly started.” Eugene commented as he took note of the men and women dancing along to the jazzy tune.

One particular area caught the journalist’s attention the most. It a huge staircase to their right, going up and beyond into the dark expanse of Wilde Manor. It was probably where their host would make her grand entrance. He needed to find a way up there but using that specific staircase would be too obvious. Perhaps he could sneak away in one of the later hours and wander the hallways in search of a way up. For now though, it was time to mingle and blend in.

“Now this I could get used to!” Said Mr. Violet, the enthusiasm in his voice returning.

Looking over at his companions excitement, Eugene laughed. “You and I both, my friend. Now where can a man get himself a drink?”

With perfect timing, a maid appeared out of nowhere presenting Eugene and his group some champagne. It was either perfectly planned or simply a coincidence. Probably the latter. Before he could even respond, Mr. Violet eagerly picked up a flute and started to take a sip. Not wanting to seem too rude, Eugen followed. Only this time he didn’t drink right away, he swirled the alcoholic drink around and took in its aroma, trying to find any sort of inconsistencies. But he couldn’t figure anything out except for the fact that it was of the highest quality.

Looking back up at the maid, the journalist noticed something off. She was fidgety, frequently glancing to the side as if afraid of something. Eugene followed her gaze and his eyes locked on a man. If the people around them was like the sea, that man was an island. The guest flowed around him as if he wasn’t there, as if he was invisible. That wasn’t all, a strange fear gripped his heart. Somewhere deep with Eugene’s consciousness he was praying that this man wouldn’t turn and pay him attention. Something about this guest was dark. Darker than his hair and suit and Eugene hoped he would not be the one to find out what happened when darkness takes notice.

He quickly shifted his eyes and took a sip to quench his thirst. As the champagne flowed down his throat he let out a satisfied sigh so as to seem perfectly fine. A sent a quick glance to each of his companions, lingering on Mrs. Copper’s just a split second longer before saying. “Exquisite drink, don’t you all think so?”

“Quite exquisite,” Mrs. Copper replied, agreeing to his statement before giving out a friendly word of advice. “Though one must pace oneself.”
Old man incoming. Do tell if there's things I still need to change or adjust.

Dropping my interest for this
@Moon Man Ooof my guy, it was fun while it lasted. Good luck

Yeah, the hiatus it was on and all the irl stuff just killed my momentum. Once again, sorry to everyone.
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Hiya, really sorry about this but I've lost interest in the rp and it wouldn't feel right if I try to continue with lackluster posts.

Eugene Esposito

Eugene exits the carriage and takes a deep breath, it felt good to be in the open. The atmosphere in there was quite restricting these past few minutes. He saw the other invitees with their fancy outfits and masks, an air of pompousness radiating from majority of them. Now it’s time to act like one of them. He didn’t have to be all stuck up, just show enough bravado to make them think he wasn’t a stranger to such events. Straightening his collar he looked to Mister Violet.

“Now, now Mister Violet. Now that we’re here there’s no need to rush. Seems like we arrived just in time though, a couple minutes of tardiness shouldn’t bother anyone.” He said, his voice exuding confidence.

Eugene turns back towards the carriage and raises a hand for Mrs Copper which she takes. Turning around he is greeted with the magnificent sight of Wilde Hall. Fixing the coat he wore, Eugene was about to head towards their venue but was stopped by a commotion.

Just as the tension from the carriage seemed to die down, the peace was broken once again Mr. Red. The southern man walked up to, who he assumed, was a chaperone of another group. The man Mr. Red was talking to was massive, looming over the car he was standing next to. Despite this, Mr. Red walked up fearlessly, even throwing his real name out into the wind for all to hear. Eugene looked around and noticed the stares of the other attendees, eagerly watching to obtain some material for some late night gossip.

Even though the man supposedly called Adams kept denying Mr. Red, that didn’t deter the southern man. In fact it motivated him more. He carefully watched Adams, vying for any reaction but there was none. Blank as a slate. No hint of recognition, no movement apart from his mouth and the occasional blink, hell, it seems like he doesn’t even notice Mr. Red. The situation escalated to the point where two servants grabbed Mr. Red and attempted to drag him off.

Gracious! What’s all this?” Mrs. Copper said. She walked up towards the servants grabbing Mr. Red and sternly rebuked them. “What rights have you to put hands on a guest for simply asking a question of a servant?”

It seems her voice held some power as the emotionless servants actually flinched. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out in anyone’s favor as Mr. Red broke free and punched the servants. There was a dull crack and Eugene subconsciously winced. The hit sent the servant towards the light which arose some confusion in the reporter. No moan of pain, no blood dripping from the wound, pale, and taut skin. If they weren’t moving out and about he’d have thought they were long dead corpses.

A few, slow seconds passed. The tension in the air was palpable. Mr. Red stayed in a hostile stance, one hand up using it as a guard and the other…slowly moving into jacket. Eugene’s eyes widened. He had a gun. Just as he was about to open his mouth to yell that Mr. Red was armed, a voice rang out from behind him.

Eugene spun around and was met with two figures. A larger, broad shouldered man with fierce green eyes, no doubt he was the source of the voice. He exuded an aura of power that none of the other attendees had. The second man, wearing the uniform of a shoulder, had just left the carriage behind the green eyed man and was shorter though more fit. However his body language lacked the confidence that his companion had just showcased.

The green eyed man called out to the coachmen and sternly reprimanded them. The coachmen quickly stood at attention and kept their heads low. Eugene watched as the man who called himself Professor Green apologize to Mr. Red on behalf of the servants. Seemed like they had just met one of the top dogs of Wilde Hall. Being able to command those strangely lifeless coachmen and apologizing on behalf of them. As Mr. Red reached a hand out to shake Mr. Green’s he was pulled in and the two exchanged some words before quickly pulling apart.

"I can only extend that apology to the three of you. As I said, clearly there has been some misunderstanding. You have my personal assurance that this unsavory moment will not spoil your evening! From this moment onwards, please allow me to consider all of you my companions." Mr Green said to Eugene’s group. Looks like they had gained a powerful ally. Still, despite the friendly disposition, Eugene did not let his guard down.

Eugene bowed slightly and said. “Much obliged Mr. Green. I am called Genie.” He said, thanking the patron that stopped the commotion from escalating. “Mrs. Copper that’s an excellent idea. It’s a party after all, why don’t we go and experience the beauty of Wilde Hall.”

As Eugene turned to leave, Professor Green called out and mentioned that one of his men would join them. It was the one in a soldier’s outfit wearing a white opera mask, Corporal Khaki was his name. “Oh, of course. I’m sure my companions would agree with me when I say, we’d be delighted to have him.”

While he was still facing them, Eugene glanced over at Mr. Red. A wave of confusion washed over him when he did so. Mr. Red was…still. The tension in his body which was ready to lash out at any given time was gone. In fact it seemed like he was now withdrawn, a cornered beast with no way out except death. What the hell did Professor Green say to him?

“Well?” Eugene asked, enthusiasm in his voice. “Shall we?” He made a sweeping motion with his hand before turning around and walking towards Wilde Hall.
“Gah!” Arma cried out as he tripped and fell through the floor. “I’m okay!” He called out, raising a thumbs up. The bori got up just as Ferrin arrived. “Killed? Maybe. In here though, I doubt it. They did say that this was just a test besides what would people say about the king if he killed the very heroes he sought out.” Arma got up and began walking, looking around the room. He heard a flap and the sound of feet landing as Wyler arrived . He gave the petpet a wave and continued with his exploration.

“This is weird.” He said, as he noticed the glasses and vials shaped like neopets. “Wonder what these are for.” Reaching out, he pocketed a couple of the bori shaped vials. Arma suddenly shuddered as it felt like someone was looking at him. Turning to the left he was greeted by another set of eyes. “WOAH!” He jumped back and immediately assumed a battle stance. Eyes darting around he could see other shapes in large glass jars. Slowly his expression turned from battle ready to disgust. “What the fu…” He walked up and began inspecting the jars. Various body parts including whole petpet’s were kept inside, preserved by a strange viscous liquid. He was so distracted by the morbid scene that he didn’t notice the key on the desk.
Sorry not sorry XD
Once Arma gets slow fall he'll be jumping off higher heights.

Is that sentence right? It feels wrong lmao.
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