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4 mos ago
Current False Prophet is one of them sharks nibbling on internet cables
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4 mos ago
Gurren Lagann is the best anime I've ever watched
5 mos ago
Insect glaive supremacy
5 mos ago
*starts beatboxing in the corner*
6 mos ago
For Lent, I am simply giving up


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Guccicorn 6 mos ago
Bruce Banter <3
mantou 6 mos ago
hey loser nyenyenyenye
Cute Gardevoir 7 mos ago
I have come here to learn, O wise one! Please lend me your wisdom and explain the Wakatakakage meme to me!
WitchHunter 8 mos ago
It's almost criminal that no one else appreciated your Raiders reference.
MacieLightfoot 8 mos ago
The pictures i use are frameworks... THAT IS ALL IT IS! Hello... does anyone know what framework is? Or am i the only one who happens to comprehension on what that is? It isn't like i use the pictures like some sick fool and with sick pleasure. Ew! That's disgusting. Ew! EWWW!
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