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It's your local steamed bun. Nice to meet you! I go by Mantou or Mant-- whatever you want, really.

You can usually find me playing Casual, and sometimes I'll dabble in Advanced if I have the time. While I'm not the best at writing, I definitely enjoy learning as I go. It's a big reason I stick around.

As a student, I always try to find time to reply. With that said, time management can be difficult, so I don't sign up for over 3 RPs at a time. Other than fandoms (that I'm not a part of), I can generally enjoy any genre of roleplay. So far, I've played in fantasy, supernatural, slice of life, horror, and wuxia (discord) settings.

Additionally, I live in the Philippines, and so I follow the (GMT +8:00) timezone.

That should be about it for important details.

Feel free to message me if you'd like to talk or discuss RP concerns!

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ON-SITE: G.E.M.I.N.I. Assignment - Clearing the Staircase and Heading Up the Landing w/ @ERode@OwO@FamishedPants@BrokenPromise

“Ah…!” The red hot searing pain of the bullets grazing past its legs didn’t come immediately, but when it did, it burned. Growing up sheltered and never having had to suffer bruises and scratches before was a thing, along with the fact that she hadn’t been an esper on the field for a long time. Whenever she got hurt, it wasn’t something she could easily ignore.

But she was committed. If she had scars, maybe her students would find them cool. She could tell them stories. And besides, Apollo stood behind her doing his best, and the thought of being the one to protect him almost made the metal suit of armor blush had it not been for the anticipation of being shot at again.

“Sending down a gift. Could you make sure the three lvl 10 goons stay where they are?” The Protector nodded as if Klava could see. Right on cue, it looked up to see a motionless body explode into ice-- once again, it was a beautiful sight, and perhaps a little grizzly. The Protector didn’t mind, it was simply thankful. However, Kumamon and his men began to head back up the stairs, their attention seemingly turned to Klava. The bullets still came, but this time, only from Kumamon’s men. The Protector felt a surge of worry for their ally above them, but not after hearing: “Sayonara, suckers!”

“Welcome back, Klava-san.” The Protector waved at the yuki-onna when she came back around. In the time it took for her to encase their new target, it had prepared a melody. “I shall begin the... hustle.” It rushed to the bottom of the stairs, hobbling slightly. Its speed was no good, but thanks to Klava, the men were trapped and it didn’t matter.

It forced a charge up the stairs, sending a powerful thrust forward with its spear, effectively slicing through the jugular of one of Kumamon’s men and impaling the man encased in the ice behind him. The Protector leaned its weight into the spear, then pulled it back to shatter the ice and release the men, letting their bodies fall down the stairs. Strange how it felt a little pleased with this. Two down, Kumamon left, and more to come!

The Protector proceeded to bash through the ice with its shield, the hobble in its legs somewhat evident as it crashed through. When it reached the landing, it raised its shield in response to the spray of bullet fire, and from behind it cast a melody.

A strong magnetic pull erupted from the shield as it violently pulsed a bright blue, snatching the guns away from their aggressors and hauling them over to the Protector's side. Perhaps the other espers would find this handy, and at least for now, the men were weaponless.

"Ugh-- I have all their guns." The deep, gravelly voice spoke into the earpiece, a little bothered by the stinging in its legs.

ON-SITE: G.E.M.I.N.I. Assignment - Currently getting shot at!

Was there an earthquake just now? It did not bring up good memories, definitely not. The sentinel had half a mind to run and duck for cover before realizing it was at the frontline for a good reason. Keeping this in mind, it stood its ground against the men.

The Protector's struggles were soon cut short as a mobster shooting beyond its reach suddenly froze over, resembling an almost splendid ice sculpture. Had it not been for their current circumstances, the Protector would have pulled out its cellphone to take a quick photo, but alas, this was not the time nor place, and so the titan kept its shield raised. Quietly, the sentinel gave thanks to the woman with a cute toque in its mind.

A few seconds later, the beautiful ice sculpture suddenly exploded into a magnificent display of lights. Dazzling as it was, the Protector did not blink so as to take in the view and be able to recount it for the kindergarteners later on. It lowered its shield to get a good view; it was not every day that you could get to safely view fireworks at such a short distance. Surely, they would enjoy hearing about this! The Protector promptly raised its shield up again once the blinding light caused the ice sculpture to violently explode, bringing with it shards of ice that it could only hope didn't pass through its guard and accidentally hit its allies further behind.

The Protector heard thumps of hurried footsteps next, and before it realized, the haphazard spray of bullets from behind it let loose. Upon realizing it was Apollo, the sentinel felt grateful for a moment before realizing that across the hall was their employers' team. It intended to call out to him before it was subjected to a violent bodily shudder-- which was absolutely strange, given that this esper's body was simply a metallic vessel...

"G.E.M.I.N.I Agent Silhouette has arrived, I will make use of the opportunities you provide me with to the best of my ability."

The fact that this "voice" was accompanied by what sounded like a hundred more, while also seeming to come from within the sentinel's head instead of the earpiece... was straight up horrifying, it was simply glad that they were on the same side! This was not something the sentinel would be mentioning to the kids. Nope. It was not a nursery teacher's job to give their kids nightmares, after all.

Suddenly, the floor shook, and from the top floor emerged a fully-armored person. Thanks to the many cartoon re-runs it watched with its students during their downtime, the sentinel couldn't help but think its stature was similar to Kumamon. However, things took a more serious turn once two body-length shields appeared on either side of Kumamon.

”Well I’ll be! If it isn’t the watchmen rejects!”

The Protector moved as soon as Kumamon raised his shotgun. With a side sweep, it unleashed a melody with its spear-- the note caught the buckshot in midair, suspending it harmlessly as the sentinel took a step forward and swung down, forcing the pellets into the ground.

As the rooks around the shotgun-wielder got ready to contribute their own share of bullets, the Protector brought itself in front of Apollo, raising its vibrant mana-brimming shield in order to provide them both with cover in the meantime.

Reporting to: G.E.M.I.N.I. Agents

The Protector waved at the sunny woman with the green hair named Binky as she extended her greetings back. And in response to the Breacher asking for a picture, the Protector gave her a solid thumbs-up. It did not know what for, but the kind woman seemed excited about it, and to that, it would happily oblige.

Then, it proceeded to bump fists with the very tall man who called himself Apollo. The Protector was thankful it was not in its human form, otherwise, perhaps the blush on her face would’ve been obvious. After the bumping of the fists, the deep, gravelly voice uttered a simple, “Hello, Apollo--” then it turned away almost immediately to greet the next newcomer, seemingly a little flustered.

“--good evening, miss Klava,” The Protector said to the woman with the cute hat. With much thanks to her queries, they now knew that snacks were kept in another vehicle. Perhaps it would come around after the mission was over. The armored titan nodded to itself, a little bit hopeful about the ice cream.

It was not long before it noticed the presence of the lavender-haired woman. A sudden appearance for sure-- if it had not been for her preschoolers pulling varying degrees of pranks on her day in and day out, she would have probably jumped a little from the fright.

From then on, the Protector stood upright in respect to Veronica, listening to her plan of action. It gestured a small wave to Binky as she apologized in the middle, understanding the pain of being new to the Shimr app. As the preparation continued, it noted the important names: potential hostage situation, basement prison, King Cobra, the Rottweiler, and… spit roast? The Protector nodded at the end, satisfied at having understood at least 99.9% of the plan.

“Get into positions everyone. Daylight is about to fade.”

The Protector made its way around the back with Binky, Klava, and Apollo.

"Understood, miss, I will go first." The deep voice spoke.

Noting its cue, it uncurled itself out of the vehicle and raised its spear and shield. First, it started in a march, and then it ran. Three members lounging around the back entrance-- probably on break. Heavy thumps sounded as it carried itself over to the windows while its shield openly welcomed a round of bullets. The sentinel thrust its spear through the window, its tip finding its home inside the neck of an unfortunate gang member. With a gentle kick, it freed its weapon of the bleeding man and threw itself over the window and into the building's entrance.

Then it raised its shield high in the air, a bright blue shining iridescence flowing around its frame. In an instant, a shockwave erupted from the object, and with a sharp jerk, a couple of men were helplessly pulled towards the shield, one unlucky fellow skewering himself on the Protector’s outstretched spear. Another gentle kick freed the body, while the other man simply rammed into its shield. A simple stab-through made short work of him.

Upon clearing the back entrance floor, it would wait for its allies to advance up to the staircase.

20 | Female | The Freelancers | Guardian
Protector's Treaty | Spear, Shield | Arcane | Aegis
Protector's Stronghold | Shelter
Protector's Mandate | Gravity | Fortification
[Weightless (4), Suspend X (4)], Blink (4), Restrain (4), Pull (2), AoE (2), Powerful (0), Shield (4)]


[Bronze Touch][Pull][AoE]= -40 Mana


Reporting to: G.E.M.I.N.I. Agents

The teacher waved her last remaining student goodbye and watched him be driven off before shifting her attention to the Shimr app. A quick swipe and she was all set. With hands clasped tight around her keychain, she muttered a small prayer in her native tongue before her body dispersed into light, transforming into...

...a massive 8'0" suit of pure, leaden armor. On its back rested a massive shield that seemed to add on more to the giant suit's weight, but it seemed to not mind. Each of its weighted steps sounded heavily throughout the area, accompanied by a little jingle as the keychain attached to its cuirass shook. It showed up at the given assembly area stated in the app a little earlier than the meetup time. Tardiness was a no-no, after all. A slight whirring noise came as its metal head rotated left to right to scan the area. It was not hard for it to spot the three women standing together.

One was heavily plated in armor, much like itself. It admired her shield, giving her an internal thumbs-up. The other seemed to have green hair- this, it was sure the little students would love to see. The third seemed apprehensive but had an air of seriousness about her, especially taking into account the rifle in her arms. The fourth stood relaxed, in a shiny, seemingly well-maintained suit of armor.

The Protector hauled itself to the group, eager to meet its teammates. It towered over the trio and greeted politely:

"Good evening, everyone. I am Protector."

A deep, gravelly voice rumbled from within the confines of the helmeted suit of armor.

"And you?"

20 | Female | The Freelancers | Guardian
Protector's Treaty | Spear, Shield | Arcane | Aegis
Protector's Stronghold | Shelter
Protector's Mandate | Gravity | Fortification
[Weightless (4), Suspend X (4)], Blink (4), Restrain (4), Pull (2), AoE (2), Powerful (0), Shield (4)


Just so people know I'm going for, I'm working on a gung-ho guy with a rooty tooty point and shooty.

Always like a good pew pew.

Oh hey, Broken, considering how Aegis has a function of gathering and concentrating mana, would that have the flavour effect of like, making Aria 'smell' better to monsters? Because they love dat mana and all.

I'm not Broken, but that actually sounds pretty sick, lmao
Aggressive salute.

Much thanks for the help.

I'll wait to know if everything's good.
@mantou Looks good. For your weapon's special, slap on this line here: "The pulling effect of Aegis is an arcane ability equivalent to a D rank spell." You got a name for her nursery?

Neat, the line has been slapped on.

How does Rising Hope Nursery sound?
@mantou Alright, I will discuss it with Erode and one of us will give you our final verdict.

Also, you guys are cool with discord, right? I'm going to set up a server for us over the coming days, provided its something most of you will make use of. I'll still be posting important updates to the OOC, as I feel that's a better place to put stuff you don't want to get lost.

Noted. I hope Aegis is alright. I've made it so that the shield would be able to selectively pull enemies as well as be toggled so Aria isn't constantly attracting monsters necessarily. I attempted to use examples from the Doctrine to help with the description but I'm not sure how well I got it down.

And yeah, I'm good with discord!
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