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College is both kick ass and kicking my ass, nice to know things haven't changed too much around here.
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Is the welcoming to college always so hectic? I got stuff piled up on me from so many student organisations I felt like I was about to get buried. It was cool though.
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Any Sci-fi fans of Halo and Starship troopers out there? Care to check this out?…


Hey there, nice to meet you. My name's Liotrent, most people I've met here call me Lio. I've been doing roleplays since highschool. I'm currently in college taking up a creative writing course. I'm not very talkative, I get anxious around people and I tend to tense up whenever I need to talk to someone new. I've got a lot of other problems, I'm working on them as I go, but if you'll have me, all the better. I look forward to getting along.

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For Critique and Revision.
@Sigma That works perfectly actually, they're religion is based on ascension, the alien artifacts are mostly to perpetuate that ideal. They believe that the aliens that have died out may have had technology that could help them ascend thus, they seek any and all alien artifacts. The endgame is just to turn them into the Cybran or - to keep with the C&C theme - sort of like the Marked of Kane, non-essential or inefficient biological components replaced with technology developed from knowledge and insight gained from alien artifacts an illgotten form of "ascension".

It'd certainly make for some interesting interaction.
I'm sort of tempted to do a religious type of organization that frequently raids and steals supplies disguised as pirates. I sort of know what I want to do, something like Nod in C&C, a charismatic leader who's goal is ascension through alien technology and artifacts. Ascension then would be tied to their ideology that they will be one people with shared thoughts and shared goals. However, they are quite far from there yet thus, they are sort of terroristic, raiding, gathering materials, stealing artifacts, all to further their goals. They operate with different cells around the galaxy but center themselves near the fringe where they are less likely to be snooped on while at the same time rousing the poor and oppressed to rise up against their supposed overlords. But it's just a concept, any ideas on criticisms, or things I may have missed? I did only skim a little of the accepted sheets, I don't want to conflict with anything.


Takar was a jungle-based world, half of it was converted into a food production sector, the other half was left to grow unfettered. Takar was also a birthing world. Young nymphs would be tested here, some may never reach adulthood. This was considered barbaric, but to the Lokoid it is a way to control the growing population and ensure that only the strongest and the fittest survive. Those that do not, are simply not worth the space, nor the time.

Most of the habitation is underneath the surface, only a few structures rise above all the farms and food processing plants to see the lush jungles of Takar. The Kadathi Embassy on Takar was one of the few along with the rest of the foreign diplomatic structures. Comparatively, Saytak looked quite different and could be seen clearly from Takar. Saytak is a world full of swirling noxious gasses and abandoned structures that can no longer be used for normal habitation. From Takar, Saytak looked like a brown gas giant, one could hardly see the surface, irreversible pollution. It would take a substantial amount of effort to return Saytak to how it once looked.

Zasz and Kaloth gazed upon their ruined world through their compound eyes – a world ruined years before they were even conceived. They’ve no connection to it, yet the image of a once lush, green world that was the home of the first Lokoid stings their mind with regret.

“We are now more careful than we were before, are we not Zasz?”

“It is a trend with all races that, I believe the human expression captures best. ‘Hindsight is 20/20’.”


“It is their measurement for vision. The expression refers to the feeling of knowing what to do after the need for action has long passed.”

“It is not often that we experience such reactions.”

“Enough of this. We must be prepared to meet the Kadathi soon. We must focus on our present concerns. Araq has assigned Daggoth and Gorn to respond to the Conflux accordingly.”

“Indeed, the timing of the Conflux’s missive and their abrupt change of stance towards the treaty of Detente could not have come at a worse time. We are open to all alliances, that is for certain, however, the Taulron have called for a cessation of trade with the Conflux over slavery. In time, further scrutiny will reveal our connection to them and their less acceptable dietary habits. Such things are enough justification for a nations people to go to war.”

“Soon, more nations will abrogate the treaty out of fear of conflict. The tenuous peace that we are so desperately trying to prolong until we can attain non-aggression pacts and military agreements is crumbling quickly. Kaloth, be prepared to organize all Lokoid-based operations by importance. Daggoth may need a list soon to prioritize a defensive.”

“While we are discussing the matter of Lokoid-based operations. We should consider the Urdji in our planning. They lack the proper foundations for planetary operations, however, considering our dealings with them in the past, their navy holds promise.”

“I shall discuss the proposition to Araq after our talk with the baronetess Lady Elia.”


"Supreme Hierarch, the task of which you have assigned to Gorn and I is complete."

Araq read the missive and clicked with satisfaction, "This is enough, though I feel we are too straight forward."

"Gorn determined that it would be best that way and I as the Hierarch of war agree. Transparency and clarity is needed to form any sort of working military alliance. Though this may possibly wound them, they have dealt with us several times in the past. This sort of tone should be considered normal."

"Very well, though I wonder whether cutting trade for the sake of our own objectives was wise?"

"Gorn determined that a small gift may convince them of our intentions."

"The usual then, Daggoth?"

"The usual."

With that Araq afixed the usual signature at the bottom and had it encrypted into a data chip that would immediately delete the missive if it were to be tampered with by unauthorized personnel. It was then handed off to a courier and sent on its way.

The missive was sent as part of the final shipment of Lokoid goods, including an abnormally large shipment of 'delicacies' that would be live Lokoid as a sign of good-will. Lokoid that are traded to the Conflux are Lokoid who are deemed unfit or nonconforming to the rule of the Hierarchy. Usually, these types of undesirables are killed, processed, and turned into nutrients for future brood or for severe food shortage. These sources of meat and nutrients are usually avoided in exports, except when it comes to the Skirol.

The missive would be decrypted upon contact with Skirol authorities and as per usual, the convoy of freighters would leave after dropping their cargo.

Now it was time to address the Taulron.

The missive was given a proper reply. The Taulron can indeed assist in mediation. The Rolvians do seem to need assistance in keeping the peace.


Nok took stock of all that had happened during his stay at the Rolvian lodging. Spending his day partaking in ‘berry picking’, a human activity that interested the rather curious Lokoid. Usually, Nok would be buried in research and documents regarding Manir and Rolvian industrial operations. He’s a lower hierarch, tasked with overseeing operations in Rolvius space. Particularly, Nok is a member of the Academic Caste currently studying foreign cultures and technologies.

He noted the death of the Asrian prince, the nearby FedNat military exercises, and the number of nations that have repealed the treaty of Detente. The situation was developing unfavorably, numerous parties are rumored to join the summit discussions. The Jalaryians have confirmed that they were to going to move forward with the inquiry. Nok has determined that perhaps the Taulron and the Rolvians would be more than sufficient in mediating between the two parties. Nok and his team were confident in both defending the position of the Hierarchy and forming counter-arguments against anything the Jalaryians were going to throw at them.

Speaking of the Rolvians, Nok noted that the Rolvian minister was quite avoidant of a clear definite answer towards the offer of the Lokoid. Perhaps, the Rolvians still wanted to weigh their options or, even more likely, they wanted to avoid forming a pact right away in order to perserve the peace. Either of those options seem possible.

However, within the confines of one of the lodging’s rooms, Nok conversed and played against his MK2 Automaton escort in a game of ‘ASSERT DOMINANCE’, programmed by a Lokoid who determined that simple games could be used to enhance performance. The game was simple resource management and military strategy.

Assert Dominance was a game intended for release all over the galaxy. It was one of the few games that displayed itself through holographic projection. There were two different types of boards, the private board which showed all the player’s pieces, and the Public board, which showed what everyone could see. It is noted that the game, without the developer knowing, worked similarly to iterations of the human game Kriegspiel.

“Another one of your frigates Mir?”

There was a pregnant pause before the Mir, the Mk2, could answer properly. The public board state was a mess with holographic projections of missiles and hulking wrecks. The exchange within the game has been going on for at least two hours. Nok was at an advantage.

Finally, after a few more ships materialized in the space between them, Mir replied, “A distraction, sir.”

Cruisers and destroyers have emerged towards the flanks of Nok’s formation, however, the formation was easily split and engaged the enemy cautiously. Nok was used to fighting Mir who was, by this point, one of the most experienced computerized opponents to have ever played the game. Mir was a learning A.I. one of the many MK2 that turned sapient as a result of A.I. research in the joint development program with the Kadathi. Granted, the MK2 wasn’t as sophisticated as its distant Kadathi cousins, but it was still very effective at many of the roles it filled.

As the game progressed, the Lower Hierarch buzzed inquisitively. The game felt like a four-dimensional, simultaneous movement chess game. The two played mind games with each other. Small battlegroups arranged to faint larger formations, attacking from awkward angles, evading only to be intercepted by missiles. The game was entertaining for Nok, for Mir it was simply routine. Mir was Running algorithms and determining the best case scenarios and strategies while simultaneously micromanaging several different engagements.

“Soon, sights like these will be more than just holograms all over the galaxy.”

“That outcome seems likely, sir.” As Mir spoke, several ships are effectively knocked out of action. Nok had clearly won but at a cost.

“You still lack the creativity to outpace my own abilities. However, you’ve become quite the opponent. I was struggling to keep up with your efficiency.”

“We’ve played four games today, it is currently two-two, there is only one match left to determine the victor, sir.”

“Victors don’t exist in a real war. If I were to carry on fighting with what I have at the end of our match – if the game was somehow built that way – it would perfectly simulate the struggle against attrition.”

“Sir, are you perhaps worried about the outcome of this Summit?”

“No Mir, it is the feeling of inevitability. Despite a favorable result at the summit, there is the inevitability that greed and personal ambition will overcome our future allies. Instead of us benefiting from an alliance, we may end up being used in an alliance. It is my opinion that the council is too confident over the effectiveness of this course of action.”

“A fair analysis, sir. However, I must beg to differ. The Hierarchy is better suited to heavier combat situations. The high birth-rate of Lokoid and the rather fast maturity period allows for quick replenishment of troops. Further, the Hierarchy is an industrial powerhouse that can produce high-quality robotics that can be deemed replaceable.”

“But for how long Mir? Our games must have taught you something.”

Mir perused the files that contained the outcome of every Assert Dominance match that Mir and Nok have ever had. There were several times where Mir determined it had the advantage and was utterly crushed. There were other moments where even with a numerical advantage, Nok had stronger, more efficient units. Of course, there was the recent match where Nok had mentioned attrition.

“You mean to say, despite our advantage, despite our precautions, despite our planning we may still lose?”

“Correct, if for example, we were to end up fighting several enemy nations at once, would we not be overwhelmed at some point? Would there not be a large decisive battle were we could potentially lose everything?”

“It is a plausible outcome.”

“Indeed, a very plausible outcome. Therefore, the need properly react and respond to different unexpected situations is necessary.”

“Some information gathering will be key then, sir.”

“Indeed, I will be relying on your data stores once again. Record everything that is deemed relevant to a possible conflict.”

"Yes sir."

The two entered another match, concluding their discussion to properly prepare for their next game. Together, the two engaged in yet another match of Assert Dominance as they awaited the start of the Rolvian summit.
Might not be able to respond in a timely manner because of some college stuff. So if anyone needs the space roaches hit me up with a PM.


Just in orbit of one of the barren planets, masked under a large sensor disruption field is the LHS Dominance and a fleet of modernized vessels. The fleet itself was impressive in its size and strength. The amount of firepower gathered here could glass a planet within a matter of hours. Realistically speaking however, the force is to be split into smaller fleets with more flexibility in mind. All the ships present were constructed in the Nuk Graveyard to keep the Lokoid's mobilization and militarization a secret to the rest of the galaxy.

The ships assembled at the Nuk Graveyard were in clear violation of the Detente Treaty. The losses that were incurred in the opening weeks of the great war was a blunder that the Lokoid would not commit a second time. The Final message of the Ashtar met the conditions of commencing their military modernization program. The program sought to bring the Hierarchy’s Soldiery Caste back up to date and with more tools at their disposal. No longer would the Soldiers of the Lokoid have to make considerations for badly retrofitted ships. But before that could happen, the situation in Agdemnar changed significantly with the Commonwealth’s abandonment of the treaty of Detente. The council of Hierarchs have convened aboard the LHS Dominance after their inspection of the armada’s assembly.

The Hierarch of war began the discussion with Agdemnar in mind, “Supreme Hierarch Araq, the situation of the Agdemnar occupation is developing. The ruse is holding, but with nations looking to steadily pull away from the Treaty of Detente, we should consider our threats and strike appropriately and preemptively.”

To which the Supreme Hierarch replied, “Forgive my doubtful tone, but I don’t think a preemptive strike at our source of export income is advisable, Daggoth. What would be the opinion of Kaloth, the Hierarch of Commerce?”

“The opinion of the Commerce Caste is to express concern...” Kaloth, the youngest among the council of Hierarchs, was a shrewd Lokoid who displayed much potential in the political field, but is rather reserved and patient. “Our foreign economic relations are endangered by such brash action. Subsidiary companies underneath the Lokoid Trade Group have flourished and have garnered much profit for the Hierarchy. However, a war where we are an active participant would likely cripple our economy without careful consideration of our diplomatic situation. May I remind the Hierarchs that at present that we do not monopolize trade in the galaxy. We compete with the human megacorporation known as White Corps.”

Gorn of the Academic caste nodded in agreement and further supported Kaloth’s claims, “Indeed, Commerce Hierarch Kaloth is correct. If we fail to eliminate our enemies and the war becomes protracted then we would suffer significantly. Patience, effort, and diplomacy is needed...”

Zasz of the Industry Caste echoed this sentiment, however, emphasized on immediate action to remedy the situation, “I second the opinion of Gorn and that of Kaloth. However, Daggoth is correct in his observation, the situation is deteriorating quickly. As the overseer of our industry and production, I must advise caution and decisive action. We must secure allies if we are to participate in this war in earnest.”

The Hierarchy’s planetary forces are formidable, but the navy needs the modernization program to stay relevant. The key weakness of the military was evident in the number of modernized ships available for tasking. Overall, there is at least one modern ship for every hundred of the retrofits. The short amount of time that was afforded to the Lokoid after the Ashtar’s final message was not enough to amass a navy strong enough to challenge the superpowers. The Hierarchy fleet at Nuk is the collection of their efforts. Full-scale production would benefit the Lokoid greatly. Zasz has correctly laid the course of action necessary for full-scale production to begin without the risk of considerable pushback or resistance from the rest of the galactic community. The Hierarchy ’must’ secure allies and limit the number of possible hostiles.

“Industry Hierarch Zasz, your points merit reason. But do you honestly believe that the Lokoid Soldiery Caste would be defeated so easily if left to fend for itself?” Daggoth’s pride showed as he criticized Zasz’s apparent lack of faith in the Hierarchy’s martial strength. Daggoth was a Lokoid who led the third defense fleet that prevented further loss of Lokoid territory. To the proud Lokoid commander, it was insulting to even suggest that the military could falter.

“We are not diplomatically prepared to handle the fallout of revealing our true intentions too quickly, O’ Proud Warrior Daggoth...” Gorn interjected, stoking the fire of Daggoth’s pride. “I suggest for you to put less faith in our already aging main fleets and see the realistic dangers of the now more powerful modern ships being fielded by our enemies.”

Daggoth stridulated, his mandibles snapped shut, and his antennae twitched and flailed, he was visibly unhappy with Gorn’s blatant disrespect, “Gorn, you may be one of the most intelligent among the Academic caste, but remember your place you pathetic holonet addicted nymph!” Daggoth spread his tegmina (a protective, papery or leathery cover to insect wings) to reveal reveal his two pairs of wings, such an act is considered as a threat display. Daggoth rushed aggressively towards Research Hierarch, Gorn.

“Daggoth, enough!” the supreme hierarch intervened, stopping Daggoth within an inch of mangling Gorn. “The Hierarch of Research is quite correct, we cannot assume our own superioriority. Stow your ego, or are you unfit in this regard?”

The mere tone of vocalization or stridulation that even came close to sounding like the Lokoid word for ’unfit’ make lesser Lokoid cower—not Daggoth, “I was selected for my effective use of our fleet to drive away foreign aggression. With all due respect, Supreme Hierarch Araq, I am nowhere near unfit.”

“The soldiery caste pick the fearless and the aggressive and it shows clearly. Though this is not a sign of being unfit or nonconforming to the Hierarchy’s standards as a soldier, it is when it is considered that you are part of the ruling caste. Research Hierarch Gorn selected you for this position and I seconded his opinion. Were we wrong to have selected you, Hierarch of War?” Araq’s threats had little effect on such a strong-willed Lokoid, though, it was enough to put Daggoth in his place. The Hierarch of war, stepped back and merely glared at Gorn with his compound eyes.

Gorn, of course, continued his assessment of the politco-security of the Hierarchy, “Now with that fit out of the way, Daggoth shared some news with me a few days ago. The Jalaryians attacked one of our staging grounds at Agdemnar.” The so-called expeditionary force at Agdemnar was already a stretch. The Jalaryian incursion could turn into a string of massive assaults if left unchecked, which would threaten the secrets the Lokoid were so desperate to keep.

The Jalaryians were still quite sore after the Hierarchy wiped out several Lokoid Ashtari cults for not conforming with the strict society that the Hierarchy demanded. Several rebellious elements committed acts of terrorism and were gaining popularity, it was only when the Soldiery caste intervened were these rebellions quelled. Mass arrests, heavy military crackdowns, and martial-law declared on many worlds that harbored even the slightest sentiments of religious inclination. The whole incident was akin to a massacre and was merely passed off as anti-terrorist operations. Such an act was not easily forgiven.

The Hierarchy’s response to any aggressive action taken against the Lokoid is to ask for an inquiry. The inquiry can easily be used as a justification for war depending on the response. This was usually enough evidence for the Lokoid to avoid paying reparations. Araq was inclined to do so for the Jalaryians, seeing as the planetary invasion force had not been fully revealed. “I will request an inquiry about the attack to the Ascendancy’s leadership. However, with the purging of our own Ashtari cultists during the great war, we should prepare for the heavy-conflict with the dogmatic worshipers on Agdemnar. The Jalaryians may not have liked our brutal purge.”

Then there was the issue on Manir and the Rolvian debt. “Perhaps, we could also convince the Rolvians to sign a non-aggression pact...” the Lokoid were instrumental to the Rolvian war effort at Manir, providing them reliable warships that allowed them to push against other foreign powers. They’ve since given the Lokoid contracts for lunar and asteroid mining as well as a contract to keep foreign technology. “As Hierarch of commerce, I suggest we bring them to the table by lowering, or even clearing their debt.”

“I second Kaloth’s judgement. As the Hierarch of Industry, it is known to me that the Rolvians are experiencing problems on Manir. The reconstruction efforts are too slow and if the populists were to be appeased, it would put the Republic into a recession. If we were to provide the means for them to expediate their reconstruction efforts in exchange for a non-aggression pact or even a military alliance, it is likely the Rolvians would be more than willing to consider our offer.” Zasz oversaw the construction of many of the lunar and asteroid mining outposts in Rolvian space while collaborating with Gorn to create a research outpost on Manir. Lokoid overseers have reported to both Zasz and Gorn about the situation developing in the republic.

“I would suggest a gesture of good faith to sweeten the deal. Allowing them to profit from and oversee the Hierarchy’s mining operations in their space would likely further incentive them. I believe a 60/40 to 70/30 split in their favor would suffice.” Gorn understood that while the Rolvian’s would be quite interested in such offers, allowing the Republic to control and profit from resources gathered in within their own territory would give them another source of income to fund the reconstruction of Manir and long after the reconstruction efforts are finished.

Araq mulled over the proposal, but ultimately decided to discuss these terms with the Republic. Surely they would be open to dialogue. If diplomacy proves to be instrumental to the Hierarchy, then it would be folley to remain ignorant. The Hierarchy is known for their rigid structure and their their unyielding philosophies – Survival of the fittest, Natural Selection, Peace through power. Though power often meant physical or martial strength, through a contemporary lens power can be interpreted as economic strength or diplomatic strength. Power would have to be utilized in order to secure the survival of the Hierarchy and in as many forms as possible.

“There is one problem... What if the Asrians get involved?” Daggoth, of course, brought up the still present Asrians who to the best of Lokoid efforts are known only as the ’Manir assailants’ very little else is known about them. The Asrians are introverted isolationists, they did not allow much outside influence, if any at all, to penetrate their civilization. Records of the word ’psionic’ confuse the Lokoid because they are a psionically inept species, thus, the Asrian’s technology, the Asrian’s culture, the Asrian’s biology are all the more foreign to them than the rest of the denizens of the galaxy.

Araq was aware of the threat the Asrian navy may pose if the Asrians were to be rubbed the wrong way, especially when looking at their military actions during the great war. However, the Asrians have not shown too much interest in Lokoid and Rolvius affairs as of late. It was highly unlikely for them to get involved. This formed the basis of Araq’s reply, “Then we will adjust accordingly, Daggoth. It’s unlikely the Asrians will get involved, but if they do, we must put our efforts into understanding their civilization – our limited knowledge of their capabilities is concerning. In the meantime we must study and assess other races for diplomatic compatibility. We must work to limit our potential enemies with any and all means necessary.”

The discussion concluded there. Diplomatic messages were sent through the PsiNet, a letter to request an inquiry with the Jalaryian ascendancy was sent, and a letter to request a diplomatic meeting with the Rolvian


The Lokoid exploratory zones were spread far and wide, with one right next to the shield near Point Jakurna. In the middle of these so-called exploratory zones are so-called research outposts. Unbeknownst to the warring belligerents on Agdemnar, the Lokoid have been masking sensor data via sensor disruption nets. The Lokoid intentionally settled in places where it could be easily explained, such as mountainous regions or thick, wooded areas. These research outposts were a facade to hide military staging grounds connected via a large tunnel network, protected by roaming patrols and scoured by scout drones. Underneath the staging grounds were several divisions worth of vehicles, inactive robots and drones, and equipment waiting for the war to begin. The active patrols were at the very best, 10% of the Lokoid’s true martial strength on Agdemnar. The Hierarchy was still waiting for an excuse to launch their full might.

The Jalaryian’s attack a few days ago may have provided the Lokoid an excuse, or so the Soldiery Caste hoped. They’ve been there for months with little to no activity—the calm before the storm. Then, out of the blue, a transmission was received in Lokoid repeating the same phrase over and over and over.


The Hierarchy do not communicate casually over military comms. The rogue transmission was enough to send the Lokoid, both on the ground and in space, into high gear just to investigate the transmission and send a reply.

”Unknown sender, identify yourself! Repeat. Unknown sender, identify yourself!” the Lokoid demanded, yet it droned ever on with its drivel without giving an appropriate response. However, the Lokoid did detect other signals from the source being sent through all known frequencies of communication. All other signals and communication that weren’t directed at the Lokoid were heavily encrypted. This continued for a short while until it stopped suddenly. The source was an object steadily approaching Agdemnar.

The Hierarchy could not investigate it fully with most assets bound to the research outposts staging grounds and the so-called expeditionary zones on Agdemnar. But it could, send a drone to ’survey the area for setting up a new research outpost’. In actuality, the Hierarchy would send scout drones to observe the object crashing towards the surface. It was transmitting something odd, it wasn’t of Lokoid design, and it was crashing towards Agdemnar. The higher ups at Agdemnar felt that this was too coincidental to just be malfunctioning space junk. They had to investigate the object with whatever means available to them and determine whether or not it posed a serious security threat.

  • 07/16/2019 History section overhauled and expanded upon.
  • 07/21/2019 Added the names of the Ruling Caste members in the Government section
This be my progress. It's the most done it can be with the time I have to work on it between college and this.

As Nyla gives her name to Siv, she notes her soft and warm nature, "My, my... She's quite nice. It's as if she was glowing." she thought. Siv smiles back, but before more conversation could be made, more people have arrived. A rather large reptilian accompanied by a dancing elf have come to join the motley. "Ah, more colorful people! How interesting." This was followed by Deston finally revealing their first quest, a hunting mission, perfect for Siv to show her stuff. This also led to the man who arrived before her to speak, allowing her to hear him for the first time.

"Kobolds, you say? That shouldn't be too much trouble."

His voice exuded confidence, age, and experience. Again, before thoughts of reaction could be turned into words, another person places herself into the scene. A woman asking to join the conversation and even offering to pay for herself. Not wanting to step out of bounds, she turns her to Deston's attention, "Well, the person to ask is Deston." pointing her towards the blond starry-eyed prince's direction.
A pretty good sum of things happened. I'll try to write up something tomorrow.
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