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Ulrik scoffed as he witnessed the ship overhead pass them by. He was annoyed that he had even bothered to stop his army from marching through. These tallfolk wouldn't even give him the light of day.

"Feckless cowards didn't even come down to meet us."

Halmdir came back through, "M'lord, the army's is holding."

The dwarves on the other side of the gate looked to Halmdir and finally, Ulrik said, "Fuck waiting. Get the army to march through the damn gate and send a messenger to the capital. I want another damned army ready, we're holding down this side of the gate."

Halmdir nodded and went back through the gate. A minute would pass and the first column of dwarves would arrive. Hundreds of dwarves at a time. Pikes, swords, hammers, and shields filling the immediate area. Ulrik looked towards the Horizon, this place was not their homeland of Dunmar.

"Well, it would've been fucking convenient if this was Dunmar aye lads?" he shook his head, "Now we have to rely on maps and centuries old knowhow to try and find this damned place. We will not be denied our glory."

"What do you want us to do if any other folk come through the gate m'lord?" Halmdir asked.

Ulrik looked to the gate, his eyes fierce and cold, "They haven't changed a wee bit. Talk to them, gently at first. But if they look down on you, make it fucking clear that we dwarves are not to be trifled with. Find out what they want with this place, why they're here, where they're from. If they don't want to fucking talk, KICK THEIR SORRY ARSES BACK TO THE SHIT HOLE THEY CAME FROM!"

Halmdir nodded, "Aye m'lord. I'll set a camp here then."

Ulrik raised a brow and looked back at Halmdir, "Only a camp?"

"M'lord?" Halmdir looked at Ulrik with a confused expression.

Ulrik looked around, "Halmdir, let's show these tallfolk we mean business. Get the earthworks and make fort they can't possibly ignore. A camp first, then a fortress."

"Wouldn't that give the wrong impression m'lord, I thought we were avoiding war." Halmdir asked.

"Halmdir, these fucking arseholes would do the same damned thing. What makes you think they'd just let us march our people through? Mark my words, if we don't, they will." Ulrik then looked back to the Horizon, his eyes searching for the snowy peaks of Dunmar.

Halmdir looked to a messenger, "You heard the king, pass the word!"

"Aye sir."

And so the dwarves worked hard to set up temporary fortifications in place of permanent ones. Hours would pass as more of the Dwarves poured through the gate. Ulrik would send a force of five hundred dwarves led by Halmdir out west as their compasses dictate to reconnoiter the surrounding area and find out where the hell they are. He would do this sending small forces in all four cardinal directions to secure his position near the gate and ensure that if there was anything here, he'd know about it.

There was much to do and many trials that awaited the dwarves, much more than they would anticipate. There were many realms that would march through the gate, some friendly, some malicious, some they could not even fathom. At the same time, there was also much to explore in this world, things that Dwarves who've only stayed in their mountain have never seen before. They too had much to learn about their ancestral world of Gaia. The ruins around the gate would be a good place to start.

"Commander, NCV-5 "Astralis" is ready to depart for Earth." The station ensign reported.

The commander nodded, "NCV-5, repeat mission parameters before departure."

The NCV-5 (Nano Construction Vehicle) and its crew replied, "NCV-5 to Zeus, we are to move to the meeting place and relieve NCV-20 "Veritas" and finish up construction. NCV-20 will report back to Orion Platform for routine maintenance."

The captain of the Astralis awaited the response of the station commander. He sat down in the chair of command. The whole ship was geared towards the expedient and efficient construction of buildings and bases. The NCV was supposed to minimize the use of prefabricated structures. However, it still hauled building materials and prefabricated structures to aid in its job.

After what seemed like forever, "Zeus to NCV-5, mission parameters match, all documents check out as legitimate, begin your mission. And one more thing, the people there are testy, don't do anything that'll cause an international incident."

"NCV-5 to Zeus, we copy, no horseplay. We're moving now."

Astralis moved towards the gate. It was now patrolled by several military ships. In the six months, it seemed the military was moving away from self-defense duties, but military movements were top-secret.

12:30 HRS

"THIS LOOKS FABULOUS!" Hubert threw up his arms and danced around for a bit.

Dick pushed up his glasses and looked at Hubert while he held his data pad in one hand, "Lead Director Hubert, please be careful. Our section is nearly finished and fully furbished, but a lot of the systems haven't been turned on in many areas because of the additional changes you requested mid build"

Hubert then spun one last time before stopping to put his fists on his hips, "Oh don't be a stick in the mud! The jacuzzi, the Augmented reality room, the pool, and many other amenities are completely necessary!"

"Necessary how? You just spent some of our defense budget on this, not to mention there's talk of a war-"

Hubert rushed over to Dick and covered his mouth, "SHHHH! We're not the only ones in the station, no talks of war or diplomacy yet! Like you said, we haven't routed power to a lot of the places here."

Dick stared at Hubert for a second, nodded, then slowly took off Hubert's hand from his mouth. "... But that still doesn't answer my question."

"Well, the people we're going to station here are supposed to be diplomats. They need to be in good moods, high spirits, etcetera! Which as you know is pretty hard when you're stuck above a dead world that looks nothing like your own for months on end without any form of entertainment other than mingling with other diplomats and the occasional sexual fling which can turn scandalous..." Hubert paused before taking in air after the explanation in which he did in one breath. He then stared at Dick, before continuing, "... Do you understand now why that's needed?"

Dick nodded, "... Okay, so they're not for guests?"

"Well they can be if they really want to. But you know how other nations are and their diplomacy! They're squares!"

"You know you just stopped me from talking about foreign policy but you're alright with foreign diplomats hearing that you think they're squares." Dick pinched the bridge of his nose.

Hubert then said, "Listen, listen, listen... They think I'm half-crazy and they probably think the same of our diplomats... And you."

Dick then glared at Hubert, "Really Hubert? Really?"

Another man entered the large open lobby, "Directors, NCV-5 Astralis has entered the system to finish up the system maintenance and add the... Um... The swimming pool..."

"Great!" Hubert exclaimed.

"There's another thing sir, we've been contacted by a new nation calling themselves the Hyginian Federation. Their survey ship exited our side of the gate."

Dick then looked at Hubert.

Hubert looked at Dick.

"Do they need either of us?" Hubert asks.

"No, but it might be good for you two to return as soon as possible. There are still things to oversee back planetside..." said the man said, "... Afterall, the experimental program you've put me on still needs some work."

"Ah right... I almost forgot. Sorry Admiral Donnel. I guess it is about time we return." Hubert replied.

Admiral Donnel then said, "I'll get the ship ready then. Oh and be prepared, since you might end up meeting these Hyginians anyway."

"Drats..." Hubert snapped his fingers.

"Be mature lead director. First impressions, remember?" Dick then fixed his coat and tie. "Shall we?"

"Whatever." Hubert replied. They then walked back to the ship and made their departure.
Nagomi Castle
Yayama Colony

Several clans came here to lay claim to new lands and eventually make these colonies their own as a province of the Empire. However, the natives of these isles to the south, the Furin, a bird like people similar to harpies, proved to be troublesome. They knew the terrain better and fought to their strengths. In the end only three clans stayed, better tempered and led by much better negotiators. They were able to gain the support of the furin but only just. It has been five years since the bloodshed of the first foray. The memories of the first few months are hard to forget, the brutality that took place on both sides are particularly fresh in the mind.

Nagao Ryuji, the daimyo of the Nagao clan and the current governor general of the colony of Yayama appointed by the Matsukaze Karasu the emperor of Ikagai, called a meeting in the great mountain stronghold of Nagomi. The aggressive nature of Ikagai have had them pour more and more men into the region to reinforce their holdings in Yayama. The island itself has many names, but the Ikagai calls it Yayama after the colony. Many foreign forces have flooded into these small islands and it concerns the Emperor that some of them are known to be aggressive themselves. Ryuji wants to use this momentum and push eastwards across Yayama island and establish new mines, railroads, and settlements. The two other clan heads here arrived, Yamamoto Fujino and Akagane Nobuhide. Additionally, local furin leaders like Daodao Gono also took interest in these meetings as the relationship between the furin and the Ikagai people have been rather uneventful the past two years. While relationship between the two people is shaky, they nonetheless understand that if they do not resolve their issues with a little bit of trust and respect that they will once again fall into that violent cycle of annihilation.

The congregation of retainers, advisors, diplomats, and of course the daimyos themselves filled the courtyard. The castle grounds had a gravelly courtyard with many trees growing, surrounding, and covering parts of the castle. They walked as they talked about the Emperor's concerns.

Ryuji started the conversation, "We have been presented with a very valid concern from the homeland..." Ryuji turned his head to look back at the two other daimyos. He had an impressive seven foot frame, a rarity in Oni, Nobuhide and Fujino stood in his shadow. "... Over the five years we have stayed here foreigners have staked their claims and have grown ever closer to our borders. We have been left alone for the most part but for how long?"

"The Emperor calls for us to make war?" Nobuhide kept one hand on his sword, he spoke with confidence and a straightforwardness that could be misconstrued as rudeness. "If so, I can gather my army and march on them. They've been an eyesore across the water ever since they've gotten here."

Fujino echoed Nobuhide's sentiments, "There is no guarantee that they will leave us alone forever, after all, we too possess a more than modest amount of manarite."

Elegantly, Ryuji faced both of them as they arrived in one of the many gardens in the inner keep. "So we are all of the same mind. But we must secure our hold here on this island first. Let us use our new forces to renew our campaign eastward."

It was at this time Daodao made his voice heard, "You would pull the furin into another war?"

Ryuji directed his gaze towards Daodao, he was a rather old furin, large wings on his back acted like a cape to shield him from the elements but as a result his feathers looked rugged and raggedy. Ryuji, a governor before soldier, recognized him and dignified his presence with a reply, "War is inevitable whether it be with or without the Ikagai. In these times, it is hard to stand together, but I promise you, not all foreigners are so quick to understand the error of their ways."

Ryuji turned to a flower growing on one of the low hanging branches. He held his hand out and plucked it from the branch, "We here may not share all of our ideals, but we are willing to put aside differences for the sake of our continued cooperation..." he held the flower towards Daodao, "... Like this flower, we are only just beginning to see the most beautiful parts of our partnership. But..." he then crushed it in his hand, "... This is also when it is most vulnerable. Whether it be because of our distrust of each other or the threat of foreign powers, it can fall apart, it can be crushed. We must stand together now more than ever." his hand released its deathly grasp and let the petals and the flowers fall to the ground.

Daodao stared at the flower. For a moment he was silent and just as Ryuji and the others thought he had nothing else to say, "... The furin will protect our ancestral land, but we will only go as far as that."

Ryuji understood where Daodao and the furin stood. They had seen the horrors of war, it was only natural that they'd avoid it. Humanity was much the same before they mingled with oni and created the empire.

Nobuhide nodded and let out a satisfied huff, "Your people impressed me the first time we fought. Your people continue to impress me now. Your spirit is insurmountable."

Daodao turned to Nobuhide and said, "... If only that meant we were as free as you."

"Soon you will be, that was the promise that we made." Fujino replied. He then looked to Ryuji, "However, this campaign eastward may put us in direct contact with Fenice."

Ryuji then said, "We will first be open to them, but if they get in the way of our ambitions then we crush them for the sake of the Emperor and the empire."

"I volunteer my men to be the vanguard." Nobuhide placed a fist on his chest.

"Very well, the Akagane clan will be the tip of the spear for our expansion east." Ryuji said.

Fujino revealed his gunbai out of his sleeves, "Then my men will follow and secure the territory with the aid of the furin." he looked to Daodao.

Daodao simply bowed and said, "The furin will help you secure their homeland, but many of the tribes may still be against you."

"Daodao, that is why you and your men will be needed. Some of you need to go ahead of the main force and assure them that we mean no harm." Ryuji then approached Daodao and bowed his head as a sign of respect, "We may have stood on opposite sides, but you have stood against us with honor. We will honor you and your people, it is true that they may not trust us, but that is why I defer to your guidance and place myself in your hands."

Nobuhide and Fujin were surprised and so was Daodao. Daodao was a recognized leader among the furin, but to bow ones head to them signifies a higher form of respect. Daodao understood what this meant, Ryuji placed him among his equals. Nobuhide and Fujin could not believe their eyes, for them this meant that Daodao, a furin savage was considered their equals.

"Nagao. What is this? An insult!?" Nobuhide put his hand on the hilt of his blade and readied himself.

Fujin closed his eyes and bowed along with Ryuji. "Akagane-san, if we are to work together, we must acknowledge that they too have the same potential as we."

Nobuhide glared at the three of them as Ryuji's bodyguard closed in on Nobuhide. He gripped the hilt hard before letting go, "You better not dishonor us down Daodao."

"Unlike you, this is my homeland. My people will fight and die to defend it." Daodao met Nobuhide's eyes, matching his glare with a cold stare.

"Then we have an agreement." Ryuji's bodyguard stood down and the four of them strolled into the castle, "Now let us have some tea."

Fourth Bessarugan Republic

I dunno how active I can be, but I really enjoy thinking up little nation states, so I figured I'd join in the fun. I'll do my best to participate regularly.

Still here for it!

I believe these are all the sheets that have been pending for a while. I find no overarching problems with your sheets and I believe the territorial out of game have been settled. So without further ado, you're all approved.

Interesting... I'm into it. It gives me Star Wars Night Sister vibes.



I might have to redesign my civ (City of Lancet) a bit because i wasnt expecting a dieselpunk setting. But when i do they'll probably resemble valkyria chronicles a bit... if i have time...

Valkyria Chronicles was one of my inspirations for this so I see no problem. Though keep in mind, it's not entirely dieselpunk. Tanks, Mechs, big Sky ships all of these technologies are at this moment incredibly rudimentary for the entire world.
<Snipped quote by Dusty>

Hey, I had that land claimed in the interest check - is there any way I could convince you to part with it?

Specifically this sheet.

This was one of the reasons why I was hesitant to approve anything in that region. Y'all have to talk it out. I'll mediate but for the most part I need you all to come to some sort of middle ground about that piece of clay.
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