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Current I wish Role-Playing was a job, a lot of us would have an entire career made out for us.
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That moment when you have so many ideas in your head but you're not very experienced in GM'ing and would rather wait for someone else to get the same idea and make it real.
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"what's on your mind?" Response: The march of a thousand armed men under a military dictatorship steamrolling through several different countries helpless to stop the death and destruction.
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I feel... Numb.
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Death, a fleeting feeling.


I'm a very shy person, and I'm not very flashy, pardon me.

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@Dinh AaronMk

I've had some help from a friend who knows the US Geography and helped me figure out where I would like to start just from my description of the landscape, however, thinking on it more, I realize I may have 'jumped the gun' with my interest.

Seeing as my knowledge in geography in terms of the US is quite weak I might withdraw my interest as I see it as a major disadvantage and a hassle, not just to me but to others as I can't be as detailed as I wish to be or need to be in order to maintain a good role-play. I could make an individual character instead but I might become extra baggage instead of being a contributing participant in the RP.

I'm sorry if I wasted your time, however I really was interested and I hope it goes well.

Being a non-native American, I only have tangential knowledge of the map, although that somehow plays somewhat to my advantage as it also immerses me into the environment as Humans have all but forgotten civilization before the cataclysm. I shall start getting to work on an application, though I am a little bit challenged in terms of creating a nation from this as the post apocalypse is no laughing matter, perhaps I shall make a theocracy, I'm sure the humans who have made their return would most likely see the remains of civilization and the Machines that they've built and mistake it as the work of Gods, for now I just need to conceptualize, I'll get an application up soon.
This arouses my inner nerd about machine androids. I would be happy to pledge an interest.

Perhaps in another Roleplay, this was a cool experience and it helped me improve so I have to thank the people I've learned from.

I hope to see you both again.
Interesting, well whatever the case I still enjoy your writing, a very exquisite piece of literature if I do say so myself.

Among other things, I've been pondering your offer for quite some time and I have an idea about using the pieces that I still haven't moved on this galaxy-wide chessboard, since I figured it might be time that the perennials met the Black Sun and I believe our interaction will allow the Black Sun's motives to be set clearly while also setting up the relations between my movement and your race effectively, the question now is, how do we go about setting that up?

This is the moment of truth of whether or not we know eachother, if we do, we'll recognize eachothers fighting style, at the very least vaguely if we've heard of eachother.

I have one free Pirate Captain, but, he is... Eh... Let's just say, interesting other than that, you might find a little bit of a coincidence... We both mentioned a Cat in our posts, but the cat I'm refering to... Is a pirate captain... And there is an interesting backstory for him, he has connections to the Black Sun, but its mostly the "I'll infiltrate for you, but buy me some white vodka first" kind of affiliation.

Also to comment on your posts, I have to say that your vocabulary range is quite impressive, I applaud your skill in weaving the words together to create such a fantastic visual in people's heads, I wish to have that skill someday.
-Robin Wester-

Robin hooked up the high tensile cables and whispered to herself, "This is a horrid idea". There was a reason why Robin never joined the Airborne mechs that were available for the frontier, she was absolutely against flying, not that she had a fear of it, but statistically speaking, she was much better off in a ground based mech than the flying in a light weight deathtrap waiting to happen. But she’s somewhat adapted to the lifestyle, she knew she needed some way to get around faster than circumventing all the hills, mountains, rocky terrain, and hazardous environments enroute to various missions.

After a few minutes she finished fastening them to Thrasher, the shock absorbers and some of the armor helped with rough landings, she was yet to get a proper parachute module for Thrasher, let alone design one to detach after being used, but she was quite happy with any landing as long as the mech would respond afterwards. She pulled up her overall jumpsuit and zipped it close it was tight, and comforting, almost like a second skin, that was when she heard Sara raising her voice to be heard.

”I think there was another job in Therux, scavenging through one of the old Ratlin & Cores factories” Robin didn’t say anything, she wasn’t much interested in scavenging, at least not for others, she would’ve gladly done it for Thrasher or the White Hare though, but it wasn’t the time to do so, Sara then added, ”I don’t think I’ve been back since I left for the Dunelands. My sis just got engaged, did I tell you that?”

Robin was quick to answer, ”Engaged huh? So I guess your sis is settling down, ha! Unlike -SOME- people, it’s amazing how much you two contrast eachother.” Robin teased as she giggled, she then proceeded to put on the rest of her gear, some of which were provided by Sara, to help with the flight, in case things get hectic during the flight, such as a personal parachute, some G-Force Compensators, and an oxygen tank and mask, the rest were just survival equipment such as extra pouches and a pistol, which Robin was used to seeing, though with budgets being tight, she doesn’t get to do Target practice as often as she would like, not to mention the lack of viable targets in the desert came as another detriment to that activity.

She was fully geared up, climbed into the cockpit, and reached for the consoles, she ran through the things she did a few moments ago after she woke up Sara. She put on her helmet, and checked up her mech.





-Pilot Designation: ”Fang”


-Please wear your helmet to begin weapons and targeting calibration.

Robin wore her helmet, as she did another message came in through the comms, it was the Rabbit, ”This is a terrible idea.” she laughed and responded while checking weapons, ”Says the one who thought it up” Robin usually never smiled during the campaigns in the Frontier unless if it was with her battalion, or perhaps with her strike group back in the Hylo front, they were as close as family, perhaps that’s why the Jager Hound prototypes performed so well back then.

She proceeded with the first of her checks, looking in every direction, and each time the guns followed, first she looked up, the guns elevated, she looked down, the guns depressed, she looked left to right and right to left, the guns followed the movement of her head keeping pace with her movements, she could even take control of them manually, but it was much more difficult as the cameras mounted to the weapons systems were not of high fidelity, making it difficult to use, along with the fact that to aim you needed to be completely stationary, which for Robin was not ideal.


-Weapon Systems: Nominal
-Targeting Telemetry: Nominal
-Counter Measures: Online
-Thrusters: Online
-Power Output: 100%
-Temperature: Low
-IFF Transmitter: Online



Once she finished up the system check-up, she was about to give Sara the thumbs up but it seemed unnecessary as she already started pulling at the wires, the engines started roaring and with one sharp thrust of power they were both off the ground, Robin then listened in on the message coming through the Comms.

"This is Pilot Designate F-003 'Alecto' hailing 'T.' We are now confirming arrival over the Iron Canal. I'll standby just outside of sensor range, but I'm prepared for rapid aerial deployment against the target when all other units are in position. Please confirm your status. Alecto out."

"Talk about a party." Sara commented over the comms. "This is Rabbit and Fang. Sending IFF Codes to all pilots on this frequency. Try not to shoot at us yeah? Paint's expensive out here in the desertlands. Robin knew that there was going to be company, but checking the pilot listing for this mission, she was shocked to see three other pilots already taking it up, which meant divvying the cash four ways, it seems the bounty prize pool was getting smaller, but it didn’t bother Robin much, she got the action she wanted and she knew how to ration the cash, so it was no big deal.

”This is Fang checking in, letting you all know, just in case IFF gets knocked out, that we’re the ones in the heavily modified Jager Hound and Chevalier units, wouldn’t want to get shot at due to equipment failure.” Robin’s message was brief and to the point, quite easily understandable, it came with the experience of being a Commander, flying was really not her thing and the flight might take a while, she couldn’t wait for the Rabbit to drop her off somewhere even if it was right on top of the enemies' heads.
Well one things for sure, He might be employed again at some point but he will be kept safe, the black sun attempt to at least keep their promises.

I guess your character will be seeing a familiar sight, along with a very surprising and unusual partner.
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