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Current Doctor Who binge watch, I feel alive again!
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Shameless Starship Troopers RP advert,…
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Funny, you never really realize how much you value sleep, until someone deprives you of it.
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That moment when you don't know whether it's just a matter of time 'til someone gets interested or if people are just generally uninterested and you don't know what went wrong.
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Just finished listening to Ready Player One and Starship Troopers, the audio books I mean, that's two books off my read/listen list.



The name isn't exactly the best, nor is it the catchiest, it's just a name I came up with while playing a game called Spiral Knights and the name stuck.

Over many games that I've used this moniker, I've felt my connection to it get ever deeper as there was no need for numbers and it was plainly unique and easy to recognize. I believe there is no one else that has thought of this name besides myself, though with seven billion people it certainly makes you wonder.

---------------What Kind of Person am I?---------------

This is basically asking, "WHO THE HELL AM I?" out loud and but of course I'm here to answer that question.

I am a nervous wreck, I am always anxious of what people think of me online and I understand that I can be quite annoying and talkative, I have ADHD please be patient with me cause even I don't know whether it's me acting up or it's my ADHD speaking for me. I enjoy writing and I admit I'm not exactly the best at it, so if you have any suggestions to help me improve that would be much much appreciated.

I am a nice guy once you get to know me and that type of friend who you'd deem as an asshole and be an asshole back to, so yeah I'm that kind of guy.

Random trivia info on me, I play the drums, I draw (Kind of?), I like insects and other arthropods, and my favorite color is the color you see in my headers and dividers, that's me I guess, thanks for taking the time to visit my account even if it was barebones as all hell.

---------------Genre Preference---------------

I have no preference that stands out other than the Generic ones such as, sci-fi, fantasy, action, military, medieval, drama, fandom, superhero, mercenary, etc. I can do everything under the sun and I don't shy away from a challenge (As long as it doesn't hassle me) however my absolute favorites are Sci-fi, Military, and Action.

The reason my favorite tags are Sci-fi, Military, and Action is mostly due to me growing up with Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Blackhawk Down, Independence day, Mission:Impossible, James Bond, Anime, etc. there's so much there that I like, it transports me to a different universe, it's almost as if I was really there. That's why I like those genre's, they made me go in awe, they made me respect the military and the life of an individual, they made my heart beat furiously, and they got my mind racing with ideas. But just cause they're my favorite doesn't mean I won't go for anything else, I'm pretty open minded with things like these.

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The howling, frozen winds of the northern glaciers at the dawn of a new day. The Daleks have finally finished the cloning facility, including the necessary equipment that will create new Dalek casings. Four cloning vats remained empty, but not for long, their gene extrapolators stand ready, awaiting Dalek DNA. Dalek Sec, Dalek Caan, Dalek Thay, and Dalek Jast took turns opening their casings, exposing themselves to the extrapolator needle. The design of the device was new, but the concept remained the same. The other Daleks operated the machine, and the Dalek being cloned would stay in front of the Gene extrapolator. Once their genes are extrapolated, they would be processed, analyzed, split apart, and arranged into haploid and diploid cells, allowing for a genotypically and phenotypically different organism; the organism being cloned is genealogically speaking, both biological mother, and biological father of the clone.

At this point, all but one of the Daleks have been extrapolated, “Dalek Sec, you are the last to be cloned, long live the Daleks!” Dalek Thay shouted in praise. The Daleks’ domed head rotated their eyestalks, whirring as they go, fixating their gaze on their new Dalek Supreme.

Dalek Sec hovered over towards the extrapolator station of the cloning facility. New Dalek casings components were strewn about on the walls, awaiting to encase a new being born of hate. Dalek Caan shouted a status report, “Gene Extrapolation in thirty rels!” Dalek Sec opened the top half of his casing, a hiss of hot air, a mixture of gasses from both the reactor exhaust and the different machine cooling systems escaped out the different gaps as the Dalek shell opened itself. ”Gene extrapolation in fifteen rels!” Dalek Caan continued.

The cloning vats were filled with a protein soup generated from the megastructure, sufficient enough in feeding the newly spawned Kaled mutants. The Daleks have a mostly protein based diet, nothing else, other nutrients aren’t needed for their development, this is why when other civilizations crumble under Dalek supremacy, they usually also end up as a food source, this was however a secondary need; a Dalek within its casing would not need to eat, its vitals sustained by the life support system until it can find a viable food source. A soldier that didn't need to eat, sleep, or drink, it was an efficient design.

Dalek Caan began to count down, ”Gene extrapolation, in ten rels, nine, eight, seven…” and continued, all the while the extrapolator’s thin needle drew closer to Sec’s unprotected, mutated body until finally, ”One! Beginning gene extrapolation procedure!. Dalek Sec chanted repeatedly, increasing in intensity, almost screaming, ”The Daleks, survive through me! The Daleks survive, through me! THE DALEKS SURVIVE, THROUGH MEEEEE!!! The sharp needle pierced the flesh, drawing in different samples from all over the Kaled body. ”Extrapolating cells! Gene sequences being isolated! Cloning process, beginning!” The Cult of Skaro monitored the procedure and made sure that everything was working as designed.

”Witness the Genesis of the Daleks! The Daleks. Will. SURVIIIIVE! The Cult of Skaro watched, as their supreme was tortured by the painful procedure. The extrapolator needed a sample of every cell in Sec’s body, the needle would come out after taking one sample, then move towards another part of his body and insert itself, the samples themselves were the size of a thumbnail. The pained screams of a Dalek echoed throughout their base and out into the frozen wastes, Dalek Jast quickly cited ”Dalek Sec’s vitals are weakening! He may not survive the procedure!” Dalek Thay was not so quick to worry, to him the Dalek future was secure, having calculated that Sec would most likely survive the procedure as they have; ”Dalek Sec will survive!” The procedure continued and a long hour passed, by the end of it all, Dalek Sec was weak, he closed his casing and went to rest.

”Alert! Large power fluctuations detected towards the west! Multiple life-signs disapearing towards the south simultaneously!” Caan reported, ”Designate these area's inhabitants as THREATS TO THE DALEKS! Jast shouted in reply, they continued to monitor long range scans. They could almost feel the stench of humanity and everything else on the array make their Dalek equivalent of a stomach, churn in repulsion. They worked tirelessly, all for the sake of reinstating Dalek supremacy, Dalek purity. Dalek Thay assessed the situation, ”Negative! They are not threats! They are PESTS! The two Daleks, whirred as they turned their bronze colored domes to look at Thay, ”And they will be EXTEEEERMINATED!” The Daleks chanted their war cry, almost religiously, ”Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!” The Daleks felt their plans come to fruition, with more Daleks the next phase of the stratagem can begin. Exploration will become a necessity, assessing the enemy, finding their capabilities and limits, and ultimately crushing the enemy, that was their goal, complete supremacy.



-Phase two begins-


The Daleks prepared, they prepared for the weeks to come, they continued to build the rest of the facility and a circular perimeter was formed, in the middle of the perimeter was the void ship. The void ship in its inactive state, had no atomic weight, had no mass, had no volume, had no temperature, had no emissions, it theoretically shouldn’t exist at all. It is said that the void ship's presence upsets people, because they’re looking at something that isn’t possible; the feeling is described as deeply unsettling, even foreboding. The Daleks felt no such thing, as when the Daleks are encased, their memories are regulated, their emotions are kept in check, their souls ripped away. If a Dalek could be much more, it did not show; their greatest enemy, the most compassionate, wise, and intelligent man could not even think of a way to save them, to change them for the better. They are the scourge of the universe, and if one were to leave them unchecked, unopposed, they would butcher it.

An eerie silence fell on the base; only the whirring of the cloning facility and the sound of busy Daleks whistled along the cold, frozen breeze. The Daleks then receive another transmission, they’ve been receiving rouge transmissions in the past, however, they weren’t anything of import, this one was somewhat different.

To anyone who might be out there, for the love of whatever god is listening I hope you get this and get it fast! We've been on the run this past month or so, fuck knows I didn't keep track. Soldiers, monsters, hell god-fucking-damned sorcerers showed up in the mix! It's been a shitshow from the start and we were caught with our pants down. Despite it all we managed to make our way south, us and some other folk we found along the way. Then met up with some... well tribals I'd guess you'd call them, said they were gods or some such bullshit. They were camped around some huge generator or something, I don't fucking know. Anyways, for a while it seemed like a safe place, they were strong, stronger than any of us that's for sure. But out of the blue a bunch of Road-Warrior rejects showed up and set the place ablaze. Some of us fought, most of us hid while the tribe went to meet them in force. It didn't take long for the bunch of savages to get ripped apart by the bastards.

We ran as quick as we could when the chief's head was cleaved off his shoulders and dashed on the rocks. I ain't fucking around man, these psychos got all sorts of weird grimy-lookin' tech on 'em. Big guns, mechanical arms, blades and spikes all over 'em. Hooping and hollerin' like a bunch of dumb animals as they wen't round rippin' out innards and quartering bodies. It was about a a day and two nights before they were done, and we heard their buggies and trucks roaring behind us. We scattered, different folks from different groups spreading out so some of us could try and make it out. Not many of us made it this far, found some big ass fort and locked it up tighter than a virgin in Gomorrah. Wasn't long before they found the place and now they're beating down all the fucking walls around us. Don't know who's out there, if anyone is, but help us out and we'll owe you, big. Sending coordinates out, and just gonna hope something worse than those bastards doesn't come a knockin'. Fuck it.

It was a call for help, a distress call, it gave them vital information just from the description of the encounter alone. The distress call came from the south east, across the lake. The Daleks, with no means of transport, couldn’t help even if they wanted to. It was quite a shame, they would’ve made as an excellent key to the Ark, then later on, a slave force.

”Strategic and tactical information archived!” Caan stored the information, and proliferated it through the use of the path web, a secure Dalek system, the timelords themselves tried cracking the path web and failed, they concluded that unless you were a Dalek, or were part of a Dalek, you were not getting into the path web. It was almost an empathic link between Daleks, except instead of a telepathic field, it was a network of information being shared across the entire Dalek force, a Dalek internet.

The Daleks were devising a strategy to open the Ark, something drastic, something needed. Usually, at this point the Daleks would've attempted time travel, determine outcomes, predict the future, however, the Array was Time Locked; that meant the Daleks could not time travel even if they wanted to, that didn't mean they couldn't use temporal manipulation, but that would require more resources, resources that Daleks don't have enough of as it is. The Daleks schemed further, planned thorough, and calculated their rates of success. They were determined to open the Ark, a supernova would open the Ark by force, but the strategic importance of the array made it difficult; they did not want to damage the array in any way, especially if they didn’t know how it worked. If and only IF their stratagem works, the Daleks will rise to power again.
I might be making a post later today.

If youtube had more clips, I'd show more hah! But anything in the fandom, you can ask me, I have most of the episodes and references, so you can try and find it yourself.

There is an episode that shows them warping entire continents out of shape in a single bombing run. Last episode of Series two I think, "The parting of ways", but I won't let them have that... At least not yet. Right now their primary concern is the survival of the species, so I'll go with that route for now.


Besides, there is a race here that eats planets, and another that can base Delta-0 other races, and yet another that can eat the very life force of other beings.

Well, there is the problem with Daleks being very aggressive towards anything that isn't Dalek, and I'd need someone's consent before making them open the Ark 'cause they'd come out swinging. However, I also mentioned change for the Daleks may come. They may not be the same in a few months, having to reflect upon their own existence in solitude.

So I guess they'll build up for now. I'll leave this here though, cause it's epic.

Fresh start! And it's great to have this back BTW!
I'm currently conflicted upon whether or not I should post something for the Daleks, or if I should wait for a major time skip. The Daleks won't be doing much but build and clone, as usual. Not very exciting. They'd feel too vulnerable to actually respond to the event, however, that doesn't mean they can't, they definitely could; flying over there wouldn't take too long, the Daleks also have the Temporal shift modules. (I still haven't figured out how to explain why they can't travel in time.) I guess you could say, I've hit a block of some sort.

Permanent link to Discord, courtesy of your friendly Liotrent! :3


One more question, is USEA part of the U.N. or NATO?
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