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Current Shameless advertising of a roleplay:…
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24 days ago
Just to change up my status. I'm doing better than I did a year ago. Hopefully everyone else is doing okay.
1 yr ago
In a bad place... Hope everyone's doing well.
2 yrs ago
Stay safe boys and girls.
3 yrs ago
College is both kick ass and kicking my ass, nice to know things haven't changed too much around here.


Hey there, nice to meet you. My name's Liotrent, most people I've met here call me Lio. I've been doing roleplays since highschool. I'm currently in college taking up a creative writing course. I'm not very talkative, I get anxious around people and I tend to tense up whenever I need to talk to someone new. I've got a lot of other problems, I'm working on them as I go, but if you'll have me, all the better. I look forward to getting along.

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Ok, finally done with my cs. Just tell me if there are any adjustments I need to make :)

I like it. That's approved!
How could I forget? I mean I still remember Wildman and he’s still RP’ing, just has school like me.
Jangel!!! It’s been so long! Can’t wait to RP with you again too.
@Liotrent Docking points for not give him a plague doctor mask. Otherwise he's inoffensive enough that I don't have too much to add. Does he brew his own custom toxins (thus making him a bit of a Technologist as well), or does he brew stuff that essentially already exists naturally?

I was contemplating that honestly. As in real life, the only toxic substance that’s gaseous, colorless, and odorless is carbon monoxide. Which, iirc needs a high concentration and an enclosed room to kill. I’m thinking making it a minor of his not a major. Of course insight needed on this.

On the plague doctor mask, I had trouble finding art that looked good enough for me to use (I’m rather picky.
Honestly, I just want a fun joint mech development program. An idea for a future joint weapons development program that could lead to other events. The NHD are great, but they're real squishy right now, so it'd make sense that they'd want to beef themselves up. A self-defense modernization program helped by some foreign advisors.

I'm thinking of introducing the Military Director during that point. Problem is, he's never been in combat, and he's a doofus. Easily manipulated and a perfect point to create some instability in the higher echelons of the Directorate. Some chaos could come afoot and I'd love it.


If I remember correctly I was supposed to set that up with the URC and Xandalia. Of course, for the mechs. But I can foresee other people wanting to get in on this just because they may mistake Hubert's leniency for stupidity. Which... I can very much see happening.
Do it!!!!! :P

Already using them for the URC and soon for the Gaians. :D

Mad Scientist mecha hooo!

But everyone has Gundam styled mobile suits soooo... Who wants Zakus?

I mean if not, I could always use the GM units, they're pretty generic and look the part too... Buuuut Zakus.
I've really gotten addicted to watching Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans that I really want to make Mobile Suits...

One question are we on our own places or are we with you in the ships going to the mainland?

I figured that this alliance would be much more organized or are we a loose confederation of elite warriors that just ventured forth into the darkness?

With the exception of the nations who volunteered to make our landings safe which is what @Moon Man is planning to do with his Tortoise men, we are all on the boats each nation brings their own boats, and behind them is the rest of the regular army waiting for us to clear away the darkness in different places.

I kept the story sort of short and vague because I realized that a kidnapped child doesn't have that many stories to tell plus any notable events would probably be best discussed with other players before being added into the story.

@ERode@Click This
They both get pegged. ;3

You know... Since they're from an Otome game... I can picture that if I put myself in the shoes of a fangirl. I've only got one word to say to it all... Hawt.
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