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Name: Rebecca Snow



Class: Thug/Enforcer (Based off Hellion)

Custom Class Stats

MAX HP: 26DODGE: 10PROT: 10%
CRIT: 2.5%DMG: 6-12ACC MOD: 0%


Stun: 40%Blight: 40%Disease: 30%Death Blow: 67%
Move: 40%Bleed: 40%Debuff: 30%Trap: 20%

Custom Class Abilities:

General setup:

1) A main/general attack (if a char has ranged and melee, then 2 of these for each wep)

2) An AOE (area attack), AOE buff (stat boost or heal), AOE debuff, single DOT (damage over time), or AOE DOT

3) A debuff (debuff can do damage, but mainly weakens character). a stun, or AOE stun

4) A buff (boosts stat or heals) or a debuff


1) Whack (General attack)

Accuracy: 85%

Crit mod (additional to base crit chance): 2.5%

2) Swing (AOE)

DMG Modifier (AOE attacks tend to be weaker, so modify your base damage): -50%

Accuracy: 85%

Crit mod: 1%

Effect: Shuffle/disarray opponents (100% Move chance)

3) Intimadate

Damage: -100%

Accuracy: 95%

Crit mod: N/A

Effect: Stun mass of targets (125% Stun chance)

Self (Some abilities tax you or expose you): -15 Dodge (Her dodge value is 10, so negative dodge values become additions to enemy accuracy)

4) Adrenaline Rush

Target: Self

Heal: 2

Effect: Cure Blight/Bleed, +10 ACC, +5 Dodge, +20% DMG

Cannot be used for 2 turns (turn being when it's time for the character to go again).

Hunger +35. -5 Dodge after fight until recovery. Repeated uses before recovery causes Damage (+2,4,8,16).

Positive Quirks:

Rage before the dying light: +20% Damage when health is below 40%

Negative Quirks:

Plutomania: Maniac for money (40% chance of being compelled to interact with a curio/item upon sight)

Light Sensitive: -10% Damage when Torch level is at and above 75 (out of 100).


N/A, I prefer the history to show my char. Just me.


In a merchant port city of a country of dunes, where gold flows freely and dictates the law of the land, being born in the wrong place and time can be all it takes to destine you to misery.

Born in the filfthy slums of the dockyard, forced from birth to scramble for every morsel of food, Rebecca was no stranger to hardship and toil. Unlike many who simply bemoaned their fates and prayed and begged to the gods or the stars or the nobles for sympathy and salvation, she had accepted from a very early age the fundamental truth of life: Life is struggle, random and unfair. Nothing is owed, everything must be earned. No one and nothing is safe.

She saw this truth for the first time as a child, working as a bilge rat on docked ships, where she worked for so long in the darkness that her eyes became sensitive. She watched her fellows forced to work in filth and waste for the simple fact of their unlucky birth and meek strength, their corpses often joining the trash in the end.

She vowed never to face the same fate, clawing her way out with fist and rage, working her way through a string of bruises and broken bones and beatings and set backs til she was a gang enforcer on the streets.

The only truth she knew was money. The only thing everyone could agree on was money. Sure, money was fickle, like anything in life, but it was far more solid than all other truths, and money, no matter where, no matter what, would always guide you true. So true was her devotion, she put friend and patron above it, and found herself chased out by a mob of bounty hunters after one too many greedy deals.

She travelled the land, following the money, til finally her road took her to the Estate, cries from the nearby lands speaking of the dangers to be defeated, the horrors to be faced, the land to be cleansed...

The treasures to be had.


Iron Mace

Chainmail shirt, leather armor.

Basic camping equipment

Lemoncake (She likes lemoncake).
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Name: Christina Doyle
Age: 19
Class: Noble (Based off Antiquarian/)

Custom Class Stats

MAX HP: 17+3DODGE: 10PROT: 0%
ACC MOD: +0CRIT: 2.5%DMG: 3-5

Resistance Chance

Stun: 20%-2%Blight: 20%-2%Disease: 20%-2%
Death Blow: 67%+20%Move: 20%-2%Bleed: 20%-2%
Debuff: 20%-2%Trap: 10%-2%

*Because of her masochistic nature, she has a less resistance to any sort of torture; with a higher HP and resistance in death blow

Custom Class Abilities

1) Nervous Poke (General attack)
Pokes the enemy with a paper knife...

DMG Modifier: +0%
Accuracy: 90
Crit Mod: +0%
2) Panic throw (AOE)
Starts throwing anything she can find in all directions...

DMG Modifier: -100%
Accuracy: 95
Crit Mod: +0%
AOE Effect: Bypass/Remove Stealth, -5 ACC (100% base)
3) Shit Self
Tries to take cover while uncontrollably shits her own pants.

Target: Self
Self Effect: +10 Dodge
AOE Effect: Blight(100% base) 1pt/rd for 3 rds, -20% Blight Resist (100% base)
4) Help me I'm pretty...
Ask for help from allies

Target: Ally
Self Effect: +5 Dodge, +20% PROT
Target Effect: forced to guard ally

Positive Quirks
Noble's Touch: Born rich, she has an eye for valuables (+50% chance to find loots)

Negative Quirks:
Masochist: Uncontrollably self inflict pain while being tortured
(50% chance to damage self (100% DMG) when debuffed)
Coward: Paralyzed and shit self if all party members' HP goes under 30%


She is a coward, yet a masochist. She wants to inflict pain to herself for pleasure, but she is afraid of violence. That is why she joined the party. Slightly shy but often cheerful.


She doesn't like people asking her about her noble background.
"It is not exciting to know about", she said.


paper knife

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