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Herpetology is not the study of STD's. The more you know.
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I share Ron Swanson's love of breakfast food.
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"Did you eat the entire pizza?" "...Yes"


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Hey, the main thread will be postponed since I'm going to be taking a bit of a break. My mental health isn't the best right now, and I'll be helping my mom with her surgery recovery. I thought you guys should know.

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Studio City, Delmonica street
1004HRs, January 1st 2020.

Ronan was at a party when they called. Well, it wasn't really a party party. It was a one-man party with some temporary guests. He was at a club with a girl on his lap and drugs in his system. The booth was comfy, the music loud, and the women pretty. But then he got the call. It yanked him out to this shitty theatre and out of his comfort. He longed for Destiny and the music, but here Ronan was. No lights, no music, no girls, just the drugs still in his system. They never satisfied, not anymore. He always needed more. Maybe he needed a new drug. He wanted that first time experience again, even if it usually made him feel sick to his stomach afterward.

Ronan stood in the street, taking in the scene. He knew it'd be a mess, it always was. He tapped his fingers against his knife and had his right hand on his gun. He was posturing, something he learned worked best for when you wanted people to leave you alone. He cleaned the remains of a bar peanut out of his mouth, his eyes twitching over everything. Ronan looked calm, but thanks to the drugs, his mind was moving a million miles an hour. He was hot, so his coat was open, showing off a clean white tank top. The heat was just another side-effect. That was what he was right now, a bundle of side-effects. Ronan was wearing a smirk, something different than his usual glare. He could blame that on the drugs too, but to be honest he felt pretty good right now. Even if the call removed him from his shelter like a crab leaving its shell, it was a welcome thing. He had something to do now, and a reason to go outside.

Now, there were two ways in. Ronan could go through the front, risking the attention of the thugs. It would get him a fight, but he was too high for that right now. The drugs removed his anger or at least turned up so many good feelings that it felt non-existent. He didn't want a fight tonight, or at least not at the moment. That left the better option, going through the back. Ronan made his way around the theatre, being careful not to draw the attention of the thugs. He felt like if he got in a fight, he would certainly win, but for the moment he wanted to bask in this feeling. For once, Ronan felt like he could think without his anger or violence getting in the way. For right now, he was focused on how to get in, not how to start a fight.

Ronan moved up to the back of the theatre. He wondered if he should wait for backup. He felt, as they say, like a million bucks, but that didn't mean he could face whatever surprises were inside. For all he knew, this could be a gang clean up, not the simple thing he was told it was. Ronan decided to wait. He leaned against the wall, jacket open and hand on his gun, waiting for at least one person to use as bait.
I try to feel
I try to think
But there's nothing

There's nothing up there
There's nothing in my mind
My heart is empty

I feel like I'm happy
But I feel like I'm empty
There are no thoughts, no feelings

I try to care
But you make it difficult
You fight with me
You ask me why you matter
Why I love you
and, for the first time,
I don't know

I'm trying to hold on
Because that's what I've been told to do
I'm trying to understand
Why is it so difficult?
I've done this all before
I've cared so deeply
Loved so passionately
But now I don't care

I've asked what's wrong with me
But no one seems to know
I've looked inside myself
But there's nothing there

I don't know what to do
What to do about you
Or me
Or this

Maybe there's nothing to do
Maybe I just need to accept it
Maybe I just need to let you go
It's what I feel like I need to do

But you've been with me for so long
Five years
Why does it suddenly mean nothing to me?
Why do I suddenly want to leave you?
Why is guilt the only thing keeping me with you?

Why is guilt the only thing in my mind when I talk to you?
Why is guilt the only thing I feel?
Why do I not care
But I feel such strong guilt
Nothing is there any more
But this horrible guilt

You say you hate me
But for some reason, you respond
You say move on
To let you go
But why do you keep pulling me back?

Every word
Pulls me back
I feel nothing but guilt
And it keeps pulling me back

I thought I loved you
But I'm just guilty
I hurt you
and I'm sorry
But you won't accept it
So I just feel guilty

Not happiness,
Not emptiness
Not this nothingness,
I feel
What's keeping me here?
What's keeping me with him?

There's nothing keeping me here.
Nothing keeping me with him.

There's nothing

Nothing in my mind
My heart

I don't feel anything anymore
I don't care anymore

There's nothing keeping me here
So why do I stay?
When the words came out of Laphicet's mouth, Aro immediately stopped walking. She turned to him, biting her lip. She didn't know how to explain what happened. She didn't even know if she wanted to. The Terror taking form was her fault, but it wasn't something she could control. Ever since it happened, Aro couldn't stop thinking about it. The Terror looked exactly like the Griffin that haunted her dreams. It was the exact one that destroyed everything she had ever known. Aro didn't know how to tell him. She took a deep breath, thinking of the words.

Aro whispered to him, not letting the old man or Nyte know about her not-so-secret secret. "A long time ago... A long time ago, I used to have a group I wandered with. We were in a forest, kind of like this one, but snowy. We... we didn't know we were in Griffin's territory. I was on watch, and I didn't see it. I didn't see it go to the camp and kill everyone. When I got back, it was... it was eating my mom. It looked at me, and was burned into my mind ever since. It's the only thing I really ever think about."

Aro looked away from Laphicet, ashamed. She was starting to cry, the memory pulling the tears from her eyes. She had just met Laphi, and he already knew what she had done. He had already seen her cry.

"That thing that took Sunny, it looks exactly like the Griffin that killed my family." Aro looked back to Laphicet, not bothering to wipe the tears running down her cheeks. "I have to fix this."

She turned back and continued to walk to where she figured the Griffin was. She walked with purpose, tears washing away the dirt on her face.

@Tenma Tendo@Mokley
I was thinkin' about it, but yeah, sure. I'll go c:
Ronan followed the group, still glaring. Then, an idea popped into his head. He walked up to the one giving the orders, and the one that yanked them out of their tubes. It didn't feel like they wanted to kill him, otherwise, he would be dead. He felt emboldened by that fact, they were keeping them alive for some reason.

"Dude, I have to piss. Where's the bathroom?" Ronan didn't have to go to the bathroom, he wanted to get away from this mess.

He wanted to go to a place to think this out. Maybe escape if he could. This made no sense to him. How could he just forget everything? He had a number but no name. He had to find out who and what he was, and why the fuck he was here.

Ronan still glared, forgetting to turn off his default face. He had to get this guy to give him some wiggle room, and looking like he was going to stab the guy probably wouldn't get him anywhere.
Normally, Light worked alone, however, the opportunity had presented itself to see new places and finally use his spells. In his home country, mages were often disowned, especially ones of the destruction magic like himself. People were always,

'Light, you blew that tavern up.'

'Light, that library is on fire.'

No one appreciates destruction magic. There could be a battle or bandits, and they couldn't do a thing. What are they going to do, heal someone to death?

So anyway, here Light was, sitting by a window in the Wrangled Drunkard. He was there first since he was always early. On time, to him, meant 15 minutes before arrival. Being late, was highly upsetting, to say the least. The bar was crowded, but that was okay. It was interesting. The people of Carthus were completely different. Their clothes, their accent, even their hair was odd. He kind of expected the table placement to have three spoons.

Since Light's trip was being paid for, he got the most expensive thing on the menu he could find. It was some sort of... lamb. Whatever it was, it was delicious. After eating the swill that people on the boat dared to call food, this was a very welcome change. Flame outside the window caught his eye. He turned to look at the source, sweet drink still in hand. The crowd gave oo's and ah's.

Light scoffed into his cup, "I could do that."

Yet, he was mesmerized. The things that he'd witnessed today had been astounding. There was vender just selling cheeses. Every kind you could imagine. It was a miracle that someone could base their entire livelihood around cheese. Light swished his glass, recalled how much cheese he had purchased. Five blocks. On second thought, it suddenly made sense how people could sell cheese for a living.

Light looked at his pocket watch. Why didn't others share his love of being early?


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