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Current Will be scarce from the 26th of December to the 2nd or 3rd of January
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Family emergency came up. Will be off for a few days.
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Oh, you know, the usual. Claim a throne, commit genocide, rid the Nine Realms of mewling quims and most importantly...mess with Thor. That always provide unparalleled entertainment.
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Do you think me a fool to shed light on my past, present and future so easily to strangers, you miserable Midgardians? Not even my brother - blundering oaf that he is and more importantly, not blood-related, thank the Allfather for that small mercy - knows everything I have done.

And these few words are all I shall grant to sate your thirst for the unknown. Now if you would excuse me, I have to destroy Jotunheim...again. Because some pests simply REFUSE to surrender and remain dead. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

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I don't think I'll post again until everyone's made their introductory post. Just so everyone's on the same page as we kick off.

Kaine blinked, a half-empty bottle of Sprite held to his lips. To be honest, he hadn't been paying much attention to the others gathered in the room, eyes glued to the flat screen TV before him from his position at the back, leaning against the wall as he - like everyone else - awaited the start of the much-anticipated program. For him, anyways. It was apparently meant to be something completely new and original, and Kaine's curiosity was peaked. Nothing much was original nowadays in the entertainment industry. He wanted to see how the producers would pull this one off.

Needless to say, he was caught completely blindsided when everything went weird. I mean, who the hell would believe the TV suddenly became a miniature blackhole and decided to suck everything in? He just experienced it and it wasn't quite registering in his head. Was the Sprite spiked? Was he hallucinating right now? ...The pain in his back from where the corner of a random table seemed real enough, though. And the soaked hem of his shirt from the spilt drink felt cool and smelled real.

Pushing himself to his feet, Kaine sighed softly as his surrounding descended into predictable chaos. Did anyone else besides him realise they were acting out a cliche "mass freaking-out" scene when something totally out-of-this-world happened? Slowly edging away from the epi-center of noise and tears, he took the opportunity to scan his new surroundings. Huh. They were somehow transported into the Wild West. More specifically, a tavern in the Wild West. Time travel? Dimensional travel? Despite the bottle of alcohol arranged neatly in the cabinet behind the bar counter and the opened bottle of whiskey beside a shot glass placed haphazardly next to the TV, there was no bartender in sight. Or any other patrons besides them.

The noise of static crackled again, succeeding in quietening most people and the woman appeared on screen once more. Kaine's gaze did not waver from the screen when the woman started talking, absorbing the small information dump with a growing sense of incredulity and fascination. Well, this idea certainly is original, he'll give them that.

Eyeing the new portal distrustfully, Kaine pursed his lips for a moment, deep in thought. Then he shrugged and stepped towards is when it was clear no one else was going to be the first. Glancing over his shoulder at the murmur of discomfort that rose due to his actions, he cocked an eyebrow. "What? Do you all really want to be stuck here until you starve to death or worse? Look on the bright side. That lady said this is the first channel, yeah? So one down, a hundred to go. One step closer to getting home."
@Yuria Naw, I don't mind at all. As long as he doesn't actually decide to take a chunk outta her. I mean sure, she can regenerate a limb or two after eating her fill, but, ya'know, it might scar her for a while lol
@T Risket My character is a new recruit. Or, well...fairly new. Probably only been on one mission. It's been about a month since she was forcibly recruited, anyway.

The steady, monotonous motion of silk threads knitting two pieces of fabric together was her only form of entertainment for the past however many days. Fingers unceasing in their task even as her eyes flickered over to the numerous gorges lined up neatly on the top right corner of the bed frame. Thirty-one scratches. Thirty-one days. An entire month since she was separated from the Brood Mother she was meant to guard. If it wasn't for the small webs she weaved at weekly intervals in the corner of her cell, she wouldn't have known exactly how many days passed since. There were no windows - as expected - and the light within this dreary building was artificial. Kept from the outside world and even away from other prisoners, there was no doubt this treatment was to keep them subdued. Remind them who exactly was in charge. There was even something within her cell that was forcibly keeping her in her human glamour. A sigil of some sort.

Belze had seen a couple of supernatural creatures being led or dragged in. Only for a couple of seconds as they passed her cell. Most were pissed off and fuming, others seemed simply resigned to their fate as a forcibly recruited member of the Order. The Arachne had been the former when the Knights had taken her away, mercilessly dragging her further and further away from the direction of her Nest. From where every instinct in her screamed to head towards. She should be by her Brood Mother's side. When they tossed Belze into her admittedly luxurious cell, she had screamed in anger and tore through the few furnitures within in a fit of fury. It took the entire day for her to calm, and was more subdued after she awoke the next day, amongst the ripped blanket and abused mattress.

It wasn't because she accepted her fate. Far from it. It was because she caught sight of another prisoner being led in. Cloaked, masked and shrouded in black. Covered as they were, there was no mistaking the shiver of fear that ran down her spine. What sort of creature that being was, she had no idea, but resolved to stay well away. Her instincts were blaring full force until they disappeared from view. It seemed she underestimated the true might of the Order. If they were able to recruit someone like that...Either way, her days of boredom dragged, broken only after she decided to kill time by mending the fabrics she ruined. The Knights didn't seem inclined to replace anything she ruined, after all. Nonetheless, Belze didn't think the watchers would take note of her hobby, for after every piece of damaged cloth was mended - flawlessly, she might add - threads and yarn of different colour and quality were delivered to her. Not that she was complaining, for she was grateful for something calming to do.

Faint footsteps sounded, drawing closer to her cell and she paused, staring unerringly at the two Knights who stopped just outside. They didn't look like they were here to deliver her daily sustenance. And indeed her deduction proved right, for without further ado, the door to her cell swung open and the pair stepped in, grabbing her upper arms and frogmarching her out. Sighing inwardly, she allowed herself to be manhandled. Better show no resistance than make things difficult for herself. Bidding their time was what a Mygalomorphae is best at.

The chapel Belze was brought into was less glamorous than what she expected. It was simply adorned, with a large wooden cross and a few pews. The interior would have looked more at home in a small country church rather than within the headquarters of the infamous Holy Order. Blatantly ignoring the weapons aimed to remove her head from her shoulder and cleave her in twain, Belze rested her weight on one foot and propped her right hand on her hip, facial expression all but screaming boredom. Glancing around to take in the assortment of creatures now out of their cells, the Arachne unabashedly looked her fill, gaze lingering over each one as she mentally analysed each one, making sure not to even think about looking at the shrouded one. A couple of supernatural beings visibly grimaced, obviously uncomfortable standing on holy ground.

A fairly large human - a priest from the looks of it - began addressing the audience, drawing Belze's attention back from her observation. Scoffing softly at his quip about serving mankind, she inwardly vowed that the moment the Order moves against her House, she would not hesitate to turn on them, her life be damned. It wasn't as if these priests do not have a contingency plan laid out in case their supernatural recruits went rogue.

Accepting the embroidered handkerchief with a nod of thanks, she inspected it idly, rubbing the synthetic silk between her fingers. Figured it was something bought in a souvenir store. But at least the flowers were bright and nice to look at. She could do better in her sleep. Pinching a corner of the cloth, she waved it over her head to catch the speaker's attention as soon as he was done. After a dark-skinned human-looking being finished exchanging pleasantries, of course.

"Pardon me, Senior Paladin Jeremia Mundenburg." The Arachne gave her sweetest smile. "May I have a copy of the scripture in seal script? Thanks in advance!"

If the priest was going to keep quoting lines from scriptures, the least she can do is read the damn book and understand the references. Plus, she's rather curious about why some text is able to ensnare minds into believing in an entity that might not even exist.

Arisen is already making an Onmyouji

Ah, noted. I'll place tentative interest here. I don't know if I can keep up with one more RP ^-^"
@TheRedWatcher @Alias Just wondering, are onmyouji allowed? The type that wields Shikigami, I mean.

Got it. I'll probably post IC tonight or tomorrow though.
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