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Current Will be scarce from the 26th of December to the 2nd or 3rd of January
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Family emergency came up. Will be off for a few days.
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Oh, you know, the usual. Claim a throne, commit genocide, rid the Nine Realms of mewling quims and most importantly...mess with Thor. That always provide unparalleled entertainment.
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Do you think me a fool to shed light on my past, present and future so easily to strangers, you miserable Midgardians? Not even my brother - blundering oaf that he is and more importantly, not blood-related, thank the Allfather for that small mercy - knows everything I have done.

And these few words are all I shall grant to sate your thirst for the unknown. Now if you would excuse me, I have to destroy Jotunheim...again. Because some pests simply REFUSE to surrender and remain dead. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

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Chinese New Year's nearly here, so I might not be able to post until 17th of Feb. Just FYI
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@Mokley Should I PM you the idea or talk about it here?
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@Mokley I'll pick lucky 13 ^-^
I have an outline already, but dunno if it'll work out ^-^""

In the back of his mind, Arminel knew he wouldn't be able to dodge this forward charge. But hell if he was going to let some pissed-off beast gorge him just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gritting his teeth he pushed himself up to a crouch, spear ready to thrust forward at maximum strength. In order to prevent the Juncha from dodging this strike, he waited until the last possible moment. If I go down, you're going down with me. A full force stab to the face would be a fatal wound. Let's just hope Arminel's armour would keep him from being completely skewered through.

Imagine his suprise when a figure suddenly appeared in a flash in his peripheral vision, and the huge beast bearing down on him abruptly jerked to a halt, head pulled around and forced low. The male Juncha roared in anger and frustration, paws smacking against the ground and claws digging furrows in the soil as it struggled to lift its head. Its body, once fully facing him, was now pulled aside so that its left flank was completely exposed. Mouth slightly agape at the sudden change in the situation, Arminel raised his eyes, blinking once at the sight of chains wrapped around the beast's horns. Wait a minute. He knew those chains. Aren't they...

His eyes followed the chains down to the extremely familiar figure on the other end of the weapon. He's really here. I'm not dreaming. Arminel's mouth clicks shut. Heheh...he still has impeccable timing. His best friend's yell closely followed by another furious growl kicked Arminel's mind and body back into action. Everything else can wait. Currently, he had a Juncha to slay before it breaks free.

Being a strong, healthy, mature beast of its species, the Juncha wasn't easily restrained. In a scant few seconds, it had already regained its footing by sinking the claws of its forelegs deep into the soil, hindlegs braced apart and off to the side. Junchas frames weren't meant to be this flexible, but the beast evidently favoured being free over enduring pain. The hard muscles of its four limbs bunched, ready to twist its body and fling Rion away with a swing of its head. But Arminel didn't give it a chance to retaliate.

Gripping Ansgar, he swiped it in a low horizontal wind-aided slash, neatly cutting through the tendons of its left fore and hindlegs. It howled in agony and collapsed awkwardly to one side, body too heavy to be supported solely by the limbs on the right. He delivered another upwards slash to its vulnerable left flank, leaving behind a deep red gash. Partially crippled, wounded and still restrained, the Juncha didn't present as dangerous a target as it was previously. Approaching the writhing body of the beast, Arminel came to a halt directly before its thick, muscled neck and lifted his spear once more, the tip of the blade positioned above the small intersection between head and shoulder. A low, deep growl rumbled in its throat, cut short when he brutally drove Ansgar deep, slicing through flesh and ligament easily.

The male Juncha gave one last twitch before falling motionless. Withdrawing his spear, Arminel took a couple of steps back, not relaxing his stance until he confirmed the beast no longer drew breath. Satisfied that it was well and truly dead, he turned to regard Allerion. His friend looked...worn out. Perhaps even that word was an understatement. Bags under his eyes and thinner than Arminel remembered. It's been less than a month and already the younger man became so haggard. It hurt to see him thus.

"Rion, you..." Arminel hesitated, then closed his mouth slowly. What could he say? Why are you here? What have you been up to all these time? It didn't seem appropriate at the moment, and Rion would most probably not welcome the direct interrogation. Arminel didn't want to force his friend into leaving again. Heaving a sigh, he finally continued with a faint smile. "You look like shit. But thanks for the save."

Narrowing his eyes, he deliberately dragged his gaze up and down Rion's body before glancing over his shoulder. He could still hear the roars of the female Juncha around the bend up ahead, but it seemed his men were still faring rather well. Nonetheless, he didn't want to drag his friend impulsively into another fight when the other looked like he hadn't been sleeping for days. A human's yell rang through the air, and Arminel didn't ponder further. Reaching out, he grabbed his friend by the arm and started moving as quickly as he could towards the noises. "You are going to come with me. We're going to get rid of the other beast, then you will come with us as we get out of this damn valley and find somewhere to rest. And you'll bloody well stay this time around, or White God help me..."

He'll make sure the other get some food and rest when they make camp before Arminel starts questioning.
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@MokleyWas gonna wait til another person posts before I did. To space out my posts and all.

The first thought that flashed through his mind was: This ain't my bed.

Next came that classic little line from 'The Wizard of OZ'. Liam wholly blames sleep-deprivation, disorientation and mild dizziness for that thought.

Blinking grey spots away from his vision, he took a second to register the feel of soft ground pressing against his back and the cool moist sensation seeping through his T-shirt. Yeah, definitely doesn't feel like his bed. Breathing in deeply once, he didn't catch the familiar, faint artificial blackberry-scented freshener in the air. Instead, he is met with the smell of fresh earth and a myriad of aromas that wouldn't be out of place in a national park. Grass tickled his palms as he braced them flat on the earth to push himself up into a sitting position before leisurely getting to his feet. Noticing the jeans and sneakers he was sporting, Liam frowned. Groggy as he was, he clearly recalled changing into his sleepwear before hitting the sack.

So what was this? A dream? A hallucination? The grass and soil felt rather real. His texture of his clothes and the weight of his shoes too. His mind certainly wasn't capable of conjuring such realism. Unless whatever is happening is similar to that event a few year ago...

The frown turns into a scowl as he shoves that train of thought away. He didn't have time for this. He had so many things to do. Taking care of the kids, finish looking over the pile of stuff his grandfather left for him, going through all the emails from various interested parties regarding the P3 Syndrome.

Exhaling a quiet sigh, he takes the time to study the other individuals in the same situation, all in various stages of awareness and attentiveness. Most were around his age, judging by appearance alone, but there were a couple of adults. Liam scrunched his nose lightly as the gentleman in a bartender outfit - he assumes, at least - a few paces to his right puffs on a stick of cigarette, the strong scent of tobacco wafting towards his nose. And of course, the bunny. A white rabbit in a fancy coat that walked on its hind legs like a human and talked. Yeah, he wasn't hearing things. It talked.

From this distance, he could distinctly hear the short exchange between the rabbit - seriously...'The White Rabbit' Wonderland, anyone? - and the woman rubbing its head, as well as the monologue from a blonde kid and various other short exclamations or snippets of murmured words arising from the group gathered here for reasons unknown.

"Haven't got the faintest clue." Liam murmurs in reply to the brown-haired man's question as he crossed his arms. Gaze flickering between his unfamiliar surroundings and the walking, talking bunny, he lets out a low, humourless scoff. "Besides this being a cheap parody of "Alice in Wonderland", that is. I mean, we've got the White Rabbit over there. Now all we need to do is wait for it to pull out a stopwatch and start running away before following it down a hole and I guess we'll find out."
@Mokley Hmm...well, the only idea I have currently is the over-used idea of everyone being in the same island/place/town/etc and running into each other. I can see that logically happening but of course, the hard part is how to explain each character's presence there. This will, of course, be easier for some characters but maybe a bit harder for others.
Other than this, I can't really think of another plan for everyone starting together.

Location: Squad 7 barracks
Mentions: Squad 7's Captain
Interactions: Juliet Chosha @jynmi88

The entire squad was once again gathered outside as they awaited their Captain and the string of announcements he had to make this morning. Gatherings of this size were a common occurrence, and from a single sweeping glance, Baili could tell the majority of them weren't exactly tuning in. Most of those who were listening attentively were the newbies, bright eyes locked on the lone figure on the stage, backs straight as though their respectful posture would earn them notice and some points. She can't help recalling when she was in that exact same position scant decades back. Inwardly, she hoped that she would be one of the few assigned to show these newcomers the proverbial ropes.

Near the back of the group, she stood with hands folded, a small frown on her face as the "Senkaimon Slasher" was mentioned. This issue had been going around Seireitei recently. Stories of how a few Shinigami had gone missing for days before anyone even questioned their mysterious disappearance circulated amongst the ranks. Truth be told, it was a little frightening to know someone out there was capable of spiriting Shinigami away and leave no trail behind, but Baili was confident in her superiors. They will get this 'Slasher' soon. So she didn't dwell on it much, walking away as soon as they were dismissed and head straight to the duty board. She had to get there first lest she ends up needing to push and shove her way to the front. Curse those tall people.

A quick glance down the sheets told her that she was put on sentry duty, together with Juliet Chosha. Since the area was near where the last individual disappeared, it was decided each patrol will go in pairs in order to deter more disappearances. Or at least, ensure some form of alarm can be risen before anything disastrous befalls the patrol. A sliver of uneasiness wormed its way into her heart, only to be squashed and kicked away. She is a member of the Gotei 13 and she will do her duty to her utmost ability.

Nodding her head firmly, Baili turns away from the board and sets off to find Juliet. She knows who the other woman is, for after every showing of her failed kido during training sessions, her squadmates will never fail to jokingly point her in the direction of the red-eyed female and suggest she ask her for help. Baili never did, partly because she knows she is destined to never master anything beyond Bakudo #1: Sai and partly because her Zanpukuto Spirit constantly reminds her to focus on improving her strengths before working on her weakness. After all, he reasoned, who the hell needs kido when we can bury them under a tidal wave of sand! At times like this, Baili wisely remains silent and doesn't draw attention to the fact that it will be years yet before she can reach that stage.

"Juliet Chosha?" She called, craning her head as she glances about, stopping a few squadmates to ask if they've seen her. Clicking her tongue herself after getting a few negative replies, she murmured. "Urgh...what's the point in being proficient at Reiatsu Chikaku if I'm not familiar with the other's reiatsu?"
Have quite a bit going on IRL. Will get a post out as soon as I can.
@Kaesus As far as I am aware, the spot is still open for application. Send your CS via PM to @Holy Soldier and they will look it over.
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