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Current One of my five year students just punched me in the face. I'm so proud of them. (I teach martial arts btw)
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Even companies like Netflix are against the removal of net neutrality. Why did it get voted out? Political bullshit. They know what would have happened if they put it to a public vote.
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Two older guys are sitting in Starbucks next to me, loudly insulting their frugal friend for his small TV and the fact that he doesn't eat take out. People are stupid.
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@LordofthePies I call my sister Moo-Doodle.
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Hit my word goal for day one of NaNo, just 29 to go. Hahahaha.


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Mana rolled her eyes at generic, samurai themed hero number one million. Even her name was boring, and she was pretty sure had been used in the past by others. Swift Blade? Really? This girl was clearly one of the side kicks that had been talked about before. Mana knew exactly how to deal with sword users. This one was even demanding that she fight her. Mana was about to step around Kane, when useless new girl got in her way, saying something to Swift Blade in Russian.

Mana's chocolate colored eyes narrowed at useless new girl. The Dark Druid shouldered past useless new girl to stand between her and the side kick. She turned her head to useless new girl. "She's. Mine." She said slowly, emphasising each word with a point, the first at Swift Blade, the second at herself. Without another word, Mana turned back to Swift Blade. She lifted her arms and vines began to emerge from the ground in front of the side kick at a rapid pace.

If one who knew Mana well saw the vines, they would notice that they were slightly slower than usual. That's because they weren't her normal vines. They spiraled together to form a spear of vines, the end sharpened by thorns. But that wasn't even the special part. These vines were infused with fungal spores. When cut, like Swift Blade was bound to do eventually, they would release those toxic spores in her face. Those spores would coat her lungs, making breathing more difficult, and while they were more focused on getting her breathing back to normal, well she would die of kidney failure in a matter of hours. The best way to deal with sword users, was to use their own weapon against them.

With the side kick down, they would be able to focus all their efforts on the more dangerous heroes. Mana just had to hope that useless new girl would take the hint and turn her attention elsewhere and that Kane would do his job as meatshield. She wasn't worried about Kane, but if useless new girl got in her way, the heroes would be the least of her worries. Mana would kill new girl herself.
Adding my interest to this. Claiming an owl theme while I get to working on my CS. Specifically barn owl. Those guys are so cool.
@Double Gotcha. I'll have her experience it a little later in the story then. Since it would probably be bad for both of them to be knocked out when there's such a dangerous foe in front of them.

Posted! Changed Allerion's color from blue to green so that both Holy Knights didn't have such similiarly colored text.

@Loki Odinson Forgot to tag you in the post. Sorry bought that.

The Valley of Wassen, a few words popped into mind immediately to describe it. Beautiful, peaceful, quiet. It was all the things that Rion didn't need right now. He had thought that this leave of absence was going to be a good thing. It would give him time to clear his head and get some answers to the questions that had been haunting him for a while now. But all he had discovered were more questions without answer. Not to mention the worst part, all this solitude was worsening his depression.

Recently Rion had hardly slept and barely remembered to eat. During the day, he could focus his mind on whatever task was ahead. Get to the next town, go here to check out this rumor, go there to answer that question. But at night, when he stared up at the endless expanse of the night sky, his thoughts became so much darker. How easy would it be for him to be with Mana again, in wherever the dead lived? But no, he couldn't die yet, not until he uncovered the truth behind what had really happened. He wouldn't allow himself to meet her again until all of his doubts about the organization he had dedicated his life to had disappeared. One way or another.

Rion was currently on foot, having left his horse in the town of Aldercrest, the closest civilization to the Valley of Wassen. Where he was going, the horse couldn't follow. Supposedly there had once been a town inside the valley as well. A town that was openly against all that the Holy Knights stood for. One day, the town had simply ceased to exist. When people from Aldercrest had gone to investigate, they had found a dark, deadened, circle of land where the town and it's farmland had once stood. Even now nothing grew there, and all animals avoided that place, they were afraid of it. If this was really true, Rion should be able to feel the remnants of a Holy Knight's magic there.

On foot, he was still two days out. But the closer they got, the more scared his horse would have gotten, according to the people of Aldercrest. It was better to leave him in the village where he would safe, rather than risk losing him. Horses were expensive to replace, and Rion liked this one.

Suddenly a familiar, frightening, sound filled the space around him. One that caused Rion to immediately stop in his tracks. "Junchas?" The sound was very clear, somebody, or a group of somebodies, had pissed off a parent Juncha or two. Rion didn't even have to think, he just took off in a run in the direction the sound had come from.

It didn't take him long to come across the group who had pissed off the Junchas. Several of them were fleeing towards him on horseback being chased by a gray female, judging from the lack of horns. But there was one who had apparently fallen and was trying to fend off the other Juncha on his own, the male. Even from this distance away, Rion recognized the person on the ground. How could he not? It was his best friend, Arminel. Rion's blood ran cold at the thought of his best friend being skewered and all thought left his mind.

Rion threw himself forward, activating Wind Walk to close the distance with blinding speed. He unhooked his Arc from his belt, grasping it by the handle. He stopped his Wind Walk and skidded to a halt in the grass, a short distance away from his best friend, at an angle to the Juncha. With practiced ease, Rion swung the whip once around his head to gather force, and flicked it in the direction of the Juncha. Not aiming to wound, but something far more stupid than that. The blade end of the chain wrapped once, twice, three times around the horn of the male Juncha. Bracing himself, Rion grabbed the chain itself with his free hand, dug his feet in, and yanked.

The force of the pull turned the Juncha's head towards Rion and the ground. The deadly creature lost it's footing with the sudden change and stumbled, but didn't end up on the ground like Rion had hoped. "Now, Arminel!" Rion shouted, hoping his friend wouldn't be too surprised by his appearance. They could talk when they were safe. Right now, they had two Junchas to take down.
I'm not happy with that post in the slightest. But at this point I figured getting something out was better than making you wait any longer. I'll try to return to a far more regular posting schedule, with much high quality posts.
Ashe was in full warrior mode. Every nerve ending in her body was so alert that it almost felt like it was on fire. She knew exactly what was going on around her, despite the fact that her focus was entirely on the Emperor and keeping him alive. She heard the footsteps of someone running before they even arrived. Ashe looked up at the entrance and let out a low, bestial, growl as a man came running into the room. "General!" Daisy called out.

Ashe relaxed a bit, this was an ally. The admittedly handsome man came running up and knelt beside Ashe and the Emperor. He seemed a bit put off at the appearance of Ashe's mostly naked torso. "You're Sam's friend?" The man asked. Ashe nodded in return. "There's a doctor on the way." He finished.

It was only moments later that the ship arrived. Good, the doctor would be able to use that. One look inside and Ashe knew that she couldn't use anything in there. Their medical technology was far above what she was used to. All she could do right now was the same thing she had been doing. Buy the Emperor some time.

Thankfully, the doctor arrived quickly, along with several other people. Three men of varying heights and weights, dressed in same type of clothing as the handsome man who had arrived shortly before. The other man, who was clearly the doctor took one look at the Emperor, and immediately began to prepare things in the ship. "Bring him here! Lady, do not take your hands off the wound yet." The doctor ordered.

It was awkward, but between everyone, they were able to get the Emperor safely aboard the ship. Ashe was told to take her hands off the wound, so the doctor could work, which she did. She stood nearby a bit awkwardly. There were a lot of strangers around, and there was nothing she could do to help the Emperor anymore. So she stood there, half naked and covered in blood. The doctor glanced up from his work. "Judging from those scars, you're a warrior, right?" Ashe nodded in response. "The city is under attack. You'll do more good there than you would here."

Without a word, Ashe jumped out of the ship and took off out of the throne room. The other four and Daisy staying with the Emperor. Ashe had no idea where the city was, but it was easy enough to find. All she had to do was follow the sounds of battle. Even before she made it to the battle, she could see the enemy. That huge version of the white things that had been part of the attack on Traverse Town. Ashe increased her speed, drawing her sword as she went. It wasn't much longer before she found her way to where Sam and the others were fighting. "Is this the parting gift red hair was talking about? How nice." She called as she dropped into her battle stance.
One would think that Mana would be annoying with Ryuuji's praises of her completion of the cube. But actually a small smile of her own curled into her lips. It wasn't often that someone praised her for something that wasn't murder. Unfortunately that satisfaction would only cure her boredom for so long. But thankfully, that's when the call came in. Mana's already perfect posture seemed to straighten even further as chocolate colored eyes swept over to look at Shade Walker, waiting for his word.

Finally, it was time to move. They had been waiting for so long, hopefully the fun would be worth it. Mana picked up the mask that had been sitting next to her and placed it on her face. She felt the material bind to her flesh, now it could only be removed by someone who knew how to properly remove it. Mana wasn't the only one who was excited by the fact that it was time to move, her precious meatshield was excited to. Only his excitement was much louder than hers.

Captain East was the first to leave, in order to create a distraction and draw most of the forces to his decoy location. It would be up to the rest of them to hit their real target. Judging from the tremors that hit shortly after his leave, he was doing his job well. Mana rose to her feet as Kazuma opened the portals for the rest of them. As usual, Kane rushed through immediately. Mana was far more calm than he was. She casually walked over to the portal, gave Kazuma a nod of thanks, and then stepped through.

Kane was already on the move as well as that new girl. Mana was shortly behind them. She too moved behind Kane as the police open fired, taking full advantage of the meatshield. The arrival of the hero made Mana grin. Storming Sakura was it? Her speciality was taking down fliers. That and plant based Quirk vs plant based Quirk would be quite the interesting battle. It looked like the new girl had some sort of shield based Quirk. Two shields? This was Mana's lucky day. Mana peeked out from behind her meatshield and extended a hand towards the flying hero. Vines emerged from the ground at a rapid pace underneath him, four of them wrapped around each leg and attempted to yank the flying hero to the ground. "Let's see you try and control these plants." Mana muttered to herself.
@Loki Odinson I'd love to brainstorm some stuff and get our own HK story fragment going.
So, I don't have a Discord and I feel like I'm missing stuff that's being said there. If I go to the link can I still see things even without an account? Cause right now I don't know whether I should be posting or not.
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