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Current Would anybody be willing to draw a symbol for an adventuring party called Defiance? I want to use it for the front cover of my NaNoWriMo novel and have no drawing talent.
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Blaze, I'm using Arctic Fox's Virgin Pink. It's a bit more of a hot pink or a magenta. We'll see how it reacts to my hair.
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About to dye my hair for the first time in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here's to all the fighters, survivors, and those who lost their fights.
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I'm a giant ball of stress with very little motivation right now.
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My entire family is going out to dinner to my favorite place tonight, without me because I have to work. Thanks guys.


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Emara growled when Katherine stopped her from attacking. The pretty lady was way too trusting of people. Emara herself had come to her with the name of an ally, explaining the situation, enough trust to get free was okay there. But this old guy had just shown up with no explaination whatsoever, and expected them to follow. "If he wanted to attack, he'd wait until our guards were down. The second we step out that door, I'm dead and you're in a lot worse shape than you are right now. You just said that he wears the uniform of the guards here."

Emara couldn't see a good way out. If she had been alone, it would have been easy. But with another person who didn't have the same skills as her, it was going to be hard. Especially with this untrustable guy blocking one way out. "You can follow him if you really don't care that much for your life, but I won't." Emara stubbornly and childishly crossed her arms, still clutching her daggers as she did. She didn't survive this long by trusting complete strangers.
@Etranger If we're quoting character sheets, Yuel can smell noble bullshit from a mile away, which includes things like trying to hide behind a polite mask. She's seen the signs of her family's dislike for her so much that she can unconsciously make it out on people. It's literally the only thing she's good at that isn't smashing stuff. Deal with it.
Sorry Blaze, I forgot to let you know how operation pink hair went. It looked great, but apparently my hair doesn't take dye well, it's only been a week and it's already faded really badly and I need to dye it again. I'm going to try leaving the dye in longer and see if that helps, I only kept it in the minimum amount of time to test it.

Also, you mentioned something about moving the plot foward here soon. Did you want me to post before you or after you?
Of course the man dodged her leaping attack, she had expected it from the beginning. But it looked like Leon had picked up on her plan, because there a blue glow from behind her that she recognized. The man who fought so much like she did tried to attack her again, but was thrown back by a shot from Leon's transformed weapon. Now he was starting to look hurt. Ashe knew she could keep this up and if all went well, she could pull that mask off his corpse. A pang of grief rose up on her chest as she thought of the face that could be behind that mask, and for just a moment she hesitated, not wanting to kill him.

That hesitation was just enough for the man to apparently receive new orders and disappear into shadow. Ashe growled under her breath, feeling frustrated both at the fact that her opponent had just gotten away, and that she didn't get to see under that mask. Her posture didn't relax until after she heard confirmation from Cid that the enemy was all fleeing. Ashe didn't feel any joy in this victory, because it wasn't a victory. The enemy wasn't dead, they'd be back.

It was as she was sheathing her weapon that Leon began to speak to her. The warrior woman was pleasantly surprised that Leon was going to allow her to go to Disney Castle as well. Normally she wasn't invited. She was an outsider, even if she had been here for a year. It was nice to know that she had finally gotten the broody man's trust, just like he had earned hers. "Right." She responded, only the slightest amount of strain in her voice from her injury. The wound concerned her slightly, but not enough to pass up an opportunity to finally meet the Queen that she now risked her life for.

Together, Ashe and Leon started heading to the Second District to meet up with the others. As the adrenaline from the fight began to wear off, the pain began to worsen, but still Ashe endured silently. If not for the lack of color in her face, or her slightly uneven breathing, one may think that she didn't feel it at all. "You know more than I do about other worlds. What are the chances that there's another world out there that trains their warriors in the exact same way as my own?" Ashe suddenly asked.
There wasn't much Yuel needed to do in order to prepare. All she needed was her weapons, Fluffy served her well in battle, and her hunting knife served her well outside of it. She could survive with just those and the land around her. Yuel may not have been good at most things, but man could she survive. It was all thanks to the members of the city watch who trained her. She waited impatiently for the rest of the group to prepare before heading out with them.

Yuel had worked with Laurence before and knew what to expect from him, but she had never met her other two companions before. Blondy had an instant dislike from Yuel, not because of the fact that she was clearly a noble, but because the way the woman reacted to her. Despite the fact that Yuel couldn't read body language in the slightest, she could easily see the fact that the woman didn't like her. She was judged for being different, for being barbaric, as if being gifted physically made her lesser. It reminded her so much of her family that it took every ounce of Yuel's nearly none existant self control to not strangle the woman. Instead, every time Blondy looked at her, Yuel growled, curling her lips back and baring her teeth like some sort of animal.

The Elf on the other hand, Yuel wasn't sure what to think of him. He had been relatively quiet thus far, obviously nervous and new to the world of adventuring. Yuel offered him a slap on the back, a bit more gently than the one Blondy had gotten, and a promise that she would make sure he got through his first mission alive and well. She intended to keep that promise, even if it meant that she wouldn't be making it back.

On the way to the burrow, Yuel saw the usual destruction that Goblins brought with them. It was tragic to see so many livestock destroyed, that was a lot of food gone to waste. When they stopped, Laurence offered to teach them how to deal with Goblin burrows, in his usual way. Yuel shrugged, "I mean, last time I dealt with one of these I ran in screaming and it worked just fine. But if you've got a better method, I'd love to hear it." It was a miracle that Yuel had made it this far in life. Either she was made of some pretty damn tough stuff, or there was some sort of higher power looking out for her.
Shoot, wrong tab. I'll fix that either today or tomorrow. I'm so tired.
Ashe read until the last possible minute, then slipped unnoticed into the clearing right before it was time. She took her place with the others, her expression perfectly blank and uncaring. Any of the magic and excitement that this day was suppose to hold had been stolen away along with Emma. The quiet woman had studied hard and practiced until the movements of the ceremony were second nature. She wasn't worried about her own performance, but rather the performances of those around her.

It took a while for them all to sync up with the inital movements. Part of that was Ashe's fault, she found it difficult to match her movements to Krissy's. But eventually, it was time to start the ceremony. Everything went smoothly, Ashe's movements perfect as she had practiced so many times before. When it was over, they returned to Sensei Toma, who told them about a festival that would be held that night. Ashe already made plans to avoid it entirely. That was way too many people for her liking.

It was then that all hell broke loose, quite literally. There was a blast of spirit energy that caused a shudder to go down Ashe's spine, and then screaming came from the direction of the tree. Ashe was the first of the five to react, taking off at a run toward the tree. As soon as the tree was in her line of sight, she stopped dead in her tracks. Standing there, where the tree once was, stood a demon. Teachers were already dead or wounded from the inital explosion. Blue flames were starting to spread out.

Ashe's expressionless face shifted into something far more fierce. Her first instinct was to keep the flames away from the other trees, the other bindings. But she had to hope that Krissy could handle that. Instead, she attacked the demon. Their best time to kill it was now, before it regained all of it's power in this world. Ashe took a step forward with her left leg and thrust her right forward into a powerful kick. The wind displaced by the kick gathered together, forming a wave of high speed, razor sharp force, aimed directly at the demon.
Goblin burrows close to town? Sweet. Yuel's face broke into a grin when she was assigned the combat mission that had been mostly ignored. She couldn't help but see some of these people as cowards for not wanting to deal with the goblin threat, but if they were cowards, they wouldn't be part of the guild for long. Of course the Meatshield was thrilled about both the combat mission, and the gold piece she would be recieving for completing it. With that she'd easily be able to pay her rent this month, feed herself, and pass on some coin to the city guard, who were always horribly under paid, and under armored.

Yuel stepped over to Laurence, the B rank who would be in charge. Standing there as well was some pretty blonde girl that she had never met before. Eyeing the girl for a moment told Yuel everything she needed to know. Her appearance, her attitude, everything about her screamed noble. At least to Yuel who knew the smell of noble bullshit very well. She also knew what it was like to want to hide that, so for once her life, the meatshield held her tongue about it. Instead, as she stepped past the noble, she slapped the girl on the back in what she thought was a friendly gesture.

"Laurence, nice to work with you again. You know the drill, give me an order and I'll follow it through to the end. Same goes for you Blondy, if you need me during the battle, just call out. They call me Meatshield for a reason." Yuel glanced around for their last member, Derrien. It was only four of them against the goblins, and Yuel had no idea what two of their team were capable of. This was going to be both fun, and a challenge. Just the kind of mission that Yuel liked.
@Mr Rage I'm still interested.
I had way too much fun writing that. Yuel's probably the craziest character I've ever played.
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