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I could post following my last post, but was waiting to see if anyone wanted to post before. I've not I'll have something up soon
I'm here!!!!
Weren't we going to do the Manus arc first? Maybe make this a smaller quest like bandits capturing villagers for some insane purpose. Once we so the Manus arc we can bring in the other Dark Wizard.

Unless we are gonna bring in the Dark Wizard sooner?

I'm fine with it being a small quest, no problem for me :)
I'm gonna leave that up to you @Kaesus if you want to throw that idea in there go ahead. I want you guys to have freedom to help me steer this roleplay in interesting and exciting ways. (that sounded less cheesy in my head)

Also, I'll get a reply up shortly.

Just posted, I think the idea was mentioned when we brainstormed for ideas. But like a gang kidnapping people to sacrifice to bring back a demon, and later we would come to know that the demon isn't "normal" because it wasn't made by Zeref but some other entity.
The Demonic Fairy

Kamil shrugged when Maya asked about his nickname "Who knows?, even though he did know well why they called him that. I almost never wandered around people in his human form, unless with his face covered.

He then went back to analyzing the quest board. "So... help with housekeeping, nop. Escort caravan, maybe. Mysterious disappearances in village, interesting and pays well. Cat disappearance, nop." Kamil grabbed the announcement of the village disappearances," I think I'll have this one. And yes, we could team up for this one. Probably some kidnapping gang or something like that. I won't expect anything big, but they pay well."

@Noxxis@Animal@jynmi88@Raider Dog
@Raider Dog Belated party for Sadao! Lmao

I'll wait til later to post mine up, give @Animal and @Kaesus a chance to throw something in.

I'm might post either today or tomorrow, is there any interesting job in the board? Either demon stuff or A+ level/payment.

Will you be posting for Marcus soon. I would love to be able to just create one large post for all my character interactions.

it's up, sorry for the big delay :/

Marcus Nightsbane

Adrian was really sympathetic towards Marcus bloodlust, after all he knew that it was harder to control with children and how feral they became if it was not satiate in due time. “Well, we should certainly take care of that now shouldn’t we?” said Adrian, to which Marcus replied with a silent nod while Have messed up his hair with her hand.

“Did you not just have blood before the introduction?” "I did Hava, but... but... yeah I'm growing up. Like Adrian said." He stopped for a a couple seconds thinking to himself and then continued. "Hava do werewolves also have... hum... special foods or you eat like normal people? And is the thing about the full moon like in movies? Do you also go really.. hum... crazy, like me when I don't have blood?" As always Marcus was full of questions, luckily for him Hava seemed to like him, so she answer the questions, at least in her own way. Marcus had seen Hava interacting with other people apart from him and Adrian and she wasn't as nice as she was with him.

And then came what Marcus was expecting but did not want to happen. The roommate subject. From the words of Adrian he understood that it was about to come, but Hava made sure to clarify even before Marcus had time to answer. "I only noticed the guys with the big wolves. Do you also have a pet Hava?" He asked trying to escape the subject, but deep down he knew things had to change so he continued. "Is the roommate a boy? Girls are normally weird." As he said this he looked towards Hava. "Not you, I like you, you are different from girls, I know you are a girl, but you are nice, and fun,and more like boys you know?"

As they walked towards the kitchen, they passed by a few of the new students, some of them werewolves, which for Marcus meant one thing, something that he had recently started to dislike, heartbeats. "Can I decide after food? The heartbeats are noisy when I'm hungry." Even though this was somewhat an excuse to postpone the decision a bit longer, it was also part true.
May I take Poseidon?
The Demonic Fairy

For a few months Kamil hadn't take a single job, most of them were things like "Help an old lady" or "Take my dogs for a walk in the woods". That involved firstly to be around people and secondly do buring things, so he preffered to stay in the guild drinking and sleeping. It wasn't like those jobs would pay his bills anyway.
Nowadays the guild was filled with mages, most of them that were happy to do those jobs, so Kamil didn't even bothered to take a look into the quest board. But today he was really bored so he got up from his chair and went to take a look. Sadao was there, a guild member that used requip magic, Kamil had taken a few jobs with him, he was strong so Kamil liked to work with him.
By his side was a girl, probably a new guild member.

"Hey Sadao, how's it going?" Kamil thought he should introduce himself also towards the girl. "Hey, I'm the so called Demonic Fairy, but you can call me Kamil. You are new around right? How do people call you?" said Kamil with a smile on his face, probably not the look and sympathy one would expect from the so called Demonic Fairy.

@Raider Dog@Noxxis
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