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This was the first time Jasper had heard about time related powers, it was strange for him how they worked, for him his powers had always been self-controlled and the environment never seemed to interfere with his powers so he decided to ask: "Do you think your powers are really like that or that's how they work because you never tried to control it otherwise? Do you think they are connected with the moon somehow? If they work the same if you are indoors or outdoors depending on the time of the day, probably it's more based around the moon's place in the sky, or maybe the sun is an inhibitor for your powers. I'm saying this because time is a measure invented by man, so it should not interfere with your powers."


Kinestia looked at the man who had just arrived, was he part of the gang or part of the Saints? Her doubts ended when the man mentioned that the gang was inside so that meant that he was not part of it, so probably he was with the Saints. The woman seemed to be just a lost person.

"Yes, I know that they are inside, actually that's what I was hoping for. Not that I'm looking for troble, no. I'm actually looking to end it. Are you..." she finished the sentence in a whisper "with the Saints?"

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Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead

With a strong slap to his face Shota woke up, he saw a blonde man he had never seen in his life, who was he, and why was Shota feeling sand under his back?

"Uh... Who are you? And where the hell am I?"

'The Garden' Brothel

Sir Luca Aimery

Luca looked at the woman surprised about that question, he had not think about that earlier, but suddenly something came to his mind.

"Your girls, none of them his with child or has had recently? I'm sure one of them can feed him"

<Snipped quote by Natsu>

Waiting on @Kaesus, @Pleek, and @HylianRose; I'll give them a day before moving things along. The next post should effectively end today's events.

will try to post today, really busy here, sorry :/
Will try to post today, I've been busy like hell.
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not sure how to join, so if any of you want to found me still asleep in the shore fell free to post and I'll reply to that
I've been really busy but I'll try to post into the IC today.
Don't really know what else to include in his BIO :x

@JewelProphet30 accepted, you can paste it to the characters page and walk in to the class :)
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