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While watching tv Jasper started hearing some steps behind him. "Probably the owner of the house", he thought, but when he took a look it was a small child. This was for sure a first, after going to a party he had woke up most of the times in some woman's bed, sometimes guys, but this was a first.

"Calm down little girl, is this your house? I'm sorry I thought it was someone else's." Then he started hearing someone coming from another room.
Jasper woke up in a room that wasn't his. He spent the last night partying and there were few things that he remembered and he had a strong headache. He knew he went to a club with some friends but after he started drinking his memory was blank. He got out of bed and started exploring the flat he was in but he did not manage to found any one.

He walked towards the kitchen and search the fridge for something to eat, it wasn't the first time that he woke up not knowing where he was, and he had gained the habit to serve himself breakfast. If someone had been so kind to give him a bed to sleep they wouldn't mind that he got himself some breakfast. He grabbed milk and cereals and served himself. He turned on the Tv and started going through the channels while laying on the couch and eating his breakfast.
@BrokenWashing made the fix, can I paste it to the char tab?
I really like the feel that you guys all do some cool powers and tricks and such, and I just am really good with a six shooter, I'm so honored to be Hawkeye

she could also be the mastermind of the team, if that fits the character.
Name: Jasper Hawks

Super Name: Silver Shadow

Appearance: Jasper normally walks around in comfortable clothes, showing a few of his tattoos. He wears round glasses and behind them one can see his eyes surrounded by dark circles from the few hours of sleep he has each night. He hair his silver-ish white since birth.
While on a mission Jasper still keeps too a comfortable black uniform.

  • Intangibility - Jasper can phase his himself or anything that he touches. While phased Jasper can "fly" through solid substances as long as he can hold his breath.
  • Proficiency with daggers - By self learning Jasper has become proficient in the use of daggers both in melee and range.
  • Stealth - In the past Jasper has shown great skills of infiltration and stealth.

Equipment: Four daggers. While in civilian clothes he only carries one around.

  • Can't swim - Never needing it in his life for always using his powers to go around it, Jasper can not swim.
  • Upcoming threat - Although he does not know it yet, the future has reserved for Jasper a material that he can not phase.

Origin Story: His power has been passed down the generations from his grand father, to his mother and now to him. Even though he is the first one to really make use of it.
@Kaesus No! By all means keep your character. Would you mind If I invent a material that you're character is unable to phase through? Otherwise the whole intro thing might be a bit tricky.

I think that would be awesome, but I'm going to have him not knowing about the material as the story starts. And someday he might bump into a wall xD
@Deadlyrose9641 @Raptra Both of these look good.

@Kaesus Put it in the format provided and you should be good to go.

Also, I don't want to be a dick but I googled a line of Jasper's bio because I thought it sounded familiar and.....

Dunno how it sounds familiar, I came with the character inspired by Kitty Pride, and none of those links seem to be about it. But if you think it isn't an original concept I can come up with other thing.
Still WIP but this is what I'm hoping to play

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