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Current new_year_resolution [version 2018.1.1]: unable to find patch
2 mos ago
Frozen. Chills up her spine. Her hands trembling, her breath short. Her world crumbled before her. The girl forgot to do her homework
2 mos ago
sorry Brain my Christmas is too intoxicated with Guys at Posts. I will get a Beer up tomorrow
2 mos ago
~and those who are drunk *hiccup*
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There are two kinds of people in this world; those who like Christmas, and those who are potatoes.


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@Sierra Aww I see :o take your time. More politicians have posted for now, I’m waiting for the non-politicians. It has nothing related to the nation roleplay in IC at all yet though other than the roles the players are taking. You may post your character in the CS when you can by the way.
@Vodovod Good to go! :3 Can't wait to see the interactions between the nations now. Also if you feel like it, you can help develop the Ottoman Empire's lore ^^ Just PM and I will put them into OOC

[Monday] JAN 1, 5:49PM: New update on OOC will be in a week’s time, stay tuned!

Happy New year guys 😄! Time to get your CS and posts done, I will be monitoring posts frequency beginning next week.
@DawningAuroraOh just realised! Do read the rules in the discord and change your nickname to .zero ^^
@Poithat boop totally helped. I forgot to subscribe xD
@DawningAurora oki :3 just put that statement into your character sheet. Also join discord please ^^. It’s an essential for this rp
@DawningAurorano worries :3 and good to go.
The cyberskill “large scale cyber attack” sounds a bit too godly though xD

Kelly Watson wiped and gazed out of her window as snow befell the City of New York - winter is here. Sitting in her bedroom in front of her Macbook, the tired girl sipped on her mug of coffee relaxedly as she scrolled through the social media. She had just finished another day of shots as a bikini model for the winter issue of a fashion magazine under the harsh cold weather, and she decided to laze her evening away doing nothing else.

Just then, a message popped up on her laptop's screen.
"15:gtgdjit iwt htgktg, 3:fkdwurrp wzr kdv ehhq frpsurplvhg; 21:rz cvqz wzzi rvoxczy."

What happened? Could it be NERVE, or the rumored NK hackers group... Keeper_3 grimaced as she deciphered the code. There had been attacks on public websites recently by an unknown organization. Are they targeting on dark sites now? But what the heck, there goes my free weekend, switching her laptop into hacking mode, she went into action.

Usage: Administrative
System check:
Firewall status ON
VPN status ON
IDS status ON
Network traffic STABLE

No vulnerability detected

There is no unusual activity in the chatroom's system, but I should take precautions. Maybe a change in IP addresses and some several tweaks in settings will do.

System shutdown scheduled for SAT 2020-12-26 20:00:00 EDT
Broadcasting message from <Keeper_3> (SAT 2020-12-26 18:25:30):
The system is going down for reboot at SAT 2020-12-26 20:00:00 EDT!

<Keeper_3> The server seems to be pretty unstable, not sure if it's NERVE's job.
<Keeper_3> I'm going to make a simple reboot. Save your porn records people, everything will be restarted in an hour's time.

Server reboot success
Allocating memory
Resolving new host
Generating new administrative key

Attempting connection to irc.secret.n𝘦t (Standalone Servers) on port 2020
Looking up server host name (irc.secret.n𝘦t)...
Server has 16 IP addresses, random address selected
Server host name resolved to 289.45.21O.21
Contacting IRC server irc.secret.n𝘦t (271.43.21O.19) on port 2020
Connection established [irc.secret.n𝘦t (271.43.21O.19:2020)]
Local host address is
Login operations initiated
Administrative key inputted

Administrator <Keeper_3> has joined #Server
Server name changed to #Chatroom_3
User <GlowstOne> has joined #Chatroom_3
User <vulture> has joined #Chatroom_3
User <Void of Nightmares> has joined #Chatroom_3
User <Vixen> has joined #Chatroom_3
User <-sia-> has joined #Chatroom_3
User <死近> has joined #Chatroom_3

<Keeper_3> Guys~ server's up! Queue up for the standard procedures, I'm going to do some body checks.
@Warpcircuit You are the one that hacked my favourite mmorpg game q.q *bans*
okay good enough and I like what I see in PM :3
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