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3 hrs ago
Current Listening to AoE 2's OST in the background while making NPC sheets. SSSSSSSHHHHAAAAAAA, A new villa-sheet has been created.
22 hrs ago
I knew foxes were smart, but I didn't see it in action until today. The one in my yard walked over to the road--I thought it was going to be hit--but instead watched the highway until it was clear.
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2 days ago
My friend makes characters based off our friends in XCOM 2. Apparently they were mind controlled and shot me in the damned face. I feel betrayed.
2 days ago
dank memes
3 days ago
Right guys, we got this. 0-0. No wait, 3-0. Shit, grand slam. 7-0. Hey, we managed to score a run! Oh, it's 11-1 now, and we lost. I'm not even sure I should open FB knowing my family and friends.


Probably will finish reworking this, but on the other hand I'm lazy.

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1 sheet down, 7 to go. I've got this.

Really? I have never heard it called that. Good to know!

Most forums I've read or posted on call it a spoiler.
@Wick Same thing. Spoiler/hider.
Also, @Joker892, could you put your 2nd sheet in a spoiler for me?

I'm not sure if it applies to @Polaris, but I've seen a number of statuses regarding midterms; And I recall he mentioned being a student.

He did say that he would be able to post soon, but right now he needs to focus on schoolwork.

I know, you and Polaris North and I think Dnafein too. Joker and I are going to wait for everyone to get caught up. We don't want to leave anyone out.

Sword and I both posted. Maisy and Trevor are singing along together.

I am a bit.

Look at the flowers, Wick.
My feelings exactly, they had a learning curve issue

Meanwhile the herds are massive in the later seasons and they somehow knock out like half of them with ease. Hell, even the Alexandria one was easily decimated once they got their shit together.
I'm watching some TWD clips on youtube right now and there's like 50-70 walkers here (first time they see a herd). A part of me thinks Rick's group could've easily handled this. After all, they were still in relatively good shape in terms of manpower and they could've maneuvered the walkers around the cars for easier kills.
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