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Been making posts and CSs left and right while RL has a hold of me. Haven't started, but I will soon.
Kawano Hasumi
Current Location: School Campus

The school year was once again starting for the students. For many, this meant a time to form new bonds with fellow students and experience new hobbies through joining clubs. However, for Hasumi, it was to be another yearly struggle to make it through. Hasumi had hardly associated herself with any of the other students, and many were simply afraid to approach the short girl due to the scars that masked her face. Relating to others was difficult for Hasumi, but she never intended to ignorant of her fellow classmates. Her past had always been holding Hasumi back, and any connections she did form seemed alien--odd, unusual, and simply different. Hasumi knew she was different than the others, and she stood out--just like her appearance--like a sore thumb from those studying at the campus.

Being different had its advantages, at least. The city bus rolled to a stop, its breaks screeching as the vehicle slowed to pick up Hasumi and a few other passengers. The route was busy as usual, and the bus was crowded with people riding to work or school. The few seats remaining were unfortunately the seats were one would have to stand, and the safety railing out of reach of Hasumi. Almost instantly, a few girls had noticed her plight, and quickly stood up to allow Hasumi to sit down instead to allow her to ride unsafely. Sitting down on the blue cushioned seat after a quick thank you, Hasumi sunk into the oversized clothing she was wearing and plugged in her headphones, tuning out the conversations that were happening between the various commuters riding the bus.

The ride had taken a moment before Hasumi disembarked the bus. The bus stop was a few lengths from where the school was, but Hasumi was hardly in a rush to class. As far as Hasumi knew, she was still on time, and there was no one waiting on her to arrive. Even at the bus stop, the other students that had noticed Hasumi made effort to try to distance themselves, perhaps intimidated by her scarred and out of place appearance. Hasumi was on her own, just as usual, and she walked alone, as usual. Eventually, Hasumi arrived to the campus, disappearing into the crowd of taller students swarming the grounds to make their way to class.

However, Hasumi was not the only one who stood out like a sore thumb today. He was just another student, one that would either feel intimidated or pity Hasumi, but the boy had an anxious atmosphere around him. Without further thought, the boy put his earphones in, and disappeared into the crowd to wherever he was walking. Thinking not too much about it, Hasumi continued her walk to where her homeroom was supposed to be, squeezing past everyone that didn't happen to see the short girl struggling to fight the crowd. Seeing as the first years were on the bottom floor, it wasn't hard for Hasumi to find her designated homeroom: 1-C. Entering the classroom, Hasumi noticed the boy from before sitting next to window, but he had seemed to be tuned out to his music as she took her seat in the middle of the classroom, next to the window side.

Time had passed for a few minutes before Hasumi put away her headphones, and stood up for Ms. Kobayashi's arrival. Everyone had stood from their chairs except...
"Could you please take off your headphones and stand up!?" A student shouted, prompting Hasumi to glance back at whoever was still sitting. The boy from before quickly jolted from his seat, tripping as he apologized and introduced himself, much to the laughter of the classroom. Their teacher pointed out she had not yet asked for introductions, and the boy--now known as Chiyaki Ito--shrunk away in awkwardness. Despite this, Ms. Kobayashi continued class, and each of the students introduced themselves, including Hasumi. A few whispers were had as she introduced herself, but Hasumi didn't mind, and class soon began.

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