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..and you can not lie.
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i mean, ive already seen it but it was in the general chat. all they did is type the name of the anime and apparently that was enough to bring up the ending for it
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mfw discord bot spoiled the end of an anime for someone. thanks random discord bot
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Madness? This is SPA- I mean roleplayerguild.


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Whilst Nyree was quick to pick up a lasgun alongside most of her fellow prisoners, there were some who were not as keen to grab a weapon. The choice of when to die was being twisted a philosophical and spiritual argument, yet it was debate Nyree thought was pointless. Everyone in the room was likely loyal to the Emperor in one form or another, yet why would the Inquisition kidnap and torture a group of random guardsmen that had done nothing but serve with honor on the Imperium's battlefields?

Nothing was as black and white as some of the guardsmen in the room tried to put it. For all Nyree knew, she had went from recovering from a near-death experience with a plasma gun to receiving unspecified orders to being tortured. Nyree struggled to fathom as to what might've gained the ire of the Inquisition, being her last posting was putting down a heretical revolt that was supposedly a bane of the Imperium! By the throne, what did a loyal servant like Nyree could have done to warrant being kidnapped and battered repeatedly outside following direct orders?

Still, regardless of how anyone viewed the situation, their supposed rescuers knew they had to convince the remaining few to stand up and fight. Carefully peeling the stormtrooper's mask off, the Major allowed the guardsmen to see a disgusting sight--a sight Nyree knew well. She had seen deformities of Chaos on the battlefield, and the stormtrooper's appearance only gave evidence to the conclusion something was clearly not right according to what Nyree and some of the guardsmen had believed.

Then, as if to give further evidence to take up arms against the now-confirmed inquisitorial traitors, the Major pulled forth a charm in the shape of the Ultramarines insignia from within his uniform. If the supposed shadow order had the full backing of a Primarch, even more so Roboute Guilliman himself, what was there to do other than to fight? Clutching the lasgun in her hands and double checking the settings, Nyree headed out to fight alongside the rest of the guardsmen to do what they did best: dying standing in the name of the Emperor.
Extremely late but I'm working on a post right now.
Song of Swords. RPG has a factor where people can try damage your weapon to "break" it, and my lance was nearly broken from before. The GM declared that the opponent would attempt to break my weapon, and being that it would likely break and the fact that it would near impossible to defend with the lance, I opted to chuck it at his face. Sadly the broken lance didn't get stuck in his face to inflict more pain than the wound did.

I miss playing Song of Swords.
@Poi Should I do another post or wait?

Up to you. I should have a post up soon in the next few days or so.
Banned for not realizing that perhaps this is all a jedi mind trick.
the anguish of my foes

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