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Current @Otaku So, Operation Genesis version 2.0?
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@Fury Panda Same for me. I'm just waiting for others to post (such as that collab that was happening).
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Any kind of fish, though it happens to be usually locally caught e.g. catfish or bluegill. Doesn't matter if it is fried, grilled, baked, etc.
Aurora "Rory" Blythe

Once Bela had finished fluttering through the pages, she had found the prophecy Aurora spoke of. As her companion cleared her throat, Aurora listened, reminded of past evenings when she had tried to understand the obscurity of Barthas' texts. The prophet's words--as obscure they might be--were always dramatic, like how a fearful man might beg to someone, only to have himself labeled crazy as a result, which had been Barthas' fate. "I could just imagine a mage shouting a quote from that passage as he blasts someone with his magic." Aurora replied, laughing along with her new companion. The passage was depressing as much as it was confusing, but Aurora tried her best to ignore the awkwardness that filled the air after Isabella read the passage.

Then, Aurora noticed Bela tightening the hold around herself with the brown cloak she was wearing. Unclasping her nicely trimmed cloak, Aurora gently wrapped it around Bela in hope that her companion would be warm. The squire shivered as the fresh cold air hit her body, but it was a small price to pay, and Sir Destrey would have been proud of Aurora's self-sacrifice.
"I'm a paladin. Or, I'm training to be one. I'm a squire to Sir Destrey--in other terms, I'm his student and he is my mentor. Training to become a paladin takes knowledge and strength, both physical and mental, so most paladins have acted as a squire in their past." Aurora explained, looking to the entrance of the library as she wondered if Sir Destrey was done with his meeting.

"What about you, Bela? That is, if you don't mind me asking. You don't see many people in the library these days, and I don't think I've seen you before. Where are you from?" Aurora asked, turning her attention from the door to Isabella. As she spoke, Aurora hoped that her words weren't too pushy or unkind. Isabella had seemed to hide herself underneath the cloaks that were keeping her warm, but perhaps there might have been another reason. However, it was often impolite to delve into someone's history upon their first meeting, therefore Aurora waited patiently, hoping that she didn't distance Isabella from their previous friendly chatter.


You seem to have confused what I meant.

I met someone earlier today who had roleplayed on WoW in the past (just like me), and now you showed up too. It's no big deal, really.
Still holding out for a hero

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