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“I’ve got an idea if everyone is okay with it. Why don’t we make a stop at my Bed and Breakfast? Those who are not coming would have a comfortable place to rest and go over the files while those who are visiting the club, and freshen up and store anything they do not wish to bring with them,” Albert said as he stood up. He put on his hat and walked to the door that was the exit to the room. He took out a stop watched, looked at the time before stopping the second hand at the number 12. He then returned it to his coat before opening the door. Instead of the hallway that the door led to, it opened into a large cabin-like living room with an enormous hearth. Paintings and shelves with strange knick-knacks filled the walls. A sole armchair sat by the fire, which was the only light in the room giving it a strangely eerie but mystical feel.

“Welcome to the Bed and Breakfast. Please leave your shoe by the door. And close the door if you’re the last one through,” Albert said before entering. A wave of magic washed over him as all the lights suddenly flickered on. The entire place came alive as things began to move and rearrange themselves. Sofa from who knows where suddenly appeared and settle in front of the fire with enough space for all the Sins. The dining table to the side changed the number of seats as ascetically pleasing plats appeared on the table itself. The time outside the window switched from night to day to match the time outside.

Albert raised an eyebrow at his home. It wasn’t usually this active but then again, they will be housing several guests very soon so the first impression was everything. “Well don’t be a stranger and come in everyone,” Albert said with a chuckle.

“My apology, but I do not own a phone. Perhaps you can help me find one but for now, I can give you the number for my Bed and Breakfast. Please call if you require anything,” Albert said as he scribbled down the number onto a piece of paper before giving it to Juniper. The number written down seemingly change every time you blink. Sometimes it would be a functional number, other times it is a collection of random runes and letters from a forgotten time.

“Once again, I am sorry if the number changes as you look at it. Just ask it nicely, and it should stay still for you,” Albert said with a chuckle. As an extension of the protection of the bed and breakfast, anything regarding his establishment is also censured to a certain extent. There was a possible fix, but he didn't want to do it.

“oh before I forget,” Albert took out 5 keys and placed them on the table. Each key is different, each decorated with a different type of flower serving as the bow. “Since we will be working together. Here are keys to my Bed and Breakfast. Just place them in any door, turn, and it should create a temporary portal to my establishment. Mind you it will only work if I am within my bed and breakfast. You can tell if I am Home by the flowers. It should bloom if I am home. Now they are for you to keep but please do not lose then,” Albert explained.

"On a side note, I would like to host a dinner party tonight to help us get acquainted, everyone is welcome, and it should be a good time to test the keys," Albert added.

"And Argenti, I hope you don't mind me coming along. I would love to see more of the city. and to pick up a few things for dinner," Albert said.

“Absolutely not,” Misa responded when Skye suggested that she should work more with Xander. He was loud, obnoxious, and has no sense of personal space. The only thing that man has going for him is being entertaining.

Misa clicked her tongue as Skye invoked Xander’s name prompting him to come over. He sat across from her with a mischievous grin on his face. She paid him no mind and continue to sip on her tea but when he mentioned Buki, she turned and matched his gaze. “His name is Buki and you will do well to remember that,” Misa took a sip of her tea before continuing, “But I’ll humor you, Xander. If you can beat me in a 1 v 1 combat scenario I’ll let you do add whatever you want into Buki’s programming or design.”

Xander was a tech specialist so she had great confidence that she could beat him in combat. Hopefully, this would get him off of her case. Then again, that man seems like someone who enjoyed a challenge, so she might have achieved the complete opposite outcome. Worse case scenario, Xander would win and add something to Buki. Not a huge loss since he is a tech specialist and would most likely improve Buki in some way. Though, she couldn’t begin to fathom how anyone would understand his jokes much less program them.

When Skye began explaining their mission, Misa turned and gave her the utmost attention. An extraction mission from a canyon base with a high level of security and limited maneuverability. She was indeed familiar with a high-altitude drop using parachutes, but she would need to make adjustments to Buki beforehand. He was prone to freezing at the joints in extremely cold temperatures.

“Understood,” Misa said as Skye finished her briefing.

Misa then turned to look at Jamie who was sitting ever so still in that armchair. Despite being fellow heavies, she hasn’t had much interaction with the big man since coming here. He frequented the gym for the heavies but that was the extent of their interactions. “Well, it looks like I finally get the pleasure to work with you, Jamie. I cannot wait to see what the son of legends has to offer,” Misa said with a faint smile. She was somewhat excited to work with him. he seems very capable from that showing in the gym.

“Now if you excuse me, I have something to take care of,” Misa said before standing up. She gave Skye a small bow before leaving for the kitchen. Skye mentioned Katsu so she also got started on frying up some chicken cutlets while also putting some final touches to the curry,

Sometime later, she sent Buki to fetch everyone for dinner.
I agree with everyone else, it's still early in the RP and we're still fleshing things out. I'm sure it would be easier to post as the plot picks up.
“It goes without saying that I will indeed help,” Albert said with a nod. He didn’t really do it due to a strong moral compass or anything. Sure he did feel sorry for the lives that have been lost, but he wanted to experience what kind of story this would bring. He has always been a sucker for a good story.

“Oh before I forget, may I ask who would be moving into my bed and breakfast? I would like a headcount to prepare the rooms beforehand," Albert asked because he wanted to prepare the rooms. Currently, the B&B was nothing more than a small cottage. If more than 4 people were moving in he would need to make space and expand the building.


Albert’s eyes narrowed at the mention of The Detective’s power waning. He had been curious about the detective since the first day they met. They must be immensely powerful if they are capable of maintaining a barrier as complex as this one. That begs the question as to what The Detective was. They may look human, but that meant little for someone attending this meeting. He also wondered why the outcast chose this city specifically. Anyone with power would be able to notice the control the Detective has over this city. One would not be able to go unnoticed with him around. At least right now, The Detective seem to be on the side of good. Having him as an asset would be of great help if not for his deteriorating abilities. Keeping him safe should be their top priority because it is obvious the outcasts are targeting him specifically.

“Well my invitation extends to you as well Detective if you require a safe place to rest,” said Albert. He didn’t know what he meant by sleep, it could be the literate sense, but it could also be a number of things.

“Now please excuse my skepticism, but are we sure that these missing people are dead? Maybe instead of harvesting their souls, they are keeping their victims alive for other nefarious means,” Albert noted, “living sacrifices, bait, or even as an insurance policy.”

He saw everyone around the table reacted to the files. The lot of them seem to be angered by the treatment of the victims. They are all aligned to good and having living shields would be immensely effective against this group.

“Once again, excuse my skepticism, old habits die hard when you are old,” Albert gave a small chuckle. Age is an irreverent metric to everyone here but he can sense that he might be the oldest one present. “I would like to know what everyone expects to gain from this. I understand if you are doing it out of the goodness of your heart. That is my reason for doing so, but I assume not everyone here is like me. So what does everyone think they will gain because there is a lot to lose…”
"Yeah nah for real! Every time I go to grab a bite from the kitchen there's like a premade meal with me name on it! And I know for a fact we don't have any kitchen staff. I'm telling you the bloody place is haunted by a ghost chef."

"hmm yes ghost, what an enlightening hypothesis. Speaks wonders for your intelligence," Misa said in the nicest tone possible.
@Awesomoman64I wasn't going to say anything but.....
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