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After the incident at the party, the guests have found themselves in a bizarre place. Nothing made sense. Everything that transpired could only be met with confusion and panic. People argued amongst themselves and feared what was to come next. They could not understand how this was possible. Without warning, the television sucked the entire movie goers inside.

Everyone seemed to have their own reaction to this mess. Some people cried while others fought. A small portion of people kept quiet and tried to think of a solution as soon as possible. No matter what, the place was loud due to the various noises people made.

The place in which everyone was teleported did not look natural. The flat-screen television brought everyone into a western bar. Though this bar appeared to be an old saloon like they had in old western movies. Creaking floorboards and wooden furniture was placed around the supposed restaurant. Bottles of old alcohol remained behind the bar counter.

Everything about this place oozed nostalgia. The most peculiar thing was an old television located on the wooden stage near a piano and mic. The television flickered on thus silencing everyone in the room. Static formed and made a clear image of the host's face. She reared her heard forward and explained herself.

Apparentally, she was struggling with one of her shows which was going to face cancellation soon. This entire procedure of having people trapped in the television would help her become more recognizable by executive producers. Or that was the gist of it. She mentioned that there were 101 channels that the moviegoers had to go through. Despite everything she had done, she had the audacity to claim that death can happen.

She did grant us some "incentives" so to say. What does that mean? No one had a clue. Just when the woman faded out, a small portal opened up near the piano. Everyone started getting behind furniture and pillars. They did not want to get pulled into another room. A few seconds passed and everyone realized that there was no gravitational pull this time. The woman spoke up that this was the first channel to finish. She said everyone had a choice to go in or not, but if they choose not to, they won't ever be able to leave. She proceeded to salute them a "good luck." The tv turned off leaving everyone in their thoughts.

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Kaine blinked, a half-empty bottle of Sprite held to his lips. To be honest, he hadn't been paying much attention to the others gathered in the room, eyes glued to the flat screen TV before him from his position at the back, leaning against the wall as he - like everyone else - awaited the start of the much-anticipated program. For him, anyways. It was apparently meant to be something completely new and original, and Kaine's curiosity was peaked. Nothing much was original nowadays in the entertainment industry. He wanted to see how the producers would pull this one off.

Needless to say, he was caught completely blindsided when everything went weird. I mean, who the hell would believe the TV suddenly became a miniature blackhole and decided to suck everything in? He just experienced it and it wasn't quite registering in his head. Was the Sprite spiked? Was he hallucinating right now? ...The pain in his back from where the corner of a random table seemed real enough, though. And the soaked hem of his shirt from the spilt drink felt cool and smelled real.

Pushing himself to his feet, Kaine sighed softly as his surrounding descended into predictable chaos. Did anyone else besides him realise they were acting out a cliche "mass freaking-out" scene when something totally out-of-this-world happened? Slowly edging away from the epi-center of noise and tears, he took the opportunity to scan his new surroundings. Huh. They were somehow transported into the Wild West. More specifically, a tavern in the Wild West. Time travel? Dimensional travel? Despite the bottle of alcohol arranged neatly in the cabinet behind the bar counter and the opened bottle of whiskey beside a shot glass placed haphazardly next to the TV, there was no bartender in sight. Or any other patrons besides them.

The noise of static crackled again, succeeding in quietening most people and the woman appeared on screen once more. Kaine's gaze did not waver from the screen when the woman started talking, absorbing the small information dump with a growing sense of incredulity and fascination. Well, this idea certainly is original, he'll give them that.

Eyeing the new portal distrustfully, Kaine pursed his lips for a moment, deep in thought. Then he shrugged and stepped towards is when it was clear no one else was going to be the first. Glancing over his shoulder at the murmur of discomfort that rose due to his actions, he cocked an eyebrow. "What? Do you all really want to be stuck here until you starve to death or worse? Look on the bright side. That lady said this is the first channel, yeah? So one down, a hundred to go. One step closer to getting home."
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Terry Robbins chose not to sit during the screening of the program. His back was against the wall; he attempted to look cool to impress some of the partygoers. Even then, he hoped a woman would talk to him. The guy happened to always be too awkward to initiate the conversation. Terry attempted to get it off of his mind; however, his current mindset kept distracting him from the ongoing program.

He sighed and wished he would have stayed at home. It was surprising how he was even invited. It probably was a given that it was a mistake or his invitation was meant for someone else. Terry relaxed and glued his eyes to the monitor; he grudgingly managed to forget his worries and focus on the reason he came: for the season premiere.

His thought process and overall comfortableness immediately broke. Out of nowhere, the television started pulling people in the front. One by one, Terry watched as they got sucked into the box. Rubbing his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Looking at the door and other exits, Terry began making his move toward them. But like the others, Terry’s feet lifted off the ground. His entire body became paralyzed with fear as it soared through the television.

Terry Robbins dropped onto the wooden floor of the saloon. He frantically picked himself and tried making out what had happened. Holding onto his head, he wiped the beads of sweat off of his forehead. His legs shook slightly, he even put his arms up in a defensive stance. There remained a chance that Terry might get attacked. Looking around, it appeared everyone else had their own way of coping with this disaster.

People broke out into arguments and fist-fights. This put Terry on the edge as he tried to piece a solution together. Even then, he figured he should just butt out and let everyone deal with the situation in their own way. Not long, Terry’s brainstorming was interrupted by the brief monologue from the lone television set in the corner. The young adult’s ears twitched as he listened to the words of the woman.

When the explanation ended, Terry combed his fingers through his blonde hair. The entirety of the situation seemed like a surreal dream, but this was all too real. Listening to the others, Terry’s heart raced. Then he heard some convincing words from an Asian male.

"What? Do you all really want to be stuck here until you starve to death or worse? Look on the bright side. That lady said this is the first channel, yeah? So one down, a hundred to go. One step closer to getting home."

Terry thought about what the man was implying. His positivity confused Terry and made him wonder if he too can become just as positive. The entire ordeal did not look well; however, someone had to do something. Terry closed his eyes momentarily and opened them back up. Taking a few steps forward, he started approaching the portal.

Once he stepped closer, he could hear a soft, humming sound. Leaning his head forward, he heard more sounds similar to cars and people talking. Terry gulped and looked back at the others. ”I’ll be one of the first. If I do get out of here, I will bring help.” Terry honestly wanted to look like a hero. He closed his eyes as he jumped into the dimensional hole. Other people did the same.

All the individuals that dared to jump in the portal found themselves in an entirely new environment. Despite the current situation, things seemed less grim. The portal led to a livelier area. Strangely, it did not feel like they were recently absorbed in a television. The world around them was similar to their own.

Everyone stood on cracked concrete, they could barely hear themselves over the noises in the vicinity. The area was packed with people trying to get to one place to the other. Those who did not come from the portal were dressed in business attire. Others had casual clothing on them. Some individuals sat near a wall asking for a change.

Some of the partygoers tried talking to these people and asked for their assistance. They mentioned entering a television and being held hostage. The people of this world merely ignored their troubles or became frightened by them; some of them deemed the players crazy. Within seconds, any chance of conversation disappeared as loud, humming noise could be heard. The sound was faint, but became louder in variation.

After some pushing, the partygoers cut through the crowd and found a subway entrance. One of the trains was coming to an arrival. The engine growled louder as it came to complete stop from the dark tunnels. People started cramming into the subway train like sardines in a can. The area was growing more empty thanks to it.

With fewer people, the partygoers were able to look around more. The ceiling was made of concrete which did convince them that they were underground. Only a few moments after, the people inside the train began pouring out. They screamed out loud with their hands in the air. Their entire motivation was getting the hell out of the subway tunnels.

The partygoers were powerless to stop them. They moved as one giant unit; the mob pushed almost everyone out of the subway tunnels. Up the stairs and outside, the players found the world bigger than they thought. The sun in the sky beamed down on the channelers. Sounds of people walking the streets mixed in with the noise pollution.

By further inspection, the style of the buildings and the multiple taxi cabs told the partygoers that they were in a virtual New York City. Some of the players attempted to guess exactly what show or movie they walked into. They then tried to attempt communication with the people that escaped the tunnels.

Most of them shook in fear and just continued walking in a different direction. Before anyone could say anything, transparent apparitions in a light green glow flew out of the exit. People screamed in fear and yelled out, “Ghosts!”

Suddenly, everyone involved in the game could hear a familiar tune.


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