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Eddie smiled as he reached for Tony's hand to oil her somewhere they could change in private. Once he became Talon again, he looked at Tonya with a smile before beginning to hover.

An hour later, he was walking along with her, only to hear a commotion in the distance. He looked at her with curious confusion before beginning to fly. "I'll be right back. The first thing he saw was another hero. Well, he hoped she was a hero.


Rouge-Bat stood beside the man with a smirk. "Smart man. It seems I wasn't looked to about the oriental culture. He began walking away before seeing some girl in a grey more suit. "Hello, mouse," he called to her.
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Alex looked to her phone when it suddenly rang. She looked over the message and smiled. It would seem that Jess and Brian were hanging out at a nearby cafe and they were inviting her over, just to have a little chat and maybe finally catch up after days of not getting to hang out - thanks to Brian's detention spree and now Alex's own plans of going straight home or straight up disappearing at some times.

She looked towards Bella. Well, she was pretty sure that the rich young girl wouldn't be allowed to spend more time outside than what school would allow to. She wanted to invite the young girl and maybe get her to talk with some more people. Now that she thought about it, Jess and Brian never really got the chance to talk to her so it should have been the perfect opportunity.

Had it not been for maybe a curfew on Bella. And the fact that she's younger than them and people might think they're a bad influence on her. They do have top one delinquent and top one gossip girl... well, couldn't hurt to try right?

"Hey Bella, Jess and Brian's at the cafe and they invited me to come over. Do you want to come?" She asked, letting her hand with the phone hang in between them. "Of course, if you can't, I'll just walk you home and hope that you're available next time."
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She decided to be confusing because she realized he was the villain that she had heard of. "Sie müssen Rouge Fledermaus sein, ich bin Kleine Maus, ich habe von dir gehört" She spoke in fluent German to confuse him. She thought that if he didn't understand what she was saying that could make him confused. Also her German is better than her English. She stood there with a smirk quietly.

(Translation: You must be Rouge Bat, I am Tiny Mouse (remember her hero name is that in German), I have heard of you)
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Oh, another hero had appeared, and this one even spoke German!. Was she doing that on purpose or did a German hero came all the way to America to add to the pile of heroes that made his task even more difficult? Oh well, more heroes meant that he had a bigger chance of grabbing one of their Kwami. She seemed cocky enough that he could try baiting her into a trap, but his current location didn’t do any favors to him, he needed open space in which to hide and attack. “Usually mouses are the ones cornered, you know?” he said as he viewed his surroundings. “and unlike them I always got a trick or two in my sleeves” saying that he held his breath and turned into mist, managing to pass through the mouse hero into the streets. Being out of sight, he communicated with the man he had transformed into an Akuma earlier "Deal with our little rat problem, please". Let's see if the others came with the commotion about to begin.
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