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Spring Zone - Streets

Music: Stationary Frontline

Tiane: Just great...They get reinforcements too.

Kalina: Keep advancing! I'll provide cover fire.

Tiane: Got it!

Kalina: I won't let those orbs hit anyone. Hah!

Kalina then, started sniping down Veigas' dark orbs with lightining bolts she fired from her fingers.

Tiane: C'mon you creeps! I'll stab all of you DOWN!!!

As she said, Tiane started thrusting any nightmare that dared approach her, making her way towards Agito.

Summer Area - Streets

Fear Mace: Eating dreams huh? Mine are pretty boring...I live at my own pace, not worrying that much about what I would want for the future.

Then, Fear Mace pulled out a black katana and starts cutting down the table heading towards her.

Fear Mace: But I guess those do save me from having shitty nights...so I'd like to stay with them.

Meanwhile, with Yoru and Mia.

Yoru: Tch...It's not even summer yet and she wants to heat things up.

Yoru: Well, guess I'm lucky that we've been paired together. This means you can keep what you'll see from now on a secret.

The fire seemingly hit Yoru, but one could only see a burning pile of clothes on where she was supposed to fall. Far ahead from Mia, there was someone quickly running towards Rasel, carrying two knifes. This was Yoru's true identity, Yomi.

Yomi: I'm under contractual obligation to take you down. If you don't like it, take your complaints to the govement if you please!

Yomi attacked Rasel with a foward somesault kick.
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Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: Pride and Arrogance still playing

Veigas: Oh, but you are pathetic.

Veigas rose his cube and a laser beam came out of it, aimed directly at Tiane.

Xaizor: Tiane, look out!!

Xaizor jumped in time to save Tiane, but he couldn't get his sword in na good position to defend himself and took the hit.

Marina: Xaizor!

Veigas: Gallant yet foolish. Your effort was for nothing.

Agito: This girl's dream will be fine for both of us!

Jin: Shit, I can't get to her! Marina, can you do something?!

Marina: N-Not right now...!! Miss Tiane!!

Veigas: Die knowing your dream will be no longer yours.

BGM: The Lost Emotion

But before he could attack, Veigas and Agito had to evade a flame projectile coming from behind them. When they and the others looked, Lucent and Kaito had just arrived.

Xaizor: They got reinforcements, we got even more of ours!

Marina: Mister Kaito! Mister Lucent!

Kaito: The Luminary of the Stars and his faithful sidekick have arrived! Evildoers, time to meet justice!

However, Lucent ignored Kaito's remark. Both Agito and Veigas were staring intensely at him, smiling from ear to ear.

Lucent: You two... unlike the one yesterday I know you... Veigas Terre and Agito!

Veigas: Ahaha! Look who's here, Agito! If it isn't the traitor Lucent himself!

Agito: You finally decided to show up, eh? Doremy told us about your backstab, you son of a bitch!

Lucent: I wasn't your ally. Not even once.

Veigas: We already know you were a "special" case, but this oversteps the boundaries. Attacking your fellow brethen, how dare you!

Kaito: I said yesterday to that girl and I'll say to you too. Don't lump Lucent with the likes of you!!

Xaizor: Lucent wouldn't do something as cruel as eating people's dreams!

Veigas: Naïve. He already did, more than once.

Marina: He had a reason behind it, unlike you!

Jin: Enough talk! Let's finish this fight!

Jin: We'll leave Veigas to you two! Leave Agito to us!

Kaito: Roger that!

The Nightmares were surrounded now. With the new target splitting, Veigas faced Lucent and Kaito while Agito faced Xaizor, Marina, Jin, Tiane and Kalina once more.

Veigas: How long have I wanted to meet you in person. I've been waiting to get my hands on the traitor and take him down myself!

Lucent: We share the same feeling. The cruelty you have done with innocent people ends here.

Veigas: Oooh, brave. Do you think you stand a chance, Lucent?

Lucent: I have to. It's the way for me to atone for my past sins.

Kaito: We're taking you down here and we won't play easy just because you're a girl!

Veigas: Imbecile, I'm not a girl!! I'm stylish, it's very different!!

Lucent: Your style won't save you...

Lucent summoned wolf Nightmares and sent them towards Veigas with Kaito following them from behind. Veigas shot his dark orbs once more but only managed to defeat the wolves, as Kaito began to attack with his flaming pair of chakrams.

Agito: Well then, where were we? Ah yes, the part where I end you all!

Jin: Don't press your luck. You're outnumbered.

Agito: Heh, I have a truckload of those meeks. You think I'm scared?

Xaizor: 'Course we do! Jump up and fight like a man, you coward!

Marina: And even if you can summon these beasts with no end, we shall not lose to you! We will free this people from your grasp!

Agito: ... Alright, that does it.

Agito called upon a new type of Nightmares. They were bigger than the others, standing ten in total.

Xaizor: Me, Tiane and Jin at the front line! Marina, give us backup with thunder lady over there!

Marina: R-Right! (Xaizor, I swear to God...)

Jin: You guys ready? Here he comes!

Agito: I'm not just eating your dreams... I'M GONNA EAT YOUR DREAMS, YOUR BODY AND YOUR HEART!!

Location: Summer Area - Streets

BGM: Person who Conceives Frenzy still playing

Mia lost track of Yoru and had to shield herself from the fire. However, unlike the fierce danamku that didn't give her time, she used Aegis' special function to drain the damage she took.

Mia: (Where did she go?)

Rasel defended Yomi's sommersault kick with her parasol. She closed it and revealed a blade right on the tip, preparing herself to slash Yomi.

Rasel: Ahaha! Feast my blade!

Mia: Not while I am here!!

With the energy she drained, Mia charged with Aegis directly at Rasel, who attacked Yomi with a thrusting attack. Their weapons clashed in time, but thanks to Aegis' remaining energy, Rasel was pushed away.

Rasel: A shieldbearer?

Mia: I have no intentions on betraying your trust, if you are to help me in arresting this girl. Whatever secret you held, I swear to never speak of it, in the name of the Holy Order.

Rasel: You and your secrets are dying here!

Meanwhile, the beds went directly at them, but Fear Mace slashed one. Another followed suit.

Fuindor: I don't want that to happen either! My dreams are precious to me!

Fuindor followed Fear Mace and slashed the other bed coming at her. He then breathed out fire and burned the remaining beds.

Doremy: My my, you do seem wanting a fight. Did you forget that I can fly?

Fuindor: Flying, ground, it doesn't matter to me! We're beating you!

Doremy: That we shall see. Sheep Sign "Nightmare of Chimera"!

Doremy suddenly transformed into a giant sheep and began shooting beds into random directiosn. Fuindor slashed and used fire to fend them off, while getting closer to Doremy.
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Spring Zone - Streets

**Stationary Front Line still playing**

Kalina: Hey! Leave those ones to me.

Tiane: Eh?

Kalina: If what he's saying is true, then he's just going to distance himself in order to summon more of those monsters while you're busy. You can't allow him that luxury.

Tiane: I see what you mean.

Kalina: Now brace yourselves, the next attack is going to be big.

Tiane: I'm counting on you!

Kalina: Don't miss this chance! THUNDER RAIN!!!

Kalina jumps high, then starts raining lightining bolts down on the bigger nightmares, in an attempt to open a path for Tiane, Xaizor, Jin and Marina to chase Agito.

Summer Area - Streets

Yomi: Glad to know I can trust you. Now then.

Yomi started pointing her knife in different directions while pressing a button in it, making floating sigils appear around them.

Yomi: Alright Miss Nightmare, make your move!

Meanwhile Fear Mace carefully watched the pattern of Doremy's attack, waiting for a safe spot for her next action.

Fear Mace: Sadly for you, I'm without my shield today, meaning that my already high jumps...well...Let's just say that turning into a giant sheep wasn't one of your best ideas.

Music: Steel Beowulf

Fear Mace stomped the ground, cracking it. Then, she jumped very high thanks to her massive strenght. Once she reached a certain height, she prepared her attack.

Fear: (They said to shout, but no way in hell I will.) Ultimate Sister Kick.

Saying the name of her attack with her normal tone of voice, Fear Mace comes down diagonally with a powerful flying kick that easilly tore through Doremy's bed projectiles.
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Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: The Lost Emotion still playing

Kalina's Thunder Rain eliminated all the smaller Nightmares, but the bigger ones were still up, resisting the attack.

Xaizor: How come they're still up?! The attack was point blank on them!

Jin: Let me at them too! You three get to Agito and beat him!

Jin: Fist Sign "Unrelenting Rush"!!

Jin vanished and reappeared right next to one of the Nightmares, punching it to another one. With vanishing attacks, he managed to gather all of them in one place as he punched them from all directions. Soon, he left the area and his afterimages kept attacking.

Jin: Now!!

At his sign, Marina and Xaizor rushed to Agito. He was the first one to attack with his sword, but Agito was able to evade him.

Agito: Haha, you missed!

Xaizor: Don't make fun of me, you prick!

Marina: Blizzaga!

Marina attacked Agito with an ice spell and he got hit. That gave Xaizor the advantage to slash him some times and then grab him by the neck.

Agito: Guh...!!

Xaizor: All yours, Tiane!!

Xaizor kicked him and blasted him with Dark Firaga. Marina intercepted with her Blizzard talismans, freezing Agito on the spot.

Meanwhile, Veigas clashed his dark crystal with Kaito's chakrams. Lucent called crows to pierce Veigas but he used a shield to fend them off.

Veigas: You two surely are persistent...!!

Lucent: If you give up now, we might hurt you less than what we initially planned to.

Veigas: As if I'm backing down a fight!

Kaito: Then down you go!

Location: Summer Area - Streets

BGM: Person who Conceives Frenzy still playing

Rasel: Very well then. Word of Pain!

Rasel whispered and a trail of dark runes appeared from her mouth. She conducted it once and shot the trail at Mia and Yomi.

Mia: I deny your advance! Reflector!

Mia activated a special function of the Aegis and reflected the trail back to Rasel. However, she spun her parasol at the trail, swirling it around the top.

Mia: What?!

Rasel: Pitiful human, know your place!

After a spin, she closed her parasol and dashed towards Mia and Yomi. The Word of Pain charged herself up, as a dark aura emanated around her as she dived towards her enemies. Mia blocked it, but Rasel was pushing her now.

Mia: Gggh...!! This is stronger than what I thought!!

Rasel: Ahaha!! I will break your shield apart!!

Meanwhile, Fear Mace's attack worked and Doremy was pushed back by the attack.

Doremy: Ugh...! Impudent woman...!

Fuindor: There's my opening!

Fuindor rushed at Doremy, following with a series of slashes at her. He backed off and used a skill.

Fuindor: Fire Formation: Hell Cage!

Fuindor breathed fire on Doremy. The flames surrounded her and soon formed a cage, entrapping her. He was ready to finish her off, but he had another idea. Using Shion-no-hono's flames, he infused fire on Fear Mace's katana and entered into drawing stance.

Fuindor: A flaming cross slash to finish her off. You in?

Location: World Crossers Guild - Main Hall

As Kail was doing the call, 5T came down and greeted Lilina and Heather.

Heather: Good morning, Mr. Rune.

5T: Well, this makes the first morning as a member of the Guild, Lilina. You still have time to back off.

Lilina: My answer is no. I'll keep myself as a member, thank you.

Heather: Lilina, please behave yourself! This isn't what I taught you! You can't answer people so rudely!

Lilina: Mom!

Heather: No "Mom"! Also, Sir Kail asked you a question, answer it!

Lilina: I was going to before I was interrupted!

Lilina looked at Kail.

Lilina: About your question... I am. I'll fight too. I can't just run anymore, Kail. Even if we don't know who made this Glaive, I will use it.

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Spring Zone - Streets

**Stationary Front Line still playing**

Tiane: Go to hell and take your nightmares with you!

Tiane did a fierce foward stab, striking a pose after she was done with the attack.

Summer Area - Streets

Fear Mace: Yeah, I guess I'm up for some lamp chop. Ha!

Taking stance, Fear Mace dealt a diagonal slash towards Doremy.

Yomi: Interesting, but not something worth worrying.

The true purpose of Yomi's floating sigils was to set points where she could teleport to. Then, activating one of them, she teleported behind Rasel, following it up with a spinning slash with both her knives.

World Crossers Guild - Main Hall

Kail: Right. Your mind's made up and I won't change it. I'm just worried about that weird glaive. Touko has been analyzing it all night and nothing has come up yet.
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Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: The Lost Emotion still playing

Agito took the hit and fell down on the ground. It was really strong and he couldn't handle it.

Xaizor: Alright! He's down!

Marina: Now we just need to wait for Mister Lucent and Mister Kaito.

Kaito and Lucent were also close to finishing Veigas. He tried to shoot dark orbs, but Kaito always managed to close the distance.

Veigas: Tch... this can't be...!! I'm losing to them...?!

Kaito: Hehe! Now for the final blow!

Lucent: Kaito, step back. I'll do this.

Kaito: Wait, what?!

Lucent: Just do as I tell you!

Lucent opened his spellbook and its pages began to flip on its own. His aura rose, making Kaito finally step back.

Veigas: This aura... no, it can't be...!!

Lucent: Forbidden Nightmare! Deus Ex: Corrupted Discharge!

The land changed once again and it felt as if they weren't in Unitia anymore. Behind Lucent, a spider-like machine stood, with a lot of screens. Its gears began to spin as thunder charged in the beast. Once fully charged, he released a powerful thunder beam on Veigas, who couldn't resist and was taken down.

*BGM ends*

Veigas: No... way...

Veigas falls down and finally gives in.

Lucent: ...

Kaito: Dude... THAT WAS SO COOL!!

Lucent: H-Huh?!

Kaito: I didn't know you were this powerful! Man, how did you summon that?!

Lucent: It's... a Forbidden Nightmare...

Location: Summer Area - Streets

Rasel: Eh?!

She couldn't predict Yomi appearing right at her and took the attack.

Rasel: Urgh! Insolent pest! Die!

Rasel summoned a dark fire pillar right under Yomi.

Fuindor: Heh! Time to burn the sheep!

Following Fear Mace, Fuindor also did a diagonal slash. With their X slash, Doremy was hit.

Doremy: Ugh, I still haven't fully recovered from the attack yesterday...!

Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Front Gate

BGM: Advent Beast III/L still playing

After leaving the suburbs, Astra, Lass and Roger took a pathway that was the shortest to the mansion. They knew the town quite well, enough to trace routes that would take the least time possible.

Astra: And there it is. Fon Ventorian Mansion.

Roger: It's really huge... someone pretty rich must live in there.

Lass: Stop daydreaming the obvious and let's go.

The three of them approached the mansion, as the guards were standing by. Astra took the letter off and showed to them.

Astra: We were invited by the Resistance. Can you let us in, please?
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Fon Ventorian Mansion - Front Gate

Music: The Mirage Called Tranquility

Guard: A moment please.

The guard pulls a walkie-talkie and starts communicating with someone.

Guard: Your guests are here. Should I let them enter?

He gets his order and authorizes the gate to be opened.

Guard: You shall wait for them at them main hall.

Fon Ventorian Mansion - Guess Room

Sheila didn't feel like walking at a fast pace, taking her time until she arrived at the room Kenneth was resting in, opening the door with care, even though he wouldn't wake through loud sounds.

Sheila: (And, I'm finally here...)

Hinata: ...

Sheila: Ah!

Hinata: Hm?

Hinata looked behind her, seeing Sheila hastily pulling the hood over her head.

Sheila: **ahem** Morning.

Hinata: Good Morning. You're Sheila right?

Sheila: **nods**

Hinata: You probably heard about me from Barry, but my name is Hinata Shuusuke.

Sheila: ... (It has been a while...)

Hinata: Not a woman of much words, are you?

Sheila closes the door, then heads towards the window, trying to not make eye contact with Hinata.

Hinata: He's still not waking up...I wonder why.

Sheila: (Your guess is a good as mine.)

Hinata: Is he...going out of control like that again?

Sheila: ...Depends on him...

Hinata: I heard that it was his decision to help you guys...but...I don't think he should keep fighting. He'll just hurt his friends if this keeps up.

Sheila: That's...something we're planning to discuss with him.

Hinata: I see. I hope he listens to reason.

Sheila: (To be honest...I'm not sure if I side with him or not...)

Hinata: Well, I gotta head back home, still need to recover from yesterday. You make sure you get some rest as well.

Sheila: (I wish.)

Hinata: Good-bye, and I must thank you for yesterday. I wish we could fight together as allies again.

After a bow of respect, Hinata leaves the room. After making sure she wasn't around, Sheila pulls down her hood and sits at the chair Hinata was moments ago.

Sheila: Seems like you've been doing well...Sorry I couldn't truly talk to you Hinata...but one day...

Spring Zone - Streets

Tiane: Woohoo!!! We did it!

Kalina: Nicely done everyone.

Tiane: I feel like we can't lose to anyone after this.

Kalina: You should be careful with that confidence. Remember, you had help from me and that red-haired man. I could tell he is very experienced.

Tiane: I'll keep that in mind. Still, I wish Rayla was here to see th-

Tiane: AAAAH! That's right! Guys, Rayla said she'll be a bit late for school. She just left home in a hurry and I'm not sure where she went.

Summer Area - Streets

**Stationary Front Line still playing**

Fear Mace: Seems like you haven't thought this one through huh? Now then, Meeko or whatever you call yourself, I'm giving you one last chance to clear the road before I use your woolf as a jacket.

Meanwhile, Yomi teleported away, but noticed her legs on fire.

Yomi: Owch! Snap! I wasn't fast enough!

She tries to put them out, not being able to move for a while.
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Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: Bad Omen

Xaizor: God freaking damnit, Rayla and her stupid secrets... can't she trust people enough to tell them what she's going to do?!

Marina: I am pretty sure she would have told Miss Tiane if this was a matter comfortable to her. Let us understand that Miss Rayla has her privacies as well.

Xaizor: Sheesh, fine... still, she'd better have a good explanation for this. I don't like her keeping us out of it all the times.

Marina: I would rather not question her too much.

Kaito and Lucent helped Jin to put Veigas and Agito at one single place. With his power, he created a sealing field with magatamas in order to block all escapes from those two.

Jin: There. I've sealed both with some magatamas. They can't leave even through portals.

Kaito: Great. Now they won't escape this time.

Marina: Well, that is good to know, but we still need to go to school. How are we handling these two?

Jin: There's some sorta... uh, Guild around here, right? They're like the police, right?

Kaito: Even better than the police, I can tell you that much. You're taking them there?

Jin: I think so. It's better than wait until someone calls for help. Besides, I need to get a better feeling of the neighborhood too, since I've arrived just recently.

Lucent: I-I'll go with you then.

Kaito: Wait, you can't just skip school! You've done that far too much!

Lucent: Kaito, someone needs to explain how this works to the people of the Guild. I'm the only one of us who can right now.

Xaizor: Oh yeah, you're like them, right? A Nightmare Demon.

Lucent: H-Half-blood...

Jin: In that case, we should get moving. I'll take you to school and explain it to the teachers.

Marina: In that case, allow me to accompany you.

Xaizor: Hold up, YOU'RE going to skip school?!

Marina: It is for a good reason. We need to understand more about these Nightmares and if Mister Lucent can clarify somethings, I wish to be present at the moment.

Kaito: I guess it wouldn't be bad. I mean, out of all of us here, Marina's the smartest.

Xaizor: You telling me I'm dumb, Kaito?! Well, only a dumb calls other a dumb!

Kaito: That's not the issue and I included myself, dumbass!

Jin: *sigh* If I let you skip, your father and Reimu will grind me at the ground. I'm sorry, Marina, but you can't go along.

Marina: Even so, I insist. I will explain myself to Reimu and to my father, eventually. Please Sir Jin, you must let me go along you!

Lucent: ... I... I want Marina to come too.

After the insistence, Jin sighed and decided to let Marina come along him and Lucent.

Jin: OK, fine, you can come too...

Marina: Thank you very much, Sir Jin!

Kaito: Then we'll head back to school and leave this to you guys. Sounds good to you?

Xaizor: Sure, I guess... I kinda want to skip too, though...

Jin: Don't you dare! I'm beating you up if you do!

Xaizor: O-OK, dude... sheesh...

Kaito: We should be heading to school then. Tiane, you coming?

Location: Summer Area - Streets

BGM: Person who Conceives Frenzy still playing

Rasel: How pathetic... really, humans are so easy to trick...

Mia: You will take that back!

Mia charged forward at Rasel. She defended with her parasol and began clashing blows against Mia and her shield.

Rasel: Well, your persistence will take you only somewhere. If you stop now, I shall give you another chance.

Mia: I will die before giving up at the hands of my foe, whoever it is!

Rasel: Then feel free to enjoy death, worm!

Rasel went with a thrust attack once more. However, Mia evaded it and activated the Pulsar function of Aegis, releasing a wave that threw the demon off-balance.

Rasel: H-Huh?!

Mia: Rising Valkyrie!

Mia attacked with an uppercut using the Aegis, sending Rasel to the sky. She then looked at Yomi.

Mia: If you wish to finish her off, there is your opening!

Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Front Gate to Main Hall

Astra: Well, thank you. We'll do just that.

Astra, Lass and Roger went past the front gate and inside the mansion. There, they stood at the main hall, just as instructed.

Astra: Hmhm, I'm feeling rather curious about this alliance they wish to form.

Lass: Of all things, they decided to call upon an assassin organization. This must be pretty important or else they wouldn't call.

Astra: We're not some rogues, so maybe that's why they called us. Like you said, our group's "connection" with one of this city's big threats is not some joke.

Roger: By the by, who do you think that called us here? I mean, there's a boss to this Resistance thing, right?

Lass: Roger, weren't you doing some missions with the Intelligence force yesterday? You should be able to know that.

Roger: Yeah, but that doesn't mean they gave me the juice.

Lass: *sigh* You lack discipline. A LOT of discipline.

Astra: Enough, you two. This party's host will be greeting us soon.

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World Crossers Guild - Main Lobby

Nancy: Well said Lilina.

Kail: Hey Boss!

Nancy: Did something happen?

Kail: An attack at Summer Area, but Mana is already on the case.

Nancy: I see. I hope she can do well.

Gillia: You must be Miss Nancy Serena.

Nancy: That's right. I received a message telling me that you would be coming.

Gillia: Right, now then...

Nancy: Follow me, we'll talk elsewhere.

Gillia: Why?

Nancy: Hehehe! You'll know.

Gillia: Well, okay then. (Guessing its for secrecy's sake.)

Summer Area - Streets

Yomi: Still kinda literally on fire here...

Mana: Then, leave it to me.

Yomi: !!!

Mana: Boosted Gun, FIRE!

From afar, Mana fired a powerful shot. Due to her being a psychic user, her acurracy is near perfect from the range she was at the moment.

Spring Zone - Streets

Music: Warm City

Tiane: School for me, I guess.

Kalina: So you'll be fine on your own then.

Tiane: Yep, thanks for the ride.

Kalina: In that case, I'll take my leave. This unexpected detour already took quite a bit of time.

Tiane: Really? Then we gotta hurry too. See ya later!

Fleeting Memories School - Entrance Gate

Himika: And here we are! Kaori and Theo's school.

Hinamori: Hmmm...

Kaori: Hmm...I can still stay around for a while longer, but I might leave for class during the tour.

Theo: Right. (I still need to meet with Masaru, so I better search for him during the tour.

Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

Hinata: Hm?

As Hinata arrived near the stairs, she saw Astra's group at the Main Hall. Deciding to greet them as she walked down the stairs.

Hinata: You guys are one of the last people I expected to meet here. What's going on?
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Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

BGM: Elegant Summer

With Hinata getting downstairs and greeting the team, Astra recognized her while Roger and Lass didn't.

Lass: Is she the one who called us here?

Astra: Hardly, but nice seeing someone that I met here. I thought we'd have a waltz filled with strangers today.

Lass: Jokes aside, how many people do you know, Astra?

Astra: When you live a civilian life like mine and get out of the suburbs for once, you get to meet some nice people outside. People that aren't like us, if you get my point.

Roger: But how did you meet her, Master? We don't ususally team up with anyone, so I wonder-

Astra: Just walking around, gathering intel and we bumped on each other in the way. More than once, actually.

Lass: You don't fear the danger of getting discovered by people?

Astra: The thrill is enjoyable to me. Besides, if she's here, she's in the Resistance. I doubt that our names didn't run through at all.

Astra then turned to Hinata. He smiled without any problems.

Astra: But answering your question, Miss Hinata, we were called here by your boss. She requested our services for a rather interesting deal between our groups, to say so the least.

Astra: So let me present these two. Let's start with Roger. He's one of our disciples, being one of the least incompetent ones. He was hanging around with Kev yesterday, though I feel he wasn't too much of an aid, more so like a bother. Oh, and don't worry if he didn't remember you, he was probably drooling over some random guy in the street.

Roger: Yes, yes, I got it already, Master...

Astra: Next up, we have Lass, who goes by the codename of Avenger. He's quite a looker, but he's frigid as an iceberg sometimes. I don't know any other skilled swordsman. Also, he's my trustworthy partner.

Lass: Hmph.

Astra: And there's me, the little old Astra you bumped sometimes. I go by the codename of Vampire. With Lass, I'm one of the founders of the Black Moon. Heard about it, perhaps?

Location: Spring Zone - Streets

Kaito: Alright. C'mon Xaizor, let's go.

Xaizor: Whatever, I can have SOME fun at school...

Xaizor, Kaito and Tiane left for the school. Jin grabbed the unconscious and sealed Veigas and Agito, carrying them in one arm each.

Jin: So, where are we headed?

Lucent: I-I think it's... this way...?

Jin: I don't like when people sound unsure about directions. We can't afford to get lost or they'll wake up.

Lucent: ... I... I-I never... went there, actually.

Marina: Let us just ask for directions then. We will end up there soon enough.

Marina looked around, searching for someone that could answer her question. Once she saw someone, she asked them about the Guild.

Marina: Excuse me, mister. We are a bit lost. Can you tell us where the Guild is?

???: The Guild? It's that way. Just go along with this street.

Marina: Why, thank you. I do hope you have a good day.

Marina: Lucent, Sir Jin, it is this way, alongside this street.

Jin and Lucent followed Marina as she went along. However, the young man just looked as they left curiously.

???: (Wait. Did she just say...?)

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Front Gate

BGM: Beautiful Days

As Theo, Kaori, Himika and Hina were at the front gate, the Intermezzo limousine arrived. Only Veronica, Sayaka and Auror were inside of it though, as the three of them got out.

Veronica: Good and pretty morning! I hope this day started spectacular to you!

Sayaka: Good morning, everyone.

Auror: ...

Veronica: Big Bro, you have to greet people when you see them! C'mon!

Auror: Morning... I guess...

Veronica: Geez, stop being such a downer! C'mon, smile!

Veronica went ahead and tried to force a smile out of Auror with her hands. Once she was done, she backed off.

Veronica: There! Now that's more like you!

Auror: *breaks smile off* I don't feel like smiling right now, Vivi...

Veronica: Aw, come on! Just smile already!

Sayaka: Hmm?

Sayaka looked at Himika and Hinamori, not recognizing them.

Sayaka: I don't seem to recognize you two. Are you two new students?

Veronica: Oh hi, Himika! How have you been doing? It's been months since we last saw each other!

Location: Summer Area - Streets

Mana's attack was right on target. Rasel took the hit and fell down as well.

Rasel: Defeated... by humans... this is... such a joke...

With her fall, the wall dividing both sides broke apart and soon they were all reunited.
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Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

**Elegant Summer still playing**

Hinata: And I'm Hinata Shuusuke. Since I don't really keep my identity as a member of Intelligence a secret, I don't have a codename. I did see Roger once before, but not Lass.

Hinata: Also, I just recently turned into a member because of something that happened yesterday. I'm sure you know what it is by now.

Hinata: I was just going home, but I'll come back later to deliver "someone". I feel like "he'll" be much safer here.

Barry: In that case, be careful on your way back.

Barry, Marilee and Saika arrived in the main hall.

Marilee: Welcome to one of our base of operations. I'm glad that the Black Moon accepted our invitation.

Fleeting Memories School - Front Gate

**Warm City still playing**

Himika: HEY VIVI! Been really a while indeed. I've been quite busy with work back at home, but it really payed off in the end.

Himika: Ta-da~! Meet Hinamori Yurei Seimei! Cousin Hina for short.

Theo: She spent years in isolation in order to complete her trainning. Now that she's done with it, we're celebrating it by taking her on a tour to the city, So I won't be here for today.

Kaori: Our first stop is still the school though. Since we were already coming here anyway, we've decided to show her the place. I'm planning to let the family enjoy themselves, so I won't be joining them for the rest of the tour.

Himika: Hey Hina, say hi to everybody. I know it's your first time outside, but don't be shy now.

Hinamori: ...

Hinamori's attention was solely on Auror, as if something about him caught her attention. Something only she could hear.

Hinamori: Cries.

Himika: Say what?

Hinamori: I'm hearing screams of anguish...coming from that person.

Kaori: From Auror? H-How so?

Hinamori: If I focus, I'll be able to make out what they are saying...

Himika: Oh! You guys are about to see her ability to communicate with spirits....

Himika: Or not...I'm sure this time she's going to keep the voices only for herself.

Theo: Oh...good...Don't want anyone be unable to breath again...

Kaori: (That's not something I wanted to be reminded of...)

Hinamori: ....

Summer Area - Streets

Music: Electric Town

Yomi: Whew...I'm going to have nightmares with fire tonight for sure...

Mana: Sorry if I'm late.

Yomi: No...

Mana: Okay then...

Fear Mace: So Miss Shady Umbrella was beaten as well.

Mana: Hey, you're that nun!

Fear Mace: You know about me?

Mana: I did get word of a group entering to Central Unitia a couple of times. The Guild has been watching you for a while.

Yomi: (Ah, so she's with that cowboy. I think I heard something like that. They sure got guts to go there.)

Fear Mace: Is that so?

Mana: That's right. Might I ask why do you keep going to such a dangerous place?

Fear Mace: The story is a bit..absurd so...Can we talk later at the Inn? There someone who has more patience to explain stuff, and I'm not that person.

Mana: ...Fine...Besides, we have to take care of these two first.

Fear Mace: (As Haken said, we hit the jackpot. Seems like we might be getting aid from the locals after all.)

Fear Mace: (Speaking of aid, I wonder if that shady woman is already at the Inn.)
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Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

BGM: Elegant Summer still playing

The joining of Marilee, Barry and Saika was proof that the Resistance was serious about a deal with the Black Moon. Even though they were dealing with the leader of the other group, Astra just sounded as friendly as ever.

Astra: So the host appears at last. It's our pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Lass: Still, to think that we were found... are we lacking somewhere?

Astra: Underground finds underground pretty easily. I'm not surprised at all.

Lass: So? What's this alliance you wish to form-

Astra: Whoa, whoa, chill, chill. There's no need to be so direct about something that we already know, Lass.

Roger: I don't get it. We know about the terms?

Lass: Astra, what do you mean? The invitation didn't speak anything about the terms.

Astra: Think about it. Why would the Resistance, of all things, would decide to form an alliance with the Black Moon?

*BGM stops*

Lass: ...! You don't mean...?

Astra: Stories run around like leaves on the wind. Don't be so surprised like that, it's unfitting.

Astra: Both sides don't have a lot of time in our hands with idle banter, but perhaps a reminder is in due set. Care to tell us the terms of our deal, miss?

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Front Gate

BGM: Warm City still playing

Veronica: Ooooh, sounds mystic! I wanna see it!

Auror: ...
Maki: Auror.

Maki soon appeared and joined them. She seemed in a hurry.

Veronica: Good and pretty morning, Miss Maki! I hope this day is being spectacular-

Maki: Not right now, Veronica. Auror, I need to talk with you right now.

Auror: ... Sure. I guess there was something I wanted to talk with you too.

Maki: Then let's go. You can finish your chat with them later.

Maki left and went inside the school.

Sayaka: She... she's kinda scary, isn't she? She's never smiling and is mostly cold.

Veronica: Y-Yeah... but I still think she's really cool too.

Auror: Well, I'm taking my leave before Maki ends up on her bad side against me. Have fun with your trip, guys.

Veronica: Big Bro, where's my good day kiss?

Auror: Yeah, you'll have to go without it today. Sorry.

Auror left as well, going after Maki.

Sayaka: Vivi, did something happen with Auror? He's usually so cheerful... seeing him like this is strange.

Veronica: He had a nightmare, but he didn't tell me what was it. He's keeping secrets today and I don't like it.

Location: Summer Area - Streets

Fuindor joined them and dragged Doremy with him. He put her right next Rasel.

Mia: I shall be taking them with me to the Holy Order's base. They will stay there under arrest.

Fuindor: Uh, I don't wanna butt in, but what do you think they really meant with the whole "dream eating" stuff?

Mia: We will be discovering that once the interrogation begins.

Fuindor: Alright. Wait, "we"?

Mia: Yes, "we". You two shall be accompanying me to the Holy Order for civilian safety procedure.

Fuindor saw that Mia was referring to him and Fear Mace.

Fuindor: Eh?! But I'm in a hurry!

Mia: Whatever you have to do right know will wait for a while. Even though you two are able to fight, you are still civilians and were involved in a dangerous incident.

Mia: Besides, that'll have to happen so our communications with the Guild about the incident and your safety won't be dissonant. Any objections, officer Lindis?
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Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

Marilee: Alright. We've called you here today to ask for you help. Not only to aid us against the Four Comets group, but also against the conspiracy that left our city in the state that is it right now...Something that my older brother, the mayor, is sure to be involved with. So, what do you think? Will you accept this alliance?

Hinata: (It's still jarring to think that someone like Mayor Cid Crimson might be behind all of this. As one of the Ancestor Mages that helped form this very city, one would think he would be fighting against this conspiracy instead.)

Hinata: (No only he has to face his sister, but his own son too.)

Fleeting Memories School - Front Gate

As Auror left the group, the voices of the dead became distant to Hinamori.

Hinamori: ...He left...

Himika: Are there really vengeful spirits surrounding Auror?

Hinamori: Chances are high...They are either trying to curse him...or...

Theo: Or what?

Hinamori: (Or he killed them himself...)

Kaori: Hina?

Hinamori: All I have to say is: Beware. I might not know him as much as you do, but still, give it the benefit of the doubt.

Theo: ...

Hinamori: Now, should we get going?

Himika: But, Cousin Hina...

Hinamori: What? We have no time to-

Himika: You still haven't said hi yet.

Hinamori: Is...

Hinamori: Oh right. M-My apologies...I-I was so concentrated on those spirits....

Hinamori then, bowed to Sayaka and Veronica.

Hinamori: N-Nice to meet you. I deeply apologize for my rudeness.

Summer Area - Streets

Mana: No problems here.

Fear Mace: If I must...

Yoru: Gotta report back to the intelligence office then...Urgh...So far, my day off has been terrible.

Mana: I'm sure it will get better.

Yoru: Wish I had your optimism...

Mana: Now then, let's get going.

Fear Mace: Eating dreams huh? Maybe it's something similar to what a succubus does.

Mana: You think so?

Fear Mace: The white haired one sure looks like one, though I might be wrong.

Fear Mace: Still, Succubus or not, the results wouldn't be pretty.
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Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

The moment Marilee mentioned the Four Comets, Astra and Lass already had accepted the deal. Of course, the Black Moon's involvement with the town would grow beyond their liking and expectations, but such is the price.

Astra: Hmhm. Line, hook and sinker, eh Resistance?

Lass: The Black Moon accepts your terms.

Roger: Whoa whoa! T-That fast?!

Astra: What do you mean "that fast"? You're the one who hasn't got the idea here.

Lass: Well then, how shall this proceed now? Are we under your command or can we still do our own business as always?

Astra: I'm highly sure we can still move around freely, yet we'll be sharing info with them from now on. Besides, more work means more training, so I'm fine with whatever.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance

BGM: Warm City still playing

Veronica: Aww, don't worry about it! I'm Veronica, but you can call me Vivi!

Sayaka: And I'm Sayaka. It's a pleasure.

Veronica: Since you're all on a trip, we won't bother you much. But hey, feel free to drop out at home and make a visit!

Veronica: Alright, Sayaka, let's get going! Hinamori, I hope you enjoy the trip. We'll catch each other someday soon!

Sayaka: Nice meeting you again, Hinamori. And have fun with the trip, everyone.

Sayaka and Veronica left together to their classroom. Their eager humming could still be heard as they went inside.

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Summer Area - Ryokan Tsurugiya Inn

Music: Curiosity

Marcia: Looks who's here again.

Nero: Sup!

Chizuru: Morning Miss Comet and Mister Nero. You're here to talk with Sister Bell's group, right?

Marcia: You got it.

Chizuru: Very well then. I'll have one of the maids call for her.

Nero sits by a nearby chair and picks a magazine to distract himself, meanwhile, Marcia is at the counter, staring at Chizuru.

Chizuru: Why won't you sit down as well? This won't take long.

Marcia: I would but...that thing from yesterday is still bugging the hell out of me.

Chizuru: Hm?

Marcia: Y'know. The fact that you didn't as much bat an eye to that kid's arm...

Chizuru: What do you want me to do? Not everyone feels like they should express their reactions.

Marcia: It was the fact that you treated it so casually that is annoying me.

Chizuru: M-Maybe because I have nerves of steel? Seeing how the city is so dangerous, I might as well get used to whatever strange events might happen.

Marcia: ...

Chizuru: W-What?

Marcia: Madam Kashiwagi...are you actually...

Before Marcia could complete her question, something grabbed her from behind.

Marcia: Eh? May I help you?

???: No bothering the innkeeper while she's at work. Now sod off!!!

Marcia: ZEEEEEEEE!!!

Marcia gets thrown away, landing near Nero, who just sighs without looking at her.

Nero: I told you not to bother with this.

Marcia: But I'm curious...

???: Have you ever heard of the saying "curiosity killed the cat?"

Chizuru: ...This was a bit...

???: Had to make sure you wouldn't dice her apart after she mentioned the M-Word.

Marcia: Fine, I'll stop... (For now, The least I want right now is fight with the locals.)

???: You better. (Well, guess something good did come out of the school's cancellation.)

Sister Bell: We're he-

Sister Bell: Um...

Marcia: I dropped a coin and it rolled under Nero's chair.

Azusa: Sure you did.

Haken: Haven't seen you before. Do you mind an introduction?

Azusa Kashiwagi: (So Chizuru wasn't kidding when she mentioned a nun and a cowboy where staying here.) I'm Azusa Kashiwagi, Chizuru's younger sister. You don't see me very much because I'm mostly at school, or at the kitchen, making sure Chizuru doesn't take a step inside it.

Chizuru: hehehehe...

Azusa: Don't "hehehehe..." me! It's a serious matter.

Chizuru: Hmph...

Nero: Seems like you two are very close as a family.

Sister Bell: Indeed.

Marcia: Well, enough lollygaging, let's start with the "talk."

Sister Bell: Alri-

Marcia: In private. This is not something I should be telling just anyone.

Sister Bell: Oh...

Nero: I better be fully awake for this. Catch ya later.

Azusa: Yeah, later!

The group heads to Sister Bell's room. Azusa leans on the counter while looking at them.

Azusa: That's quite the group indeed. I'm guessing that girl in black and white is on to our secret huh?

Chizuru: Seems like it.

Azusa: I guess it makes sense, seeing who she's walking with. A nun, A cowboy with a weird looking gun, a guy wearing a stylish coat and a demonic looking arm...I'm sure at this point that she got an eye for the supernatural.

Chizuru: ...Any suggestions?

Azusa: She's going to find out eventually, so be open and tell her to keep it a secret. It's less stressful this way...

Chizuru: Might as well. Next time she asks me about it, I'll talk to her in private.

Azusa: Great. With that settled, I'm going to unwind at Winter District.

Chizuru: Before you go, see if you can find this person on your way there.

Chizuru hands Azusa a photo of Fear Mace.

Chizuru: She's also with that group. Her name is Fear Maze Rozenkrantz. Tell her that Miss Comet has arrived.

Azusa: Gotcha! I'll be on the lookout then.

Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

Marilee: Indeed. As long as you keep our little alliance a secret, you can do whatever you want. In fact, we do have an assignment for your group.

Barry: You see, a while ago, we discovered the location of a secret base that belongs to the Mysterious Group...aka, The DUST Pharmaceutics Organization. Recently though, we've found out that they have more than one base, so we're not sure if this is their main base. Either way, that place might have some Psychic Users in need of rescuing.

Marilee: And that's where your group enters. While some members of the resistance will attack head on, you'll infiltrate the place while they're busy with us and find their computer room, since that's the place where they keep not only valuable info, but also a Self-Destruct mechanism.

Barry: Any questions?

Fleeting Memories School - Entrance

Hinamori: ...

Himika: No need to worry. One day, you'll be as energetic as me and Vivi.

Hinamori: Let's not go that far.

Himika: We need to go as far as possible!

Theo: Hehehe.

Hinamori: Well then, let's continue the tour.

Theo: On it.

Theo's group head towards the school's building as well, with Theo being on the lookout for Masaru as they traversed the corridors.
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Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance Gate

BGM: Hora theae

After some walk, Kaito, Tiane and Xaizor reached the school.

Kaito: Finally, we reached school. Can't believe we actually ran up this late.

Xaizor: Well, the battle before was fierce, so I can understand it.

Kaito: Sure, I guess. Man, it really feels weird to be on the front lines, fighting like this.

Xaizor: It kinda surprised me when you appeared and fought, actually. You never looked like you knew how to fight, Kaito.

Kaito: And I didn't. It was only after meeting Jin that I began to fight.

Kaito: He gave me those chakrams and I just used them. When I saw it, flames came out of it and it felt natural... somehow.

Xaizor: Hmm... sure... I bet you were hiding this from us and never talked about it.

Kaito: What?! There's no whay that could ever happen! If I knew how to fight, I would've done it a long time ago!

Xaizor: That kinda reminds me... this town is... sorta messed up, right?

Kaito: "Sorta" is a misunderstanding. But yeah, our home is completely upside down.

Xaizor: Hmm... I wonder what Dad would do if he was in our place...

Kaito: You really look up to your father, Xaizor.

Xaizor: Of course I do! I wanna be an awesome and powerful king just like Dad! That's my dream ever since I was a little kid!

Kaito: I see. That's a rather normal dream for someone as nuts as you are.

Meanwhile, inside the school, Masaru was just walking around the corridors, worried about Lilina.

Masaru: (She hasn't shown up yesterday at all. I tried calling her phone but she didn't pick it up a single time. I hope she's OK...)

Location: World Crossers Guild

Chat goes on and on at the main hall when the door suddenly opens. To Lilina's surprise, Marina and Lucent were the ones who appeared.

Lilina: Marina?! Lucent?!

Marina: Oh, it is Miss Lilina. Good morning!

Lucent: G... good morning...

Heather: Oh, are they your friends from school, Lilina?

Lilina: Sort of...? (I mean, I'm not lying, but I don't talk with them either.)

Jin: So, uh, with who should I speak about these two?

Heather: Wow, what a strong young man. To carry injured people, each on an arm like this.

Marina: Actually, they were assailants. An attack was being executed by them in some streets up from here.

BGM: Tension (Persona 5)

Lilina: What?!

Jin: These two guys were eating people's dreams. We were there, so we decided to intercept them and stop whatever they were doing.

5T: Eating... people's dreams? What does that mean?

Marina: It sounds crazy, but it is true. It is one of the reasons why the population appears so disheartened these days.

Heather: It's one thing after another... will this town never find peace?

Lilina: Wait, I still don't get the whole "dream eating" thing? What does that mean?

Lucent: ... It's... not that... complicated, I-I guess...

5T: ... You seem to know how this works, Mr. Vermillion.

Lucent: Y-You...!!

5T: You were the victim of yesterday's attack so remembering you isn't hard. Still, victim or not, you know something about this.

Lucent: ... I... do.

5T: Then I don't suppose you mind if we ask you questions about it. We need to understand this.

Lucent: ...

Marina: There is one condition. I must be there with Mister Lucent.

Lilina: Marina... are you sure?

Marina: He is not good with pressure, so a friend might be able to calm him down. Besides, I believe I can explain in better terms about the attack.

Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

BGM: Elegant Summer still playing

Lass: So that is our task. Very well. Roger, head back to the base and gather our best men for this mission.

Roger: Yes sir!

Astra: Oh, but you're not going. I heard that you failed on your endeavors with the Intelligence Squad yesterday. Embarassing the Black Moon to the Resistance takes some guts, Roger.

Roger: Ehehe... well, I, uh...

Astra: Thanks to your uselessness, they couldn't get the info they wanted. And I didn't meet with the squad leader for him to complain directly with me. You're in charge of cleaning the base and the inn today.

Roger: W-What?! All of it?! But you just said I'm one of the least "incompetent" ones!

Lass: ... Sarcasm, Roger. Now leave, before I lose my patience with you and make your punishment even worse.

Roger: Y-Yes, Master Avenger.

Roger awkwardly bowed to Marilee, Barry and Saika before leaving the house back to the Black Moon's base. Astra looked at his new allies.

Astra: Well, thank you for the clarification for the mission. We'll be sure to be careful and not let any enemy get us.

Lass: The Black Moon would do no less. Anyone who gets in our way has two choices: die or die.

Astra: Now now, that's just your M.O., Lass. I'm more merciful, if I say so myself.

Astra: But in any case, now that you mentioned DUST, there's something I'd like to share. Normally I would ignore it because it never had anything to do with us before, but since it does now, it's a good time to say it.

Lass: Alright, Astra, out with it. Don't dilly-dally with the information.

Astra: The part about the Psychic rescue... it might happen. And it might be really good for some morale raising.

Lass: What do you mean?

*BGM fades*

Astra: Chances are high that we're rescuing the victim that DUST captured for us. You know... Willard.
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