An alien spacecraft larger than the size of earth’s major cities arrived in orbit around the planet over a month ago. Apparently, several other similar craft assumed a similar geo-stationary orbit over all other major cities around the globe. The Others as the inhabitants of earth have taken to calling the aliens began an assault by waves with the intent of removing the dominant species. The first wave knocked out all the power. Every electronic device on the planet was fried except for those items hardened against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) like military vehicles. Automobiles stopped working, home appliances shut off, time stopped, and all aircraft fell from the sky, killing thousands. The second wave saw mega earthquakes ripping up the ground, devouring small towns and flooding coastal areas, killing millions. The third wave, avian flu carried on the wings of several billion birds infectied the population killing billions. Only a handful of survivors remained. By the fourth wave, the others were among us. With their ability to inhabit human hosts, it became difficult to tell friend from foe. Your neighbor or third grade school teacher could now be one of them.

The reality you have lived with your entire life, regarding the many races of earth; humans, orcs, elves, centaurs, and dwarves has changed. The world you once knew where elves had the fortune to rest atop our social strata has fallen. Now elves inhabit the same social layer as the orcs and every other race on Planet earth…or do they? Can the arrival of an alien race wipe out two millennia of racial bigotry? The orcs have often suffered the indignities as the dregs of society to the humans and elves; now forced to survive with them, to defend them and maybe even die for them. Only a fraction of the population has remained; less than one percent of the world’s population—fewer than seventy million inhabitants across the planet. They are all at risk of suffering a mass genocide of not one group or race, but all races co-existing on the planet.

This is the Bright Wave!

Seth Vutaro survived the first three waves and has learned first hand that the others have inhabited several orc, elven or human hosts. He has been fired upon by the others and has lost the apability to trust. Seth is an orc who spent three years in the United States Army, an organization that learned to surpass the binds of racial intolerance. While in the Army, he felt at parity with his Elven and Human brothers but returning to Granby and the greater Central City region of the state reminded him that society as a whole has a long way to go. He experienced those old tired prejudices he remembered from before his time in the military. He was relegated to pounding spikes for the railroad with other orcs who became like family too; all of whom could not survive to the fourth wave like he did.

He lost everyone he knew when the EMP, earthquakes and avian flu hit the population. His friends and family were all dead. He managed to get his hands on an M4 Carbine formerly owned by a soldier of the Army National Guard along with a slightly used US Army issue MOLLE backpack to contain all his worldly possessions, taking to the wilderness to survive. Recently, Seth has taken up with a dwarf named, Thalis Boulderman who worked the coal mines in the southern region of the state and a human from Minnesota named, Joe Anderson who had once been a truck driver. The three formed an uncomfortable trio, not knowing if they could truly trust one another. Two thousand years of hated and racial bigotry can be difficult to erase but being forced to work together in order to survive is a good start.

Seth is forced to put aside what he knew before the alien spacecraft arrived around earth. He MUST trust these people because the one thread that kept them together was, the notion this planet was their home, not the aliens everyone has taken to calling the Others. He hated what the Others had done more than he hated Humans, Elves or Dwarves.

He may have felt as though he did not have the same opportunities of the Humans and Elves, but they weren’t outwardly killing his family and friends like the Others have done. Now, Seth feels alone. Everyone he knew died over the past month. His new existence has forced him to kill to survive and is forced to rely on this dwarf and human in order to carry on. Seth knows humans, dwarves, orcs and elves have been possessed by Others somehow and taken to killing inhabitants of earth. He wonders often, how can we tell the difference between those possessed by the Others and those who are one of us? This has now become the bane of survivors everywhere across the planet. Seth feels as long as his traveling companions do not betray him or worse, then he MUST trust them regardless of his gut feelings.

Seth secretly carries a special weapon he will not reveal to just anyone. It is a wand, formerly owned by a Bright Elf. The elf did not survive the Avian flu. Understanding the power of the wand, a nuclear missile that grants wishes; he will not reveal its existence until he finds someone capable of wielding. Most Brights are elves, so he feels he must overcome the stereotypes of those indignant individuals he has learned to hate. But seeing as he is learning to live with Dwarves and humans, he is at least willing to give an elf the benefit of the doubt. Before handing the wand over to just anyone he must learn two things. First, is the elf possessed by one of the Others? And Second is this Bright Elf he may meet someone who he will get along with? It would be devastating to Seth Vutaro if he handed over the wand and then the bright elf used it to kill him. This dilemma is something he dwells on often. He knows he cannot trust his current traveling companions with its existence. In a sense, he if fighting to enable The Bright Wave to fight against the Others rather to finish off the inhabitants of the planet.