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I have been lurking here for quite a while and never put any thought into attempting to post a character here. I found myself reading into several different fights at several different levels and greatly enjoyed the read. I guess I found myself slowly getting pulled into this tiny little part of the forums. I pushed myself back out, telling myself that power-gaming would be a very big problem here... but after reading the forums I can say that in most cases it is not. The fights are won with experience and planning, not with a single overwhelming blow. (Or in most cases, anyway.)

I have an interest and want to spin up a character. I do not want to start off with some robo-mega-cyborg-mage with a flamethrower-rotary-explosivechainsaw-launcher, but I would like to start off with an above average cookie cut character to see if I like the style of the forum. I have read up on a few of the 'rule ups' on the site and am still very unclear on what is expected here. (thanks to @Doc Doctor and whoever put up the eight zones of combat. I seemed to have misplaced your name.)

SO whoever wants to have a little rp to teach a guy whats up that would be awesome.
Unrealistic seems to be a common theme around here, but I am up for whatever. I am educated on basic human anatomy, weapon based combat, beasts of war and magic. (maybe not that last one.) I have not made a real character yet because I do not want to make a character for a specific forum to find out that I do not like it or simply do not find it fun. Here are the little cut out bases I have decided I can throw out there;
1: Basic man with sword
2: A fighter of different levels straight out of the DnD manual. (above average man)
3: A dualclassed character straight out of the DnD manuals. (Near super human)
4: A super-racial creature classes like a human in DnD manuals. (Super-human)
5: An ancient chromatic dragon of random color. (Requires super human party to deal with normally, so I reckon a pretty powerful character?)
6: Putin (Not recommended)

I can also sub in things for a more modern setting. I will use DnD as a base simply because it has a very easy to read and define power level for what is average and what is above average. While that is not the norm here, I am just using it as an example to help myself until I actually know.

The setting can be discussed, but something along the lines of my character being removed from a 'normal' life and having to deal with their new situation. Post here or PM me.

Thanks for the read,

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"Putin (Not Recommended)" Muh sides. Plz.

Sadly I'm not interested, but you did get a genuine belly laugh out of me.
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