Monsters are real,
but there more friendly than you or me.
Their shy and irritable at worst,
but friendly and loyal at best.
Since their reveal, nothing bad has happened but racism towards them,
but some have helped greatly and others damned it.
Let's see how a family of them does?

Welcome to The Compulsatory Lives of Monsters. Each person will play a character of the deranged Kiglestones, a family of monsters that live in London. Below are possible slots;

The Mother's
The Father's

The Parents
- Mom: Drewcila Kiglestone- Dealdric
The Next generation(no older than 140)

Each section has to deal with different situations which Me or any Co-Gms will create for them.

Now let's get to the rules!

1. Respect everybody please. No disrespectful language towards another in the OOC, but rip off on another's character in the IC.
2. NO arguments in the OOC either. Those need to be taken to a PM.
3. Please respect GM decisions. If a GM tells you to stop doing something or says you should look at your character submission or
something of the like, do so or take a grievance in the form of a PM.
4. Apply in the OOC tab, not the character tab. It makes things messy.
5. Please only select more Classical monsters. Others will be on case by case basis.
6. In your character submission, put "Bram Stroker" somewhere.
7. Entertain yourselves, enjoy!

Now that that's over, here is the CS...and some species rules. Sorry.