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Hi there! I am trying to get back into the swing of the site and Roleplaying in general. So I thought the best way was too make a plot post for an idea I had see if I can get one MAYBE two people to participate in it with me. I will try to keep this brief.

-Patience. I may not be super active with maybe a few replies a day or it might take a couple days to get one response. I will try to check the site regularly but please be understanding that sometimes things can get hectic with me. So if it takes a couple days to respond feel free to poke me to get my attention if I maybe forgot I didn't respond.
-Be at least 18 years old. There will be adult themes in this story so I would be most comfortable if you were at least 18.
-High casual writing. So as long as you can write up a well written paragraph portraying the scene and your characters emotions in an understandable way then perfect!


Mystery Girl
One day coming home you enter normally, throwing your things on the counter and going to the living room and flicking on the light. Though something, or someone, catches your eye. A girl sits casually in your long chair, completely naked to the world with a sweet, delicate smile plastered on her lips; only brightening as she looks at you. Before you could utter a word the girl speaks simply, "Welcome home sweetie." As if she were addressing a long time lover. This was all so shocking. Firstly how did she get in? Was she sent here? Did she come of her own accord? Who knew of her secret romantic preferences? Why was this girl addressing you so personally? As your mind spun with thoughts the girl gracefully pushed herself to her feet, gesturing to the room with out stretched hands. "I hope you don't mind that I straightened up while you were gone." She seemed to beam with pride at her kind deed. The thoughts of her being a prostitute sent by a company to gain your favor were slowly fading. The girl didn't seem to do that sort of work. She seemed too... innocent? Her sweet smile was too pure, almost child like. She also seemed completely oblivious that her current 'attire' could be seen as inappropriate or cause some awkwardness. There she stood, her body bare before you; her smile sweet and welcoming. How would you react?

Plot stuffs:
There is just a couple requirements I ask of you. Everything is up to your design.
-Your character must be either a wealthy individual and/or CEO of an influential company.
-Must be female and closeted lesbian. This is important as too the mystery behind how someone could have gained such knowledge about your character.

Character images: (Face Claim = Ashe Maree)
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Looking for maybe one more if anyone's interested. :)
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@GrapeI may be interested! <3 Would you be able to message me privately? <3 xx
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