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3 mos ago
Current Where do you guys get your custom digital artwork from! <3 xx
4 mos ago
Any stay-at-home momma's on here! <3 xx
4 mos ago
Missing my baby bump now! :(
10 mos ago
I hate being online when none of my friends are online! <3 :( xx
10 mos ago
Not what I meant guys! <3 xx I'm only 24 weeks pregnant! <3 :D xx
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Bumpy bump!
'I tend to prefer playing "Girls with a little extra", as another ad I saw so subtly put it. '

What does this mean! <3 xx
Bumpity bump!
@La Fleur Doctor? <3 xx
Also does anyone have any objections to my character being a synthetic human! <3 xx
@La FleurWhat occupations are left! <3 xx
@Fabricant451I hope you're a better pilot than Carol Danvers! <3 xx
I was going to ask about an advanced AI! <3 xx
@BabyBump96 Those are pretty lame though. Also in theory a super advanced spaceship would be piloted by an AI so lets not go there.

Good point! <3 xx
@La Fleur Believe me when you are stranded on a unknown planet or hostile world to lay low and you have 3 species on board all with different diets who have no idea what to hunt or gather in those places you need a good cook.

Unless you have a replicator like on Star Trek! <3 xx
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