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14 days ago
Current Hence, here I be. Returning after a two month break.
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2 mos ago
Tea, deep breaths, and spiritual meditation always help my worst days.
3 mos ago
Homemade shrimp and broccoli stir fry and spring rolls with soy sauce. For a novice cook I’m pleased with myself.
3 mos ago
It’s not the eractic twelve year olds running through the store that annoy me. It’s the eighteen year olds throwing the super balls and shooting rubber darts up into the ceiling that irritate me.
3 mos ago
When your high key tired of being stuck in rough draft/character creation purgatory and wish every RP you joined wouldn’t die within one post and could actually write. #WearyRPer


🌹Writer, Poet, Hopeless Romantic, Lost Girl💋

My Roleplay Interests
Dark Fantasy
Victorian Themed (Historical and Fictious)
Medieval (Historical and Fictious)
Science Fiction
Star Wars (Specifically)
Modern Romance-Tragedy
Apocalyptic-Post Apocalyptic
The Walking Dead (Specfically)
Assassins (Nearly all genres.)
Thief/Thieves (Fantasy and Victorian)

A little about me...

I’m just an average 22 y/O millennial college dropout. I live in California and work at a local retailer. On the weekends I work vendor events and sell assorted things, mostly handmade charms, necklaces, and bracelets. And dream catchers. I’m considering maybe going back to school one day and majoring in business, but for now I’m enjoying the simple life. I’m a book club and poet club member, and occasionally volunteer at the local soup kitchen. Living life the simplest and most joyous.

(If your wondering about my appearance, just look at my avatar. Pretty much just remove the gas mask and the tattoos and that’s me.)

Most Recent Posts

Beginning to remember now why I left for two solid months...
Having recently returned from hiatus, I am interested in hopping directly back in to RP’ing. I am up for both original concepts and fandoms. Below I have listed what I am up for currently, and I’ll reveal a little about me. Having recently gotten a new job, my time here can be more frequent, so I’ll be online daily throughout the hours of day. This means al through the week mind you.

I tend to post anywhere from once to four times a day, it all depends on my partner and the setting and circumstances of our RP. I tend to write from low casual to low advanced, and I’m open to most themes, aside from smut and the darker sides of sexualness. I have a love for the dark and gritty (or bloody) specifically, but that is not a necessity.

Well that’s enough for now. Please have a look below and if interested in any of my concepts please message me and we can begin discussion! ^.^

-The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (College of Winterhold and/or the Companions)
-Dragon Age: Origins (Dalish Elves or Dwarven setting.)
-Dynasty Warriors

-Warrior x Mage (Casual D&D Questing Pair)
-Thief x Apprentice (Fantasy or Victorian/Gothic Setting)
-Witch x Daughter (Fantasy Setting)
-The Princess and the Bard... (Medieval Romance RP)
-Bandit x Noble Lady (Fantasy Setting)
-The Whispering Ghost (Fantasy Setting)
Less likes, more PM’s please.

Inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) and Naruto.

(The title is meant as a joke aimed at anime-manga cliches.)

Hi! I’m La Fleur, and I’m looking for a partner who would be up for an “urban samurai” RP. The basis of the RP is preferably anime, though I would be willing to base it differently, though still of an animated or “cartoonish” nature. I have no set plot ideas as of yet, though I’m leaning more towards hooded vigilante and/or crime fighter. Perhaps a thief or assassin. I would like for the RP to be set in a Japanese city, but I’m also open to an American city/locale as well.
Again, the overall plot basis is still up in the air, and totally up for discussion.

IF INTERESTED, please directly PM me and I’ll respond immediately so we can talk/chat/discuss!

This is still mostly a concept up for discussion as I said. So please share any and all ideas you may have if you decide to PM me. I tend to write from low-casual to low advanced. I post daily, usually 2-3 times. I’m open to most themes, aside from smut of any type. I’m very understanding of others, so no worries of me “rage-quitting” or becoming impatient with you as my partner. I’m also very accepting of criticism, so if something bothers you, don’t be hesitant to point it out to me. I work 5 days a week myself, though I’m free on Saturdays and Sunday’s, so I can post more than a time or two those days.
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