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I apologize for the long wait from my end, @Arthanus. Real life's keeping me busy, but I'll try and have something up within the next day or so as I can!
If you'd like tho, @Skull I can make something different so I'm not stepping on toes. You first mentioned an android lol
I figured I'll make a combat-medic/field medic character for practical purposes. Who, coincidentally, would also be an android xD Think along the kind from Alien or Fallout 4
I definitely like the concept going on here! I'll get to work on a character and should have one up in the next day or so!
This looks pretty cool! I'll put down interest!
Hawley Griffin

Location: Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood.
Interacting With: Alan Carpenter (@YoshiSkittlez)

Griffin had watched the events of the Obstacle Tower unfold before him with an almost analytical eye, watching as Ky' vie maneuver the Obstacle Tower with the grace, speed, and coordination that could only come with years of experience. In a way, Griffin admired it: a daughter of Hephaestus of all gods being able to go head-to-head with the sons and daughters of Ares with a fighting chance. What was better in the end; Inherent talent, or years of practiced skill?

But Griffin's silent jubilee, marked by a growing, sly grin, soon fell to pieces around him as Deon grabbed the ring as well - mere milliseconds after Ky' vie had done.

It was almost as if time had stopped. The ear-splitting cries and cheers from the audience stands instantly died out to almost nothing, the expressions of the crowd a mixture of shock, surprise, anger, confusion, or discombobulation. The only sound that seemed to linger in the area was the groaning and spinning of the Tower itself, and the few who still dared to try and climb it, probably trying to prove themselves.

"Oh, for fuck's sake." Griffin spat out, seemingly to himself, though his gaze briefly caught onto Alan, silently acknowledging his presence as a sounding board.

Though the tower was too high up and loud to hear any of the talk going on between the two potential victors, Deon's perverted smirk and expression told Griffin all he needed to hear.

"There's nothing worse than a standing prick." Griffin muttered to Alan, obviously in regards to Deon. The son of Ares was everything Griffin despised in a person and then some. The very thought of him trying to solicit some sort of perverted favor from Ky' vie, or anyone Griffin knew personally made his blood boil in his veins like acid.

Stepping a few feet forward, Griffin looked, for a moment, as if he were intending to climb the tower, himself, just to give Deon a piece of his mind; but eventually stopped, clenching both fists by his side. Griffin tried to remain a go-with-the-flow individual, content to let people be as they would, so long as they let him be; but Deon he wanted to hurt. Physically, emotionally, didn't matter, so long as that cocky demeanor he wore shattered, leaving him a bleeding, raging beast to be put down.

With a sigh, Griffin finally spoke, a certain finality in his voice, "For gods' sake, she can handle herself." Turning back, Griffin returned to his original place besides his brother, pinching the bridge of his nose in uncharacteristic exasperation.

Sighing once more, Griffin seemed to calm down, any irritation he showed quickly replaced by his typical joking manner. "So, what big announcement d'ya think is gonna happen today?" Griffin asked his 'baby' brother, planting both hands in his coat pockets.

Simon Riddle

Location:Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood
Interacting With: Michael, Niesha (@Caits), Erin, Syleste (@Vicier), Bexley (@tsubasa)

"Is it really odd to see them here when we were all instructed to be here?"
Met by yet another voice, Simon turned, matching Bexley's gaze with his own unflinching one for a moment as he seemed to process what exactly she had said. Admittedly, he was out of his element within the mass crowd of people, and it showed in his less-than-adequate interactions.

"In many cases, you'd be right, Leah, but most demigods tend to take instruction as suggestion. Stubbornness is as intrinsic in our being as speaking Greek is--"

β€œ..I’ve been practicing that new piece that you gave me- it’s beautiful…”

Stopping what was most likely going to be an extremely riveting lecture, Simon turned his head as rapidly as before to latch on Syleste, shifting the gears of interaction the same way an intricate machine would, flowing tone, expression, and topic of conversation in a manner that was almost admirable. "Have you? Good, good, good. It's a quick little song I caught in one of my shows, figured you'd enjoy it." Simon offered a small smile, yet this one was sincere, lacking the forceful rigidity he was used to. It gave an insight, however brief, to the natural charm and charisma Simon had the potential to wield if he worked at it. Truly, Syleste was one of the few campers Simon felt totally at-ease around. While her boundless optimism and naive nature sometimes perplexed the young wizard, it gave him insight on a different mindset, one he had not been privy to in a number of years.

Fidgeting with the tarot card in his fingers, still, Simon leaned his cane down by his side, using his free hand to carefully remove his glasses, hanging them around the collar of his t-shirt, his bright, gunmetal blue eyes squinting unconsciously in the bright sun.

Turning towards the twins of Athena, Simon offered an apologetic nod in their direction. "I apologize, I meant no offense. The children of Athena possess a cleverness that is not to be reckoned with. I examine situations as whether they're a risk worth taking. Clever as you both may be, the Tower is a test of cleverness and physical skill, which are traits I rescind to the children of Ares, Hermes...and, perhaps, Athena..."

Trailing off, Simon seemed utterly distracted; the source soon revealing itself as Ky' vie grabbed the golden ring from the oversized helmet, with Deon latching on but a split-second afterward. The pause in events silenced the camp, sending almost everyone in a state of tense confusion. But Simon saw an opportunity, the puzzle revealing itself to him. Deon's relaxed, yet firm posture, strengthening his grip on the ring while still attempting to appear indifferent to the whole situation. Grinning, his eyes were filled with a hunger that possessed many a man, insatiable lust of the flesh. Ky' vie, on the meanwhile, showed the first signs of being none-too-pleased that her victory was being challenged; and, Simon was sure, impending fury at what was no doubt a sexual pass. Engrossed in the scene playing out before him, Simon shut out all outside stimulation, locking his focus into seeing Ky's reaction, absently returning the tarot card to his pocket so he could clasp a hand over his chin.
@Caits Reporting for duty. Still here!
Simon Riddle

Location:Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood
Interacting With: Michael, Niesha, Erin, Syleste

”Come on, Mikey, have a go. You might like what happens!”

"...Mm, I doubt it." Simon Riddle's voice cut through the conversation like sewing scissors through silk. Seemingly appearing out of thin air besides the quartet of demigods, Simon crouched down to a seating position next to Niesha, shifting weight off his bad leg in a pose that could only be described as lopsided.

Hiding his eyes behind a pair of purple-tinted round-framed sunglasses, Simon attempted a smile - the operative word being attempted. "The Tower's not the real obstacle of the challenge, it's the opponents. Kairi and Damon see this as a head-to-head, not a free-for-all. Any of us'd be torn apart in the crossfire. Best to stay out of it until you have the upper hand, hm? Besides, getting a wooden peg rammed into your face isn't as funny as it looks; one bad slip off could cause permanent damage, wouldn't want that..." Simon seemed to ramble on, his expression contorting to one of concentrated intrigue, as if inwardly trying to complete the train of thought he had inadvertently created.

"I heard..." Simon began, apparently growing bored with his own thoughts, "Through the grapevine, that there's supposed to be some sort of big announcement going on today. Don't ask me what. Call it a lucky guess or perhaps...intuition." At that last word, Simon reached within the pocket of his coat to remove a single tarot card - the Magician. "I'm a fan of irony most times, I identify with my ilk." Simon explained, answering an unspoken question, appearing all but totally disinterested in the mad whoops and hollers of the other campers mixed in with the cheers, battle cries, and yells of pain from those participating in the Tower.

"Oh! Where are my manners, excuse me." Leaning forward to look past Niesha and Michael, Simon flashed another 'smile' in the direction of Erin and Syleste. "Good morning, Erica-- Erin; good morning, Syleste. Odd seeing you two here, but I suppose odder things have happened, no?"
Hawley Griffin

Location:Hermes Cabin; Camp Half-Blood.
Interacting With:Gustavo the Mouse

"Should see if we can get one of the Hecate kids to make you talk..." Hawley Griffin spoke aloud, more to himself than anyone else, eyes locked onto the small white-and-brown mouse occupied with nibbling on a cashew held securely in its tiny paws. "That'd be interesting, wouldn't you think? Egh...Maybe not, you might be a real bastard." Griffin stroked the mouse's head gently with his index finger, smirking softly at Gustavo.

Even within the confines of his Cabin, the whoops and cheers from the Obstacle Tower penetrated the aging wooden walls, prompting Griffin's smile to turn into a grimace of indignation. In years past, Griffin would've probably attempted to climb the tower, himself, with a not-insignificant chance at winning. But the obstacle course quickly became the Ares kids' playground, and while Griffin would pay good money to wipe Deon's shit-eating grin from off his face, it just wasn't worth the effort.

"Might as well go see the action, eh? Maybe someone'll get knocked into a coma again." Rising to his feet, Griffin outstretched his palm, waiting for Gustavo to hop in his hand, where he was promptly perched upon his shoulder, Griffin's second-in-command.

Grabbing a pair of aviator sunglasses from around his shirt collar, Griffin spent a moment examining himself in the mirror, giving a subtle half-shrug in response to his appearance, deeming it at least acceptable.

Facing the bright morning sun, Griffin planted both hands firmly in his jacket pockets, strolling down the winding trail that led from the cabins to the heart of camp, following the noise like a marker. Strolling by the basketball court with a certain jump to his step, Griffin cocked his head sideways, catching a glimpse of his 'baby' brother in the middle of a basketball game with a few other like-minded demigods who didn't want to get their faces smashed in for fun.

"Oi! Be sure to keep your pants on, too, will you, love?" Griffin called out to Alan, grinning from ear to ear before giving a cheeky salute and continuing on his way, not bothering to wait for any reply. Having grown up without any siblings before going to Camp, Griffin had rather tackled head-on the role of teasing big brother, always ready to jab or poke at his innumerable siblings over something or other. But there was a camaraderie to it, in the end. The children of the Hermes Cabin were arguably among the most united and loyal to one another, and Griffin had proudly led them to victory in uncountable prank wars against other cabins over the years.

Continuing down the trail, Griffin could spot the winding obstacle tower in the far distance, groaning and roaring its mechanical noise as if in testament to its mighty power against the campers. Griffin kept walking, not stopping until he was at the bleachers, not bothering to find a seat, content with leaning up against the metal framework to watch the action from the ground. Deon, Ky' vie, Ariana, that was expected. But, what was that, Pierre and Imogen taking a crack at it as well? Griffin raised a brow in bemused intrigue. Pierre could hardly conquer a pillow fort, let alone the Obstacle Tower. And Imogen was much like the same. Scoffing, Griffin cocked his head down to look at Gustavo, who had finished his cashew and was looking at his paws as if in wonder to where it went. "Poor buggers are gonna die out there. Damn shame, Immy's a cute one."

Shrugging again (to the chagrin of the mouse still perched atop it), Griffin watched with a newfound interest he felt he shouldn't have, wondering if Ky would manage to hold onto her victory streak this go round. Between the campers in the Hermes, Tyche, and Nike Cabins, Griffin was a few hundred dollars deep in the betting pool, and he was ready to break even.
Lotta characters this go-round, what's one more amongst foundations? My second and last character!

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