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Company...Talen-Jei had been alone since he abandoned his sordid past on Kashyyk, choosing to never hire a crew or take on any followers of his own. Perhaps he felt it was what he deserved for the blood that stained his hands still. The quest that laid before him was an insurmountable one. The points he earned with each kill, the honor and glory that rarer and rarer trophies would bring him; he would give all of it up, forfeit his life and receive no salvation for it, if only to ease his soul its burden.

In youth, Talen-Jei had seen the renowned Trandoshan slavers, bearing Ryyk blades and Wookiee pelts as badges of honor, telling tales of glorious slaughter, turning fellow hunters into prey. It was cause for celebration and mock ritual, memorializing Wookiee scalps and belongings, racking up months or even years worth of points for only a few pelts. But his father would have no part of it.

To hunt a creature that could think and feel for itself, see beyond instinct, that was murder in Deekus' eyes - a heinous perversion of the sacred art. To hunt was to test strength, skill, and cunning against worthy prey on an even field. But for a hunter to hunt another hunter. There had to be malice there; anger and hatred that honored only the surviving hunter - not the Scorekeeper.

Coming out of his own mind, Talen-Jei looked upon the Old Priest and the Mandalorian once more, an eerie, appraising look in his eyes seemed to be present at all times, as if he were studying the two of them the way a wild beast sizes up competition. Obvious strengths, weaknesses, notable features. The Hunt ceased not.

"Hmm. Scorekeeper has gifted worthy Hunters before. A sign, perhaps." He replied, with a tone seeming neither here-nor-there on the matter. He was not used to traveling with another, and the idea intrigued him as much as it repelled him.

Before he could give a more concrete reply, the trio were interrupted by the introduction of another, a Miraluka, garbed in pilgrim's robes and bandages. Deekus had told Talen-Jei before of the Miraluka, mysterious near-Humans all intrinsically connected to the Force, relying on it simply to see.

The blind one spoke to Talen-Jei directly, addressing him as a 'Lost Hunter.' Uncertain of the purpose of this apparent reading or the necessity behind it, the Hunter merely took a practical approach, looking up at the Miraluka directly. "Blind one is not cautious, too trusting. Empire hunts eyeless Humans, predators all over. Mask your scent." Talen-Jei growled, eyes narrowing at the Miraluka, that same appraising gaze pinpointing a weakness, a soft spot.
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Talen-Jei patiently listened as the Mandalorian relayed her backstory, albeit reluctantly. Her words struck a cord with the Old Hunter, the familiarity of it. The "Great" Jedi Purge that saw the end of both the Jedi and the Republic, but how much more had it taken from the innocent and the uninvolved?

"The Force wanted you to survive."

The Priest's words seemed to echo in Talen-Jei's mind, interrupting his own train of thought to begin upon a new one. His father had spoken on the Force before, many years ago. The balance of energy that unified and connected all life to itself. The Hunter was an instrument in that great balance: Life and Death; Decay into New Life; Warmth and Cold; Peace and Violence; Hunter and Prey.

"Strength is within. Will to survive, to not be prey." Talen-Jei grunted in response. "Little Mandalorian must build own destiny, own purpose." Talen-Jei motioned a clawed hand towards himself. "I am Hunter. To hunt, to serve, is to live. Must always seek worthy prey, eyes on horizon, never backwards."
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Talen-Jei let the Mandalorian's question hang in the air for longer than a moment. Though his reptilian features made reading his expression all but impossible, the Hunter emanated an air of contemplation.

"New here. Arrived few hours ago." He eventually replied, finishing his sentence with a near-animalistic snort, a verbal tic many Basic-speaking Trandoshans appeared to suffer from. "Not my final destination. A stop along the way. The Hunt lies before me." Pausing to shovel more food into his maw, Talen-Jei felt his blood freeze in his veins as an Imperial patrol seemed to take special interest in the group, the twitching muscles and tightening grip betraying one of the soldier's brief, fleeting intentions to raise his blaster. Perhaps fearing a scene - or wanting to cause one. Talen-Jei felt a growl unconsciously leave his throat, but otherwise did not react. The Empire had known his face on Kashyyk, first as a rebel, then as a slaver. The idea that one of the troopers here could be the same on Kashyyk was nearly-impossible, but that did little to assuage Talen-Jei's paranoia, the instinctive desire to stay alive.

Turning back to present company, the Lizard at first let silence fall upon the trio, saying nothing. The Old Priest rebuked the Mandalorian with the sternness of a grandfather, while the girl conceded to him, however begrudgingly. "What brings Little Mandalorian to Holy City?" Talen-Jei finally broke his own pact of silence, eyeing the girl inquisitively. His continuing association with strangers surprised even himself, but to travel the galaxy as a loner was dangerous. The Priest had shown him kindness, and the girl was with him. He would repay their kindness with civility and honesty. It was all the currency he seemed to have left.
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"That looks disgusting." Talen-Jei looked up from his bowl, eyes narrowed in an intense expression befitting a predator catching sight of prey. His gaze locked on the source of the remark - a Mandalorian - or someone armored like one. Mandalorians were fierce, deadly hunters, with a history soaked red with the blood of a thousand conflicts. Talen-Jei held respect for those who stuck true to old traditions and codes of honor. They understood what it meant to be Hunter or Hunted, and they refused to be the Hunted. Nevertheless, so many had fallen from their station of glory since the Mandalorian Civil War. Pacifists. The very thought of it made Talen-Jei grimace. There was no shame in the honorable Hunt against a worthy foe. But the remnants of the warrior culture, Death Watch, the Shadow Collective were a mere shadow. Most Mandalorians now seemed to be freelance assassins and bounty hunters who's honor was measured in credits alone. Honor was cheap.

"Devoured worse." Talen-Jei replied curtly to the Mandalorian woman. As if to emphasize, he snapped up one of the tentacles in the bowl with an almost visceral hunger, his eyes never leaving her as he did so. The woman was young, at least by human standards, if Talen-Jei remembered correctly. But that youth was tempered by fire and forged in battle, he could see it plain as day. She was half-blind, at least by his initial examination, with scar tissue not inflicted by blaster or saber. No...shrapnel. He had seen such scarring before.

Talen-Jei shifted his head as an old man approached him, bent with age and dressed in clothing that easily identified him as one of the priests of the temple, maybe a Guardian, Talen-Jei was uncertain. The old man placed a bowl of food at Talen-Jei's side, bidding him a simple command to eat.

Talen-Jei bowed his head in respect, "My thanks." He replied, letting his head hang low for a moment longer before grabbing the new bowl to see what it contained. Under normal circumstances, Talen-Jei would refuse charity out of his own personal sense of honor. But such disrespect against one of venerable age - a priest no less, would be debasing.
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