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<Snipped quote by Sightseer>

That's gay.
Like really gay

Are you being a butt again?? Do I need to start sending lesbi-gifs again??!!?

Mine right? Oooo dear sorry for the wait. Let me get it ready.

Oh! I guess two! We're waiting for the other girls healer as well. :P

Gay stuff.

I simply want to read CSes!

Think we're just waiting for 1 more?
Marble = Hella Gay

Marbles = hella gay = how I like it
<Snipped quote by Grape>

You done messed up.
You took the meme too far. FORSHAME

I was trying to address a concern! T-T *owner of a dishonored cow*
Magic is incredibly rare

*Checks character tab*
*Soon to be 5 mages*

Well given the summons it stands to reason they would call for the most known people. Magic being rare those with it would be the first though when creating a list of adventurers. So there might not be many with magic within the world, it's only a dozen or so people out of an entire world that have gathered together from all across the land. Where the world might only have 5/10% of the populace having affinities to magic, our patched together group might have a higher degree.

I feel that was a cluster of non sense but I hope you understand what I mean xD

Edit: Like look at it this way. In front of us are 1,000 marbles. All blue except maybe 50 red marbles. We get to choose 15 marbles. Red marbles are perceived to be very good, while blue marbles have their merit and uses. So, form that pile you might pick up 7 red marbles and 8 blue. Hope that better elaborates what I am trying to say xD haha
My one goal is to fight the unjust prejudice and discrimination that necromancers face.

Tegan may have reanimated someone's long dead uncle as a skeleton, but really, where's the harm in that?

If she reanimates a corpse with an Ouroboros tattoo there will be words. :P
@Orixi @Forgiveness I see Aeria also have issues with the royal guard. :P You know, given her past with redacted.
@Grape (We totally have an Archer already)

(Just saying lul)

WAHHH!? I mean... we have people with bows and arrows but are they actually like... Archer focused? lol

@ShwiggityShwah Aww! I hope you feel better!
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