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San Francisco: Streets.

After quietly introducing herself Mae walked past the doorway and more fully onto the roof top. As she walked out she watches as a girl and man walked past her and towards the weird metal door across from the other opened up with a strange young man laying on the floor of the tiny room and a confused look. That was odd, spiking her curiosity. Turning on her heels she began towards the opened tiny room with the one man laying on the ground.

Upon reaching the tiny room she crouched down a bit, sitting on her heels with her knees practically in her chest. She cocked her head curiously towards the man before she decided to speak, completely unsure where to even begin. As her lips opened and took a breath to begin to speak a far cry off in the distance caught her words behind her lips. Turning her head to look over her shoulder with a sense of instilled urgency. Mae was trained at a young age that immediacy was key; she was trained to be alone so the idea of a team was beyond her conscious functions.

Pushing herself back up to her feet and twisting herself around she bolted towards the edge and the sounds of screams. With practiced ease Mae leaped over the railing and began to dive rapidly towards the streets far below; Mae haven't truly gauged the absolute ridiculously height of the tower. Though that was quickly distracted as she saw a figure tossed far down the street and practically tear through the rock, sliding to a stop; her urgency only spiking as the need to assist.

Reevaluating her descent she knew she needed to slow down. Her legs and body were strong, but not strong enough to land unassisted. Beckoning the powers of Hushen her body ignited into an array of brilliant blue light that spiraled around her in entirety until it focused and pooled around her hands and face; creating a blue silhouette of claws at the ends of her fingers and fox head around her head. Luckily she was still close enough to the tower to use that as her decreasing descent. Digging her ethereal claws into the side of the tower she was surprised at the structures strength as her claws barely scratched the surface; but just enough to slow her down. As she got closer to the ground and confident in her decreased speed she released her claws and her feet slammed into the concrete.

Her knees buckled a bit but she remained standing, she felt the strain on her joints and muscles but there was no deterring damage to continue on. Turning towards where she saw the woman thrown she burst into a full sprint towards it, still in full Aether Fox form. As she rounded the corner she was prepared to attack but her stepped were halted. She slowed to a complete stop as she stood in complete shock as she watched the thrown women shoot a bright red beam from her eyes and completely disintegrate the mechanical creature. Taking in the image she realized the woman was the same as the girl that had passed her earlier at the top of the tower.

After the machine was completely destroyed she seemed to rise into the air and fly off further down the street for more opponents. Mae was a bit bewildered. She had heard stories of the incredibly strong super heroes out there defending the world. But actually witnessing some of the raw power before her was something completely different. It was partly humbling, but mostly reassuring her own decision to leave her small slice of reality and help a true cause to devote herself to the planet and not just her own province.

Breaking free of her stupor at the sounds of more screaming she began to continue down the street, building up to a full sprint as her eyes flickered around for a target to focus her assault. Spotting another one of the mechanical beasts she focused herself onto the target. She sprinted at a lower prowl, arms coiled and ready to strike. As she approached close enough to strike with the beasts attention set on a random citizen it was completely unaware. Mae lept high into the air and came down to the beast from the air. Landing onto its back with some force, straining her legs even more but still able to function, she wasted no time to began to rip and tear into the metal back with terrifying speed and vicious bestial rage. As the beast began to tear apart the electricity of its creation began to tear and burn at the skin on her arms; though she knew she couldn't stop until it was destroyed completely. It wasn't long before the beast crumpled into a messy of torn and mangled metal and wires.

Mae stood upon the destroyed mess, panting heavily with her arms faintly twitching from the pain. This was much harder than she imagined, this wasn't like the threats she dealt with at home. Suddenly a bolt of electricity struck her back and she yelled out in pain as she was tossed further down the street; falling into a ragdoll tumble. As her body slid to a stop she groaned heavily, accosting herself for losing attention and letting herself get hit unaware.
@jakeb1993 SUSPECT! A random character coming out of nowhere! HMMMMMM?? Think you can pull a fast one over ol' Aliira the All-Seeing huh!? Cause you probably can! lol
<Snipped quote by Grape>

I know 😭😭😭 And Salems gotta tell her and everyone else

Legit heart break. She might become murderous.... Not sure how I will play it yet. Gonna let Aliira speak through me once that comes to happen lol
PS - If you click on the banner on my post it'll take you to her CS ^-^

San Francisco: Titan Tower.

Mae-Ling came strolling up to the Titan tower, one hand holding a large dufflebag over her shoulder and the other holding up a piece of paper with an address scrawled sloppily across it. Taking her eyes up from the slip of paper to witness the utter enormity of the facility. Starting to think it was a little silly to need to write down the address; she could have probably figured it out. Stuffing the paper into her pocket Mae-Ling walked up to the door. Before she could even reach out for the handle a light suddenly scanned across her body. Surprised by the light Mae stumbled back and fell, landing on her backside.

"What the.." Mae stuttered to herself as she tried to wrap her mind around what just happened. She looked herself over, patting her body a bit to see if she were attacked or something.

Before she could fully process what just happened a disembodied robotic voice spoke out from... the door? "Welcome, Aether Fox." And with that the doors opened on their own. All Mae could do was blink a few times before slowly pushing herself up to her feet and brushing the dust from her yellow track pants.

Eyes curiously at the now opened doorway she took stuttering steps in; concern swelling within her with each choppy step, as if the weird automatic door might attack again. As she passed completely though it quickly sealed behind her. This was how she died. For sure. Demon Possessed door was gonna attack her with lasers again while she was unsuspecting. Staring at the door longer than any sane person probably would she submitting herself to her fate. If she were to be attacked, it was a fitting end. Door Demon.

Finally taking a good look around the large entrance room into the Titan tower she saw on one wall some weird closed metal doors with a button beside them. On the opposite a more normal door with a sign reading 'Stairwell'. She understood that, so she went that way. Pushing herself through the door she began to climb. And climb. And climb. Then she decided to climb some more. Then thank God there were no more stairs and she pushed through the final door to the roof top. Thank heaven's she did a lot of cardio or she might've died through this journey.

Taking a look across the roof top at all the vibrant characters an awkward smile broke across her sweaty face. "Uhh.. Hi. Is this where all the super heroes are meeting?" She asked a bit obliviously, the faintest Chinese accent attached to her tone.
Aliira is gonna die inside when she hears the news about Elizabeth....
Welcome welcome! :D
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