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hey guys, just move forward without out me for now. I will try to bring in my characters in a little bit. So sorry
@PaulHaynek@Lmpkio Crap I am really sorry. I am really just bogged down. I think I might need to drop out guys :( I am very sorry
@Lmpkio Crap! So sorry! I will get something written up tomorrow!
<Snipped quote by Grape>

Oh, thank you! ^-^

you're welcome <33 ^-^
Peered though the rp section and found this, which sparked my interested. Are you still accepting? I might have a character idea for this rp, though my character sheet will not be as pretty as some of the ones shown here. Code format isn't my strength.

If you go to the character sheet post she made you can just click the "raw" button on the top right of the post and copy the character sheet section :)

@Aamaya should I post her in character tab?
@Aamaya I think Lizzy is completed :)
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