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Panic was staved off for the first few days after the creatures had been discovered. It was obvious that they were hostile and carnivorous, but they were just animals, after all. They had to be, right?

No one understood exactly what had happened. It started in Russia. The Kremlin sought to cover up the affair at first, but before long, the death toll and the mysterious communications blackout was too big to keep contained. Surveillance satellites discovered large groups of creatures that could only be compared to something out of a movie or a child’s nightmare. These monstrous beasts were about the same height as a human, but were covered in thick scales, with long, rigid tails, and sharp claws. They looked very similar to what scientists had believed velociraptors looked like.

And then it wasn’t just Russia. Australia started to report similar sightings, and then they appeared in the deserts of the United States. They were aggressive- beyond territorial. It was as if they sought out prey just for the sake of seeking it out. These creatures were intelligent as well, and some combination of their senses made them perfect night-stalking predators. They appeared and moved in packs with a kind of coordination and precision that had scientists suggesting they had a hive-mind, responding to commands from one leader almost instantaneously in perfect synchrony.

Weeks went by, and most of civilization watched on with fascination, but then they reached the cities, and it was no longer a new species to observe on Animal Planet. These things were vicious, fast, and intelligent, and they seemed to believe that it was their purpose to wipe out all of humanity. Some kind of strange design of their clawed hands allowed them to operate doorknobs and manipulate objects like a person would- it wasn’t exactly an opposable thumb, but a weird cartilaginous joint-system. They watched and learned before attacking. Las Vegas never had a chance.

The military was mobilized once it became apparent that there was no sign of their progress receding. But even they were too slow and ill-prepared. Their anatomy and dense bone structure had a strange design that made it difficult to take them down with bullets alone. But it was almost too late by the time we learned this.
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People always said that children could tell that something bad was going to happen long before it happened, but others claimed that was nothing more than a myth. Myth or not, Lily tried to tell her parents and neighbors that something bad was going to happen to their town, but they all played it off to her immense imagination. Time and time again, she begged her parents to listen to her, but they shooed her back outside to play with the other children. Of course they wanted nothing to do with her because they felt she was nothing more than a freak. It wasn’t her fault that they were to dim to see that something terrible was about to happen. Instead of listening to their taunts, she went up into her tree-house and cuddled with her beautiful white kitten, NomNom. At least someone believed her even if it was just a kitty.

This was every day of her life until the chaos hit the world, though it wasn't all at once. Her parents were one of the first to decide they would stick it out because well, how bad could it really be? The strange vicious creatures weren't in their town, so why should they care? She spent her time in the tree-house that was high enough up that she could see over the trees and therefore could see most of the city. The ladder was pulled up so that no one else could enter her home away from home. Throughout the few months that she started sensing something was off, Lily had begun gathering up food that she could keep up in the tree-house and tons of water. Her parents were too busy competing with the Jones's that they didn’t notice things beginning to disappear. So, when the new species came and the mauling began, she curled up in the very corner the wooden building with NomNom and closed her eyes and ears to the horrors happening below. No one knew that she was perched above them, which was a blessing, she supposed.

Unsure how long she had been up in the tree-house, Lily didn’t dare venture down to see if anyone else in the city was alive. No, it wasn’t safe down there for she could hear the creatures moving around, especially at night, hunting those that weren't slaughtered yet. NomNom kept close to her side, not wanting to be munched upon. Glancing over towards her food and water supply, she couldn’t help but frown. It was quickly diminishing and soon enough, she was going to have to venture out to find more. Quietly crawling towards the window, she peeked out the corner of it, glad when she didn’t see anything moving down below.

“NomNom… what’re we going to do?” Slinking back towards corner, she sighed as NomNom meowed and snuggled against her.

“Maybe we should go to the store and scavenge for food? No… you’re right, too dangerous. Maybe this is just a huge nightmare and we’ll wake up soon? Yeah, you’re right… we’re awake in this horrible place.”
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