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Okay, so, I know about the inactive account thing when it comes to name changes, but what defines an inactive account?

As Kuro has been my main name for multiple accounts (discord, youtube, etc), I've been considering a name change to Kuro on here. However, around ten months ago, someone had made an account under the name Kuro, but they never posted or logged in after that.

Now, I know Mahz has a list of names to change (or at least that's what I had heard on discord one day), but I was curious if I needed to wait like a full year for something to be inactive, or I could just go ahead and drop a notice to a mod that I'd like my name to be changed to as such whenever Mahz does come back.

If someone could help me with this, it'd be appreciated.
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@Sola I would still message Mahz on that one as the account contains zero activity (post and pm count). While it may not be a year old it could be viewed as abandoned.
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