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1 day ago
Current @Otaku The Lost World clearly didn't teach you anything, did it? Life finds a way, and it might just end up rampaging through San Diego.
6 days ago
Still sick, but going to try to post for anyone who is waiting.
8 days ago
Being sick is fun, especially with a massive headache that won't go away.


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Duke is also a formal title in nobility.
...Fuckin' whoops. I thought I replied, and yet I didn't XD

Welcome to the guild! I'm sure you'll fit in, being that a large portion of the guild enjoys fantasy, adventure, and action (including myself).
Because @Inkarnate brought up the topic of a Warcraft RP earlier today.
@1Hawkeyes Roger, roger.

@Blade17 May I suggest putting your sheet in a hider/spoiler so the CS tab looks uniform?
<Snipped quote by Sola>

Cool; three or four days from now?

Somewhere around there.
Whilst I have a rather broad taste in what I watch, I usually watch gaming Youtubers such as Kubz Scouts, YouAlwaysWin, etc etc. I also have a broad taste in music I listen to on Youtube, which is harder to summarize in a few sentences.

Other than that, I usually find myself on the Japanese side of Youtube, watching cosplay videos, games not released outside of Japan, and so on and so forth.
Post coming this weekend.
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