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Madeline Kingston

Dɪɴɪɴɢ Hᴀʟʟ - ᴀᴄᴀᴅᴇ́ᴍɪᴇ ᴅᴇ ʟ'ᴇsᴘᴏɪʀ
4ᴛʜ ᴏꜰ Sᴇᴘᴛᴇᴍʙᴇʀ, 1917

It just had to be Madeline out of all people!

Madeline had no idea who this girl was or might be, nor did the New Columbian cared to find out. She had wanted to be left alone, but it that seemed Madeline had pressed her luck and lost to fate. Making a mental note to avoid jinxing herself in the future, Madeline waved dismissively towards the girl.

"Be my guest," Madeline replied with a bored tone. The girl in question had spoken about an acquaintance, so Madeline figured she would have someone to talk to soon. Someone other than the New Columbian. As long as the conversation wasn't directed at her, they could talk about whatever they wanted for all Madeline cared. Granted, considering the fact that she had already lucked out before, Madeline had a gut feeling the future wouldn't play out like she would've hoped, but she wasn't about to give in just yet. This was her table, and she was the one that found it first!

Though, perhaps making a scene in the dining hall wasn't the greatest idea. As much as Madeline hated nearly everyone at this academy, she had no intention to become the talk of the town and the center of gossip.
Bumping again for Ink; if you're into some anime nobility shenanigans around the time of WW1 and don't mind a slow RP, check us out!

Spring has come once more for the small island of Erusea, whipping the Erusean Mail Service back into action for the new year.

With the EMS primarily responsible for any and all mail that comes to or leaves the island, the various departments often put out a recruitment call in order to ensure they have enough manpower to conduct their operations. However, while most departments are able to accomplish this with little to no trouble, one in particular finds itself needing desperate love and attention. Lacking needed funding and potential employees, the Southmere department of the Erusean Mail Service limps by day-by-day. Their skybikes rust and the building has fallen into disrepair, leaving many to wonder why it still remains open.

Not everyone has given up on the department, however. Numerous posters and job advertisements have seemingly sprouted everywhere, eagerly waiting for someone to take an interest in them. You, for whatever reasons you might have, chose to take up the offer, dressing in your finest clothes for an early morning interview at the local EMS office just outside Southmere. Perhaps you genuinely have an interest in helping people, or maybe you were there for the free homemade cookies that had been offered, but regardless, it would soon be obvious that you weren't the only one who answered the call to arms.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to join the Erusean Mail Service?

Hello various denizens of Roleplayerguild, and allow me to formally welcome you to the Erusean Mail Service!

I created this roleplay to fulfill a craving for something cute and slice-of-life, but rather it be so mundane, I decided to add a unique twist to the concept—skybikes. The Erusean Mail Service maintains a large fleet of skybikes, which are specialized motor bikes that have an appearance of a small aircraft-like bicycle. These skybikes allow the EMS to maintain secure delivery routes to the various faraway towns and villages on the island, allowing everyone to receive their mail on time. In addition, the skybikes also allow the EMS to reach the mainland (and vice versa) in a fraction of the time it would take a freighter.

For this specific roleplay, I am looking for up to five people to join (not including myself). This means the application process will not be first come, first serve, but rather anyone who is accepted will be chosen directly from a pool of applicants, with deciding factors based upon the sheet's merit and uniqueness. If someone is making a similar character to yours, try to see where your character shines differently from theirs (alternatively, you could blast John Williams' Duel of the Fates and fight each other with lightsabers to decide the better of the two).

Additionally, with each and every roleplay I create, I have a list of very basic rules laid out for anyone that wishes to join. Whilst they are simplistic in nature, it is recommended that you read them, as I will be upholding everyone to the rules and will not hesitate to kick roleplayers from the roleplay depending on how severe the infraction is. I have dealt with party poopers and sour grapes in the past, and I don't want to deal with them here. In summary, the rules are here to ensure a fun and welcoming experience for anyone that desires to partake in this roleplay, and I sincerely hope it stays that way until the end.

◈ Be fonz cool
This should honestly go without saying, but anyone who desires to join this roleplay should do so in the consideration of having a good time writing a story with other roleplayers. Please avoid being the asshole that deliberately acts like a dick to others, and treat others how you would want to be treated. Follow all guild rules; don't lash out and start an argument because someone might simply have a different viewpoint. We're here to have a fun time roleplaying, so let's keep it that way.

◈ Posting guidelines
Posts in this roleplay should appear fluid and flow with the scene and setting. In no way should characters in this roleplay be metagaming and godmodding their way through any and all situations that might take place. No one is perfect to the point of an invincible mary sue that knows everything that will happen within the roleplay. Everyone has their own strengths and flaws, including the most average person possible. These strengths and flaws should remain apparent within any post in the thread itself.

◈ Quality over quantity
Whilst I intend this roleplay to be of the High Casual and/or Advanced variety, please avoid fluffing your posts into novels for others to read. No one wants fifty pages describing your character's next meal. Additionally, I would prefer if everyone takes their time and don't rush a post just to have a post up. Everyone has some sort of social obligation, whether that be school, work and so on and so forth. I also don't mind someone having a brain farts as long as they do not hold up the roleplay since I would prefer to keep this roleplay alive rather than it being a desolate wasteland.

As a final note, I would like to thank @Burger for helping me with creating the header. The credit belongs to them, as the design was entirely their creation and later inspired the section headers in this OOC.

Ink put me in charge of the scene transition, so expect it later this week, if not tonight. Gates will be opened for the students, so make sure you're on time!
A question: do we have a squad leader?

Not to my knowledge, but I presume that would be a role left up to @Jbcool as GM. We do, at least, have someone named who is in charge of our company, as well someone who has control over the entire regiment.

Divini Muneris

Well, it beats running down the same halls for years on end.

Celethe figured that her time to join the Guard would have to come one day or another, yet she hadn't expected it to come so quickly. It was only mere months ago that Celethe had been running up and down the endless hallways of the hive she once lived in, and now she stood among her fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms from Vosmarth. She couldn't exactly back out of her conscription, but Celethe figured having some sort of food on the table was better than going hungry for some time. Offering yourself up for the possibility to die a horrifying death just to eat might've sounded stupid on paper, but Celethe always felt she was lucky.

In fact, it was probably why the brass thought to give her a little edge after training, placing Celethe just above the standard Private within the 1st. Not that being a Private First Class was a big step up the regimental ladder, anyway.

Laying back in her temporary bunk, Celethe stared down the length of the bed and across the barrack deck itself. A runt of a soldier, the strawberry blonde, viridian-eyed girl barely reached the end of the bunk, having to completely stretch her legs out to touch the bottom. If there was anything Celethe didn't like (outside of military SNAFUs and what not), it'd have to be being mocked for her shortness. The fact that Celethe looked like a boy with her boyish haircut wasn't much of a help, either.

Still, it was something that Celethe had to deal with. She was in the military now, and no one—not even Celethe—wants to be slapped with disciplinary measures. Those tended to be reserved for morons and cowards, and while Celethe figured herself neither, whether or not that would prove true on the battlefield was another story.

Quickly growing bored of staring a hole through whatever was on the other side of the barrack deck, Celethe had wondered if Mehl was awake. The two of them shared a bunk together, and with the latter being one of the several vox operators within the regiment, it wasn't unusual for Celethe to bug Mehl about his vox-caster. During her time on Vosmarth as a courier, Celethe never had a chance to play around with such a fancy tool, and now she had someone to pester in order to learn all about it. A vox-caster would've made her life a whole lot easier back then, especially with Celethe having to run everywhere just to deliver a letter.

"Oi, Mehl," Celethe whispered, leaning upside down to peer below at his bunk. "You awake down there?"

A few seconds of silence passed before Celethe gave up, noticing that the Lance Corporal was likely sound asleep. It wasn't long before their big day, and Mehl must've decided it was best to get some sleep before being thrown into the fire that was the universe's battlefields. Deciding to follow his lead, Celethe laid back onto her bed, closing her eyes to get what sleep she could before the call to arms was given to the regiment as their transport ship carried them to their first battlefield.
Okay, I have a post written and typed up, however, I just need to verify something with Frost in the case I need to change anything in regard to it. We both kind of figured that my courier and his vox operator would probably have something to do with each other (likely because of their similar roles), so I just need to check some stuff with him before I post it.

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