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19 hrs ago
Current So, world cup coverage is on right now for me. Was funny hearing the chicken dance song over Sweden vs. South Korea clips.
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8 days ago
The ocean breeze, rocking of the seas; a world at peace, seemingly out of reach.


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@Rabidporcupine Being that it is lunch time for everyone at the school, I'm going toss up a little reply to Renzo before shifting the time for Kotone to lunch with a time skip in my post unless you had anything else in mind.
Welcome to the guild! Hope you have fun here!
I'll try posting later this week.

Ok, I'll try to get a post out today, but it might end up being on the short side because only a couple of people responded.

I wasn't sure if you wanted to do anything with Kotone offering to take Renzo to the nurse's office since he was ran over on the way to school, so I held off posting. Lemme know if you had anything in mind.

Also, on a side note: I checked who was still around a moment ago. We're down four roleplayers, at least from I understand. Jade, Ogo, JELDare and Twanny. I know Ogo and Twanny are busy, and I have an idea regarding Jade but I'm not sure what's going on with JEL. It might be worth confirming who's still around in the roleplay. @HachiRoku
I'll have a post up either tomorrow or Wednesday. Also, I won't be sure of my activity around July 10th to maybe the 14th or 15th, as my grandparents have asked me to take care of their pets if they take a vacation during those dates. I'll have internet connection, but at the same time I'll have to watch their three cats and their elderly yorkie, who I'll have to keep a close eye on because it hasn't really ate and has been quite "depressed" following the death of their other yorkie to old age (her sister). I watched that dog grow up from just a puppy, so I apologize beforehand if I'm absent for majority of that specific time period.
If the 1948 US Presidential Election hasn't taken place yet, I assume it'd be Truman going up for re-election against some Republican candidate- either Eisenhower (SHAEF general, nationalist), Dewey (domestic policy, IRL nominee), or Taft (conservative, anti-New Deal). It's a tangled mess when considering the politics of our universe's America, but if you ask me, it's possible Eisenhower comes close (assuming he doesn't leave the Army) or maybe Taft, in a neck-and-neck with Truman.

Eisenhower instates a military junta, colorized 1948.

But yeah I'd probably be leaning towards Eisenhower if I was an American during this alternate Ww2.
Welcome to the guild!
@Darth Shadow I don't recall anything from your CS saying Masaru had armed guards.
Welcome back to the guild!
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