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Well, the last time I went for one of these... It wasn't finished...

So! I'm going to try again! (This is going to be my 2nd attempt at a roleplay.)
Is anyone willing to battle against a goddess?
She is just and humane, she is peaceful and also VERY fair.

The only reason she would fight, is if she, or a mortal was in danger.

Oh! and even if it would be dumb, she would reduce her power to be equal to her opponent.
But she DOES have some abilities to defend herself!

Well... they aren't offensive, they're more utilitarian. But she HAS managed to adapt them for battle!

The only way to actually subdue her, is by killing her body, and sealing her soul in a container before she reforms. That can qualify as a win for you!
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Sounds a little like a character I created. What are her powers?
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Sure I'll do it.
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