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Jones had been shocked at first when the strange man outfitted in black had dropped in front of her. However, she had gotten over it. All it left was her deep rooted suspicion after he made his request. "No." She replied to his demand, "I'm apart of a monster organisation, it'll look bad if I lose my monster on the first day on the job." And I don't trust you, she left unsaid. "But hey if you join I bet they'll give you a monster too." She added.

Owl's spoon had slipped and fallen into the bowl, he had zoned out, it was still the morning, Harry did not think well during these hours. Because of that had not heard Alistar's offer. He then woke up. "oh." He said as he processed what Alistar had asked, "Shadow, I think someone like him will show up when he wants to show up. He made a fool of us, well mostly me, last night. And Kobae... gone, I imagine, I don't think he ever showed us a message."

Hell yeah
Owl was impressed and humbled by Shadow's abilites, over the past few days he had attempted to replicate what he had saw. However, Owl thought to himself, what Shadow did with ease, Owl the clown fumbled and made a mockery of. He walked into the kitchen and made himself some cereal.
Name: Bon Jovi
Height: 3'5
Gender: Male.
Body build: Lumpy, small, with a thick brow. But he dresses quite fashionably.

Stand name: Breath
Stand ability: The stand can lower the density of objects and of Bon Jovi, if lowered enough the density will become less than air, and float. Or become as heavy as a ton. However, this is only activated through the fingers of his stand.
Stand height (opt): 6'3
I'd be down to join.
Jones held the gold coins in her hands, she seemed almost surprised to have made that much so soon. She closed her hand and made a fist, the huntress passed the coins into her leather bag which hung around her waist. Ack flittered around her head, as if it expected something. Jones paid it no need, it was only an animal she thought, not worth a dime.

And so she continued to her destination.
Owl stared at Alistar and the vampire's match for a few moments, it was clear the two of them outclassed him. It made the clown feel uncomfortable, he wouldn't admit it. Instead he headed to the raised platform, and stared down at what Shadow was doing.
Ye it sucks
me too.
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