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Jones caught Bidzil's name, but before she could answer, her brother had grabbed her sleeve and began to walk off. She looked confused, as she followed him for a bit, before she attempted to stop. "Hurrah?" She asked him, "why are you in such a rush?"

"O-oh... so we're going to go save him then?" He squeaked, he wiped some sweat from his brow.
"Do... Do we have to go there?" He asked, a bit pleadingly. "It seems like he'd be in safe hands."
Very morbid.
"Your friend is gone?" Jones asked confused, her eyes picked out a lack of the fairy like creature, it was quite worrisome. She didn't want to see her brother be let down, it always broke her heart. She soon heard what the old man had to say and it was true, the pale moon would be out tonight, it was a shame that they weren't indoors. After a suggestion from Hurrah, Jones turned to the individual she had just beaten, she did not know his name.

"Hey." She called out to him, as she strolled over, "you got a monster too like me, want to join up? The roads will be dangerous as it's a night of the pale moon."
Jones nodded once at the mention of her opponent conceding defeat, he had been unlucky, that water Spriggan wasn't meant for a fight like this. It was surprising too, she had expected Ack to lose, but he had proven himself to be determined at the very least. Ack lay down on the grass, and snoozed a bit, with a large belly from all the water that he had drunk. "Come here, Ack, let's go." The Monster grumbled and turned over, "NOW!" She shouted at him, with a start Ack jerked up, and with reluctance he began to slink over to Hurrah and Jones.
@Jollan Okay edited in.
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