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Owl was tinged with a flush of embarrassment he pulled at his shirt and avoided looking at Shadow, he coughed into his fist. "I suppose I'll be up for one too." He too headed down the hall.
Jones was about to say no, then she thought about it a bit. Gold is gold she decided, but she did consider it to be too much for such a simple task. "Ack!" She commanded, her monster sprung to attention, it had been startled by the tone she had used. "Three fruits," she said, she pointed up to three golden fruits which hung from a tree. "Bring them down for this traveller here."

Ack would do as she said, it would fly up and slowly bring a fruit down one at a time.
"What." Owl said unsure of what was going on, he shook his head. "Okay, do you have a letter?" He asked Kobae, "that would be hard proof that you have a right to be here."
Jones shook her head, and as politely as she could she let him down. "I thank you, but I won't need it. I'm more than ready to survive in such places, but from the looks of it I'll mostly be eating cooked bug." She grimaced at the thought.
Owl unfortunately did not find Shadow, nor did he find breakfast. With the pressing concern on his mind, and on the tip of his tongue he found V and Alistar holding Kobae down. "Who's this?" He asked, "why are you holding him down."
With the sun out in the sky Owl had no choice but to wake up. He opened the door and stepped into the hallway, Owl breathed in and out and just stood there. Then he jumped up and down a bit so he could get the blood coursing through his legs, and he was off. Now Owl would be looking for a place to get breakfeast, if he bumped into Shadow he would ask him about that pressing concern as well.
The Huntress started her journey through the jungles of Vrondi, it would be second time in these lands. Jones still marvelled at how few monsters trekked or flew to cross the path, it was quite the different story where she came from. Ack who was dull on a good day had no discernible thoughts about the jungle. Soon the two found a traveller on the same path, Jones sized him up, nothing out of the ordinary she thought. Ack looked at the man, the monster tilted it's head to the side as it hung around Jones's head. The young huntress batted the monster out of the way, she found Ack aggravating, before she answered the man's greeting. "Good day to you." She greeted back, "what brings you on this fine path?"

"For... whom?" Uasal asked once more, he sighed, "...I need some... coffee." He mumbled.
With nothing more to do Owl went to bed.
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