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Hey I'm Belgard, it's short for Belgard but you can call me Belgard. It's the obsolete word for "a loving look" and not a reference to the paving company, but if you want to associate me with bricks I can't stop you.

Anyway I'm kind of an old hat at this forum stuff, been on and off for maybe over a decade now. Well, probably more but I like to wipe the embarrassing wolf rp I did as a preteen from my mind. Currently I'm working a job where I'm either ALL BUSY ALL THE TIME or sitting on my hands for hours. My only RP is a weekly tabletop and I'm dreadfully bored. So yeah, here I am!
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Welcome to the Guild.
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Welcome @Belgard! I am sure you will fit in just fine. Most people here don't bite. The Moderators do a great job of zapping those who bite.

If you want a place to start reading about the site then the New User's Guide is a nice place to start, if you haven't already gone through it. It has the rules and such, boring pretext I know, but very important. (Unless you do want to be mistaken for a spambot!)

If you have any questions just ask. Everyone here is really helpful
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^ Sonic the Hedgehawk
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Welcome to the world, hope you like it here! And either being super busy or sitting on ones ass sounds like fun.
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