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yknow those horror short story things on the internet? the text conversations? they look SO good. i just have one tiny problem. i. cant. stand. horror. pictures. anything visual and i get nightmares. but i LOVE the suspense and thriller adrenaline. if you guys know any good short horror, thriller, suspense stories please post a link here (or post the story here as long as you use a hider to prevent endless scrolling and also use proper citation). and you can even write some! (plz use hiders tho) just no plagerism allowed (i mean its not like im handing out rewards or anything so theres no point). welp theres nothing else left to say so yeah.
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It may not be the sort of horror you are looking for, but I always enjoy Kafka.


I would say begin with one of the shorter ones, to see if you will enjoy his style. If you do, "The Metamorphosis" is his most famous work, and really very good.

Plus most of his works are in the public domain and can be found online for free, which is always nice.
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