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Current ok thank you
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stop feeling bad!
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the thing that confused me with advanced is how to you type that much and hold a conversation? i mean those people be typing essays
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why not belong in both!
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dont be sad
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Hello I am unicorgi explorer of the internet.

I like very much
Any. Kind. Of. Fantasy.
If it’s got magic or out of normal thing I’m in
Monsters, zombies, post apocalyptic, vampires, ghost
You get the idea

I’m a free-casual roleplayer
Don’t like 1-1 roleplay tho

(First thing that popped in my head)
Just a city derp
Derpin In lonely world
She took the midnight derp gooiing aannyywwheere!!!

Fear me and my army of rainbow bananas!

Oof that is headache inducing
Hope I didn’t give anybody a seizure

Read all of mice and men in under two hours (lel I always read super far ahead of class) and I just wanna day

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He does not care what about what you Are saying. He is bored with this conversation and is just thinking about how he want to go get a donut from the refreshments table (he’s at a wedding you see)

My character
Name or Nickname: móran doe
Sexuality:¯\_(ツ)_/¯if Romance comes ill take it. But guy preferred.
Species:uh human I think
Factional Alignment (or best description thereof): is unaligned
Abilities* (if any): (it depends on the dominant personality) telekineses, can turn into a monster, etc (not fully developed and im having trouble thinking of some and any personalities i think of mid roleplay might have a power like fire but ill keep it small promise i HATE powerplaying and people who powerplay)
Strengths*: varys from personality to personality but include parkour and her genius iq
Weaknesses*: her personalities, they don’t like to change the personalities, when a monster is usually uncontrollable
Age:late 20s
Physical Description (may or may not include photo):Has blonde hair that goes past her shoulders. Her eye color changes but for the most part it is blue. i also have a better description in the link below
(Optional) Alignment (Ex: Chaotic Good, Evil Neutral, True Neutral, etc): *laughs* well that would depend on my personality.
Personality in a nutshell:*laughs again* well that would also depend on my personality wouldn’t it?
Any Important Backstory: she has multiple personalities, she’s not a bunch of different people yet she is a bunch of different people (it’s complicated because it’s not the disorder).
The cs template is in the interest check
I’m sure I’ll figure out a somewhat coherent cs for my character soon
Carmen Mariana Alejandra Guadeloupe-Smith (street nickname: unicorgi)
Age: (12-21 y/o)
she is short and white/hispanic
Year: (How many years have they been studying in B.U.M.)
first year
Room No.:
yo @The Lost Dae wanna share a room?
sarcastic, fun loving, I don’t give a d*mn kinda person, sassy
Magic Discipline: (Basically, what kind of magic do they use?)

Abilities as of the beginning of the roleplay

Telekinetic propulsion
Size limit up to one person and a couple yards away (can do more for smaller objects)

Limited to herself and max size of one other person

Limited exact same as intangibility

Can change the size of something
Size limit of one person
whatever she has on her i guess (idk)
none o' ya business

If [Character] was forced to sacrifice something important in order to move forward, it would be: i dunno
If [Character] was offered to have a single wish fulfilled, it would be: i dunno
i need somewhere to type all dis
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