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Current listening to the howls moving castle song. SO pretty❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia-the fear of long words. whoever named this has quite the sense of humor.
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I am going to try and get responses out today. Very sorry to all the people I’ve kept waiting
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@obsene symphony what happened?! Did they drop the ghost shoe on your head?!
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Argh I wanna use a certain character I made but no good sci if roleplays and I’m bad at making roleplays. Anybody wanna make a roleplay where we go on an adventure across the galexy?


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"i think most of us are from around here. the nearest town is a mile away or less" she made the light in her hand dissapear. "i think you might want to keep a distance seeing as you'll obviously be seen as a wierdo"
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The hand holding the magic dropped and her other hand motioned at him with disbelief. “You don’t even know where we are and you just started attacking people?!” She gaped in even more disbelief the face palmed and mumbled very quietly under her breath “you’re a special kind of idiot aren’t ya”
Idea 1
I exist

I think this rp is dead tho :(
Maybe I can try and make a redo of it another time
she put the regular runes back into their pouch.
Name: Finley
Age: 20
Gender: male
Race: human
Class: animal protective Druid
He can be serious when the situation calls for it but prefers not to be serious. Most protective druids have a highly serious, hermit, no regular human contact personality but he’s younger than most of them and his background and personality are different than most. He has a good-natured, mischievous air about him and would never hurt anybody without a legitimate reason. He’s sociable and (unless the situation calls for it) he’s not a serious person.


Finley is actually from the Surija the capital city of Nahandra. He grew up as a tramp and an orphan. At age ten he decided to leave the city for a nearby, smaller town. He was ten and he didn’t know just how bad of an idea this was. He only had a knapsack of supplies and he got off course and lost in the desert.

Protective druids in the desert are even more scarce than an oasis. He was half-dead when one luckily found him. He lived with this Druid for the next 2 years and the Druid and eventually he also wanted to become a Druid and the old Druid aided him in becoming one, helping him through the ritual and discovering his secondary form, a black cat. The Druid also told him about felos, a land far away but with forests of druids who could probably help him and give him more purpose than staying in the desert could ever do. He then left the Druid and finished the journey eventually traveling all the way to west of felos. He settled near a village near felos named cantriar and joined the vestrian forest protective druids.

Loyal to the old druids final request before he left Finley dutifully studied Druid magic and learned many animal forms trying to learn as much as he can to fulfill his request.

He heard about the call from village gossip he heard as a cat. He out of all the druids has had the most contact with non-druids. He was chosen during an emergency protective Druid council on the subject of the shadow to join this group to stop the shadow and protect the vestrian forest from destruction.


He’s good at moving above the ground. Jumping from thing to thing, balancing on a thin tree branch, etc

He is good at moving and going places with keeping bring seen an a minimal. He can walk silently and use the shadows to his advantage.

He knows how to survive in the wilderness pretty well, he is physically well adapted to doing so. This also including finding food.

Using knives
He is skilled at using knifes in almost any conceivable way. Fighting, cutting, cooking, and as a tool,

He has a high iq
His brain can figure out things very quickly and analyzing them to find the best solution. His brain takes in and analyzes his surroundings the second he sees them.

He knows and is fluent in the languages from Nahandra and some of the languages spoken in felos. Common, elf.


He can to a small extend shape the natural world around him, moving plants or growing them a small amount to block or wrap around a persons ankle or slightly changing the shape of a tree or rock.

Light blast
He claps his hands together creating a huge shockwave of white light and a gust of wind.

He can turn into animals
Though it’s limited to animals he’s seen before and learned how to turn into he can turn into animals. The harder the animal to turn into also dictates how long he can stay as it. He can stay as a cat for as long as he wants and it requires little to no energy to do so.

Small fire summoning and control

He can summon small wisps of fire and shoot them like fire balls. The are small and he can’t do many.


A dagger

A few small throwing knives

A small pouch of darts


A knapsack that functions like a one strap backpack

A small leather bound notebook and a pencil

A bedroll

A small alchemy kit to make potions

Waterskin and rations

A medical kit

A small amulet necklace that allowed him to turn into animals (not needed for cat)

A pouch of gold coins

A whetstone

A small climbing kit

When speaking as an animal all animals can understand him (animals understand other animals perfectly)
He can also speak so animals and non animal can understand (so long as they speak the languages he knows)
He can also single out non humans and only they and animals understand him, the ones he doesn’t want hear him will only hear animal speak

Cats understand the language that the regional non animals speak.
“Might as well speak my mind since you can read it anyway” She shrugged
"thats deeply disturbing im not gonna lie"
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