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Current ok thank you
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4 hrs ago
stop feeling bad! cleanmemes.com
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4 hrs ago
the thing that confused me with advanced is how to you type that much and hold a conversation? i mean those people be typing essays
4 hrs ago
why not belong in both!
6 hrs ago
dont be sad
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Hello I am unicorgi explorer of the internet.

I like very much
Any. Kind. Of. Fantasy.
If it’s got magic or out of normal thing I’m in
Monsters, zombies, post apocalyptic, vampires, ghost
You get the idea

I’m a free-casual roleplayer
Don’t like 1-1 roleplay tho

(First thing that popped in my head)
Just a city derp
Derpin In lonely world
She took the midnight derp gooiing aannyywwheere!!!

Fear me and my army of rainbow bananas!

Oof that is headache inducing
Hope I didn’t give anybody a seizure

Read all of mice and men in under two hours (lel I always read super far ahead of class) and I just wanna day

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