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I have lots of little plot bunnies running around in my head, if any of these strike your fancy, please let me know.

- A retired hitman who resolves to atone for his work by saving people who are being targeted by their former employer.

- A decorator who becomes increasingly convinced that the owner of the house they’re working on is trying to cover up a murder, even as they fall in love with them.

- Their love was supposed to be fake… they were pretending to be in love or married, or they entered a marriage of convenience. It can’t be real, can it?

- Celeb/Big Wig finds themselves in the middle of nowhere, their name, fame and money won't help them adapt to life in a small town.

- After an archaeologist digs up a treasure, the original owner shows up to take it back.

-A natural disaster, such as a tsunami or a virus, threatens to wipe out our couple along with everyone else.

-A criminal is recruited by the good guys so he can bring his unique knowledge or skills to an assignment or case.

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Your criminal turned good plot has me thinking, shoot me a pm and we can work something out?
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