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The HoloNet headlines fill every conceivable channel that it could access as it broadcasts one particular message that causes fear and panic to spread among the populace of the republic; the Supreme Chancellor had been a Sith Lord. With it came forwards the commencing of Order 65 by the Senate to temporarily suspend any orders by the now missing Supreme Chancellor, effectively giving the Jedi full control of war coordination for the time being. However, with the dwindling numbers of the Jedi and the clone army being needed to continue pressing the Confederacy, as well as the Coruscant Guard being used to find any other potential sith within the Republic, a formal investigation cannot be carried out.

That was when the Jedi Order began to reach out for volunteers to aid in finding the likes of the Sith Lord. With it, came a promise of pay and reassurance that they would not need to fight the likes of him as the Order does recognize his danger after the death of three Jedi Masters met their ends due to him.

For now, though, they just needed heroes.

Hello and welcome to Star Wars: Dawn of Heroes! If you could not tell this is a Star Wars AU where Palpatine was caught but quickly escaped any persecution by the Jedi. I will reveal more of the Universe through the story. Anyways, your characters will be enlisted by the the Jedi Order to aid in tracking down Palpatine, so expect a good mix of action and roleplaying in this campaign, just as a heads up. Also, do not be afraid to make up things, within reason, on the spot for some worldbuilding!

Onwards to character generation! We will be using Point Buy with 25 points or Planned Generation as the books but it. Additionally, I will be allowing all races that would fit in with the Clone Wars Era and limiting the Jedi class to one player at the beginning given story reasons, and how stupid powerful the class can be.

I would appreciate if the players would use myth-weavers to make a sheet, given that they have the full Saga sheet.

Also for those planning to make a sheet here is a link to all the Star Wars Saga books.

I hope to weave a wonderful with any interested!
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I've never done the dice thing on here, but I'd totally be interested in this
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I would be interested in doing something like this as well, although it would be my very first game of Saga.

I bought a hard copy of the core rule book not all that long ago and I've had a hankering to play a scoundrel.. one that rolls great big fist fulls of sneak attack damage dice haha. Willing to fill any roles we would need to get the game going too.
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