We never saw it coming. How could we? We never thought that our planet would rebel against us and try to wipe us out, but I guess that’s what happens when humanity pushes too far. To think this all started when humanity first learned how to build. From humble beginnings, we rose up and began to travel this vast world we called home. We learned, we loved, we built, and we destroyed. From the time we first discovered fire to when we built firearms. Humanity has always been building and then destroying. Humanity is always at war with one another for some reason or another. Whether it’s for resources, land, power, religion or the simple fact one group has something the other wants. We are always fighting with one another. We always like the term: one who doesn’t learn from history is doomed to repeat it, but humanity never learns. We should have seen it sooner; we should have paid more attention to what our constant battle was doing to the planet. In hindsight, I think humanity's downfall started with the nuclear warheads that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We continued to war, continued to develop more powerful weapons, and continued to ravish our own planet without a care in the world. In hindsight, we should have seen it coming a mile away, but our rage towards one another blinded us from the truth. When the planet finally had enough of our warring and ravishing its surface it fought back and we soon found out: We are not the most dominant species on the planet. It came in the dead of night while most of us slept. Crystal blue flowers from the earth popped up around the world. Their buds hung low like a child defeated in an argument with their parents. The next morning, everyone awoke to these strange plants, but no one paid any attention to these strange plants as the first bombs of the morning fell. Humanity went back to their battle with one another until the buds of the flowers opened.

From the flowers came a sickly green gas that slowly stopped all the battling and all the warring as humanity started to be infected with a virus that left many immobilized or dead. It seemed all the warring became mute as scientists from the warring nations came together to fight back this strange gas cloud. While they worked on a cure, humanity found solace in gas masks that helped filter the air of the deadly gas. However, when scientist discovered a cure the bacteria within the gas cloud would evolve and said cure would be worthless. At one point, the cure seemed to strengthen the virus and cause a mutation within humanity that caused them to change into grotesque hideous monsters that craved human flesh. Many, thanks to Hollywood called them zombies, but that was far from the truth. Many grew more appendages while others simply changed into god-awful looking monsters that seemed to be a hybrid between human and animal. For a while, animals seemed to be immune to the sickly green gas. That all changed with the United Nations announced the Ark Program. The top leading scientists decided that it was a fruitless effort to keep studying and trying to create a cure. Instead, they decided to look towards the future and start construction on Arks. Airships that would fly above the gas and house what little humanity was left in hopes the gas would fade out of existence.

Once that was announced, the gas seemed to change rapidly and affected the animals that were once immune to it. They too morphed and changed into hideous monsters. However, instead of killing each other they seemed to target humanity and furiously attacked any person near them. Household pets began turning on their owners and once dossal creatures brutally attacked humanity. While the Arks were being created, humanity was fighting a losing war between mutated humans and animals. In the end, only one Ark was created. Codename Survival was built to house 20 million humans. Of course, the first to be let on the Survival were the rich, politicians and others the governments felt would be needed for humanities survival. Once they were on board, the Ark’s doors were opened to the public who flooded towards the only safe haven. However, before the Survival could even reach 5 million. The Ark was attacked by the creatures created by the gas. The engines roared to life and the Ark lifted off leaving the mass of humans that couldn’t gain access to the Survival. It soared through the thick green gas until it breached the surface of the gas like a whale breaching the water.

For years, the Ark flew above the gas, never once getting too close to the swirling death beneath it. Because of the Ark never hitting capacity during its launch. Many rooms were empty and used for storage until they were needed. The fear of overcapacity wouldn’t be an issue since there were protocols in place to keep the Ark under 18 million. However, for years it seemed the gas wouldn’t let up and humanity would have to live in the Ark. To eat artificial food, artificial water, and breathe artificial air. That’s when the ark found a swirling vortex within the gas. Within the vortex, was a glowing blood red rose. Scientist wanted to acquire the rose but saw that surrounding the rose were the hideous monsters in the gas slowly stalking the rose, waiting for the gas to reach the flower. Scientist theorized that once the flower was plucked from the earth. The gas would envelop the surrounding area and anyone who was caught inside it would be torn to pieces by the creatures within the gas. So, while the Ark hovered over the vortex. Scientist started working on weapons that could help fight the monsters. They knew that anyone who ventured into the gas would need masks to breathe and nearly a whole armory to even fight the creatures. That’s when they created the T-Watch. A normal looking watch that allows its wearer to digitize weapons and re-materialize said weapons to use against their foes. Instead of using ropes that could be compromised by the creatures within the gas the scientists created hoverboards to help the soldiers get to and from the Ark. With this new technology, a group of soldiers descended down into the vortex to retrieve the rose.

Once the rose was plucked from the ground and placed in a holding container. The gas quickly enveloped the area within the vortex. Gunshots and screams came from within the gas and after several long minutes. Two out of the eight soldiers returned with the flower. Once the glowing blood red rose was handed over to the scientists. They began their experiments and found that the nectar within the rose created pollen that dissolved the gas, but a single rose can’t produce enough to fully dissolve all of the gas clouds. The Scientist theorized that 500 Blood Roses are needed to dissolve the gas cloud enveloping the earth. The Ark was designed to house humanity until the gas eventually dissipated. Now, it seems it’s up to the Ark to dissolve the gas with the Blood Roses. However, the one obstacle in its way is to find the rest of the Blood Roses before the creatures can evolve and attack the Ark and kill what remains of Humanity.
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