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Seth Rust


Seth felt the airship shift as it began to descend. He let out a sigh and told himself, “Here we go.” Seth stumbled and nearly fell as the airship felt like it crashed rather than landed on the ground. There was a crackle and the pilot apologized for the rough landing saying the ground was closer then he thought. Seth steadied himself and said rather loudly, “who the hell taught you how to fly?” He then grabbed his luggage which in this case was a large wicker drum and followed the sea of students out of the airship.

There was another crackle as more speakers came to life, but this time Seth could see who was speaking. He was a tall grey-haired man in his mid-forties. He questioned if the mic was on before he began his brief announcement. Seth tensed up when he mentioned teams, but he soon relaxed. He remembered Dagger telling him Beacon had their students placed in teams and at first this scared him because of his Primal side, but he had planned for this on his way to the airship. This was where his fake personality would come into play. He wasn’t a bad person or a jerk by any means, but to keep others safe from his Primal side should it decided to show its ugly head. He’d have to push others away so he didn’t attack anyone by accident. However, his fear came back when the man told them they’d all be sleeping in the great hall.

“Shit,” Seth said to himself as he tried to figure a way to sleep in a secluded place. He would have to check the great hall and see if there were windows to sneak out of, but then that would raise the question of how he could sneak out without waking anyone up. He sighed and added, “I’ll just have to wing it.”

After the speech, Seth followed the crowd and placed his wicker drum into his locker. It took a lot of force to put it in his locker, but after some cursing and brute force, he was able to close his locker and head to where they were serving dinner. While most people devoured large mounds of food Seth had grabbed a few chicken legs, some fruit, and veggies before finding a vacant table. He had snacked on granola bars while he traveled to the airship so he wasn’t too hungry, but he ate so he could have enough energy for tomorrow.

After dinner, Seth found the Great hall and scanned the room. He was taking short breaths as he saw how many people were sleeping there. However, he let out a sigh as he saw how many of the guys tried to impress the ladies and each other with their flexing. He rubbed his eyes in frustration at their stupidity. He continued to scan the room until he saw his target. He made his way towards one of the corners of the room. Careful not to step on anyone’s sleeping bag and avoiding eye contact so he didn’t have to stop and introduce himself.

He let out a sigh as he reached his destination. It was the far right corner in the back of the great hall. For anyone watching, it might look like he chose this spot because it was far enough away from everyone. However, Seth’s plan was simple: the corner he chose was close to a window. So his plan was to wait for everyone to fall asleep and when the time was right. He’d sneak out the window and sleep outside on the school grounds under the moon and stars.

Seth placed his Sleeping bag on the floor but didn’t unravel it. Instead, he let it lean against the wall before he walked over to the window and examined it. He found the lock, lightly unlocked it and opened it just a crack. He figured this motion wouldn’t raise too much suspicion since it would seem Seth wanted to sleep next to the fresh air. In retrospect, that was one of the reasons he was going to sleep outside. All the smells in the room were driving his sensitive nose crazy. Especially whoever drenched their food in garlic, they were the worst. Also, it was because of his fear that his primal side would come out.

Once the window was cracked open, Seth walked backward and sat down with his back against the wall and waited. He didn’t know how long it would take, but he was prepared to wait for however long he needed to so he could sneak out. Seth sat Indian style with his arms folded in front of him.

Seth Rust


The beginning of the trip:

The journey to the airship was a long one. Seth figured it would only take a few hours to get where the airship would take him to the academy. However, after encountering a few Grimm and also not wanting to have the stench of Death on him. He had to make a detour which made the trip longer. When he finally got to the airship he was tired but relieved. His relief lasted all of three seconds when he saw how many people were going to be on the airship. He tensed up and swallowed his fear as he slowly got on. Walking with the crowd intensified his fear as the thought of his Primal Rage triggering scared him. He took several deep breaths as he ventured into the airship with the large crowd. Once he found a place where there were fewer people around. He let out a relaxed sigh and then a yawn. He knew the Airship would take a while before it got to its destination so he felt he had time to take a quick nap.

Seth folded his arms in front of his chest and closed his eyes. He found it rather easy to fall asleep with all the talking, laughing and shouting around him. His head nodded up and down at times as he fell further into sleep. He then and without warning fell sideways on the bench. However, he continued to sleep and after a while, his white tail curled up and he lay next to his head as he continued to sleep.


Seth let out a yawn as he stretched out like a cat that just woke up from a nap. He let out a moan as he felt his joints pop before he sat up and looked around. The airship still hadn’t landed and he was unsure where they were or how long he had been sleeping. He stood up and looked around to see if anyone might know where they were. Then an announcement came over the loudspeaker saying they’d be there in ten minutes.

“Wow, I slept that long?” Seth said to himself. He then looked around until he saw a few windows looking out over where they were. He started over there careful not to get too close to any of the other students there. As he drew closer he noticed three other students at the windows: a blue-haired shark Faunus which made Seth stop for a second and think Never seen an aquatic type of Faunus before, a blond hair girl who seemed like she wasn’t from Vale since her scent to Seth didn’t smell anything like Vale, and a guy with Various patches on his attire with one of gold and yelling yes. Seth wasn’t sure why he wore them, but he wasn’t going to be rude and ask.

When he reached the windows he quickly placed his hands on the glass and marveled at the view of the forest. He seemed like a dog who had just taken his first car ride as his tail swished back and forth. His eyes glinted with excitement as he said out loud, “Whoa! I’ve never seen the trees from above before. This is so amazing!” Seth forgot about the fake persona he had to put on and let his true self out as his tail continued to swish back and forth.

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Seth continued to try and dodge the shield attacks. It seemed his attacks were getting faster as Seth tried to pinpoint where Kyros was. He heard the muffled steps and tried to dodge his next attack. However, part of his shield slammed into Seth’s midsection and he let out a gasp as all the air in Seth's lungs was sucked out. He flew through the air and slammed into the ground before he quickly got to his feet and tried opening his eyes. The blindness has gotten a little better, but he was still blind. He again tried to listen to where Kyros was. He hopped Kyros attack from his right as an accident and hoped he didn’t see his right ear was a handicap.

“Now I see,” Alex whispered to himself as a smile formed on his face. Looks like the fox has a small handicap and Kyros knows is. Alex thought to himself. He wouldn’t say a word since he didn’t want to give Seth’s ear away.

Too late; Kyros was now striking at Seth's right with his shield, careful to pull his punches, while reserving his other shield for defense. He was getting faster as well, trying to hit the Faunus as many times as possible without hurting him too much...[/quote]

Seth did his best to dodge, but it was clear Kyros found his weak spot. He tried to open his eyes, but still, the effect of the flash was keeping him from seeing clearly. Normal humans would have probably been able to see by now, but because of his heightened sight. It was lasting a lot longer and plus this was the first time he had seen a flash of any kind. Each strike kept Seth walking backward and one caused him to stumble back and fall to one knee. He dug his nails into the floor and knew this was a losing battle. Even if his sight did return he knew Kyros would cause another flash and cause him to go blind again.

‘I concede,” Seth said. He wasn’t one to feel ashamed to bow to a strong enemy, but he knew Alex was watching and knew he'd never hear the end of this. He gritted his teeth and waited for what came next.

Kyros gently laid down his shields on the floor, and said, "You fought well despite your disadvanatages, holding out long despite fighting an opponent who is best at defending."

He would then offer his hand and say, "Here, take my hand and get up. If you're seriously hurt, I'll take you to the infirmary."

Seth sniffed the air and went to grab Kyros’s hand. He missed once, but then took it and he was helped to his feet. She shook his head and said, “I’m fine, but the effects of that flash are somewhat in effect still. I’m getting gradually better. I could have tried to hold out, but I figured once my sight returned. You’d just use that flash again. I guess I’m not the Hunter I thought I was.”

“Nah, he just took your advantage away,” Alex spoke up before he continued, “If Kyros hadn’t blinded you. I’m pretty sure he’d be on the offensive.”

“No witty pet name?” Seth asked.

Alex just shrugged and said, “Nah, you’ve proven to be one of the good teammates However, I’ll need to come up with something to help you out with not being subjected to stuff like flash grenades. Kyros might have something already though.” Alex then sighed and added, “Although I would have loved to see what your Keyblade would have looked like since you're half human, half animal.”

Kyros smiled. "Well, Alex's world is more advanced than ours', but we do have sunglasses." Looking at Seth, he then said, "See, the Merc isn't so bad after all."

“Sunglasses should do nicely,” Alex said before he sighed, “I think that’s it for me. I’ve gotten all I needed.”

“What? You’re not going to fight Kyros?” Seth asked.

“Nah, I’ll pass. I just came down to see what I’m dealing with as far as teammates. I think I know what I’ll need to do as far as my share of the teamwork,” Alex said.

“Right,” Seth said not impressed by his response. He then asked,
“When will the Keyblade manifest by the way? I get the feeling that without it, I’ll be more of a burden than any sort of help.”

“Yeah, good question,” Alex said before he continued, “What are those who don’t have a Keyblade supposed to do? Since Heartless can only be defeated by keyblades. How can me or Seth actually help in battle?”

Giorgios Kyros responds, "Two things. One, Heartless can still be temporarily destroyed by Non-Keybladers, and Two, the Thirteen Seekers have plenty of Non-Heartless minions; Humans, mostly. The majority of their auxiliaries come from another version of Earth where Leo prevented a Nuclear War from occuring and replenished all natural resources, and now the people of that Earth serve him. Those people are armed with power armor, lasers, plasma weapons, railguns, and just ordinary guns."

He was speaking of Fallout: Apocalypse Averted. Then, Damnianos, not getting anything from Lilliana Lilliana, spoke up, turning to Alex. "People from your 'Chronos' might also be approached by the Seekers of Darkness. There's no hard evidence that they are, but they might still be."

"So we can fight the heartless," Seth said a little bit better now that he knew he could help out a little bit more.

“If they go after Chrono, they might try to get BTI on their side. If that happens we’re in for one hell of a fight since they’re the main manufactures of Robotics. However, my Zoo is one of a kind and therefore we won’t have to worry about fighting other Robotic animals. Even if they get other bounty hunters on their side, we can handle it. If we can get the king and queen to buy out their bounty hunters we can have spies among their ranks,” Alex said.

“Fighting other humans won’t be a problem for me. I’ve fought humanity for all of my life, but I’m not sure if I can kill a human. I was raised to not kill a human unless it’s necessary. Faunus don’t like to anger humanity. We know that will start an all-out war,” Seth said.

“Yes, but this is different. These aren’t your humans from your world so an all-out war against the Faunas won’t happen, but I’m wondering if these seekers will go after the Faunus.” Alex said.

“The Shadow Bloods might join them, but the others won’t. This is unless they have a Faunus already on their team, but I’m not sure if any Faunus would join them,” Seth said.

Damianos said, "They might offer the same promises we make...calming draughts are within their capabilities, as well as various apocalyptic plagues, weapons of mass destruction, and transformation spells that can permanently change the species of people."

Turning to Alex, the Wizard said, "Yes, undercutting BTI's bounty is within our power...hopefully."

“Some Faunus like the aspect of becoming Beasts. Many of them feel that becoming Beasts are the next evolution for Faunus. So it depends on who they ask and even if some of the Moon Bloods get offered. Jinx can see right through them. She might be an old wingnut, but she’s like a walking lie detector,” Seth said.

“And don’t worry about BTI’s robots. They might seem advanced, but there are easy ways to get around their AIs. They cut corners in software and therefore they’re easily hacked if you know where to look,” Alex said with a smile
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Alex sighed and told Lucas, “Yes, I am a trained killer, but I’m not sparing to get a little bit stronger or to hone my skills. I’m sparing to know how much strength I need to output to counterbalance this so-called team of ours. If I use too much power while you all have sufficient enough skills in combat I run the risk of over excreting myself and becoming a burden to you all. However, on the other hand, should I output too little power while you all have insufficient skills: Then I run the risk of harm to myself as I try to counterbalance that while also trying to save some if not all your asses. You see where I’m coming from? Working as a Bounty hunter you usually don’t work in groups, but in this situation, I have no choice and have to properly prepare myself for the trials ahead.” With that out of the way, Alex smiled when Lucas mentioned not having a keyblade.

“Who needs a keyblade,” Alex mused before he lifted his right arm and tapped the watch on its wrist and added, “When I got this.” He wasn’t too sure about the whole Keyblade thing, but he knew his Zoo would be able to take on anything that got in his way.

“If we’re going to spar with Kryos, then I’ll let the so-called knight go first. It will give me enough information to know what type of strength output I will need when fighting alongside him,” Alex said not really caring who fought first. Seth really didn’t pay too much to Damianos or Lilliana’s bombardment of questions. He wasn’t too keen on the whole magic talk. He stopped believing in magic a long, long time ago and didn’t understand her fascination with it.

Seth watched Damianos leave and when he was gone. Seth turned his attention to the bottle once more. He let it sit in his hand as he marveled at how quickly they created the serum. He laughed a little, “Since it was this easy to make. I wonder how pissed Jinx will be when she finds out.” Seth laughed as he remembered How Jinx was quick to fly off the handle when she found something to be much harder than anticipated. Especially when it came to vaccines and remedies since she claimed to be the best Healer in the world.

“I wonder how mom and dad are doing,” Seth said to himself before he placed the Calming Draught on the table next to his bed before he walked over to the door Damianos had left from. He figured getting in a few hours of training wouldn’t hurt. He walked through the threshold and found a group of people near the end of the hallway. He sniffed the air and mentally listed off everyone: Lilliana, Damianos, Kryos, and, Alex. He growled when he smelled Alex’s scent. Something about his scent made Seth tense up. The amount of blood surrounding him made Seth uneasy.

As the Seth walked towards the group Alex saw him coming and mocked, “Oh look. Fluffy decided to grace us with his presence. Guess you decided to train with us instead of curled up in a ball and sleeping through the whole day.” Seth stopped and let out a low guttural as his pupils became slanted.
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Seth’s ears perked up as Tocsax Agreed to help him. He blinked several times before he said, “Really? You’ll really help me?” Seth’s eyes widened as he suddenly stood up and bowed to Tocsax, the king, and queen and added, “Thank you so much! You don’t know how much this means to me and the rest of the Faunus.” A few tears fell to the ground as he continued to bow. He didn’t think they would actually help him. Since humans hated Faunus, but he remembered that these people weren’t from his world. This was truly a blessing in disguise. Seth stood up and wiped a tear from his eye as Tocsax mentioned relaxation before maids and butlers walked out to show them to their quarters.

Seth followed the butler down the hall until he showed him to his room. Seth was shocked at how luxurious the room looked and how homey it felt to Seth. He laughed, “Wow, you all go all out with your guestrooms,” Seth then reached into his pocket and pulled out eight coins made of pure gold. He turned to the butler and handed it to him.

“I’m sorry if this is worthless here. I’m not sure if my currency is a good tip or not,” Seth said hoping that the tip was worth at least something here and he wasn’t insulting the butler. Seth’s ear’s perked again as Damianos walked into his room. He handed Seth a bottle and explained that it was a Calming Draught. Once he was done explaining what it did. Seth looked at the bottle in his hand and a smile formed on his face. It might be a temporary solution, but It still was something. Seth lightly closed his hand around the bottle and looked up at Damianos before he bowed to him.

“Thank you so much. This means so much to my clan and the other Faunus. I can’t tell you how much this means to us,” Seth said before he added, “I’m not sure if you’ve seen someone close convert into something they're not. Watch them attack their loved ones out of rage and not seeing the damage they’re causing. Thank you for all of this.” Seth tightened his grip on the bottle as the memory of Dagger telling him how he attacked the hunting party flooded his mind. He never wanted to feel like that again and with this. He wouldn’t have to.


Alex scoffed at how Seth acted after his request was granted. Crybaby. Alex thought. Once the butlers and Maids came out to lead them to his room he got up, Stretched, and followed a Maid to his quarters. As he followed the maid down the hall a smile formed on his face as he asked, “so are you only allowed to show me to my room or.” Alex cut himself off when the maid opened the door to show him the guest quarters.

“Holy shit!” Alex said as he walked into the room and looked around. He laughed and added, “A guy could get used to this. Just need a pretty girl and it's complete.” Alex then noticed the door in his room and remembered something about a training room. He forgot about the maid and everything he had said and walked towards the door. He pushed the door open and walked through the threshold.

He found the training room and two other people there. One was Lucas and the other was Lilliana. He heard something about training and figured it beat sitting in his room doing nothing. As he walked up to the three he pulled out an electric cigarette and broke off the tip. He placed it between his lips and breathed in. The tip glowed cherry red and as he breathed out. White smoke that smelled of peaches and cream blew out his mouth.

“I guess I’m not the only one who decided to train instead of sitting in their rooms,” Alex said as he walked closer to them. He turned his attention to Giorgios and added, “You don’t mind me putting my hat into this training? I just want to see what I’m working with. I was hoping to get to see everyone’s skills, but I’ll settle for the guy who thinks he’s a knight and a girl who thinks she’s some magical girl from some weird cartoon.” Alex let out a sigh which in turn blew out white smoke.

“So, how we going to do this. We fight you or each other?” Alex asked.

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Alex shrugged and said, “To be honest. I got the jest of what we need to do and yes, 350 thousand credits will do. However, the 350 is mostly to let you know I won’t betray you.” Alex placed his right leg over his left and listened to Basileus as he explained the details of the mission. When Basileus mentioned that there might be actual humans with Leo and the dark seekers. He laughed and added, “If you’re so worried about us killing them. Then just leave it to me. We Bounty Hunters don’t care for human life, only how much money we’re getting paid.”

Seth was dumbfounded that most everyone there was asking for compensation. He was even shocked that Lilliana was asking for money as he whined, “Not you too Liliana.” He sighed and slumped back into his chair. Seth perked up when he heard Basileus begin to explain their mission.

“Seven princesses of heart?” Seth said to himself. He had only heard the term princesses in old stories when he was younger. He didn’t believe that princesses actually existed, but then again he never thought multiple worlds existed either. However, the thought of compensation came back to his mind. Something in his heart knew this was now or never.

“I know I wanted to help without compensation, but. If I may ask,” Seth cautiously said before he added, “We Faunus have a defect were our primal rage can take over and make us into beasts that attack anyone around us. whether it be friend or foe. So I wanted to know if there was a way you might be able to help with that. I’ve seen so many friends turn and attack loved ones. I just want to know if there’s some way to keep them from turning while also bringing back those who have already turned.” Seth twitched a little as he remembered how Dagger explained when he let his primal rage take over and attack part of the hunting party.

“I do apologize if I’m asking for too much,” Seth said.

“Hypocrite,” Alex said. Seth turned to him and growled.
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