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@The Nexerus what are the four games?
With E3 right around the corner, like next week. I wanted to ask the question: what are your most anticipated games for 2018? or, if we want to look further out, 2019 because let's face it: Not everything will come out in 2018 that's showed at E3 this year *cough* Final Fantasy 7 Remake *cough*

Mine are: (In no particular order)
Code Vein

Kingdom Heart 3



God Eater 3

Rage 2

Darksiders 3

Spyro Reignited Trilogy


Metro Exodus

Assasin's Creed Odyssey

Lost Soul Aside

Fallout 76
In the year 2017, the population was introduced to Virtual Reality. Humanity was awestruck with how a person could move around and so to would his Avatar. There were obstacles of course: people running into walls, tripping over furniture, Hands colliding with ceiling fans, etc. Never the less, the road to Virtual Reality was paved. As the years progressed, so too did Virtual Reality as VR Chat let people interact with each other in virtual space. Then V-sports hit taking the world by storm as players were suspended over treadmills that allowed the players to feel as though they were running through the game world. Soon even live sports games like Football, Basketball, Soccer, etc. all were played in Virtual Reality. It Seemed VR was excelling to the likes only seen in Science fiction and yet. Humanity was still yearning for more and would eventually get it.

In the year 2047, Maximilian Royce was the person to take VR to the next level. During E3 of that year, Maximilian introduced the New VR Program called the Digital World. Unlike the other VR programs, the Digital World was created to mirror the concepts in many of the Science Fiction books that dabbled in Science Fiction. The digital world mirrored our own world, but with major differences. One was the fact that there was one massive city in the Digital World called Eden. Here, people can interact with each other, work from home on their VR headsets to cut down on commute times and be who or whatever they want to be. Originally, the Digital World was made to simply surf the web, work with others within Eden and be a Cyber hangout. However, during many of the playtesting before E3 Maximilian found random pockets of code that when he decoded revealed weird Creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Maximilian was going to delete the code but stopped when one of the creatures spoke. He was awestruck at how much information it knew and how well the program mimicked human speech. He hypothesized that while developing the Digital World, he inadvertently created pockets of A.I. that manifested as these strange creatures. This turn of events caused Maximilian to rethink how the Digital World would operate. In the end, Maximilian decided that the Digital World would have two purposes. One would be a digital hangout and workspace while also being an adventure game that would appeal to everyone around the world. While he researched these creatures he called Digital Monsters or Digimon for short. He found there were various stages the Digimon can evolve to or as he called it: Digivolve. He found after they hatch from Digi-Eggs they go from Baby to Training to Rookie to Champion to Ultimate to Mega.

While he watched the Digimon, he started creating and sketching ways people could use these bits of codes in the adventure game. For that, he turned to the internet and found that in 1996 a game called Pokémon came out for the Gameboy. In the game, people played as Trainers who captured the Pokémon Creatures in capture devices called Pokeballs. So using that inspiration he created a way to incorporate the Digimon into his Adventure game. Instead of trainers, players would be called Tamers and instead of only having six Digimon. He decided to give Tamers the ability to carry twelve. To capture these creatures he created the Capture Capsule. Like Pokeballs, he created different types of Capsule’s but used the bytes measurement as a reference to show which one was more powerful than the last. They went from Kilobyte to Megabyte to Gigabyte to Terabyte and finally to Petabyte.

So that all Twelve Digimon aren’t following the Tamer in a Digimon Congo line Maximilian created a digital device to keep the Digimon inside until they are needed called a Digivice. However, like the Pokémon game. He created a place where Tamers can place the extra Digimon they captured that couldn’t be placed in their party called the Digi-Bank. Here the Tamer could make farms where the Digimon could roam in pocket dimensions that allowed the Tamer to control the weather, landscape, and even the types of decorations within the pocket dimension. However, these decorations weren’t merely to make the pocket dimension homey. He meticulously created each decoration to help with three different types of activity within the Digi-Bank’s Farms: Train, Develop, and Investigate. However, the decorations weren’t the only way to help with each activity.

Maximilian created the Class System for the Digimon. In the class System, each Digimon was given a role: Fighter, Defender, Builder, and Searcher. This role wouldn’t matter outside the Digi-Banks Farms but within the farms. The Class System would help with whichever activity the Tamer wanted to assign the farm. The fighter Class would help increase the Levels of the Digimon in the farm and the Defender Class would help Increase specific stats (which depended on the type of decoration within the Farm). Both Classes helped in the Training Activity. The Builder Class allows Digimon to craft and create items within the Digital World to help in battle and with certain types of decorations. The items would be either slightly useful to extremely rare. This Class would help with the Development Activity. Finally was the Searcher class which let the Digimon investigate any side quests or treasures within the Digital world. This class helped with the Investigate Activity

For the battle system, Maximilian decided to use a real-time battle engine were the Tamer’s fought one another without the need to wait for their opponent to make a move. He also created a system so Tamers couldn't hit other tamers or their Digimon. So the only way to win in a battle is to completely incapacitate your opponents Digimon. Battles could be either 1v1, 2v2, or something like a Battle Royal. However, unlike the Pokémon game. He wouldn’t use the faint system. Instead, when a Digimon was defeated it reverts back to the Training Stage. When this happens, the Tamer would have to re Digivolve their Digimon to where they were before the De-Digivolve. Maximilian didn’t create this system to punish those who lose, but to allow them to see the different Digivolution lines for each Digimon. Unlike Pokémon, he created the Digimon to have multiple lines of Digivolution so no one Digimon had the same Digivolution.

With the Digimon now fully developed within the Digital World, he needed to create more locations than the one massive city of Eden. So he buckled down and created more locations where wild Digimon roamed so Tamers could capture Digimon for their party called Zones. Each Zone was a pocket dimension only accessed by the Digital Layline. He created almost three hundred different locations for the many Digimon within the Digital World.

Once the Digital world was revealed, it was a commercial hit. Worldwide people purchased the Digital World and began working within the Digital World, hanging out within the confines of the City of Eden, and also collecting Digimon. Many gaming websites thought the Digital World would be a fad and would simply fade away, but that was further from the truth. The Digital world was such a success that Maximilian hired Sentinel, a computer agency who helped keep updating the Digital World and patching ant bugs within the game while also manufacturing any equipment needed to play the Digital World.

However, nothing lasts forever and in 2085 Maximilian Royce passed away. While he was given a proper burial in the real world, within the Digital world he was immortalized in statue form with his favorite Digimon, Terriermon immortalized next to him. The Whole Digital world came together to remember his legacy and for a while many Tamers felt it hard to battle or capture Digimon with their hero gone. That all changed when Every Tamer and Non-Tamer was sent a video email that showed the birth of a New Zone. As people watched, they saw a massive tower rise up from the ground and spiral up into the air. Once it was done ascending, the video cut to an old Maximilian sitting in his easy chair reading a book. He let the book rest on his lap as he began to speak:

“As I’m sure you’ve all seen there is a new Zone within the Digital World. The large building you saw ascend into the sky is called the Spiral Tower. It was created to only appear should I pass on and if you’re seeing this. Then that means I’ve passed on or what I call: Kick the bucket. So you must be asking yourselves why you are seeing the tower and this message. Well, seeing as I have no heir to leave anything to, I’d like to leave it to a few of you. Now, I’m not going to willingly hand over my money or ownership of the Digital World. For that, you’ll need to earn it and this is where the Spiral Tower comes into play. To whoever wishes to win this challenge, all you need to do is climb the tower. However, I must warn you that the Tower isn’t an easy task to overcome. The tower has one thousand floors and each floor has a Digimon boss you’ll need to defeat before moving forward. There are no checkpoints or save points within the tower so if you lose, you’ll start from the bottom. Now, to keep all of you from swarming the tower and crashing its processors I’ve made it so only a group of ten can enter at a time. Good luck, you’re going to need it.”

After that, the hunt was on to conquer the Spiral Tower, but Tamers soon found out Maximilian loved a challenge. Groups of ten all entered the tower and all were teleported back to the entrance as they were defeated. Trial and Error was soon out of the question as Tamers found out the floors randomized the boss encounters. You could fight a boss and lose only to return and find a whole new boss standing in your way. Because of this, many Tamers started to join up into guilds. The first was created by the CEO of Sentinel. He felt cheated out of owning the Digital World since he worked closely with Maximilian. He created the Group known as the Dark Masters which is led by a Tamer called Chris Diamond and his Digimon Omnimon Zwart. The guild is comprised of many Sentinel employees and Tamers who Sentinel paid off to be in their group. Sentinel’s goal is to control the Digital World and make it a pay to play game with Microtransactions to help grow Sentinel’s stocks. Then, came the Royal Knights lead by a Tamer Called Arthur and his Digimon Omnimon. The guild is comprised of a group of Tamers who wanted to keep Sentinel from owning the Digital World and wants to keep the Digital World free from their greedy clutches.

The Two guilds waged war among each other while also trying to conquer the Spiral Tower and claim the prize at the top. However, as the two waged their war a new group has risen up called The Order of Chaos lead by a Tamer calling himself Nails The Reaper and his Digimon Chaosmon. Their objective is unknown, but their leader seems to revel in battle and the carnage it creates. Even with all three guilds gunning for the top of the Spiral Tower, no one has been able to even reach the halfway mark. Maximilian was well known to love challenges and it seems he’s created the ultimate challenge.
Character sheet:
Avatar Name:
Avatar's Age: (What do they look like in the Digital world)
Avatars Gender:
Race: (Human, elf, anthropomorphic, Cyborg, etc. Be creative)
Affiliation: (what group are you with: Dark Masters, Royal Knight, Oder of Chaos, Neutral)
Digimon: (Max of 12 Digimon and with that, your party can only have a Max of 3 Megas, 2 DNA types, 2 Armored Types, 3 Ultimates, 5 champions, 12 Rookies, 12 Training, and 12 Baby)
Digimon Attacks: (Each Digimon can only have a Max of three special attacks)
Digimon Appearance: (Please place in spoilers)
Avatar's Appearance:
@King Cosmos
what I mean by Ark is during the RPG, you'll get to take control of the whole RPG to have your character shine until you come to the close of your characters story or unsolved backstory. Here is a small bio of a character Arc or how I called it an ARK: the transformation or inner journey of a character over the course of a story. If a story has a character arc, the character begins as one sort of person and gradually transforms into a different sort of person in response to changing developments in the story. Since the change is often substantive and leading from one personality trait to a diametrically opposite trait (for example, from greed to benevolence), the geometric term arc is often used to describe the sweeping change. In most stories, lead characters and protagonists are the characters most likely to experience character arcs, although it is possible for lesser characters to change as well.A driving element of the plots of many stories is that the main character seems initially unable to overcome opposing forces, possibly because he or she lacks skills or knowledge or resources or friends. To overcome such obstacles, the protagonist must change, possibly by learning new skills, to arrive at a higher sense of self-awareness or capability. Protagonists can achieve such self-awareness by interacting with their environment, by enlisting the help of mentors, by changing their viewpoint, or by some other method.

I might have to change it to say arc instead of ark
@King Cosmos
that's going to be hard if we use the band cards from the TCG since many of the band cards are still used in the anime and as we all know the real-life cards rarely do what they say in the anime. so, I'm doing a combination of anime and TCG cards, just minus the banned cards.

Everything looks good. Accepted.
@Keyblade87 Post them here and once approved they can be moved to the CS sheet.

@manapool1 it can be completely or a combination of custom/real cards. as long as they're not godlike.
Character sheet:
Name: Drake Sydell
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Dorm: Ra Yellow
Deck name: Chaos

Ark Name: Chaos and Oblivion
Ark Bio: N/A
Personality: Kind-hearted, loves a good time, love to make people laugh.
Bio: Drake has loved dual monsters ever since he was old enough to understand the card game. His love for the game came from his parents who owned a small card shop that drew in many people because of its homey feel and how friendly the staff was. Drake loved spending time in the shop watching people duel and seeing what types of cards they pulled from the packs. When he learned about the duel academy he desperately wanted to go and thanks to his uncle who was a technician at Kiba corp. he was able to enroll in the academy, but there was just one problem: he had no deck. This wouldn’t be a problem since he lived above a card shop, but it was all the many choices that caused Drake to falter. That’s when his father surprised with a boost box he had never seen before. His father explained he found the box deep in the back of the storage unit. Since the box looked so old he couldn’t sell it so he figured he’d give it to Drake. That night Drake opened each pack and found that he was drawn to a selection of cards he’d never seen before. After hours of making, destroying, and rebuilding his deck he finally felt confident with his deck.

Welcome to Duel Academy. Here our staff thrives to help young duelists prepare for the Pro Leagues. Since its conception, many dullest have entered these doors and left experience pro players ready for the big leagues. The academy dorms are split into three main buildings: Slifer Red Dorm, Ra Yellow Dorm, and Obelisk Blue Dorm. During the opening exams, each student is ranked to effectively place them in the appropriate dorm. Once the opening Exams are finished, each student is escorted to their dorms and presented their schedule for the school year.
Character sheet:
Age: (Between 14-16)
Deck name: (You can use real-life cards or create your own. Just make sure your created deck isn’t god like)
Arc Name: (We’ll each have an Ark so everyone will get a chance to shine)
Arc Bio: (PM me this so each Ark is a surprise to the others)
No Godmoding
Respect each other
Have fun
No god cards or god like cards unless approved
Fusion Summons, Exceed summons, and Tuner summoning are ok. However, No pendulum cards or summoning.
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