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So what is this game all about? Well, I'm sure we all know about hyping up a game either by blog posts, twitter, posts or even commercials whether they're on TV or online. That's what this game is about: triggering a person's hype meter. Basically, one person posts a picture or video and then out of 10 the person below rates how hyped the picture or video makes them feel. It can be for a new game, movie, or comic that's coming out or an old game, movie or comic that's already been out.

let's start:
@EchoicChamber I'm sorry, that's my bad. I know you said I didn't need to change it, but I can if need be.
Drake let out a long sigh as white smoke poured out of his mouth. He rotated the cigarette hanging from his lips from one corner of his mouth to the other. He had been watching the factory doors for hours, waiting for his target. According to the information: Maximillian Rome spent most of his time in this factory. Drake should have guessed as much sense out of all the factories this guy owned, this one was the largest in the city. When he was given this job and told who he was hired to kill. He figured it was because he used child labor inside his factories that made the vehicles many of the nobles drove. However, that wasn’t the case with this one.
According to the informant: Mr. Rome was an active hunter just like his father. While his workers slaved over the machines, he was outside the city hunting big game or whatever he came across. Drake wasn’t too sure why he was hired when he heard this from the young woman who gave him the bounty. He figured she was some hippy who wanted to save the animals. However, that’s when she dropped a bombshell on him: Mr. Rome frequented the orphanage she volunteered at and figured Max wanted a large family since he was unable to have kids. Drake had a gut feeling he knew what was coming next.

“He hunts the kids he adopts,” Drake had said before the woman could even continue. She simply nodded. She explained the woman who ran the orphanage might not know what was happening and she informed him the woman who ran the orphanage, Mrs. Rose. Would help him ore with all the information he needed.

When Drake went to the orphanage, he saw Mrs. Rose attending to the children. She seemed like a sweet lady and had a hunch she didn’t know what Max was doing to the children. However, he felt something dark under those crystal blue eyes. He asked about adoption and was more than happy to help with the papers. As they sat in her office, Drake mentioned that Max had recommended this orphanage to him. Her eyes seemed to light up as she quickly walked over to a file cabinet and removed three folders. She presented the folders to Drake who took them and began to read.

Each folder had a child’s picture inside and next to the picture where medical charts showing how healthy and fit they were. Drake knew exactly what was happening. Max and Mrs. Rose were working together. She would monitor the children and note any that might be perfect for Max’s sick and twisted hunting game. Drake thanked Mrs. Rose and left the orphanage, but not before putting a bullet into Mrs. Rose’s skull.
Drake let out another sigh just before the doors to the factory opened and Maximillian Rome walked out with two large bodyguards on either side of him. Drake laughed and joked, “Looks like someone was expecting me.” Drake adjusted his scoop and took aim. He knew if he got into the car outside the factory, he’d lose his chance. He took in a long breath before he pulled the trigger. The bullet ripped from his sniper's barrel and whizzed through the air. Drake watched through his scoop as Max’s head snapped back and he fell life lifeless to the ground. The two bodyguards quickly took out their own firearms and looked around for the shooter.

Drake stood up and flung his Sniper rifle onto his back before he padded the strap of the sniper. In a few seconds, the sniper rifle faded away. In fact, it was still there, but to hide his weapon from sight. He had installed a cloaking device into the gun. This way he could carry it around without anyone knowing. it was the same with his Blazeblue sword on his back. his two revolvers where in their holds under his coat so they really didn't need the device He walked over to the edge of the building and slid down the fire escape before he walked out of an alley and looked around before he smiled again and wandered into the crowded city. His next destination was in sight: Erubescan Citadel.

Drake whistled at the size of the Citadel as he stood outside its doors. He had never been in a place like this. He took the crumpled note he had gotten a few days ago and re-read it before he crumbled it back up and walked into the building. when he walked into the room, there were already four people there. Two men (Niklaus Santora & Richmond Durmont) in lavish looking clothing that he instantly knew here nobles.

"Great, I get to work with fucking Nobles," Drake said to himself, quite loudly in fact, but he really didn't care at this point. He saw a woman (Kora) who had a Claymore next to her and figured he could let his weapons been seen since, well. Hers was out in the open. he tapped his right shoulder and his Sniper rifle and sword looked to just come into existence. even though e merely turned off the cloaking device.

As he sat down he noticed the second woman (Cordelia) who seemed to be rather anxious for the meeting to start. He took out a cigarette and lit it before he addressed the woman who looked like a scientist and said, "So, are you the one who asked me here?"


will do, just a heads up. my username if different on discord then it is here.

all set, I also noticed I left something out in the weakness part of my character sheet. I changed it as well. long story short: because the Liquid Metal uses and consumes blood. The user can be subjected to hypovolemic Shock and Anemia.

oops, sorry about that. I'll change it

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