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I know it's old, but how is this not in the news? One guy made this...One guy!

yes, and any power level that isn't god tear

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you play as both a servant and a master.
Seth let out a long sigh as he looked through the scope of his sniper. He sat atop a large building overlooking an intersection. He watched the light change and the cars driving by as some either sped up before the light changed red or some simply drove right through the red light. He chuckled at a couple of them as he wondered what went through their minds as they tried to beat the light. According to his informant, this was where his target was going to be in the next five minutes. He never really met the informant, but if Jinx trusted them. Then he could too. He saw a large black SUV coming up to the intersection and grabbed the device Jinx had given him. He pressed the red button and the light quickly changed from green to yellow and then to red. The SUV slowly came to a stop and Seth looked through his scope at the SUV. It had dark tinted windows, but Seth didn’t seem worried. He flipped a switch on the scope and everything went infrared He saw two large heat signatures at the front and three heat signatures in the back. Two of the three heat signatures in the back were much smaller than the two in the front, but it was the large heat signature in the middle of the two Seth focused on. The informant said the SUV didn’t have bulletproof windows which would make things a hell of a lot easier. He adjusted his sniper rifle so the large heat signature in the back was in his sights.

The target in question was Paul Royce. A crooked politician who seemed like the perfect candidate for the people, but under the surface: he was a womanizer and a pedophile. However, because of his connections to an underground mafia, all his misdeeds and crimes went unnoticed. He was someone Seth hated the most. He used his power to hurt others. Seth gritted his teeth and waited for several seconds. He let out a long sigh before he pulled the trigger as the infrared was shut off. For Seth, the world went silent as the bullet escaped the barrel and soared through the air. He watched through the scope as the car idled at the stop light. Then a hole appeared in the windshield as the bullet penetrated it and went into the car. The world found its voice as the back doors of the SUV opened and the two hookers in the back screamed in panic and ran out. The two front doors of the car opened and the two security guards jumped out with weapons drawn. Seth paid them no mind as he took the strap on the sniper and swung it so the gun rested on his back. He quickly walked over to the fire escape which was a simple ladder and he slid down it into the alley below. He took off his cowboy hat as he walked over to his motorcycle. He lifted the seat and placed his hat in the holding area before he closed it and placed his helmet on. He sat down on the Motorcycle and started it up as flames shot from the exhaust. He drove from the alley and onto the road towards Jinx’s shop to get paid.


Drake drove into the parking lot of the police station with his windows down and stereo blaring the new hit metal song. He sat in his car and let the music slowly die down before he shut his car off. Sure, it was illegal to blare music that loud, but what harm was it to blare that kind of music. Who doesn’t like metal or rock? Blaring the other kind of music: the ones were every other word is a curse word or nothing but computer noises. He understood why that was annoying, but who could hate rock? Drake thought about it for a second before he opened his door and walked towards the entrance to the police station. He waved his hand in front of his face to get rid of the smell that now entered his nostrils.

“Phew, someone brought their dog with them,” Drake said. He wasn’t a dog person and didn’t like the smell that came with it. He was more of a cat person, but he never got into that argument with people who like the other species. To each his own his dad would always say. Thinking of his dad made him laugh a little. When he got the letter to meet here his dad joked that his pull in the SWAT team must have gotten him the invitation. His mother simply scoffed at this and argued it was her connections that got him the invitation. His parents were like that all the time: playful arguing and the occasional dick measuring contest to see whose department was better. That made Drake stop and burst out laughing as he remembered his grandfather’s quote: if you’re going to start a dick measuring contest with a woman, you must have started out with the world’s cruelest handicap. He shook his head and continued to walk towards the door. He stopped midway in reaching for the door and wondered, “I think I have a little time.”

Drake stepped to the side of the door and leaned against the wall next to the door. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lighter. He took out his last cigarette and made a mental note to buy more. He placed the cigarette into his mouth and let it hang for several seconds between his lips as he tried to produce a flame from his lighter. He cursed several times before the spark finally caught and a small flame erupted from his lighter. He let it burn the tip of the cigarette before he inhaled and then exhaled a large puff of smoke. He chuckled to himself as he heard his grandmother’s voice yelling at him to quit smoking cigarettes or what she called them: cancer sticks. He let out another puff of smoke as he checked his phone for any new messages.
Drake looked at the entrance to the academy before he took a deep breath and began to walk through the threshold into his new life. He stopped and looked back at the Magisters who brought him here. They were walking back the way they had just come. Drake sighed as he remembered the journey here: the two Magisters seemed to be a little annoyed with escorting him here because every time he tried to spark up a conversation with them. They’d simply ignore him and when he tried to ask a question about where they were going. One would simply reply with, “All will be revealed in due time.” Or “All your questions will be answered very soon.”

“Guess they just wanted to bring me here so they could go home,” Drake assumed before he let out a sigh and looked at the map one of the Magisters had given him. It had one simple instruction on it. Go to the dormitory and nowhere else. He examined the map before he began to head towards the dormitory. This was it, his new life at this academy. How a simple blacksmiths son could wind up here was beyond him. He looked around at all the buildings that he passed and was stunned at their architecture. It’s like something out of a fairy tale Drake thought before he spotted the dorms. He also spotted two people in front of them. He stopped and let out another sigh.

“Let’s hope these two are more talkative them the two people that brought me here,” Drake said to himself before he proceeded towards the dorms and the two in front of them. As he got closer he waved and said, “Good morning.” Please don’t be like the two that brought me here. Drake hoped in his mind.
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alright, guys here is the link to the RPG in the normal thread:…

Those of you who have their character sheet finished. only post your mage character in the form. keep your servant character a secret until you know who you're paired with.
In the last Holy Grail War, Gilgamesh the king of kings was the victor. However, before his wish could be heard by the world and his master. Gilgamesh took the Grail in his hands and in a flash the two were gone. Now, 25 years later the Holy Grail has once again returned to the world. High above London floats a massive castle made of gold and from the castle, a voice boomed across the world.

“Mortals, peasants, and all others who are nothing more than the dirt beneath my feet! Bear witness to the might trinket that is the Holy Grail! By my will, I announce that the Holy Grail War has begun. By my creed, I will judge all those who wish to obtain my property and shall judge all combatants. I will deem the winner worthy of my treasure for I am Gilgamesh, the King of kings, and the one true wielder of the Grail. Once you have summoned your heroic spirit and established the pact with them. You will be granted access to my castle and the Holy Grail War shall begin!”

Gilgamesh seemed to now control the Holy Grail since he now sits on his throne with the Grail sitting on a pedestal next to him. However, the battle area is not the only thing Gilgamesh has altered for this year’s Holy Grail War. Gilgamesh has somehow taken control of the Grail and forced the Grail to alter the rules of this year’s battle. In the past, the Grail War has allowed Seven Heroic spirits from the different classes (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Rider, Caster, and Assassin) to be transported to this word to fight under the master that summoned them. However, Gilgamesh has forced the Grail to open three slots for each class so the Grail war can be more entertaining. He’s also forced the Grail to add a few new classes to this year’s Grail War: Trickster, Illusionist, Executioner, and Alchemist.

The Grail has strained in both power and magic to obey his command and in doing so the Grail has become corrupted and has strained to make his will a reality. With every spirit summoned by a master, the Grail grows more corrupted and weak. However, Gilgamesh seems not to notice the Grail's wavering state and seems to only care for his own amusement. What he fails to realize is that with every spirit slain in battle and sent back to the Grail the corruption grows. It seems that Gilgamesh’s actions have pushed the Grail to its very breaking point which could mean the end of the Grail marking this year’s Grail War the final battle.
Saber: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Archer: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Lancer: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Berserker: (Slot1: closed/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Rider: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Caster: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Assassin: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Trickster: (Slot1: Closed/ Slot2: Closed/ Slot3: open)

Illusionist: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Executioner: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)

Alchemist: (Slot1: open/ Slot2: open/ Slot3: open)
Character Sheet: (PM me your Character sheets.)
Each person is to submit a mage character sheet and a servant/heroic spirit character sheet, however, everyone will be paired up at random so your mage will not have the servants/heroic spirits character you post.

Mage Character Sheet:
Country of Origin:
Magic abilities: (Max is two)
Command Seal appearance:

Servants/heroic spirits character sheet:
Class Name:
True Name:
Age: (What age do they look like?)
Noble Phantasm:

I’m allowing characters from Video games, anime, and books (Not comic books) as servants/heroic spirits. Below is a list of some characters I will not accept as servants/heroic spirits:

Seth spun around and sliced an imp in half before he let out a frustrated sigh. He looked around at all the imps around him and the others. He then saw them using their rings and cursed under his breath, “Damn it. These things don’t know when to quit.” He gritted his teeth and snarled as he looked back at the imps slowly stalking towards him.

“Fine, I guess I’ll take the easy way out,” Seth said before he lifted his Scythe and began to spin it above his head. Electricity began to form above his spinning scythe as it sparked and shot all around him. Parts of the ground started to char as the electricity hit the radius around Seth. He narrowed his eyes towards the imps and hissed, “Remember this you damn demons. This is what true terror looks like.” He rotated his Scythe so its blade looked the sphere of condensed electricity. He spun around and slashed at the air in front of him.

“Flying Tesla Coil,” Seth yelled just as the sphere of condensed electricity shot towards the imps. It morphed and took the shape of a crescent moon. It shot towards the imps and once it hit the first imp it exploded with a large crackle as the imps violently convulsed as electricity shot through their bodies. If the goal was to kill the imps without alerting people around them, Seth clearly failed as the large crackle echoed in the night air.

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Servant Character Sheet

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