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In the world of Remnant, all living creatures possess a soul, the physical manifestation of which is known as Aura: a form of innate energy that bestows its user with certain abilities and powers. Unique expressions of these abilities which are specific to individuals are known as a Semblance. Remnant is populated by two intelligent species - humanity and Faunus, a race of human-animal hybrids.

Legend states that mankind was born from dust into a hostile world, forced to battle for survival against soulless creatures of darkness known as the Grimm. However, mankind discovered a power that would help them combat the forces of darkness. They named their new weapon Dust. Armed with this weapon, mankind was able to turn the tide against the Grimm.

In the absence of darkness, mankind was able to build civilization and spread throughout the world. The mining of Dust would continue to be a major industry, leading to the rise of large enterprises such as the Schnee Dust Company.

However, having survived the Grimm menace, humanity began to turn against itself, spiraling into a series of self-destructive conflicts. The largest of these was the Great War, fought over issues of individualism and self-expression. The conflict also arose between the humans and the subjugated Faunus, eventually sparking the Faunus Rights Revolution.

After the Faunus Rights Revolution, the White Fang was founded as a symbol of peace and unity between the Faunus and Humans. However, humanity continued to discriminate the Faunus, prompting the White Fang to become the voice of the Faunus.

Initially, they took the classical forms of nonviolent political protest with such tactics as mass rallies and boycotts of organizations that discriminated against Faunus in any way.

Then, approximately five years ago, after fruitless attempts to be accepted by the Humans as equals, the leader of the White Fang stepped down and was replaced by a new leadership who didn't share the same belief in nonviolent protest. Under this new leadership, the White Fang adopted its current violent and more aggressive behavior. Most notable was the bombing of stores that refused to serve Faunus and the theft or sabotage of cargo trains originating from organizations that used Faunus labor. Most of the time, these cargo trains carried dust from the Schnee Dust Company.

Under its new leadership, the White Fang retaliated against the people and organizations who once treated them as lesser beings and slaves. Ironically, in an attempt to gain equality and make the Faunus race free from fear, the White Fang itself has become a cause of fear and hatred amongst Humans and Faunus alike. The White Fang's barbaric actions have made them unpopular even among Faunus, with the more moderate and open-minded members of the species seeing them as insane obstacles to true peace between the races. If some Humans now treat Faunus as equals, it is not out of any true respect, but only from their fear of the actions of the White Fang.

In the modern day, most humans live within the four Kingdoms; Vale, Mistral, Atlas, and Vacuo. Through a combination of human tenacity and the use of natural barriers, these settlements managed to survive and are regarded as "safe havens" and "beacons of hope" for humanity and Faunus.

However, small villages and nomadic communities do exist outside of the territories of the main kingdoms, though they are noted as being far more susceptible to Grimm attacks. This serves to emphasize that Remnant is not a particularly welcoming world to humans.

Following the Great War, Huntsman Academies, such as Beacon Academy, were created to train Huntsmen and Huntresses, warriors whose sole purpose was to combat the Grimm using a combination of powerful weapons, Aura, and Dust. In doing so, they protect those who cannot protect themselves from the dangers of Remnant.

Over the years, Beacon, like the rest of the academies have trained hunters and huntresses to fight against the Grimm, but with the uprising of the White Fang. Many of the academies have started training their students to fight back against the White Fang. The academies express that violence against the White Fang should be a last resort, but Atlas academy sees the White Fang as nothing more than a threat.

However, the government that oversees both the academies and the kingdoms forbid a full-scale attack on the White Fang for fear of a full-scale war. However, the war might just be the only answer as the academies open their doors to new and returning students. The White Fangs newest plan not only involves a full-scale attack on the kingdoms but also involves the most heinous crime a being can commit: Playing God. As the academies open their doors, they are unaware of the looming danger creeping up from the shadows. Among them, Beacon is unaware that they will be the first testing grounds for the White Fangs newest plans. However, should the plan succeed or fail, no one could predict what could happen in the coming future?
Character Sheet:
Appearance: (Picture)
Age: 17 (First year), 18 (Second Year)
Race: (Human or Faunus)
Weapon Name:
Weapon Appearance:
Weapon Type:(Transformable, Dust compatible, Semblance compatible) (Also put what types of Dust. only allowed three)
Weapon Range: (Long, Medium, Short)
Weapon Transformations: (Add more if it goes beyond three transformations)
Version 1:
Version 2:
Version 3:
Additional Appearance: (height, Weight, any additional features the picture doesn't show)

@Framing A Moose@Azure Sea

Ok, I changed the CS. I only used the four basic elements and changed his age to 17. was there anything else you needed me to change?

Seth looked up towards the Front to see the teacher introduce himself before allowing the others to do the same. The first was a guy named Meruem. His Quark was unique, to say the least, and his goal to be the strongest hero made Seth laugh a little. Strongest hero huh? I wonder how long that will last. Seth thought before a Girl, Haley introduced herself. He Quark, the ability to manipulate earth made him think of a character from a show he once saw.

“Make her blind and she might be just like her,” Seth said to himself with a smile. Seth took a Deep Breath and said, “Guess it’s my turn.” Seth stood up and stretched. He then interlaced his fingers and let the joints in his fingers crack loudly. He let out a satisfied sigh, “That’s better”

“Hey Y'all, names Seth Rush and my Quark is called Liquid Metal,” Seth said before he extended his hand out. Silver liquid seeped from his skin before it coated his hand and arm up to his elbow. It hardened and he took a Wrench from his desk and tapped it against the metal to prove it had hardened into a sort of Gauntlet. The metal soon changed back to silver liquid before it sunk back into his skin. He placed the Wrench back down and continued, “I can also create weapons, but I must first coat the weapon in my Liquid Metal to get the dimensions of the weapon.”

“As most of you must have guessed, I’m a mechanic. I work with my dad at his shop so I’m big on cars. I also like music and consider myself a movie buff. So if you have a car question or just need me to look at a vehicle, just ask and I’ll see what I can do,” Seth said before he sat back down and started to place the tools back in his duffle bag. he stopped and added, "Oh and Mr. Walker: who ever has the Mustang outside. You might want to let them know they're going to need a new belt. that;s why it squeals now and again. I heard it on my way here."
@Wasted Ink
Seth twitched and lazily looked up at Izayoi. He narrowed his eyes to have them focus before he ran his two fingers across his cheek. It didn’t get rid of the oil on his cheek but add to it. He moved his hand back and looked at it and cursed, “Shit.” This woke him up and he sighed as he reached down and unzipped his duffle bag. He proceeded to look through it as more metal clangs came from the duffle bag. He took out a ruby red combination wrench from the duffle bag and placed it on his desk before he continued to search. As he did he removed more tools from his bag like Wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools one would find in an auto body shop. He let out another sigh, “Always on the bottom.”

He removed the container of Clorox wipes and began to whip down his hands until the grease and Oil were completely gone. He then used a signal wipe to remove the oil from his cheek. After that, he chucked the dirty wipes into the garbage at the back of the class before he wiped his wet hands on his pants. He realized he had wiped them on more grease and oil and cursed again before he did the whole process over again. He then used the wipes to clean his pants. His pants were not clean of grease and oil, but now were stained with bleach, but he didn’t seem to mind that.

“Thanks, man,” Seth said to Izayoi before he continued, “Forgot I worked on Mrs. Rose’s car before coming here. Names Seth.” He extended his clean, Clorox smelling hand towards him. he then looked around at the class room and had to blink a few times.

“Whoa, where did everyone else come from?” Seth said not realizing he had been asleep while everyone came into the class.
Seth let out a yawn as he walked towards AU. He had been up all night helping his dad work on a client’s car. She had wanted the car ready by next month, but her son was being deployed early and wanted to know if the car could be done today. His dad assured her that the car would be and told Seth to head to bed while he finished up. However, Seth protested and said the two of them could finish a whole lot faster. His dad thanked him and the two worked on the car until 3 AM before they decided the small amount the needed to do could wait till tomorrow.

The next morning Seth helped his dad with the little remaining work before he headed off to AU. He was so tired that he didn’t notice the oil and grease on his hands, arms, pants, and a small line of oil on his right cheek. He let out another yawn as he passed by a group of reporters that was heckling some of the students heading into AU. They paid him no mind until they saw him turn and head inside the Academy grounds. They tried to get his attention, but because of his noise canceling headphones blaring rock music. He didn’t hear them call to him.

He saw where the students were heading and soon followed them. He walked into the class room and looked around. He narrowed his eyes to focus them on the chalk board until he could read the words.

“Guess we get to choose our seats,” He said to himself before he yawned again. He maneuvered his duffle bag’s strap on his shoulder and loud clangs could be heard inside of it. He then proceeded towards the back of the room and took a seat. He placed the duffle bag on the ground causing more metal clangs before he placed his head on his arms and started to fall asleep.
I'm still here.
You guys are so amazing! I would like you guys to add three things in addition to this: Skills, favorite hero (Doesn't have to be real) and Quirk flaw.

I would also want to know which class you guys want to be: Support, buissiness, hero, or general?

all set. I added what you asked to my CS
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