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Drake observed Shin silently as he did with the rest of the students. Once shin was done, a smile formed on Drake’s face as he looked towards Arthur who nodded and ushered Shin over towards the rest of the group before he began, “I believe that is it for the Quirk trial.”

“Indeed,” a second Arthur said as he stroked his chin. The original Arthur sighed as the second Arthur laughed and changed back to Luke before adding, “Ah, come on old man. Have a little fun.”

“Anyway,” Arthur sighed before he would address the class once again, “you all might be wondering what’s next for today. Well, for that I’d like to have Drake explain the rest of today’s activities.” Arthur motioned for Drake who nodded and took his spot in front of the class.

“So for the rest of the day, Arthur and the rest of us have agreed,” Drake said before he added, “that you are to head to the dorms, unpack your belongings, and have the rest of the day to yourselves.” Drake paused to let his words sink in before he continued, “Please understand that this doesn’t mean you’ll be getting out early every day from classes. Today is an exception because of two reasons: one because this is your first day here and we wish to not overwork you and two, because of what we have in store for you tomorrow.”

“Yes,” Arthur spoke up before he added, “We won’t be telling you what tomorrow has in store, but I will give you a hint,” Arthur said before he continued, “While you have today off. You might want to get to know your classmates. Know their personalities and their Quirks. You might need that knowledge tomorrow.”

“So with that,” Drake said before he motioned towards the dorms, “Chad will show you your dormitory.”

Chad jumped at the mention of his name before he composed himself and cleared his throat, “yes…well,” chad stammered before he added, “Please follow me towards the dorms and I’ll explain the living situations.”

Chad would lead the students towards the massive building behind the school and lead them into a dorm that was dubbed UA dorm 3. As the students walked through the threshold and into the dorm the device that rendered their Quirks helpless turned on.

Seth felt a chill go down his spine as he hugged himself. He felt, empty inside as he walked into the dorm. His anxiety seemed to grow even when his Quirk was gone. Something inside of him was pulling him back outside. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly to try to calm his nerves.

“This is your class’s dormitory,” chad said as he motioned towards the common area. It was large enough to hold three hundred students with a massive TV that took up one of the walls with a horseshoe-shaped couch sitting in front of it. On the other side of the room was a massive kitchen with a large industrial stove and refrigerator. Chad walked over to the fridge and tapped the small tablet molded into the fridge. It came to life as Chad explained, “This tablet is to help the school know what you’d like stocked inside the fridge. Just place what you want on the tablet and the next day the fridge will be stocked. Mind you, there are limitations to what you order.”

Chad then walked towards the back of the room where two sets of stairs ascended to the next floors with an elevator between them. Chad then began to explain, “These stairs and elevator lead up to your own dorms. The second floor is the girl’s dorm and the third is the boy's while the other four floors are reserved for other activities.” He motioned to follow and as the students piled into the large elevator. Chad pressed the button for the fourth floor. As it ascended Chad hummed to the elevator music.

When the doors opened, they revealed a large rec room filled with pool tables, arcade cabinets, and other games the students could play. Chad walked out of the elevator and motioned around the room as he said, “This is the Rec Room. Here when you have time off you can enjoy some games and generally hang out.” he pointed towards the back where another large TV took up the wall and added, “Back there the TV has all manner of video games you could think of. I’m surprised at how many systems you kids have nowadays. Back in the day I only had three systems.” Chad then realized what he said and coughed.

“Let’s move on,” Chad said as he took the students to the next floor which was a large gym. He then took the students back down to the first floor and walked towards the entrance. He stopped and turned to the students before saying, “Your stuff is in each of your rooms which are labeled for you.” Chad was about the leave before he remembered something turned back to the students and added, “almost forgot.”

He handed each student a silver card the size of a playing card. As soon as the card touched the student's hand. It melted and sunk into their skin. As soon as the card melted into his hand Seth began shaking his hand trying to get the card out while yelling, “It went into my skin!”

“Well yes, these are the key cards for the dorm and your rooms. Each room will be homed into your own unique DNA. Makes it easier than actual keys that can be lost….a lot,” Chad said before he took a deep breath and added, “Now I’ll leave you to unpack, but please remember Arthur’s and Drake’s words. You are going to need to know one another for tomorrow.” With that Chad left the dorm.

Seth watched him leave and began to nervously rub his right arm again wondering what he should do. His stuff was in his room and unpacking wouldn’t be a problem. It was interacting with the others that worried him after his little outburst during his Quirk Trial.

“I guess, we should unpack before meeting back here,” Seth said nervously.
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“I’m…..I’m fine,” Seth told Makoto before he got up and walked back towards the group, head down trying to make little eye contact with anyone. He went back to rubbing his arm and soon started nervously scratching at the scared skin on his arm from when he scratched too hard a few times in the past.

“See what you did Zack,” Viper scolded.

“How is it my fault?” Zack asked. Arthur said nothing as he tapped his cane on the ground and more Rock Knights rose up from the ground.

“I think we should just move on to our final student,” Arthur said before he turned to Shin and added, “All right Shin, let’s see your Quirk in action.”

“Yeah, and don’t worry what Zack says. He’s just jelly about how awesome your Quirks are,” Viper cheered. Zack just rolled his eyes and paid no attention to her. Seth just slowly walked towards the back of the group and waited for the next student to go. He just wanted to find a hole to crawl into and hide.

"Indeed, however," Arthur said before he turned to Viper and said, "do you mind telling me where the actual Viper is?" Viper cocked her head to the side in confusion at his question.

"I was wondering when you'd address the issue Arthur," Drake said with a small laugh. Drake had been simply watching the students quietly show off their Quirks while assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

"I had figured I'd amuse him for a while, but now as the day goes on. I've decided to stop the game," Arthur said.

Viper cocked her head to the other side in confusion before she looked up in the air to think. She then giggled, "Viper asked me to take her place so she could sleep in."

"Slacker," Zack said.

"Wait...what's going on?" chad asked. He was unsure of what was even happening. He looked from Arthur to Zack to Drake, and finally Viper.

"Well, if you're going to be here. you might as well show the students your true self," Arthur said a little annoyed.

"Oh, but I like this form," Viper wined.

"Now Luke!" Arthur ordered. Viper puffed up her cheeks before she exploded into a cloud of white smoke.

"Happy now?" a voice asked. when the smoke cleared, Viper was gone and in her place was a young boy no older than 13. He wore a colorful t-shirt with a Grinning cat that was dancing on its own severed head, jean shorts that had the same grinning cat stitched into its fabric at different intervals, and brown sandals

"Really Luke?" Chad said now understanding what happened. he sighed and introduced the class to their new arrival, "This is Luke Lookingglass. His hero name is Cheshire Cat."

"Yep, yep, yep!" Luke said rapidly before he smacked Chad in the leg and added, "and my Quirk is this!" Luke exploded into a cloud of white smoke and when it faded. A second Chad stood net to the original. Then, the second Chad exploded into another cloud of white smoke before Luke once again stood in front of the class.

"His Quirk is called Copy Cat. He can look like anyone he touches and even use their Quirk," Zack said as he sighed again before he asked, "Do you want me to wake up Viper?" Arthur simply nodded and Zack walked off to retrieve her.

"Are you sure it's a good Idea to send him to wake her up," Chad asked.

"It will be fine," Arthur said before he turned towards Shin and said, "sorry for the delay. Please proceed."

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@Dynamo Frokane Alright dude, this is the 2nd time you've gone off the rails with memes which is impressive. But the others in this thread are right, that is toxic. I am not the kinda guy that likes getting onto people, but various members messaged me for the meme and since it's within a 24 hour period between the last time I had to get onto you, I'll give you one more shot or I'll need to take it up with the other mods. You don't have the best discord record, try to keep it clean here, eh?

I feel I should take part of the blame for that. I'm not doing anything to monitor or even try to bring people back on to the topic at hand and for that, I do apologize.
Arthur and the other teachers watched in awe as Kowa demonstrated her Quirk. None of them spoke after she finished. They all stood there for several seconds before Viper made the first move. In a flash she was in front of Kowa, then her side, then behind her, and finally back in front of her. It felt like she was examining Kowa as she did so. A smile formed on Viper’s face before she placed an arm around Kowa and said, “I like her. Can I keep her?” Chad and Arthur both sighed simultaneously while Zack rubbed his eyes.

“No Viper, you can’t. She’s not a pet,” Chad said.

“Pleeeeeeeese,” Viper wined before she continued, “I Promise to take care of her. I mean look at her. She’s the spitting image of me when I was her age.”

“Now that’s an insult if I’ve ever heard one,” Zack retorted. Viper puffed up her cheeks and glared at him before she sighed and patted Kowa on her back while saying, “Great job. You put on a wonderful show.”

“Indeed,” Drake said with a smile.

“You did wonderfully Kowa and just like the others. You’ll do great things here,” Arthur stated before he turned to Seth and said,
“Looks like you’re next.”

Seth jumped at Arthur talking to him before he nervously laughed and stalled, “Um isn’t it getting late. I’m sure you all are tired and those who have gone probably need to rest…right?” he nervously rubbed his right arm.

“It’s like 11:30… the morning,” Zack said a little annoyed.

“Calm down Zack, remember how you were back in the day,” viper teased.

“Please don’t remind me,” Zack said with a sigh. Seth saw that no amount of stalling would stop them. He took a long breath in before slowly releasing it and walked towards were the Rock knight were.

“Here goes nothing,” Seth said to himself before he lifted his right arm up as black ooze started to seep from his skin. It bubbled and churned as it began to coat his whole arm. Suddenly it hardened into a gauntlet with ruby red claws at the tips of the fingers. He took another long breath in before he charged at the Rock Knights. He swung at the closest one and his claws carved long, deep fissures into the Knight's body. He was only going to attack one and then stop, but something told him to attack another one. He hesitated, but soon charged at another rock Knight. This time he pierced the claws into its chest before quickly ripping them out. This is…kind of fun. Seth thought before he charged at another Rock Knight. A playful smile started to form on his face but soon turned to a crooked smile as he licked his lips.

He lunged for a third Rock knight. the two tumbled on the ground before Seth was able to get on top of it and started pounding his fist into the Rock Knights helm. However, as the helm crumbled he continued to pound into the ground as though he was trying to break the ground underneath. His Crooked smile had changed to a sadistic one as he continued to pound the helm into dust. Where is it? Where is it? Seth thought as he screamed into his mind, where’s the blood! He lifted his arm back ready to strike again when he stopped. His demeanor turned from crazed to fear as the gauntlet liquefied and the black ooze quickly seeped back into his skin. He stared at the Rock Knights crumbled helm and began to hyperventilate as he realized what he had done. He quickly crawled away from the Rock Knight like it was a dead body, all the while visions of his Grandfather losing control flashed in his eyes.

“Wow, someone needs some anger management,” Zack joked, resulting in Viper slapping the back of his head.

“Can you be any more of a jerk?” Viper Scolded.

so yes, the story arc will help your character progress whether it be controlling their Quirk, understanding how their Quirk works (for example if they've been using their Quirk and during the Arc they realize that they've been using it the wrong way), they want to be a hero even though part of their family are villains, Ect. it's whatever you feel fits your character.

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