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Central City: a Massive Island in the middle of the Ocean that houses one of the largest cities known to man or Pokémon. However, it is inaccessible to those who seek it. This is due to the fact it sits underneath the waves in a massive air-tight bubble. It stays like this until the time of the Central City Festival when it rises from the depths and once again appears in our society. The founder and architect of Central City: Arthur Crossvell wanted to create a once in a year festival where Pokémon trainers from all over the world came together and battled for an illustrious prize. However, he didn’t want them to just be confined in an arena. No, he wanted them to have one big playground where they could battle to their heart's content. Thus, the Idea of Central City was born.

Arthur, not only being a Hotel Tycoon but an enthusiastic Pokémon fan used his wealth from his multibillion-dollar company to fund the project. He knew finding the right island would be impossible for his dream so instead he created the island Central city sits on. He wanted skyscrapers, business offices, that one sub shop that might not have been as big as the cooperate one, but continued to do business, the works. He wanted a living, breathing city, but he wanted it to also make trainers look forward to arriving in it. So, he came up with a plan: he would only bring the city to the masses once every year, for however long it needed to crown the festival winner.

With his plan now set and the construction underway. He decided that Trainers shouldn’t be the only people to enjoy this festival. So he enlisted the help of all the major TV stations to broadcast his festival, so everyone around the world could witness the trainers and their battles. However, this brought up a question: how would he get trainers from across the globe to participate in this festival? Surely some would simply show up to test their skills while others looked for the thrill of a challenge, but what about the rest of the trainers? There could be a chance for prize money, but even then every year to hand prize money sounded so dull and overdone. Then, he came up with an idea. He heard of a group of trainers who would go out a legally catch and train Pokémon for trainers with the right amount of cash. He enlisted them in his plan and asked them to find Pokémon for the prize of the festival. However, he didn’t want just any Pokémon. He wanted the illustrious Shiny Pokémon.

He knew normal, everyday Pokémon wouldn’t grab trainers' attention. So he wanted Pokémon that would make trainers travel to the island to try and win. Now he had his island and the prize: almost half a million in cash and a rare shiny Pokémon. The first festival was a major hit with trainers coming across the world to win the cash prize and the shiny Butterfree the group he had hired caught. The TV stations saw a boom in ratings because of the festival. Arthur was overjoyed with the success of his dream and vowed to continue the festival. For 27 years the festival brought trainers from far and wide to battle in the floating city with the hopes of winning the prize money and a rare Shiny Pokémon.

Over the years Arthur upped the prize to a million Dollars and 3 rare shiny Pokémon. With the ratings continue to skyrocket and Arthurs Hotels gaining massive traffic due to his popularity. It seemed the Central City Festival would last forever. However, Arthur wouldn’t be able to see it. Two years ago, Arthur passed away in his sleep at the age of 85. Arthur left Central City to his only Son Benjamin who vowed to continue his father’s dream and continue the Central City Festival.

As Benjamin prepares for this year’s festival he found a secret lockbox in his father’s study. There he found the true reason for his father’s obsession with the Central City Festival. With his new-found knowledge, he contacted the group of trainers his father hired and asked them for a new request. One where it will guarantee every trainer will want to be at the festival. To ensure his father’s intentions come true.

As the festival draws closer to beginning Benjamin appears on one of the news networks to announce the prize. Everyone in the world waited with bated breath as Benjamin readies himself. He then drops the bombshell: the prize is 7 Billion Dollars and 149 shiny Pokémon. In fact, the 149 shinies are the very first Pokémon recorded in the Pokedex minus Mew and Mewtwo. After this, every news network picks up on the prize and how many trainers will travel to the island. While all this is going on, Benjamin hopes this will ensure those his father searched for, would appear. However, unbeknownst to him his announcement has attracted three dangerous organizations.

Team Rocket, who sees the prize money and Pokémon essential to their world domination, the organization called Team Surge. A group of individuals who sees Pokémon as nothing more than weapons and the world overpopulated with the unworthy. To cleanse the world, they want to create a second great Pokémon war. The final organization is Team Milotic. A group of Pokémon activists who want Pokémon to be free and want to stop humanity from capturing and forcing Pokémon to fight for their amusement.

With Central City ascending to the surface, the three Organizations heading towards the island, and Benjamin enticing those his father was searching for. This year’s Central City Festival is looking to be one hell of a bash.

Character Sheet:
Pokémon Team: (You don't need to fill all 6 slots)(Only 3 Fully evolved pokemon. please see the Rules to see what I consider a fully evolved pokemon)
Pokémon attacks and pokemon active ability: (Each Pokémon has a max of 6 attacks and one active ability)
Legendary Pokemon: (Optional) Each person will have one Legendary pokemon (this won't count towards your team since the Legendary Pokemon won't be in a Pokeball)
Legendary Pokemon Attacks: (can only have a max of 4)
Additional appearance: (Optional)
Legendary List:
1. Rayquaza

1. Don't be a jerk.
2. No Godmoding.
3. If your pokemon has a Z-move. it takes up one of the Attack Slots.
4. if your pokemon can Mega Evolve. it will get an extra attack slot. (Note: Mega Evolution can only happen once in a battle)
5. there is a max of only three fully evolved Pokemon (Three stage Pokemon) if your Pokemon has a baby form, the third evolution does not count as a fully evolved stage.
6. Have fun.
7. please wait for every player to post before posting again. Unless told otherwise.
8. your mega Evolved pokemon cannot use a Z-move
9. No Dynamazing.
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Putting my team down for now. I'll add a bio for my trainer later.

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