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Current Depression is a SLUT for CHEATING on me with someone ELSE.
10 days ago
What if you wanted to go to HEAVEN, but GOD said, "Stop GHOSTING your Roleplay partners".
13 days ago
"It just works." - Todd Howard on 'Get Kid'



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In Meow~! 11 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome, new friend! I love your avatar. That's a very cute cat if I don't say so myself.
I think this is a sequel, but are y'all accepting new applicants? I'm tentatively VERY interested.
New account, but not new to this site. I've been floating around, off and on, since OldGuild.

Hi there. I'm Summers (or just Summer) and I'm looking to rebrand. A little about me is that I'm female, twenty-one, in a long distance relationship with a wonderful girlfriend, and currently living in the United States of Amarika. As I've said already, I've been on this site before and was surprisingly (luckily?) never banned in spite of my stupid antics. I've become a much more refined woman, however, and am looking to chill while posting memes or playing in Get Kid. I'm sorry for who I used to be.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting back into Get Kid some Roleplays!
If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, you may be entitled to joining Get Kid: Electrical Twogalatoo. Click here to become a member in the next chapter of RoleplayerGuild history.

Full Name: Mari Suya
Appearance: Emo, hot, extremely skinny, has big anime tiddies.
Interesting Physical Traits: She has bright white angel wings, a cat tail, heterochromia, and extremely rare rainbow hair.

Personality: Mari Suya can be summarized as kind, cold, uncaring, friendly, shy, energetic, outgoing, timid, and super insane. Mari has a bad temper and she will become very angry or even pyscho if someone makes her mad, so people should beware. Quite frankly, Mari is a very strange and unstable individual overall.

History: Life has not been easy for poor Mari Suya. Born to a vampire-witch-wolf-angel and a demon-neko-fairy-dragon, Mari Suya developed traits from both of her parents. She spent most of her childhood scorned by both of their homelands as she was a child born from a forbidden love affair. This scorn would become so powerful that a war would be started over the girl. This eventually led to her home burning down with her parents still trapped inside. Fleeing from her terrible situation, Mari Suya found herself stuck with flourishing powers and with nowhere to go. It was with this in mind that she decided to join the hunt for Get Kid. This, however, was not done before fulfilling her destiny of becoming a rock star and a magical girl. Also, she was raped and her boyfriend was killed too.

Skills: She can fly, control fire, turn into a magical girl, and transform into a wolf (xD), neko, angel, demon, and dragon.
Items: She has locket that was a gift from her mother. She doesn't what's inside.
I'm late, but I am here, queer, and ready to Get Kid.
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