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Current Sorry for my absence. Work has been kicking my arse. I'll slowly be responding to PMs and Roleplays again.
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What if you wanted to go to HEAVEN, but GOD said, "Stop GHOSTING your Roleplay partners".


About Me
New account, but not new to this site. I've been floating around, off and on, since OldGuild.

Hi there. I'm Summers and I'm looking to rebrand (Makoto when?). A little about me is that I'm twenty-one, in a long distance relationship with a wonderful girlfriend, and currently living in the United States of Amarika. As I've said already, I've been on this site before and was surprisingly (luckily?) never banned in spite of my stupid antics. I've become a much more refined person, however, and I am looking to chill while posting memes or playing in Get Kid. I'm sorry for who I used to be. Please be my friend and Roleplay with me, thanks.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting back into Get Kid some Roleplays!

Ongoing Roleplays
Get Kid: Electrical Twogalatoo
thє supєrnαturαl príncєss вrídє ⚔️♛👑
The Magician's Thief (PMs)
Rust & Steam (Discord)
Peregrinus Academy (Discord)
Fantastic Phantoms And Where To Find Them (Discord)
The Mocking Dead (Discord)
Doom Days (Discord)
Shining Stars (Discord)

Interest Check
Iwaku Interest Check

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I'm still kind of alive, but I need to read up on what I've missed. I see that we have a new character and a potential lesbian suitor so that's neat. I'm glad that I picked a role that only needs to post every once in a while.
THANK you!

I really APPRECIATE those KIND words & I LOVE when people BITE hard ;)


I like YOU. I hope that you STICK around for a LONG time.
Welcome to the GUILD, friend! Don't be shy to ask any QUESTIONS that you might HAVE! Most of us DON'T bite too hard and will be HAPPY to answer them! Otherwise, I hope that you find what you're LOOKING FOR and enjoy the time that you SPEND on HERE!
Roleplay: The Magician's Thief
Section: 1x1 (PMs)
Fate: -

Archived character sheets can be found here.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Can I apply as JK Rowling?

Hey there!

My name is Summers, but you can call me anything that you'd like. I'm twenty-one, female, and living near Atlantic City with my old man. I learned to Roleplay at eleven years old and have stuck with the hobby since then. As I was taught to Roleplay through Chatango, I have a preference for writing through IMs though I'm currently looking to write on these forums instead. While Roleplaying dominates most of my time, I also work at a local hardware store and have other hobbies as well. Among those hobbies is playing video games, napping, and chatting with my many online friends. I am currently in a long distance relationship with a wonderful girlfriend and I am also very invested in the online sleuthing community as well.

I think that's about it for me, but feel free to ask any additional question that you might have!

Availability & Frequency

  • Please be informed that my writing speed may be greatly hindered by work, anxiety, ADHD, or a variety of other offline factors.
  • At the moment, my schedule is rather sporadic. Due to this, I cannot promise when or if I'll be online everyday.
  • In terms of posting speed, you can expect somewhere between several posts a week to one per month.
  • I welcome the occasional poke or reminder to respond.


  • I'll write anywhere from a sentence to several paragraphs. Generally speaking, I aim to match my partner's length.
  • I prefer to play male characters, but I am flexible to play female, transgender, and androgynous characters too.
  • I've been Roleplaying for about ten years now and have written on multiple platforms (ex: Tumblr, Discord, etc).
  • I'm "hit or miss" with romance, but I don't mind it appearing. I'm comfortable with writing MxF, MxM, and FxF.
  • I write in third person perspective, but I am flexible to write in first person perspective upon request.
  • I prefer to double though I can and will also settle for using NPCs instead.
  • I don't care for character sheets, but I'll produce them upon request.


  • Slice of life bores me and I have little interest in writing it. This includes high school, college, and campground settings.
  • I will not tolerate any form of godmodding, metagaming, or the act of forcing romance onto my characters.
  • I only use art, anime imagery, or written descriptions for the physical appearances of my characters.
  • There is no room for Gary Stus, Mary Sues, or otherwise boring characters in my Roleplays.
  • I will only write taboo or uncomfortable topics with trusted Roleplay partners.
  • I'll only write smut with trusted Roleplay partners over the age of eighteen.
  • I have no interest in writing futanari or anthropomorphic characters.
  • I'll drop any partner that constantly pesters me for a response.


  • I am willing to hand out my Discord or email to any partner that asks. My inbox is always open as well.
  • Partners will be notified if I become disinterested with the Roleplay and I expect the same courtesy.
  • I consider myself to be an "aggressive" (see: dom) Roleplayer, but I am willing to act passively too.
  • In the case of a hiatus (or semi-hiatus), all partners will be notified via PMs or Discord.
  • I love to plot and discuss with my Roleplay partners! Friendship is a welcome bonus.

Looking For

  • An individual that is interested in what we are writing and able to bring fresh ideas to the table.
  • This isn't required, but I would prefer to have a partner that enjoys OOC chatter and plotting.
  • Someone who is willing to deal with my sluggish responses without much complaint.
  • Someone with relatively decent grammar and who does not Roleplay in script.
  • Partners of any writing level, age, and/or gender identity are all welcome.


  • Harvest Moon
  • Animal Crossing
  • Tales Of Symphonia
  • Tales Of The Abyss
  • Tales Of Innocence
  • Tales Of Vesperia
  • Tales Of Graces f
  • Tales Of Xillia (2)
  • Tales Of Beseria
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Fire Emblem: Fates
  • Pokémon
  • Bioshock
  • Elder Scrolls (Oblivion/Skyrim)
  • Fallout (3/4)
  • Left 4 Dead (2)
  • TellTale's The Walking Dead
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Aura Kingdom
  • Soul Eater
  • Attack On Titan!
  • Supernatural (Season 1-9)
  • Warrior Cats

Vague Fandom Ideas

  • A plot focused on Pokémon gijinkas.
  • A crossover consisting of two or more medias.
  • A retelling of Tales Of Beseria, but with a different cast and ending.
  • A detective story or otherwise set in the universe of Detective Pikachu.
  • An exploration of what occurs with the Twelve Heroes after their defeat of Grima (Future Past DLC).

Fandom Plots


  • Supernatural Creature x Authority (ex: knight, police, royalty, etc)
  • Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature
  • Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Hunter
  • Supernatural Creature x Human
  • Time Traveler x Future/Past Person
  • Online Friend x Online Friend
  • Humanized!Pet x Owner
  • Royalty x Commoner
  • Royalty x Servant/Knight
Note: This list is intentionally left vague for flexibility reasons.

Vague Original Ideas

  • A Roleplay based on these notes.
  • A historical forbidden romance set in World War I or World War II.

Original Plots

alien invasions • aliens • alternate history • androids • angst • anime • apocalypse • AUs • civil war • conspiracy theories • creepy aesthetics • dimension hopping • disabilities • diseases • drama • dystopian • emotional torture • exploration • fictional racism • fictional slavery • folklore • forbidden romance • futuristic technology • history • horror • hurt/comfort • LGBTQA+ • Lovecraft • mental illnesses • mental institutes • multiverses • mythology • nuclear warfare • oppression • political tension • social tension • supernatural • survival • time travel • torture • tragedy • twisted fairy tales • warfare • wild west

If you're interested, then please drop me a PM! If you simply leave a message that says "I'm interested in your interest check" or "RP?" without any context, then you will be ignored. Please state your interest and other relevant information when leaving a message! Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!
Welcome to the GUILD, Angel!

I'm not the BEST person for it, but please DON'T hesitate to ask any QUESTIONS that you might have. I would be more than HAPPY to help you! Aside from that, I hope that you find what you're LOOKING for and ENJOY the time that you SPEND on here!
Sad smut stuff.

Many thanks, good sire!
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