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Act I
"The Lurking Evil"

"We all have a Monster within; the difference is in degree, not in kind."
-Douglas Preston

Austin Kilgour

October 21st
Death City, Nevada
Joint Lion-Kilgore Apartment

Inside Austin's small, untidy room, the small alarm clock on his nightstand began to chirp.

Austin had set his alarm clock to play the sounds of tweeting birds not because of a dislike of music, but because of a fondness for birds. Birds were small creatures, many of whom were insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but their wings gave them a certain freedom to be, to do. Birds could go anywhere, whenever they wanted, just on a whim. They simply followed the wind, spreading joy with their voices, travelling away from the blistering cold, returning to their nests to raise their young, and then traveling off again. There was something so inspiring about the small bird and its liberty.

Unfortunately, and perhaps ironically, the bird sounds emanating from the alarm clock were not an indication of freedom or anything of the sort. They were an indication that the most dreaded being of every man, woman, and child in the entire galaxy had arrived- Monday.

Indeed, it was Monday, which meant another day of classes had come about, and that the blissful, bird-like freedom the weekend had brought about had to leave for another week, and that grueling classes on the nature of Souls, complex fight techniques, and more on that nature. On top of that, the Death Festival, a slightly-more-competitive-than-friendly competition on Halloween, was coming closer, and the pressure had slid up a level because of Professor van Helsing's sudden Friday announcement that placement in the Tournament would count as a grade, with higher-rankers scoring solid As, while the scragglers would earn Ds. Never before had this been the case, and Austin couldn't read if the Professor was bluffing or not. He never could tell.

And moreover, there were still missions to complete to try and reach those 99 Kishin Eggs and 1 Witch Soul necessary to make a Death Scythe. What bliss.

These types of thoughts were usually suspended by the joy that the weekend brought about. However, the gloomy Monday had once again allowed these thoughts to re-surge, these anxieties to re-implant themselves.

Austin rubbed his eyes, trying to banish these nervous thoughts back to the hellish place they came, before slamming his arm down sideways, snappily turning the chirping alarm of his alarm clock off. After a couple breaths and a long yawn, Austin quite literally rolled out of bed, landing softly in a pile of clothes at his side. Austin's room was not exactly neat- indeed, his desks were full of cluttered papers, old notes, and more; the small, cheap, plastic chandelier hanging atop his room had several belts and spare shirts hanging from it, and his bed was perched in the middle of a mound of clothes much like a throne atop a grand hill. Austin slowly stood, giving his arms a good stretch. He was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of striped flannel pajama pants, not very formal clothes at all; he'd have to change later, but for now, he wanted to expand his time of comfort as long as possible for engaging in whatever mundane activity van Helsing had planned for the day.

He exited his train-wreck of a room and into the shared kitchen, a small but homely kitchen area that had all the necessities of food preparation and featured a nice, meeting-suitable table in the center. Too lazy (or more likely, too untalented) to cook a good breakfast, he instead grabbed a box of cereal from a shelf and poured himself a sizeable bowl of Fortunate Spells™, before then following with a healthy dollop of milk. Placing the bowl on the table and grabbing a spoon, he slowly ate the makeshift breakfast as he stared out the large window of the shared apartment. Viola wasn't there- she was either still asleep (most likely) or perhaps out on a morning adventure (not so much). Either way, she had time- Austin had set his alarm earlier than absolutely necessary to give him a little time to enjoy the morning before school stripped away his freedom once more.

He stared out the window, looking at several robins that had landed on a small tree near the apartment and were now chirping hello. He smiled at the sight, but that smile quickly became confused as a much larger bird fluttered over, landing atop the tall maple outside Austin's window. Austin stared out the window at the raven that had just landed, and the raven strangely enough seemed to stare back, giving Austin shivers down his spine. After a few moments though, the raven simply gave a loud 'caw!' and with a strong flap of its wings took off, soaring into the distance.

Austin shrugged. "Weird," he said to himself, before sighing and taking another spoonful of cereal.

It was probably nothing, after all.

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Arlette Sylvestre

October 21st
Death City, Nevada
Arlette and Keith's Apartment

The morning light gently radiated into Arlette's room, diffused by the curtains it filled the surprisingly well-organized bedroom with a faint orange glow. The room was filled with plants, they were on the floor, on shelves and on the wooden furniture, this was not only because Arlette enjoyed gardening but also because they were essential to keep the air fresh and cool in spite of the Nevada heat. The faint glow was enough to wake the Demon Weapon, who would stir in her bed for a moment before stretching, yawning.

She would look to her side and find her clock to set its alarm off, alarms were annoying by nature, but an unnecessary one ringing was way worse. The clock itself was a classic analogue one, Arlette found the mechanical sounds of the clock lulling, which was good for someone who had trouble sleeping, and furthermore, she just didn't like silence.

Getting up, she would get herself something to wear, shorts with a loose t-shirt would do for the moment, also placing her hair in a ponytail since she would likely be preparing the breakfast. Her mood was bright, she didn't mind Mondays, that was half because she was easy-going, half because she was not putting much of an effort in the classes anyway so weekends and weekdays tended to blur. That said, the news that one's position in the Death Festival would count for their grades did make her a bit annoyed. She was looking forward to it since, to her, battling was fun, especially now that she had a meister, but the use of it as a grading factor added some tension to it. Leave it to schools to turn what could have been fun casual violence into a chore.

Moving to the living room she did notice Keith was not around yet, or more accurately, as she came to learn, he had already been up and left for his training session. It surprised Arlette quite a lot to learn he was an early bird, considering how he was sleepy the rest of the day. Perhaps all the energy he saved was spent on this, or perhaps it was this act that made him sleepy, it was a mystery.

What she knew was that he would likely be hungry when he came back and Arlette herself was always hungry by default so she hurried to the kitchen, to start preparing a nice well served breakfast. She possessed a natural talent for cooking, she was able to discern the taste of the ingredients down to the most minute details and knew exactly when to use, transform, suppress or highlight them. It wasn't something born from deep thinking or focus, as she was still sleepy at the moment, yawning with her eyes barely open, but rather a more instinctual feeling based wit.

Knowing that Keith would come back soon, she would set the table. The amount of food seemed a bit excessive for two people but considering Arlette's appetite it was a modest serving. There was a clear division between her's and her partner's dishes, she had picked up that Keith liked sweeter flavours, they had never talked about it but she could see from his expression, so she made sure to prepare what he would enjoy, french toast with berries and a granola bowl along with a cup of cappuccino. For herself, she preferred things such as omelette, bacon pancakes or ham with cheese along with bitter black coffee, also in an unreasonable quantity.

Looking at her reflection in the dark surface of the coffee she was hit with a sudden uneasy shiver. "Hmm?" she wondered, "Strange for my senses to act up like this at home... Maybe there is something sneaky going on somewhere, I wonder what~♪" she smirked, sipping on the coffee.

A few weeks earlier
Death City, Nevada

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Keith Solomon

October 21st
Death City, Nevada
Joint Solomon-Sylvestre Apartment

Tags: @CelesteEste - Arlette.

The shrill shriek of an alarm pierced through Keith's blissful dream. He tried to pushing past the noise, soon finding out that it was a wasted effort as the blaring steadily got louder and louder with each beep. A set of amber eyes opened furtively, glancing fiercely at the clucking clock- 4:30 AM. The boy groaned into his pillow as he remembered what day it was. Monday. he thought. Training and schooling for the week were starting again. Having to leave the comfortable, enclosing warmth of his mattress was always a challenge but a quick flash of his mother's visage quickly erased any thoughts of 'sleeping in'.

Keith was already getting into his running clothes. His sleep schedule had been drilled into him since childhood, so much so that he could get through his daily routine by muscle memory alone. In fact at one point he had woken up in the middle of a run. Stepping out of the serenely quiet apartment, he breathed in the oddly intoxicating fresh smell of the morning.

He knew from early on that you needed to learn how to enjoy the early morning training, otherwise he wouldn't have made it. Appreciate the little things, even if he'd rather go back into the loving embrace of his bed. Woops. Push those thoughts back.

The familiar, rhythmic thud of his boots against gravel was comforting to Keith. A run in the morning was useful to clear his head at the very least. It also shook his lethargic body awake. A flood of thoughts went through Keith's head, mostly just to help pass the time quicker. In the midst of running, he would sporadically sprinkle in aerobic stretches. The training went off without a hitch, though he felt that something was off during the run. Must be my body's shock at it being put through this at the start of the week. he thought, it was an odd feeling that he couldn't quite shake off.

Keith huffed in relief, the endurance training was finally over with for the day. He began jogging his way back to his dorm. Though grateful, it was taking awhile for him to adjust not being the one responsible for his own breakfast. Not to say that Arlette was not a great cook in his opinion, he simply needed to get used to it. It was greatly appreciated gesture as it allowed him some time to laze around before classes.

As Keith expected, food was laid on the table. A healthy breakfast for him. He passed her with a nod and stepped into his room to prepare for a shower. The shower itself was quick and he stepped out in a plain white tee with black trousers, a towel on his shoulders. "... Good morning, Arlette." he said, situating himself across her. "How are you?"

He grabbed his toast, dipping it into his cappuccino before taking a bite. "I appreciate the breakfast today aswell." he said, popping the strawberry into his mouth. The breakfast delicious, as Arlette really had a penchant for it. She could prepare many dishes and have them taste swell.

"Did you feel something weird earlier?" Keith asked out of the blue, before shaking his head, "... nah, nevermind."
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Katherine Leblanc & Cameron Schumaker

October 21st
Death City, Nevada
Joint Leblanc-Schumaker Apartment
collab with @stone

Cameron had slept terribly. Absolutely no rest at all. At 1 AM, Kath had woken him up to complain about the chill in her room. At 2, she’d started baking. It was only at around 3 in the morning, when she had passed out on the sofa, had he been able to properly rest. It didn’t help that the school year was just starting to hit its swing. While Cameron wasn’t stupid, he wasn’t naturally inclined towards learning as Kath was. Each night was a grind of working through the concepts from the day, then revising his notes and organizing them into flashcards, then memorizing them, going to bed, and waking up the next day to start it all again. He barely even had time to catch up on his favorite novels at this point.

Still, it was a small price to pay for the top-class education at the DWMA. Cameron supposed that he could get through his books next weekend, provided that Katherine didn’t take him out to town.

He got up and opened the shutters. Oh, what a beautiful day it was! Cameron felt the fatigue of the night prior flush through his body and exit through his feet, diffusing through the sunbeams illuminating the room. He could never quite get used to how warm it was in Nevada. Being able to open the windows in October was amazing. Washington would sometimes have snow by this time of year. Nevada, on the other hand, was just starting its autumn peak. He could already see several patches of trees in Death City beginning to color into vibrant hues of red and orange.

The best part of fall, however, was the bigleaf maple that grew next to the joint Leblanc-Schumaker residence. The upper branches grew to the perfect height right next to Cameron’s window, allowing him to capture some beautiful shots of birds during the season. Bigleaf maples usually turned a vivid yellow during fall, and this tree was no exception.

Today, however, there was a rather unruly raven perched on the branch right next to Cameron’s window. It was quite large, almost two and a half feet long. Cameron backed away from the window and retrieved his camera from its charging station, then crept slowly towards the raven. While the common raven was native to the state, Cameron couldn’t ever recall seeing one as big as this one. He raised the viewfinder to his eye and framed the shot with the boxy window.

Excellent. Cameron tweaked the dial, setting his camera to high-speed mode by memory. He tensed on the shutter button, then took a rapid burst.

The click of the shutter must have been louder than expected, as the raven took off in a flurry of motion and disappeared into the distance. Cameron stood up straight and stretched. At his height, lowering himself to take photos was starting to put a strain on his back. It was one of his bad habits, always leaning over. Perhaps he could learn to kneel properly. But, it was always so rough on his pants! He didn’t particularly like the scuffed-clothes and ripped jeans look that was starting to take hold over fashion. Why would you buy pre-ripped clothing anyway?

Speaking of clothing, he hadn’t even dressed himself yet. He stripped off his knitted pajamas and changed into something more appropriate - a pair of flat fronts and a nice button up. Schoolbag? Checked and double-checked. One more time, just to be safe.

Katherine was still passed out on the sofa, breathing softly, her blanket left unused on the floor. He picked it up and gently covered her. Was that a new cut on her face? She’d probably picked it up on her run yesterday. He fished into his schoolbag, pulled out a band-aid, and gingerly covered the wound.

Now for breakfast. As he entered the kitchen, his foot slipped on a stray plate on the floor. He only caught himself in the nick of time on the counter, nearly pulling a muscle. Cameron stood up and say the kitchen in absolute disarray. A whisk and ladle lay in a mixing bowl, still unwashed. Small flecks of cookie dough littered the counter. The eggs, flour, and chocolate chips were still out. A finished tray of cookies sat on the counter, the only order in all the chaos.

He sighed and got to work, fetching an apron and cleaning supplies from the cabinet above the sink. In no time at all, the whole kitchen was sparkling- dishes washed, counters polished, and ingredients stored away.

Breakfast. Cameron set a small flame and retrieved a nonstick pan. He’d have to buy a griddle sometime. They were eating pancakes quite often nowadays. Mix the batter, pour, and flip. Mix, pour, flip. Flip, flip, flip.

He grabbed his camera once the pancakes were finished and snapped a quick picture of the towering stack. Most of it would be going in Katherine’s belly, so he wanted to capture the moment as soon as possible. The pan and mixing bowl went into the sink. He’d wash them later. The apron went back into the cupboard above the sink.

Plates, knives, forks. Syrup. A bit of butter. Oh, he’d forgotten the blueberries in the batter. Cameron made a mental note to make blueberry pancakes sometime later this week. As he set the table and laid the food down, Kath stirred.

“Good morning, Kath!” He said cheerfully as he sat down. In response, Katherine rolled off of the sofa, right onto the floor. She untangled herself from her sheets, making some sort of guttural noise before she dragged herself to her feet. In her cat-patterned pajama shorts and hoodie she’d robbed from Cam (it was his nice one, too), she trudged over to the table and collapsed into her chair.

“Aw, man!” she said. She stabbed a pancake with her fork, continuing to talk before she had even started eating. “These are so good, Cam! Like always.” She took a bite. Well, she was right. Despite how little she had ended up sleeping, Katherine was chipper as always. It never seemed to matter how much she slept, after a few minutes she would be at full energy.

“Glad you like it,” he said. The pancakes were good, but he was getting a bit tired of them. “What do you want for dinner? I might go shopping after lessons today.”

“Hmm. I dunno? What do you want?” Katherine continued to devour her pancakes. They had them a lot but she never really got bored of them. Well, as long as Cam was fine with them too, they’d keep on having pancakes for breakfast. And considering how often he made them, he must have really liked them!

Cameron thought for a moment. What would Kath like? “I guess… chicken alfredo? I’ll go out and get some more cheese, noodles, and chicken. We probably want some more milk and eggs too. Need snacks?”

“Oh, yeah! That sounds great!” Katherine finished her plate, quickly dumping it in the sink. “Uh… snacks… we’re probably fine on those, right? There’s probably a ton in my room somewhere. But don’t go in! If you need some, I’ll get them myself.”

She all but skipped into the bathroom, rushing to get ready. Since she never had to make breakfast, she always got up late. Usually too late, so it ended up being a rush to get ready. Today was no different. Katherine brushed her hair with inhuman speed, cursing it for always being so messy. Then, she hurried to her room, scaring away the birds on the tree outside.

It was an absolute mess. There were books strewn all over the floor, clothes piled on top of every piece of furniture and the bin was overflowing - even though it had already been crushed to make way for twice as much trash as it was supposed to hold.

“I was… supposed to clean up last weekend, wasn’t I?” Katherine groaned. “Well, there’s always later.” She picked up some clothes from her desk, somehow knowing where everything was despite how untidy it was. She clumsily got dressed, neglecting elegance in favour of speed. Minutes later, Katherine burst of her door, messy yet ready.

One look at the clock told her she still had over half an hour before she even had to leave the house.

“Hey, Kath, your band-aid is peeling.” Cameron pointed at her face. Katherine pressed it back on. It didn’t stick. She rolled her eyes, pulling it off and throwing it in the bin.

“It’s fine! It’s just a cut. It’s not gonna get infected or whatever.”

“That’s what you said the last two times. Here.” He fetched another band-aid, a cat pattern this time. “Hold still.”

She batted his hand away. “I swear, I’m alright. Save them for when I actually need them.”

Cameron backed off, crestfallen. “Oh, alright. Ready to go?”

“Huh? There’s still like, half an hour until we have to go. Wanna finish that film?”

“Ah, yeah... sure.” Cameron turned on the player underneath the TV. “I can’t help but think that-”

It hit him. The clock on the wall was an hour behind. No wonder the sun was already so high in the sky.

“Kathkathkathkath we have to GO!” He jumped up and grabbed his schoolbag. “The clock’s wrong!”

“Well yeah,” Katherine said, checking her phone. “It’s like… a couple minutes off, isn’t it?”

“The hour hand! We’re already twenty minutes behind schedule. We’re going to be late! Oh… I don’t want to face a Shinigami Chop…”

Katherine pulled out her phone again, this time paying attention to the hour. “Oh. Oh, god! Cam, come on, we gotta go!” She shoved past him and through the door, grabbing hold of his sleeve as she did so. “Come on, go, go, go!”
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Arlette Sylvestre
Keith Solomon

October 21st
Death City, Nevada
Joint Solomon-Sylvestre Apartment -> E.A.T. Classroom

Tags: @Inertia - Keith.

"Bonjour Keith." Arlette would answer, after seeing her Meister arriving from his quick shower. "Oh, I am well, though that movie last night turned out to be a big fiasco, you were lucky you fell asleep. " she said with a sigh, finally finishing up her large cup of coffee. His second sentence would make her raise an eyebrow. "You felt it as well? I was hit with a sense of unease earlier, it feels like something is brewing! Or maybe it was just the postman walking by, hate those guys." she jested.

Postman?, Keith thought. In cases like these he compared her to a guard dog, scaring away any visitors. The thought caused him to chuckle before he pushed it aside, "On my run. It felt like I had a pair of eyes on me." He said, gulping down the last bit of his cappucino before continuing, "Probably nothing." He glanced at the clock at the wall before began digging into the granola bowl, they still had a healthy amount of time left.

"And if it is something, it wouldn't be all that bad. Been a while since I had a soul! Mission assignments seem to be going slow in preparation for the Death Festival." she would say, waving around a fork with a piece of pancake on it before devouring that last bit of her breakfast, sighing happily as she now had the proper amount of food and caffeine to start her day proper.

He nodded in agreement, but kept it to himself that he was slightly glad that missions slowed down. Partly for obvious reasons and partly because he thought that they could improve their synchronization as a team, something they both subconsciously felt. As he ate the last spoon of the bowl, he piped up. "Time to get ready soon then." He stood from the table and began gathering his belonings, his notebooks, pen, glasses and whatever knick-knacks. "You too, Arlette."

"Oh... Actually, I didn't mess with that stuff for all weekend so everything should be in my bag already," she said, rubbing behind her head and giving Keith a fanged smile, as the implication was that she had not done her homework. "Just gonna take a quick shower and I will be ready to go." she winked and quickly left before running away from the living room to avoid being scolded, as she had promised she would not slack on that anymore.

"Arlet- That girl." Keith said. I'll reprimand her another time. The only thing he asked of her is to keep up with her studies, he didn't want her dropping out. With a sigh, he put on his glasses, grabbed a book about soul theory, and then laid down on the sofa. He figured he may as well pass the time reading as from experience she seemed to enjoy bathing and takes her time. He really couldn't argue with her, baths are simply just relaxing and oddly enough, for napping.

Arlette was very sensible to sensory stimuli and easily distracted by them, not too different from a dog in a sense, it was why she needed the repetitive sound of the clock to be able to sleep well, else she would find herself distracted by every single noise echoing through the night. The shower had a similar effect, and she often found herself being far more brooding under the drip of cold water than she was in her daily life.

Today her thoughts were similar to Keith's, minus the good sense of not being gung-ho about fighting if you still have a lot to improve. Because they had had a strong start, enough to allow them to move into the EAT Class, the duo had so far not done much to try to increase their synchronization outside of the basics, such as moving in together. However, now that they had the company of more able Meister - Weapon duos to compare themselves to, it was clear their initial good sync was just a first step in a long, long journey. Yet, she wondered how they could improve further, so far everything had come to them naturally, she never had to think much about it, it was hard to jump to rigid exercise routines and the like from something as freeform as that.

Before any answer could come by, she finished bathing, quickly dressing up in her actual outfit, with the boots, black skirt, blouse, vest and the red bandana with fake wolf ears. "All done Monsieur Solomon~" she would say cheerfully, walking into the living room once again. No response would come as she should have suspected. Keith had true skill when it came to falling asleep, it was even the reason why they had only a shower instead of a bathtub, and even then he still had dozed off in the bath a few times.

Walking up to him, she would smile, gently taking off the book from over his face and putting it aside, carefully taking off his glasses and placing them on the case before, finally, "gently" grabbing him by the feet and starting to drag him off the couch, off the apartement even. She wondered if he would wake up, sometimes he didn't, those were the fun times, totally worth having her arms hurt for a few days.

Keith was jostled awake, it took him a moment to recognize where he was and who was dragging him by his ankles. It was obviously Arlette. From what he could tell, they had just left their apartment, the little people scattered about on the sidewalk eyed them with curiosity. "Damn it, not again." he murmured. "You can let go now."

Arlette blinked rapidly, still walking a bit before stopping. "Oh... you woke up! Heh, was expecting to make it to the school like last time~♥" she gave Keith a fanged grin before extending her hand to help him up. "Oh well."

He slapped his dusty jacket a few times while walking with Arlette, flicking off some lose stones that found its way into his jacket. "Could've gone for a more gentler option. Something like a princess carry." he joked, getting his rucksack back and slinging his it over his shoulders.

Hearing the last few words, her eyes would widden, looking impressed, reaching for a small pocket notebook on her vest, writting down something, and then placing it back,"I will remember that~" and unlike her homework, she really would. Stepping closer to Keith now that he was up, she would help a bit by patting some dust off the jacket too. "Let's get going then?"

The duo were close to the E.A.T. classroom, Keith yawned and stepped into the classroom. He found their assigned seats and settled in, he didn't feel like napping again considering what Arlette might do to him if he does. Instead he opted to find his glasses and a piece of paper. Wordlessly he puton his glasses began sketching away, this time a perspective shot from his view of the classroom. "Oh, right. Arlette, have you done your homework?" he asked despite knowing the answer.

Arlette was writing on her actual notebook in a hurry, trying to do her homework at the last minute, she had the hope that all the morning shenanigans would have made him forgot about it. "Errr... uhmm.... Let's say maybe I... did not do it... uhh... fully." she only knew how to lie when it was for the express purpose of mischief. "Okay, look, I am in a bit of a pinch, Monsieur Hellsing is no Madame Barr but I think I might be pushing it. Could you not help your beloved demon weapon friend out of this one? I know you did yours. Please? I can do anything you want in exchange and I promise next time I won't mess up."

"Arlette Sylvestre. You've made your bed, now lay in it." he said harshly, stopping his sketching. Coincidentally, his homework was open next to him. Coincidentally he felt a suddent surge of sleepiness, he placed his feet on the tabled and covered his face with another book and laid back. This is the last time. he thought, knowing full well that this was the fifth last time. Keith really shouldn't indulge her like this, but he figured he would just make doubly sure to be harsher next time.

She would frown at first, pouting, before blinking rapdly as she noticed what was actually happening. Keith you are the best~♪ she thought, but didn't say it out aloud, instead focusing on quickly copying his homework. Although at first she had a wide smile for having been saved, she quickly found herself frowning slightly. She was used to messing up and get stares from teachers, but with Keith... it felt kinda bad. She would try her best next time and wouldn't watch movies or series until she was done with her homework! ... Then again, maybe one episode to relax a bit before starting wouldn't hurt...

Keith sighed. Now all they could do was simply wait for class to begin, that would still take a bit considering the classroom was almost empty, most students yet to arrive. At least it would be enough time for Arle to finish copying the homework.
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Alveta Bataria

Hmm... She could hear screaming. Why was that? A slight taste of salt too?

Alveta snapped awake, suddenly aware she was biting on a patron's hand.

"Ah. Im sorrrrry."

It was the cafe, early morning. Did she sleepwalk down here to take their order? With her uniform already on, perhaps she fell asleep somewhere there? Ah, it was all so hazy.

The bitten patron's friend was in an uproar however. "Gahaha, I told you, man. Don't put anything near her face while she's asleep."

Alveta had awakened, put on her uniform, and went down to help with the cafe as usual, but fell asleep on her feet somewhere. Easy enough to figure out.

The cafe was a small quaint establishment in a relatively less travelled part of Death City. It was certainly nowhere near the fancier streets. It had its own charm however. The shopowner modeled it as a maid cafe, but that was not what stood out about it. It was the showowner himself, a 2 meter tall gorilla wearing black hornrimmed spectacles. He keeps insisting it was just a costume that he felt comfortable wearing, but she was very very sure it wasn't a costume. Countless attempts to find out in the past had backfired on her, but these days she pretty much had given up. For the time being.

"Ah, that's right Alveta. Don't you have school today?" The patron spoke as he gave her his order.

"Ah..." Her face grew blank for a while. "Ah, you're right."

Leaving the patrons laughing behind her. she moved lethargicly to the main counter, giving their order to the shopowner. It seemed it was something she had done on the regular, as he barely batted an eye as she got in the kitchen for a sandwich to eat on the way to the Academy.

"Hmm... it feels like I'm forgetting something..." Alveta thought out loud as she walked.
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October 21st
Death City, Nevada
Bus Station

When Jackie step out of the bus, she can feel the cold wind blowing to her face, knowing that she finally made it, she made it to death city. It be a year ever since Jackie discover the city while she was traveling with her father and mother, she thought she wouldn't be accepted to the school but with a miracle, she here and ready to kick some Kishin ass. Jackie wave at the bus driver as he drive away, she pull out the DWMA handbook from her bag, the handbook cover shows the academy in all it badass glory. "All right!" Jackie shouted "New school! New student! New me! Come on, world! Show me what you got!" Jackie declared as she march toward Death Academy.

Hours Later

Legs, tired. Lungs, hurt. Breath, heavy. Sun, smiling at Jackie...like a asshole. Jackie clawed on the white stairs of academy, sweaty and all. "Damn...Huff ...It" Jackie said exhaustively "Why...are these steps...so....DAMN BIG!!!" Jackie cry out as loud as she could.
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Viola & @Hitman
The Apartment - Monday Morning

”That dammed alarm — I’m going to kill him.”

Viola gripped the ends of her blanket and pulled it reluctantly over here face as she overheard her partner rise from the depths of slumber on a Monday morning and get an early start on the day. The responsible thing to do, yes, but the humane thing — she would beg to differ. But nonetheless, the meister would attempt to return to her beauty sleep as the alarm was silenced quickly by golden boy Austin.

”Ten more minutes, I swear.”

She grumbled quietly to herself through the sheets and blankets, and rolled back into the haze of disassociation. But that time would soon come to pass and Viola would eventually grip the sheets and pull them down to slide out of bed. The meister’s eyes were sunken, dark circles, squinting as her gaze aimed throughout the dimly lit bedroom. Her bare feet would find themselves sliding from the side of the bed and searched around for two small black slip-on sandals — and as they found them Viola pressed herself to wake into a zombie like state.

Her destination wasn’t to the bathroom to fix herself up or anything of that I’ll, no, she instead made way directly to the kitchen. The sound of the slippers sliding along the apartment floor with a ‘kshhh!’ reverberating throughout the small apartment space. Her efforts as minimal as they’d be would arrive her at — the kitchen table. She grumpily, snappily, pulled a wooden chair out from beneath it and would slump into the seat. Viola’s gaze typically fiery and hostile, but at this hour, it would be emit a different aura altogether. And with it she would aim her sights over to the weapon companion.

”Nourishment - nourishment - nourishment....”

Monday was hell, and as much as she wanted to become the next meister to receive that oh - so coveted title, on days like this she could do without waking up early and driven. So instead she would wake up in this current state, a black and red striped t-shirt that was a size too large for extra comfort, and matching pajama pants that were hemmed so she wouldn’t drag them, oh and those forementioned slippers that made the horrible sound. Her hair was a mess, sticking up in numerous locations and good lord the back of her head had been sticking straight out in some sort of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ hairstyle. But of course Vi did not care at an hour like this, on a day like this, she cared about nothing but food right now — and in this moment he was slacking as a partner by assuming it was safe to skip cooking breakfast and pour a bowl of cereal.

Her destination wasn’t to the bathroom to fix herself up or anything of that I’ll, no, she instead made way directly to the kitchen. The sound of the slippers sliding along the apartment floor with a ‘kshhh!’ reverberating throughout the small apartment space. Her efforts as minimal as they’d be would arrive her at — the kitchen table. She grumpily, snappily, pulled a wooden chair out from beneath it and would slump into the seat. Viola’s gaze typically fiery and hostile, but at this hour, it would be emit a different aura altogether. And with it she would aim her sights over to the weapon companion.

”Please.” She quietly announced under her breath, a small pout falling upon her expression.
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Ji-Ho Kwan

Demon Lighter

Like Jackie, Ji-Ho was a new arrival in Death City; newly arrived and newly enrolled in the Demon-Weapon Meister Academy as a student. His acceptance came as a surprise to his parents, but not to himself; he always knew he would make it in, it was only a question of when and the answer to that question was now. All that was left was to find a partner or, more likely, convince everyone that he didn’t need a partner and then he would be on his way to becoming a Death Scythe.

He had gotten up bright and early that morning, eager and excited to start his first day on a high note, only to run into the same obstacle that every new student had to surmount before they could enter the school proper; stairs. The school towered over the rest of the city, perched atop a set of stairs that put some mountains to shame in that could only have been put there to be a test of their student’s determination and perseverance. Ji-Ho was trudging up those stairs now, sweating in the early morning Nevada sun as he pushed himself to make it to the top.

That he was having difficulty with the climb at all was something of an annoyance, especially when he could see several other students ahead of him making the same climb with no apparently difficulty at all. There was, however, at least one person struggling even more than he was.

There was a girl crawling up the steps of the school.

Ji-Ho stopped when he reached the girl, definitely not taking any opportunity for a quick rest as he watching the girl clawing at the next step up in an attempt at progress. “Hey, need a hand?”

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Jackie quickly jump up and see a person ask if she need a hand, she look at the stranger in front of her. Tall, slim and kinda buff, Jackie wasn't sure if this guy was a student, a teacher or whatever. Jackie snap out of her gaze and pull herself together, she doesn't want this guy thinking that she is weak or something, she needs to act tough in front of him "Aw it ok, I wasn't dying on ground or something" she say "I was um, doing some push ups on steps. Yeah, I want to everyone to see how big my muscles are!" Jackie try to flex her non-existent muscles to the stranger.

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Ji-Ho Kwan

Demon Lighter

As much as the girl seemed to be struggling with the climb, she jumped to her feet quickly enough when she heard his voice. She turned to face him, the height difference somewhat mitigated but not erased by the fact she stood on a higher step, and reassured him that she wasn’t in trouble at all, but instead showing off her physical prowess to the passing students. Watching as she held up one skinny arm as proof, Ji-Ho raised an eyebrow as he wondered what to do in the face of such a bald-faced lie.

“Well… you’ll be late if you don’t get to class soon.” Ignoring it, he decided, was the best response. Turning away from the girl Ji-Ho began to climb the steps again, walking slowly enough that he wouldn’t leave the girl behind if she decided to follow. It definitely wasn’t because his legs were tired.

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