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Can we has report button now? ;w;
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What happens when you combine a joke with a rhetorical question?
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I still wish they'd done more with her.


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Hazama, Harumi

"Yes, I am. That's me." Harumi stared at the huge package, wondering what it was. Did she order anything online and forgot about it in the excitement of her newest, freshest news?

"I assume that thing you're carrying is for me then?"

She took only a momentary glance at the boy, not recognizing him at all. Her head was spinning around doing cartwheels in a panic last night after all; perhaps all she could remember was that terrifying figure rushing after her and then an explosion after one of her colleagues stepped in to save her.

Perhaps she could drop in and buy her a drink after Harumi figured out what the box contained.
Surta Mahahari Huchson

Surta licked her lips as Flambe spoke. From the way she spoke, it seemed like she was under someone who was quite a big fish. Meaning she would be worth quite a lot if Surta brought her in. Perhaps she should try to lean on them a little as well, and squeeze as much money as she could out of them.

"Enlighten me." It was all Surta said as she walked closer towards the woman, her weapon up and ready at all time.

Flambe dropped her hands and shook her head like a disappointed parent. "Only the most influential and powerful syndicate on the planet. Why don't you go home honey? This isn't something you should be getting involved in."

With the same speed she had exhibited earlier, Surta thrust her palm straight towards the back of Flambe's neck as she finished speaking, knocking her out cold. An easy enough feat; the next part was more difficult for Surta, having to restrain her and the weapon's dealer, then loading them into one of the weapons' vehicle. Hopefully they will wake up when they were far from this place.

After she took control of the vehicle with some creative tinkering, it was easy enough to simply drive out, moving towards the base at a steady pace.
Surta Matahari Huchson

As soon as the lady turned her head down, Surta acted, moving with the frightening speed and efficiency of an experienced and feared outlaw.

The weapons dealer was first, struck in the back of the head with a force infused palm strike, knocking him out cold. His bodyguard was given no chance to react as her other hand whipped out the retractable blade, slicing through his throat as effortlessly as a blaster cannon through a gungan.

It seemed all like one smooth movement, as she brought up the sword tip towards Flambe.

"Turn around."

As soon as the woman denied the dealer any chance of meeting the boss, Surta knew there was nothing else she could do other than bring these two in. One or the other, and they might not get much out of them, but both of them being interrogated separately, and leaned on properly, they were liable to talk more. Perhaps she could try simply pulling what information she can, but that tended to leave the prisoners in a less than desirable state.
Surta Matahari Huchson

From the vent, into the maintenance access, and into the building, where she easily followed the man.

Just like that, she found her target; the dealer meeting with his high ranking contacts; some sort of woman named Flambe, from what she could hear of the conversation. Surely this wasn't some ordinary person, not with how she carried herself and how she wore. It was something she had picked up in her days, the way a person carried themselves, the way they dressed, and what details they pay attention to.

She could, right then and there, cut down the large person, knock out the man with the same movement, then pull out his gun to threaten the woman before any of them could blink.

But, Surta was more interested in the boss the man mentioned; someone higher up the ladder, with presumably more knowledge than these two would have. So thus, she kept silent, biding her time.
Surta Matahari Huchson

For many, there wouldn't be much they can learn while drinking whiskey in a cantina.

For someone like her, for people like her, those rough and tumble types, mercs who relied on their reputation and looks, there was often much to learn just by listening around to the cantina's noise. Even with her obviously odd appearance, she nonetheless seemed to fit right in with the crowd, just as much as those mercs sporting sleek black spiky armor, or that crazed looking Duros with a large blaster and tattered trenchcoat. Just a part of the group, seeking their fortune.

And fortune she did find.

In a low voice, barely heard over the scuffle of some gammorean idiocy, seemed to be a weapons dealer, bragging about his sales and profit margins to a beautiful lass. It was the sort of thing Surta would have normally dismissed as the typical bluster normally employed to impress people, but him being completely sober, and implying he was about to meet one of them soon was what took her interest, especially when he implied it was someone very important.

Perfect, information that could pay her a pretty penny if she can follow this up. Perhaps even more, if she take this person and whoever it was back as well.

She paid for her drink, and left as soon as the weapons dealer did, a huge armored fellow close by his back, most likely his bodyguard. With her abilities, it was a simple enough affair to tail them to a large guarded building; all she needed to do was follow at a distance and walk where they cannot see her. Inhaling slowly, she searched around the building for an entry point, before finally settling on an air vent just large enough to fit her small stature.
This RP is now closed, due to personal reasons. I am sorry for wasting everyone's time, but I cannot sustain this RP, not with where I am currently.

Thank you everyone who had stayed and played until now.
Surta Matahari Huchson

Having taken up on Lahana's offer, Surta had taken up space on her bunk bed, with her laying upon the top bunk. She had taken to putting a small medical patch underneath her eye, covering the three small triangles she has under it. Sleeping with the mask on would evoke far more suspicion than a small patch under her eye after all.

Seeing Anari enter the room, it wasn't hard to see that she needed to talk to Lahana. Perhaps on any other time, Surta would have stayed unless explicitly told to go, but for now, it just reminded Surta that she needed to find one of the local cantinas, one that doesn't have the Republic crawling all over it. Nodding at Anari, Surta donned her mask and the black cape over her usual dark outfit, before leaving.


A cantina, lacking the more respectable air of the others with a more brutish atmosphere. Truly a hive of scum and villainy.

It took quite a bit of a walk before she was able to find one here. Already she felt right at home, even if a few was staring at her and her apparent height. There were some short races, but her being so obviously human, it wasn't that much of a leap to think someone like her was too young for a cantina like this. Ignoring the stares of some of the patrons, she hopped onto a chair, and asked for a stiff drink, listening while the bartender poured her a drink, blatantly ignoring her appearance as long as she paid.

"WHOAH!" Bell almost launched herself at Ami when the battle was finished. "That was amazing!"

The aftermaths of the battle, and it seemed like almost nothing changed, save for the house now locked in stasis forever. It seemed now that they had this place to themselves, they could build anything they wanted here. Maybe a campfire. Perhaps she could camp out in VR and see how it felt like. Bell certainly couldn't camp while she was at the hospital.

"Oh, sorry about having to play dead out of that situation. I'm not sure if it will respawn me elsewhere or just kick me out entirely from this campaign."

Ami giggled, tearing her eyes away from the retreating NPC as she turned to face Bell. Well, the fight went better than the interaction at least.

"Fair enough," she chuckled, glancing back at the house with a slight frown. Maybe she should have explored that a bit before fighting.... Oh well. Not like anyone was watching her now.

"I should probably hop off and eat something for now," Ami sighed, checking the time, "But first--"

She pulled out her book and held it out for Bell. The pages were all remarkably blank for such a bubbly person.

"OH!" Bell drew a cat's face into it."I understand. I need to log off soon too. Hey, wanna meet up Friday tomorrow?"

The doodle she made downsized and set itself on a column, indicating the friend's list had been updated. Bell needed to get off soon, before the nurses get worried, but tomorrow she will have more free time.

"Friday?" Ami repeated. Dark fuschia eyes wandered towards the sky as she tapped her cheek with her index finger, pretending to think for a moment. Of course, she had nothing else to do, but that wouldn't make for a good first impression.

"Mm," she nodded, "I should be free."

Resting her staff against her shoulder, Ami smiled again and waved as she began to log out. "I'll see you then. Ja neee~!"

Waving a goodbye to Ami, Bell logged off as well, back into her dreary hospital bed. Sighing, she carefully fluffed up her pillow, closing her eyes in an attempt to sleep. A light in the darkness for her, this game. At least she would not be bored.


Finding herself starting upon near the flag at Rinnosuke's house, she decided to wait there for Ami, stretching as she did so. Bell didn't know if cramps could happen when you were exercising here, but better safe than sorry. Perhaps she could set up a nice bonfire here, for everyone to use? This seemed to be a place that they were going to be in for a long time, so might as well set up some things. Well, she didn't exactly know anything about building things, but a bonfire seemed easy enough. Seeking to keep herself busy while waiting, she started collecting some dead wood first, humming as she did so.

Logging in, Ami would've been lying if she said she didn't take her sweet time seeking out Bell. Not that she didn't like the girl or anything but... she couldn't help being hesitant. It'd been a long time since she'd partied up with anyone much less added a name to her friends book.

"Stick collecting, eh?" she chimed curiously as she approached Bell.

"Eh? Oh, yeah." Bell piled all the wood into a pit she dug out, ringed with stones she found. "I've never had the opportunity to camp before. Just felt the need to try, since I've got the chance right now and all."

For a moment her features softened, as she remembered her condition, and the several months she likely would spend hospitalized for her leg. She might get a chance to camp later on, but right now, its something she really wanted to do.

"Wanna help me? We could try and cook things on it. Oh, unless you wanted to go out and do something else that is. Saw a large patch of mushrooms somewhere here before."

"Hmm..." Ami thought for a moment, looking from the bundle of sticks to Bell's face. This was the sort of mundane thing most people didn't ever want to watch... but she didn't have to worry about that anymore. She could finally be as reckless or boring as she wanted. Besides, Bell was obviously into this whole camping idea.

"I've never camped before either," Ami admitted, cracking a smile, "But let's try it! I bet roasted mushrooms would be yummy!"

The fire did not take long to make, not with the logbook giving Bell instructions on how to make it. There was a notification on the logbook that mentioned the camp now had a 'fireplace' as one of its structures, but Bell paid it no mind. Unsure of how to proceed, she picked a colorful red and white spotted mushroom onto the fire, squatting down and watching it intently.

"You know, I don't really know much about you. You seem like a nice person. Wanna talk a bit about yourself?"

Ami held a mushroom of her own, twirling it on a stick as she watched the flames dance quietly. She didn't turn to face Bell as the question was posed, only giving her a short, sideways glance before clearing her throat. The question itself was so direct... too direct, in fact. Not that it was an odd question, but... what was she supposed to say?

She moved her weight onto one arm. Holding the mushroom a bit closer and pretending to examine it, her tail swished with a casual air as Ami decided she might as well say the first thing that came to mind.

Which, as usual, was a lie.

"There isn't much to say," she smiled faintly, "I'm studying programming in L.A. I'll be 25 next month. I've got a dog named Fofo... nice little condo in the city... lots of plants... eh, I'm pretty boring."

"Eh... Is that so? Sounds pretty nice. I'm an athlete, or at least, I'm supposed to be. Kinda broke my leg though, so I've a few months to sit in bed." Bell spoke, as if she was just recounting the weather. It was just her leg that was broken, not her career after all. Noticing their mushrooms were getting a bit brown, she poked hers out of the fire.

Ami listened quietly, gaze dropping slightly when Bell mentioned her leg being broken. Before she could say anything, Bell spoke again.

"W...wonder how this tastes?" She turned to Ami. "You first?"

Ami grinned, bravely nodding as she pulled her mushroom out of the fire and waved it in the air to cool off.

"Sure, I'll be the guinea pig!" she giggled before sinking her teeth into her mushroom, tearing a sizable portion of it off the stick.

Noticing Ami eating hers with great gusto, Bell followed suit, popping an entire mushroom into her mouth. It has a kinda tart taste, but it seemed edib--


Bell jolted as she spawned back mere feets away from the fire. Perhaps they shouldn't have eaten those colourful mushrooms, and gotten someone else more qualified to look for those instead.

Ami blinked in surprise, staring forward blankly for a moment before looking at Bell. Her mouth quirked into a smile and she pursed her lips until she couldn't hold it in any longer. It was such a novice mistake.

She laughed hard, the high pitched sound bubbling out of her mouth until she cried and could scarcley breathe. She at one point tried to speak, but only erupted into another fit of giggles.
@mattmanganonall posts are written with the character's perspective
Surta Matahari Huchson

She stared impassively at the carnage.

These Jedi were more like her than she thought. Was all this rot about them being 'good' and 'in control' just posturing? Gloopra alone seemed more fit to be one of those Sith they keep lumping her with. But that was hardly her problem. The padawan however...

Nodding at Fufuro when she spoke, and paying no mind to her messing up one of her words, Surta disengaged the suit and stepped out of it right there and there. With a simply flick, she simply programmed it to sit at the barracks. She had no worries about it being stolen, not when its at the barracks, and not when its registered to her biometrics.

It was funny to her, with how much contrast there was to the tall bulky power armor, to her own size, smaller and shorter than average. With the credits she accumulated, she could perhaps bulk it out some more, switch some of the platings, and maybe finally use the hard points on the suit to mount heavier weapons.

But for now, she moved towards the infirmary, to intercept Lahana as she moved there. With her light steps, it was but short while before she caught up with her.

"Are your injuries severe?"
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