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Obviously we must first hire a private investigator to vet rpers to weed out those undeserving. How else will you know whether they type in a certain way, or if they eat pasta like a slob.
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Oni no Hanzo,
by her Master's side.

One of the very basics tenets of ninjitsu was to remain concealed. The hawk may see all, but in turn all can see the hawk in flight. The group of sparrows may be visible, but none truly see the sparrow for the group.

Hanzo had not left her Master's side, having been there ever since her summoning, but that did not mean she had neglected her duties. A web of intrigue had already been woven across this city, as sparrows flying over a field. With more time, she could even integrate the web into the city completely. A flitting shadow passed her, Hanzo flicking her eyes momentarily at it before addressing her Master.

"Everything is going well, Master. Soon, the Iga clan's prowess would be indisputable. That is, if they could even find us."

Yao Ying Xi,
Her room in the mansion

"Aaaah... this is bad, all so very bad..."

She moved almost in a frenzy, cleaning up as well as reorganizing her room. Why would her bed be facing the door? That's just asking for a demon to come in and harass her. The flow of energy wasn't great at all, there wasn't even a corner for the little fortune table she was going to put all the knick knacks on. Even her medicines were going to go bad at this rate. Wait, was these her silver bowls? She almost forgot about those.

"Saber! Saaaber!" Ying Xi started waving the bowls around. "Can you take this to anywhere that isn't so tangled up? I'll look over them later. Ah that's right, careful on your way out too."

Perhaps she should redecorate the entire mansion? It seemed a lost cause when nothing was made to flow right, but she can at least do the best she could. Some good food would be needed too. Whatever these people were eating, it surely can't beat a millennia of Chinese culinary history.
Ari Reina Caladis(Theresa)

Ari was nodding along to Ames' speaking, listening as they made their way to their destination. As good a plan as any, Ari would say. But... she could see the others seemed way more sure of themselves, like they were much stronger than she was at the moment. It was quite a dilemma, since they were here just to have fun as a group, but she also did not like feeling like she was dragging the whole group down.

"Seems like that could work, nyeah." Pulling up her belt, she gave a playful two finger salute to the group as she smiled reassuringly. "I'm going to find something I can kill solo, Got a class thingy that says it wants me to do that. I'll be back I can do that."

With a spring to her steps, she set out to find something living that she felt confident in killing solo. Surely a blade to the heart would kill most things that had them? So it would then be a question of managing to sneak up to whatever it was she was trying to kill. Like a shinobi, she would say.
Ari Reina Caladis(Theresa)

"Oi, take these." Lew hollered towards the party's resident catgirl, before pulling out his Discarded Turtle Shell and Primitive Slingshot.

"Wow, thanks Lew! I'll put these to good use."

She skipped on ahead of the group to get some things. Weapons for one, and maybe some tools. The first ones she wanted was just some chains with weights on either end, and a belt of those knives with the loop on the handles.

It wasn't hard for Ari to look for what she was looking for. Horogi, after all, was the nation of both weebs and real ninjas, and merchants both Immortal and Rien peddled to that demographic. Ultimately, she settled her eyes upon a particularly kitschy shop run by a painfully gorgeous man, with a slender frame, luxurious locks, and a narrow nose.

"O-oh, uh, y-yes, we, I mean, I have that, totally. Guehue. Miss, are you, uh, a girl in real life too?"

"Yeah!" It was all she said, wearing a dopey grin as the giddiness of being in a market with so many interesting things getting to her. "What else do you have in here?"

The man, despite being ridiculously, all-consumingly attractive, in the sort of j-pop male idol way, stuttered again at Ari's proclamation. "A...a r-real girl? Oh, r-right, huh..."

He quickly pulled out the rest of his wares. From smoke bombs to throwing stars to explosive talismans to kusarigamas and kusarifundos, there seemed to be a nigh limitless amount of common equipment. The pricing of the belt of knives and kusarifundo that Ari specifically had been looking for would be a combined 2000 rishi, but the consummables cost 500 themselves, while other common weapons ran up for about 1000 rishi too.

Still, considering how much money she had, Ari didn't seem to have too many options.

She stared at all of the weapons, her brain struggling to process through what she wanted and what she needed. All of these were good, but she might need the money for something else. The set of knives was good enough for throwing and stabbing, but the pile of shuriken looked enticing too, for the more iconic ninja look. She was very close to piling several tantos, kamas, and kunais together were it not for their price.

Almost physically restraining herself, she took out a belt with a set of knives that had loops in their handles, and a long set of chains with weights on either end. Picking up two plain kodachis, she turned to the shopkeeper. "How much for all these?"

"Ah, 20,000 rishi."

"Nyahaha~ So it is huh?" Seemingly nonplussed at the price, she looked over each item. "What about individually? I don't really have that much on me."

"O-oh, uh, you don't, huh." The man flushed, then adjusted his pants. "H-how much do you have on you then?"

"Eh? Round 7000 something, I think?"

"Just, uh, 7000, huh? can only buy, one, unless..."

Her ears flattened almost immediately, though she didn't show a change of expression. "Just one huh?" A slight twinge of hope came when the shopkeeper offhandedly implied there might be another way. A sort of a tab perhaps? To be paid in installments? That was common in the shops around where she lived in real life for large electronics and stuff. "Unless? Ah, can I pay in installments instead?"


The man frowned, his brows furrowing as he struggled with something internally. Finally though, he let out a deep sigh and nodded, the tension in his body leaving.

"Yes, a tab would be good. It, uh, shouldn't take, like, too long for you to get that much money anyways, so I'll, I guess, give you all of t-these for now, and uh...if you'd like, you can meet me here in the evening to, uh, pay off the remaining 13,000 rishi?"

He cleared his throat, pulling at his collar.

"A-and, what's your name? I'm Kagekira, by the way..."

"Yay!" She was practically bouncing about as she pushed the money into his hands and grabbed the weapons. "I'm Ari. Ari Reina Caladis. I'll gather up as much as I can before the evening, don't worry."

"I-it's a date then!"

She didn't think too much of that sentence, and waved as Ari made away with her purchases. Well, with her myriads of tools, surely her endevours would be more successful now. It was just a matter of arranging the items properly. The turtle shield was simply worn on her back, the sling was stuffed in her pockets, the twin kodachi was just shoved into her belt, and the chains took the place of the rope monkey's fist, wrapped around her right arm. Armed almost to the teeth. Almost, since she didn't want to find out if her feline fangs were tough enough to kill something.

Ari Reina Caladis(Theresa)

Another day another session.

Having been thrown into a dark void staring at a timer, Theresa had simply logged out, both annoyed and excited. Unable to gain any real advantage in game, she sought to expand her own knowledge instead, poring over books at the local library pertinent to weaponries, armor, and tactics. Admittedly most of them were more interesting than practical but she did learn some simple things. Perhaps with some good materials she could fashion them into something good? But for now, she needed gears.

Stretching out she examined the scroll on her arm, the paper fluttering merrily as she moved to and fro, warming up her body.

"Oh this will be good, though I don't think I can maintain it for long." Wrapping it back, she turned to Ames and grinned widely. "Yup. I kinda drowned. Wouldn't recommend. Sent to a dark room with a 24 hour respawn timer. Kinda excessive, I'd say. Should've run whole hog with it and went for three days."

She slumped suddenly, a thousand yard stare on her face. "The smell was the worst part, to be honest."

"Ah!" Ari brightened up suddenly. "Where do you exchange your money? I think I know what I have to get now."

yes it me. im gonna be ass
Ari Reina Caladis(Theresa)

She shook off the monkey fist off the sidewalk above, and rewound it around her arm, squinting into the darkness of the culvert beyond. Ari already knew of the general direction of the hideout, but getting there wouldn't be easy in the darkness. Well, it was sure to become more bearable once her eyes got used to the low light, but she suspected she was going to need to rely on her other senses to determine her directions.

It was exciting enough that fact she might be standing in a rivulet of waste was more bearable to think of. Perhaps not being able to see very well was a blessing in disguise.

She remembered well the atmosphere of the den she was going to infiltrate, the raucous laughter, the jeerings and swears as money changed hands. All she had to do was listen to it to see if she was going in the right direction, keep her sense of direction straight, and not get lost. At least she knew how to escape if she was lost; just stick a hand in the flowing water if it came to that and follow the flow. Ignoring the weird slippery squelchy feeling the floor had, Ari moved briskly towards her goal, careful not to cause more noise than the flow of water did.
Ari Reina Caladis(Theresa)

Was there any reason for hesitation? Aside from dropping into a gunk filled sewage river and having her nose shrivel up and fall off her face?

Looking around, and noting the direction of where she came from, and the alignment of the drain, Ari used the few feet of rope she had to wedge the monkey's fist into a deformation on the sidewalk. With a confidence reserved only for the foolhardy, she didn't so much jump as turn around and pushed herself out from the edge, using the rope to hopefully swing into the opening.
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