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Sometimes, I feel like me joining an rp will curse it to die.
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Can we has report button now? ;w;
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What happens when you combine a joke with a rhetorical question?
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Y-yeah, justice seeking! Thats Hisui alright.
Ettamri Belarence

Ettamri Belarence, daughter of Bocas, son of Camlarant, who fought alongside his father Geval the Wise in the old war, proud heir to the name of Belarence, bearer of the Rozen crest, and one who had proved her mettle in the siege of Thradin Fort, moved towards the board, her well oiled armor prominent in the daylight, her hand tight enough on her longsword that no enterprising Rogues even try to come near.

Yet even with such storied background, she had proved to be far beyond an annoyance to any party that took her for longer quests; perhaps her noble lineage encouraging such behaviours towards plebeians or those below their stations. It was not a matter that truly concerned her, for those more concerned with brown nosing and 'being friendly' while simultaneously sneering at their betters were not worth her time. Even those more 'experienced' parties seemed but like children as they bickered about the rights to hunt that orc. From what she had seen for herself, those would need far more than just luck to defeat him.


She too needed a party. Ettamri alone cannot achieve everything, she had learned that first hand in that major offensive. A group she could rely on, and one that could rely on her. Oh, she almost made herself laugh. To find one in this backwater place would be the day a demon come down from the skies and dance a jig in front of her. But, perhaps, she could make one that was at least somewhat competent.

Noting a figure familiar to her, and one that stood out amongst the rest of the riff raff, she moved towards Gwyn.

"You are a priest?" It came out as less of a question and more of an affirmation. "Join up with me."
@Pie Flavor

Yamada, Hisui
District 7

Her eyes tracked his movements, her mind already tracing and deducing his next move, but her body was slow and sluggish, the best she could do was putting up her arms so it didn't hit her full force, especially where the shard was still embedded. Hisui landed a few meters away, her guards up while her mind was processing everything that happened. This person, judging from their ability, and their control as well as their ability's strength, was at least a level 3. Hisui was a level 1, her specialty was not in close range, and she had nothing on her at the moment to tip the scales. That does not, however, mean Hisui was defeated, just yet.

Thus with all those factors in mind...

"Good luck, Cherry Boy!" Hisui encouraged the boy, already in the middle of retreating through the kitchen. "Beat up Rival Raccoon!"
And here it is, minus the parts that needs to be in PMs
Thanks. Shouldn't take too long.
@ERodeisekai'd human, if at all possible, having obtained their armaments without any emblazoned coat of arm due to their own strength of body due to the dragon stuff

Unless of course, I can be knight of my own House with dragon blood in their line as a native, in which i might have it as someone who just turned into a knight errant on their way.
@ERodesecond one yes.
@ERodedragon blooded knight wielding a two handed sword and lance on a horse.
goblins you say?
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