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Current Sometimes, I feel like me joining an rp will curse it to die.
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Can we has report button now? ;w;
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What happens when you combine a joke with a rhetorical question?
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I still wish they'd done more with her.


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@CrimmyYes hello am still here.

She sighed, sitting upon the folding wall bed.

Gritting her teeth, she depressed a button upon her body, the damaged ballistic panels upon her body falling away to reveal the neat hole on her stomach. Armor piercing bullets, too fast to expand properly in her body to cause major damage, instead piercing through her body entirely. A wound taken from a recently completed run, from one of those crazy sams in red powered armor.

For Thrud, it had seemed like a simple run. Jack a van, run off with the goods, geek anyone that looks at them funny. Their Johnson forgot to mention however, that crazy red samurais in their tincans owned the van. Their designated jacker died almost instantly when she got cleaved from shoulder to groin with a large katana. Their own borg lost his arm just trying to keep them away long enough for Thrud to jack the vehicle herself. She herself did not escape unscathed; a bullet ripped through her, piercing both her usual baggy light armor and the ballistic plate mounted on her body directly.

Hissing as she applied some disinfectant to her wound, Thrud started wrapping it with some bandages. It should heal in due time. She could always find a street doc to patch her up if she needed it later.

The run was a success, though a few who ran it with her did not survive those crazy sams. Not that the deaths bothered her at all; people die all the time. For her, and most who lived like her, death wasn't uncommon. They may have died, but she still lived. If she had to spend her time on other people's death then she wouldn't have time to spend on herself in this world.

Finished patching herself up, she gave a sigh once more, looking around the cramped quarters of the truck's cargo area that she called her home. Tools, metallic odds and ends, and a few spare parts littered the area, with a pile of food on one end near the work table. Careful not to disturb her wounds too much, she put on spare balistic plates to cover herself, and set to putting away her weapons and gears, starting with first sliding the 20mm rifle onto the top shelf where she stored her weapons and ammo.
Hazama, Harumi

She did not stop running until she had reached a good ways into the next district. By now it felt as if every breath drew barbed wires into her lungs, every inch of her muscles burning, every single joint in her body scraping against each other.

Collapsing to her knees, Harumi did not have the strength left to resist what was to come, and upheaved the contents of her stomach upon the ground. Was it her body protesting such a burst of activity from a cold start? Or was it a delayed reaction towards finding a corpse in the city? She did not know. It might very well be a combination of both. She knew only that she was retching for a few minutes after, unable to stop the involuntary reaction.

Finally done, she stood up shakily on her feet, thankful that the park was empty. She would die of embarrassment if anyone she knew saw her right now. Taking in a deep breath, she started the walk back home, towards her dormitory, feeling utterly sore, exhilarated and afraid all at once. Harumi was thrilled to have such a story, but less thrilled at what it was, what it implied, and what that meant for her.

At least she didn't have to try and fight someone with a higher level than her today. But, she might have to treat her colleague to something later on, especially if that explosion was something to go about.
Unfortunately, while i have some ideas as what the clues may infer, my char have zero experience in this.
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Yes hello am goat.
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Eva Fosfograv Vasilev

The complaints of those thugs simply bounced off uncaring ears. She could perhaps, take down three of them before they could even blink, and the rest during their inevitably panicked scramble for their weapons. They were simply too close to her to leverage their numbers against her. Well, that or they gun her down without bothering to check clear their line of fire from friendlies. High risk, high rewards and all that. Though there would be no rewards if she did fight those thugs.

Once inside the theatre she took note of the tall man, Fake ID, smoking as more of them trickled in. From the looks of it, there were a few more of them having a not so civil conversation before Fake won the argument, as evidenced by the bodies around. It was none of her business what he did however. As long as she gets paid, he can sculpt himself to be a pink fuzzy bear wearing a tutu if he wants and she wouldn't bat an eye. As it was, he looked rather... well, rather fitting for the man who brought her here. Not exactly a man she'd trust fully, but one she's listen to nonetheless.

Seeing as he did say it was a meet and greet, perhaps she should introduce herself to the rest here.


Just one word, a nod and a raised hand. There wasn't anything else that needed to be said. Her hardware was enough to speak for herself. She was proficient at busting heads first, and netrunning second, but she was loathe to speak that out loud. It made it feel fake, untrue. As if she was blowing up herself out of proportions. Thus Eva stilled her mouth and waited for the rest to speak, as she sat down on one of the stairs following Fake ID's lead.
Rariya Lelaine

Without a word, she accepted the badge.

A deputy? That was something she wasn't expecting to become when she came in here. But she had already accepted the badge, so it was even harder to say no right now. The things the Mayor was saying seemed rather incredible to be true. Some person was trying to kill them and simultaneously attacking other cities bad enough that it became confidential? The others who came in here seemed incredible too; there was a flying gnome thing, a very uptight looking military man, and a rather rough looking woman who she was sure could do incredible things as well.

Seeing as everyone was introducing themselves, she tried to speak as well."Ah.. I-I'm Rariya Lelaine. I'm from one of the local highschools, in my last year there."

With that she gave a deep bow towards them, before looking up with a genuine, albeit nervous, smile. "I can't really do much, but I'll be happy to help in any way I can."

Rariya felt kinda small next to them. Considering how serious they looked, they probably had abilities far greater than anything she could ever imagine, or at least have abilities stronger than what she had at the moment.
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Eva Fosfograv Vasilev

The girl in the hooded vest chewed on her kibbles grimly, loitering about in front of the coffin place, her hardware clearly visible.

It was just another day, with the same drek going on. Bozos were tearing up the place again, some boosters were rampaging, and her euros looks was starting to look appallingly low again. It was no real matter. She could perhaps sit around at one of the local seedy watering hole and listen around for another job. Usually wetworks, but being a bodyguard wasn't bad either. It usually involves her looking tough while nothing happens for the rest of the day. Not all the time, but enough to make it her preferred line of work. Perhaps she should try out being a doorstopper for a megacorp sometimes. No one in their right mind would try assaulting one of their buildings head on after all.

When the call came, she simply crumpled up what was left of her food into her backpack, checked her only gun, and left.

Eva wasn't one with a happy past, nor was it a past she wanted to catch up with her. Thus when she arrived at the street in front of the theatre, her hood was up, and a piece of cloth covered her lower face, with only neon colored hair peeping out of her hood.

Her eyes scanned the streets, searching for any threat, her senses as open as she could manage, trying to be aware of everything around her. A habit that was hard to kick, and one she had no reason to change. She knew from experience that anything can turn tits up in a very short amount of time, even more so when the big players get involved. From the trouble she read on the screamers today, they seemed ready to throw the MaxTac goons out at the slightest of conflicts. Certainly not the sort of attention she wants, especially if they manage to ID her.

Keeping up that confident look, she simply strode past the group of thugs and into the theatre, a hard look upon her hooded face. They weren't her problem, nor did she want to have to do anything with them.
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