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Surta Matahari Huchson

She stared impassively at the carnage.

These Jedi were more like her than she thought. Was all this rot about them being 'good' and 'in control' just posturing? Gloopra alone seemed more fit to be one of those Sith they keep lumping her with. But that was hardly her problem. The padawan however...

Nodding at Fufuro when she spoke, and paying no mind to her messing up one of her words, Surta disengaged the suit and stepped out of it right there and there. With a simply flick, she simply programmed it to sit at the barracks. She had no worries about it being stolen, not when its at the barracks, and not when its registered to her biometrics.

It was funny to her, with how much contrast there was to the tall bulky power armor, to her own size, smaller and shorter than average. With the credits she accumulated, she could perhaps bulk it out some more, switch some of the platings, and maybe finally use the hard points on the suit to mount heavier weapons.

But for now, she moved towards the infirmary, to intercept Lahana as she moved there. With her light steps, it was but short while before she caught up with her.

"Are your injuries severe?"
Dark Elf jumps in water and works at a school

Sophos blinked with a blank expression as Rinnosuke walked away and locked away his store. She turned her head towards her "allies" that had spent the battle looting the store. Had they ever played an RPG before? Stealing from a store was hardly ever a good idea, at best you'd have the things stolen taken back, at worst well, this happened. Just how many events had they been closed off from? She let out a sigh and walked past the bunny. She walked into the woods. She could go to the sunflower field now, but considering what this world likely actually was, she reconsidered. She settled on the town, assuming it to be a fairly benign choice.

The forest was both alien yet familiar to her. There was myriads of trees growing together, several old oaks and many types of trees that she would usually see as normal. Yet there were others more alien as well, herbs of various kinds grew together, mushrooms both edible and poisonous grew to prodigious size, and ancient fauna stalked the forest, both magical and mundane. A noppera bo looked hopeful when it spied Sophos for a moment, before deflating and continuing on its way.

It wasn't long until she found a river, with a mysterious circular patch of blue in the water near its shores, as well as a bridge that presumably led towards the village.

Sophos, or rather Robin, found herself cooling down as she walked alongside the river. She considered chasing after the faceless ghost, but after her bout with Rinnosuke she decided she'd had enough fighting for the moment. "Hm?" She spotted an out of place blue area in the river. If she had a fishing rod this would be the time she'd pull it out. But she didn't have one, so should she just ignore it?...

"Banzai!" She leaped into the air and belly flopped right on top of it.

"Gyaaaaa!" the spot suddenly screamed. Wrestling itself off of Sophos, it came out of the water with an annoyed look. A female, wearing a pair of large tinted safety glasses, almost hidden under long unkempt blue hair. Almost all of her clothings were blue as well, both the long coat and the boots she had on.

"W-what was that for!?"

"Whoa!" Sophos scrambled to her feet in the river after realizing she had landed on someone. Taking a step back she saw the girl in full. It was another familiar face. "Oh, Nit-" She let out a cough. "Sorry about that, I didn't see you there. I'm Sophos. May I ask for your name?"


She rubbed her head, taking off her glasses. There were dark bags under her eyes, as if she lacked sleep.

"So?" She wiped her safety glass with a piece of cloth from her pockets. "Whats the deal with you? Why'd you jump on me all of a sudden?"

"Momoko huh?" Sophos rubbed the back of her head and put on an apologetic smile. "Well uh, I saw something weird in the water and sorta figured that it'd uh, lead to something valuable? In hindsight it does sound rather dumb." She crossed her arms and looked towards the bridge. "Have you been to the nearby town? I'm new around here and was wondering what it's like."

"They're all excited. Didn't feel like going near them today." She shrugged. "Well, you know how humans are. They wo..."

Momoko stopped, staring at Sophos openly. "You... Are you one of those free spirits that took over that person's place?"

There was a slightly greedy glint in her eyes at that, as she waited for Sophos to answer.

Sophos's right eye twitched and she let out a nervous laugh. "Wow... News sure spreads fast around here. "I didn't exactly intend on taking the place, but some of the people I traveled with had other ideas." She let out a sigh. "You wouldn't happen to know Rinnosuke, would you? And maybe how to get back on his good side?"

"Nope," Momoko dismissed her questions. "But, if the shopkeeper there is gone... Hey, what if I set up shop there? As close as I can anyways. I don't like leaving the river. I promise I have better stuff than that dinky half human."

Sophos's ears quivered. She really did land on something interesting. "That'd be great actually. Would it be alright if I brought in some stuff for you to sell or... tinker with?"

"Fu..fu fu fu..." Momoko walked further into the river, putting on her tinted safety glasses, grinning widely all the while. "That will depend on what you bring me. I'll get ready to relocate there. I have a lot of things to move."

She simply moved beneath the water, leaving not even a ripple, though a blue outline of her could be seen as she moved further upstream. With that, Sophos remained alone once again, safe for the occasional youkai and fairies passing by.

"Ah, lemonade out of lemons if I do so say myself." Sophos patted herself on the back as she stepped out of the river. As her soaked shoes squeaked with each step she continued through the forest. Pulling up her menu she noticed that she'd gained a skill point. It was still early in this expansion so she decided to save it for now. If she came across a difficult situation she could perhaps spend the point then on a handy skill.

She eventually reached the edge of the forest to the sight of the city in the distance. Now that she thought about it, would she be okay walking into a human town? She almost looked human, her ears were a bit of a giveaway that she wasn't however. She shrugged and continued onward. Hopefully a soaking wet dark elf wouldn't be too much of a trouble sight for those at the gate.

The village looked peaceful enough, but as soon as she was spotted, it seemed most of the villagers started getting very excited at the sight. One ran immediately as the rest gawked at her. Other than that, the village looked pretty rustic, with its eastern architecture, utilizing mostly wood and paper in its construction. From where she was, Sophos could see more houses further down the road, with what seemed to be a main square in the middle.

"Well that's not a good sign..." Sophos walked as nonthreatening as she could and continued into the village. She hoped the villager that saw her and ran hadn't run off to get guards. Though even if they did, she figured she could just run away. As she walked further in she passed by a marketplace. She didn't have any money now that she thought about it, which was something she needed to fix right away. She wondered if the shop that would be set up would generate revenue for her. As she pondered this she stopped by a bar near the main square. She walked in and looked around. "Hello? I'm new in town and looking for some work." Places like this tended to have at least a few quest givers, someone was bound to have something for her.

"Oh? Fancy seeing you here." Rinnosuke raised up a glass at her from the bar. From the assortment of plates in front of him, he had just started on drinking after eating a meal. "Doubt they have a job for you, unless you don't mind being a waitress. Oh, and you might have to be careful, theres so- oh speak of the devil..."

A stern looking woman entered the bar just then, glancing around before her brown eyes locked upon the newcomer. "You, I need to speak with you if you don't mind."

Brushing off her silver hair, the tall buxom woman had a rather striking blue outfit, with a strange square hat with glyphs upon it. Sitting down at the bar, she gestured towards a seat beside her, looking at Sophos expectantly.

Sophos nearly broke out into a cold sweat upon seeing Rinnosuke in the bar, she was about to run off when she realized his demeanor was fairly benign all things considered. As the silver haired woman he was about to mention walked in Sophos let out an awkward cough and sat down as asked. "Is there something I can help you with? Lost son, cellar full of rats you need taken care of?"

"Yes, there was something I'd like you to help me with" The woman signalled to the barkeeper, who brought them both a drink.There was an uncomfortably long silence as the woman sipped at her drink, broken only by the tinkling of the door bell, indicating another customer had entered.

"First of all, what are you doing here?"

Sophos gingerly sipped her drink, her eyes not quite knowing where to look as an awkward silence filled the air between them. When she finally spoke she almost spilled her drink. "I'm... not entirely sure to be honest. I just need to make some money, and learn more about this land."

"I see. Then is that why you ransacked Rinnosuke's shop?" The woman replied nonchalantly. Rinnosuke was about to say something to that before she held up her hand. "I am Keine Kamishirakawa, de facto leader of the Human faction. What you have started here, may be the beginning of the end for us."
There was a matter-of-fact tone in her voice, speaking without bitterness or judgement. "Gensokyo, this place, has fractured, and various factions now vie for territory in this... game of theirs. The miko cannot act, for this too will balance out, but..."

Keine let the silence sit between them, leaving Sophos to ponder her words.

"Hmm." Sophos set her drink down and leaned back on the bar, stretching her arms out on it. "Sounds like things were on the edge of becoming like this anyway. Why would a simple robbery cause the land to become fractured?" She let out a puff of air and shook her head. "Even still I kinda feel responsible even though I never wanted to steal anything. These factions, I imagine there is tension between them all? Tell me about them. I'll gladly help."

"Robbery? No. You taking over territory. The Moriya shrine, Byaku-" Keine stopped. "No, perhaps it would be too complicated for newcomers to understand. But there are people just waiting for an excuse to cause incidents, some for their own reasons, others because they can. Some need no reasons."

Sophos stuck her tongue in her cheek as she nonchalantly scanned the room. Alright, getting bored. "What is it you want me to help with then?"

"Join us. If I take over all the territory, this.... fad, will go away, and we can return to our peaceful lives. Of course, you have to tell us about your former teammates as well, what they do, what your territory has right now, and what we can do to defeat them utterly." There was a gleam in Keine's eyes now, as she gripped her drink tighter. Perhaps Sophos would pick up that she wasn't going to be able to leave that easily if she refused to betray her teammates.

"Okay." Sophos said straight away. She hopped from her seat and downed her drink before slamming it on the bar, but not hard enough to break it, she was poor after all. She put on a wide smile, wide and toothy. "This should be entertaining at least."

Sophos defected to the Human faction
Sophos lost her save point at the Forest of Magic
Sophos gains a save point at the Human Village

"Really!?" Keine sighed at that. "Well, that's a load off my chest. Uhm... did you have a place to stay? If you're looking for a job, you could stay with me."

"Ahaha, she's going to work you to the bone," exclaimed a customer. It was the one that had entered before, with a simple clean blouse, and red pants with suspenders with odd tags all over it. The very same tags seemed to be tied in her hair, arranged to be symmetrical on both sides.

Sophos's eyes widened at the person that had just walked into the bar. "Oh really, to the bone huh?" She bowed, then held out her hand. "I'm Sophos, it's nice to meet you." She turned her head to Keine. "I'll work with you, but I have to ask, why is it necessary to capture every bit of territory for things to calm down? I'm sure some of the factions can be reigned in by other means."

"Mokou." Was all the silver haired woman said, clearing her hair from her face as she focused back on her drink. "Don't break your back now, ya hear?"

Keine looked thoughtful at that, but shook her head. "Perhaps. But no one here would start up such a faction if they did not intend to go through with it."

"Well, enough talk of that. Let me show you my place for now."

With that, she lead Sophos out of the bar, heading northwards. The streets were as busy as before, but now that Keine was walking along Sophos, it seemed no one gawked at her, or at least, no one gawked at her with the intensity that they had before. Soon the streets turned from busy, to well travelled, to almost abandoned as they walked towards the outskirts. It seemed they were heading towards a long building, with a large fenced off yard.

"This is it. My school." Keine looked proud of herself as she said that. "No one here now, but, there will be plenty of children later tomorrow. You're welcome to sleep in one of the spare rooms."

As they walked through town Sophos noticed the change in reception now that she was walking with Keine. She almost wanted to stick her tongue out at them in spite. As they continued and things steadily became less and less dense they reached her school.

"Kids... huh?" Sophos said with a wary expression. She couldn't really handle kids, she didn't know how to talk to them let alone look after them. "I'll try to stay out of your way then, thank you for the room."

"Hold on a moment." Keine had a positively evil gleam in her eyes now. "There was the matter of the job you asked about. For starters, help me clean up after the kids, clear their doodles from the walls and..."

Keine started mouthing off a long string of duties before ending it with "... and then perhaps you can try patrolling around the area to deter any youkai that tries to eat the children at night."

"Mokou wasn't kidding." Sophos let out a wary laugh. Cleaning up after brats wasn't exactly her idea of fun. She pulled up her menu and looked at her skills. With her recent skill point she unlocked a skill called Overdrive. It would help her get this over with quickly. "Sure thing boss lady."
Surta Matahari Huchson

She had gotten onto the APC without any real trouble.

A world such as this one with the Republic trying to regain it was bound to be extremely violent. What happened in the den, and what they were currently driving towards all pointed towards that being so. If at all possible, she could perhaps milk it for what it was worth, gathering enough money for herself until the job dried up. Then, hopefully, she will have enough to start a more profitable venture.

Surta was a bit disappointed when the fighting had already ended by the time they got there, but money earned doing nothing wasn't something she was about to refuse.

However, if they truly wanted to make an impact on these people, they would need to retaliate swiftly, and make an example of them. Had it been her in charge, she'd strap them on some engine and drive them around the place. The smell of their flesh cooking and their screams should make a reasonable impression on anyone thinking of raiding them again.
Surta Matahari Huchson

Under all that armor, under her faceplate, Surta smirked. The Jedi certainly were far from what they claimed to be. She could feel their emotions without even trying. The man escaping so quickly and with such a flashy method was bound to upset anyone who had to uphold not only their reputation, but of their cult's as well.

The falling ceiling was of no consequence to her; the armor she wore was made for much much more, even with its current state. Surta glanced at the blaster rifle she was holding, suddenly aware she was still holding the now dead thug's weapon. Perhaps, in due time, she could fully rearm the suit with heavier ordinance.

But for now, she moved towards Lahana, offering a hand to her.

"You did nothing wrong. Tis normal to act upon one's feelings." A low voice, modulated as it came out of the suit, low enough for only Lahana to hear.
Surta Matahari Huchson

She didn't like this at all.

Someone they didn't know, or was supposed to be here, admitting openly they're here to spy on them. Whoever this was, they were good. Perhaps even as good as she was. But, she would rather not out her abilities; Jedi did not take well to other force users, especially one that uses their abilities as freely as she did.

But... this was not her problem.

The Jedi was here, and thus there was no need for her to interrupt. Nor did she want to waste her time on needless things. Valter had the right idea however, and Surta simply gave a small nod to the merc as she brought the power armor to move out of the place, ignoring the feeling as Jaida tried to snipe the unknown person.
Forest of Magic, what comes after

With some crashing through the underbrush, Frika finally arrived at the clearing. She looked rather bedraggled, with her dress looking noticeably dirtier than when they had seen her previously. One might even assume several things had tried to eat her while she was walking through the woods.

"Uu.. I'm here! Lets start this... eh?"

She looked around at the aftermath of the battle, the house locked down in disconnect, the pile of junk a few had looted from the house. One could not help but feel she was getting more and more flustered with every new detail she took in.

"We... we've already won? But the shopkeeper here, he closed... his shop? Eh? Eh?"

Frika took a moment to breath in, calming herself down, before speaking loud enough to be heard by everyone, her words appearing as announcement logs for those too far away to listen.

"C-Congratulations, with this location secured, our fair King Tristran will be very pleased to finally have a foothold in this area. There will be undoubtedly be more enemies to face, even those that may try to strike upon this place to claim it. But fear not, with the resources here, the magical reagents, the creatures, and with the experienced magic enchante-" she faltered for a moment, once again gazing at the locked house. "-with the help of an indestructable house as cover, we will be able to strengthen this place. For now, the next campaign shall start next week, on the same day. Until then, brave warrior, rest, feast and spend your time upon this place wisely, for the next campaign will not be so easy."

With a bow, she waved to everyone, before disappearing.

Now that the next part of the event was done, the players would find themselves free to do anything they wanted, be it explore more of the place, scouting out the next locations, or even just logging out and going to sleep if they desired. All those who logs out will inevitably feel a little fatigued.

Forest of Magic Conquered

"Oh... Well alright then!" Sophos was expecting Rinnosuke to make the first move, but if he wanted to give up that chance then that was fine with her. She wasn't interested in dealing with the fairies, trying to thin them out first would take a while, she was better at focusing on one target anyhow. She charged forward towards the three fairies in front of her, just before she was within reach of them she leaped forward over them, then using double jump to propel herself forwards towards Rinnosuke. She slashed at him with a horizontal swing, then skidding to a stop as she touched the ground. She had activated Pilfer Sight at the same time, intending to cause herself to become invisible to him. (moves to F5?)

For the most part Naumi was neutral in all of this, she allowed the others to deal with the NPC while she simply hanged back to enjoy the scenery. When it became pretty clear that diplomacy broke down, however she was more than ready to throw down. She watched that thief, who was kinda responsible for everything falling apart in the first place, jump over the trio of faries before them. Seeing this as her opening to do some damage, Naumi made use of her Spear Down ability, and aimed herself directly at the fairly in the middle. Her intention was to stab that fairy, and ideally if that was enough to take it down, she would then start engaging the other two faries in melee with the objective to keep their attention on her, although she didn't see the point in firing off her taunt quite yet. (moves to J11)

Thryr had just been observing all the scenery around him. He decided to let the others do their own thing and he'd join them in time. His only concern at the moment was that the forst wasn't made for half giants in mind, as he broke yet another branch with his helmed head. "Gods damn it..." He decided it would be best for himself to go back to the clearing. Upon entering he saw that something wasn't right. Upon hearing Rinnosuke's words and the fairies coming over for a fight he sighed. "Why did we let the rogues speak to the guy.... Guess it's fightin' time. He drew his massive blade. "I'll handle the fairies... I can kill them right? They're bloody small..." He set his sword straight in front of him, point up, calling upon the move Rising Sun. The blade gained a soft sheen before he slid a foot back and used his move, Charging Bull to the group of fairies in front of him, moving unnervingly fast, for his size. He used a broad slash which, with his ungodly massive blade, should be enough to catch all of them. (moves to O4)

Rinnosuke only watched as Sophos leapt over the three fairies, jumping fast towards him. She was certainly fast, but, facing someone head on, who was taller than her and wieldng a longer weapon was perhaps not the best decision. With how far she was before she started beelining towards him, it was no surprise that Rinnosuke could anticipate then counter her moves, slashing down upon her attacking hand, giving a sharp cut and knocking the knife out of her hand. He looked almost apologetic as she disappeared from sight. Her hand would be bleeding now, though it was the red buzzy digital effect that all wounds have in World's End Online.

Naumi however, had more success, knocking the fairy out instantly, her log would beep at the successful attack. However, unlike in World's End Online, the fairy seemed to be only stunned, though if checked, the Enemy tag on inspection would have disappeared. The other two however, swarmed Naumi, one of them winding up for a powerful punch that.... only did about a small fraction of her health. The other was starting to swirl a bunch of colorful balls in her hands, puffing up her cheeks as she concentrated as hard as she could.

With his charge, Thryr managed to catch two of them("AH! NO FAIR!") in his swing, the other three managing to dodge due to the tallest, grabbing the other two and flying upwards to avoid that sweep. In one fluid motion, the tallest materialized a wickedly sharp mineral spear, stabbing towards the man's guts, while the other two simply started spraying colorful magical pellets at him, shaving off small portions of his health with the few that hit from that wildly innaccurate attack.

"Whew!" Ami cheered gleefully, nudging Bell Pepper's arm, "Hey, we better hurry up or we're gonna miss all the fun!"

Spinning her staff once as the end glowed with a light pink light, Ami fired a spark towards the cluster of fairies nearest them. (C14)

Unfortunately Bell had already dashed off towards the same group upon Ami's encouragement. There was a spectacular spark arcing from Bell towards the group of fairies when the spell hit her back before the spell exploded, leaving one very shocked Bell, and one stunned looking fairy standing.

"Eh!? Uh.. T-teiya!" Bell smacked the fairy on the head, knocking it clean out of the fight.

Ami blinked in surprise, breaking into a laugh as she watching the fairy go flying. "Sorry about that," she giggled, casually jogging to catch up, "Nice hit, though. Poor thing didn't stand a chance!"

Sophos blinked and looked at her right hand. She opened and closed her palm, thankfully not feeling pain but a familiar numbing. She wasn't expecting Rinnosuke to react so well, he was a tougher character than he looked. Well, knowing where he's from she should have been more on guard. She looked to Rinnosuke, his back facing her. It seemed her Pilfer Sight had worked at least. She unequipped her remaining dagger and leaped for his back, intending to lock her arm around his neck and lock her legs around him. Strangling worked in this expansion, right?

Thryr focused on deflecting the spear, which he found quite annoying as it glanced off his blade. He swung hard at the fairy, blade whistling as it went. He felt the pellets hit him but it only made him attack more fiercely. He let out a roar as he activated Dragon Rage, his eyes turing dark red. "You think you can best me with those tiny little sticks of yours?!?! I'll show you what a warrior can do!" He moved to cleave the tallest fairy in two with his blade.

Seeing as she managed to stun that fairy, although she didn't notice the lack of an enemy tag, Naumi instead turned her focus to the other fairly that was casting some sort of magic. She had no idea what it was trying to cast, but she at least knew their punches barely tickled. With this objective in mind she wanted to put as much pressure as possbile on the caster as she started to stab away at the little creature.

"I see. Fast moving, with light weapons. Disappears from sight, by means unknown." Rinnosuke tensed up, lowering his body in anticipation. "A hit and run sort of fighter, unable to hold ground in a straight fight."

But with his vision impaired, he wasn't going to be able to react very well. Reaching into his front pouch, he was unable to pull out the stone within before being jumped upon, slender arms going around his neck.

"What!?" With her arms around his neck, he tried to get her grip off with one hand, with the other free hand, swiveling back, to hit her side with the pommel of the sword.

Thryr gained little with his Dragon Rage from what little damage the fairies had done to him. Regardless, his swing still shattered the fairy's spear, as well as knocking out all three of them left. Unfortunately, the rest (in J4) near Rinnosuke noticed him now, and all of them started to channel some magic.

Naumi didn't have much trouble with the mage, almost immediately stabbing it in the face with the buzzy digital red effects where she hit it, the effect disappearing as soon as the fairy was knocked out. The other one continued to punch her with much gusto, seemingly intent on depleting her health sliver by tiny sliver.

"O-oh! Thanks for that! You were quite good too!" Bell looked at herself. "Almost depleted all my hp."

The fairies (at D8) noticed both Ami and Bell by now, and started zooming in towards them. With how much health Bell had, she put a hand on Ami's shoulder while giving her the thumbs up, before keeling over, using her Play Dead skill to fool the fairies.

As soon as Rinnosuke moved to strike her with his sword's pommel Sophos used her free right hand to grab his wrist. She released one of her leg's grip on him and used Double Jump to kick off of the air, helping her arch backwards and bring him down to the ground to preform an armbar. "Unless you want a broken arm, give up."

Thryr grunted, hefted his sword and held it for a few seconds while he aimed and swung his blade, letting the large weapon sail toawards the fairy in the middle, activating charge just a moment later after the weapon struck it's target. Spinning in a circle hecleaved with his blade, hoping to end the fight quikly as his stamina dropped. He was starting to get real irritated at the pesky fairies with their besting bolts."Gah... I thought there wasn't a worse thing than goblins!"

Naumi's next move was very straight forward and that was to stab the remaining fairy in the face.

An astonished wail sounded from Ami and Bell's position as the sorceress gawked at the prone novice playing dead on the ground.

"What a cheesey move!" she whined, moving to face the oncoming fairies with another flashy flourish of her staff.

"That's alright," she smirked, "I'll show you what a solo mage can do!"

A glittery ball of light burst from the orb at the head of Ami's staff as she cast dazzle towards the group of fairies. The ball exploded like a crackling firework filled with pastel rainbows. She quickly fired a few basic shots towards whichever three of the fairies were stunned.

"Gweh!" the middle fairy was blown away by the great sword, more by the weight and speed rather than being cut, but it still got knocked down, but not out of the fight entirely. A thrown sword, unless thrown a certain way, with a skill, or was a sword designed for throwing, rarely ever was effective, due to its shape. The other two had simply moved out of the way, and without their channeling interrupted, sparked out twin beams that was starting to chip at Thryr's health at an alarming rate.

Naumi however had little trouble, having poked the persistent fairy in the face, knocking it out of the fight with a very displeased look.

The fairies around had been jeering, cheering and generally being raucous crowd as they watched the fight, but they cheered louder when the sparkly colorful ball exploded at the fairies advancing towards Ami. While Ami's quickshots only hit one of the fairies, they looked stunned enough by the ball that she could perhaps start whacking on them with her staff if she needed to.

"Ow! OW! Ah, I give, I give!" Rinnosuke tapped her leg with his free hand.

As soon as Rinnosuke gave up, the battle system simply wiped away all enemy status from the fairies, freezing everyone in place for a moment to let the victory be absolutely apparent. The remaining fairies whined in disappointment, while the rest... remained their raucous playful self, soon bringing the losing fairies back into their usual shennanigans.

"Ah, you were pretty good." The shopkeeper stood up and dusted himself off. "I guess to the victor goes the spoils, I.."

He turned around, noticing something amiss. Pulling out a round crystal from his pouch, he squinted at it, before sighing.

"Well, I suppose thats what I get for being careless."

Holding out a hand towards the building, there was a slight shimmer before it turned back to normal. A spell of disconnect, rendering the house utterly indestructable and inaccessible until the spell was reversed.

"Ah, I'm sure not all of you are dishonest, but I think I will do better in another place."

With that, he bowed down, picked up the rusty sword and anything else he had dropped, before walking away. As he did so, another notification beeped from everyone's personal log, indicating the region was conquered. As if to make absolutely certain to everyone, a large flag bearing the star and lion of King Tristran appeared in the middle of the clearing. With that, the first location of the campaign was conquered, with hiccups here and there, but conquered nonetheless.

Hazama, Harumi


A little bit of useless information was all she got out of the gang she met up with, but at least she got what she needed.

New and illegal pistol, but she's hidden cameras on her person before, she could hide the gun extremely well if she needed to.

While she was out of her disguise, holding a small camera(just in case) and thus look her normal not at all suspicious self, a group of people was not what she wanted to meet, especially a group that seemed to be trying to get into her dorm with some sort of package. Harumi knew there was no reason for them to suspect she has a gun, but she was still nervous nonetheless.

"Oh? Is there some trouble here?"

A simple query as she stopped briefly near them, intending to continue and gather her tools for tonight's work.
Surta Matahari Huchson

She opened her eyes inside the suit, looking at all the information feeding in through the suits system. Bringing up the sensors, she started scanning the building before the screen suddenly popped with a rather unspectacular krick. Surta sighed; perhaps she should have replaced the oscillator before she worked on the coupler and the power converters.

But, regardless, she simply waited for the others to start once the vehicle stopped, using her abilities to feel around the place instead, though she was careful not to trip over the senses of the Jedi present in the attack.

Even with all the features missing, the power suit still tore through the entire room, bursting past Lahana with the help of the repulsors on the suit, crashing into three of the thugs even as Neb exploded something. Blaster fire was hitting the suit, the others perhaps drawn to the hulking figure now crushing the head of one of their comrades. As she picked up a blaster rifle from the ground and started to return fire, her commlinks flared to life as she contacted everyone that joined the drug den bust.

"Strike now." came her voice, calm even as more and more blaster fire rained upon her.

A fast strike with overwhelming power to point all eyes towards one location, before hitting them in their blind spot before they recover fully. It was a favourite of hers, though she wasn't sure these group would be able to destroy them as efficiently as her band
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