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instructions unclear, snorted all the dicks
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oh humans suck alright. if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Obviously we must first hire a private investigator to vet rpers to weed out those undeserving. How else will you know whether they type in a certain way, or if they eat pasta like a slob.
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Im already tracer
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Sometimes, I feel like me joining an rp will curse it to die.


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Oni no Hanzo
Foreign District, Tour Montparnasse, Top Platform

A single moment, brought together by the web of information she had carefully woven. A single strike, a single move, and Hanzo disappeared with a single prize, leaving behind a headless body. She knew nothing of the person, nothing of what she was or who she was, just that she was a Master. Another faceless person to assassinate.

Bois de Boulogne

Nanashi yawned, looking as if he was going to fall dead asleep on his feet right there and then. "I don't really understand all this complicated stuff. Lets fight someone already. Hiring a strong yojimbo just to let them rot in bodyguard duty is gonna dull their sword, you know?"

He stood up and put his tachi back onto his belt. "Oi, Demon Lord. Lets find someone to fight. Oh, right right." He flashed an arrogant grin at Chieko. "I forgot to tell you but, I've left a package for you in your room."
saber slot
Ettamri Belarence

It was a relatively pleasant journey so far.

The whiteness of the snow, the crunch of what little snow there was on the road, the cold crisp air. Oddly enough, she didn't feel as cold as she thought she would be. Perhaps the large cloak Ettamri brought helped? She had no real trouble finding the way, considering travelled roads tended to be easy to find, and even without landmarks, she could reorient herself using the small compass she had brought. She had been out in the wilds when she woke not too long ago after all, and had specifically brought things along just in case she was lost, which did include a map of the region. Not that it will help much when it came to more specific areas, but it was good for a general idea of directions in a region and what to expect.

Their way was soon to be obstructed by a river however, one that seemed to have pulled out the log bridge that was supposed to be there.

Perhaps they could have repaired it; she definitely could have carried that sort of logs and lashed them together. But they were delivering supplies to the fort, and that was time and luxury they couldn't afford.

"Hold." She walked over to the edge of the river, looking out towards the other side for a moment. "Hmm, this is troubling."

Closing her eyes for a moment, she came upon a decision. She wasn't some backwater noble after all, she was of the House of Belarence, well trained and well educated. In situations like this...

"Hmmph. Unless any of you have a better idea, we should scout out the area first. You, idiot, and you, archer, scout out that side-" she pointed towards Muu and Oscar, before gesturing upriver "- and see if there is another way across. You, mage, and you, shieldbearer,"she pointed towards Renauld and Argentum before pointing down river ", search that way. Me and the rest shall make temporary camp here, to guard the cart. Do not fight if you can avoid it. No telling how much trouble that will bring. Return here alive or I'll drag you out of hell myself and beat you senseless."

Ettamri set down her greatclub in the wagon, and stretched, obviously expecting them to already be doing her orders. After all, there shouldn't be a better idea than hers.
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Oni no Hanzo
Foreign District, Tour Montparnasse, Top Platform

"Fu fu fu..."

A web of information, strings being pulled, and the one who sits at the middle had been lured by the prospect of prey. The barrier being put up, their preparations, their summoning, had all been observed, but... they did not look that useful. After observing the barriers and thinking up a way to go through, she simply slipped through their barriers, an easy enough feat for someone of her caliber, with any thing that might reveal her avoided with barely any effort.

How could she not? As one of the more famous ninja in history, falling for simple tricks would tarnish her honor.

But, the end result of her efforts and preparations during the last few days, was that her web of information told her of a lone Master, and she had traveled there as fast as she could, leaving behind a shadow to act in her stead, while she dealt with this opportunity.

Hanzo did not bother with introductions or any sort of talk after figuring out the barriers, simply moving as fast as she could towards Ryte's back, and slashing diagonally upwards, aiming to bisect her.
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hi i want a magical girl thanks
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