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Lancer Ajax
Forest Area


Ajax was getting pumped up, her blood boiling with excitement as Rider struck a strong blow against her. A blow deep enough for her to feel it, and even injure her where it struck, but considering her durability and sheer size, it wasn't one that would really hamper her. A knife would be sufficent to kill a cat, but against an elephant, it would be sorely lacking. Thus Ajax was hurt, but not impeded, moving as if uninjured, even those two moves against her barely moving her body backwards.

But... her opponent did not seem to have that sort of endurance. A simple move for Ajax, but one that would have utterly crushed Rider's spine if she didn't escape immediately. Even now Rider was favouring her broken leg, exchanged for escaping with her life.

Thus Ajax did not follow when Rider retreated, feeling slightly deflated.

"I commend you for that surprising move." Ajax spoke simply. "But you will die should we continue, if that is the extent of your abilities."

She turned, moving towards her Master, making it clear she was no longer interested in the match. "In honor of our match, I will allow you to retreat."

It reminded her of her matches with the other heroes of the Trojan war. There was no exchange of gifts here however, for her opponent was not Hector, nor any other Greek heroes. The mere design of Rider's armor and their fighting style was enouugh to confirm that for her.
Frederika Bernstein&Lancer Mortholt
Historical District.


"...and you two aren't a match for Servants, so if you see one, just run and pray they don't see you."

It was just a repetition of her previous instructions, but these two were young and likely to be overconfident even against a Servant. There was no harm in reminding them again. Rika, noticing Lancer having not said a word since they left, turned to him.

"Lancer, is something wrong? You've been silent for quite a while now."

Lancer was, indeed, oddly silent throughout their nightly trek. At first, it was because he was focused on looking for any threats that would come across his Master, especially in unfamiliar territory like the supposed cursed soil they stand upon. For a moment, however, he forgot just what he was doing in such a place. While he wished to ask the young lady Rika, he did not want to trouble her with the burden that seems to be his terrible memory. Because of this, Lancer had resolved to stay stoic throughout the remainder of their journey, following his Master in spiritual form, quietly...

... At least until that metal carriage rolled in.

Materializing before Rika, Lancer held his arm out to the side, spear in hand. The spear in question was a horrifying thing to behold, a somewhat fitting weapon for the maimed and ragged warrior that Lancer appeared to be. As the van made its approach, Lancer turned his head to his Master, looking at her with his one good eye.

"There's a Servant in that van, no question about it. What are your orders, m'lady?"

Frederika was about to answer before the van stopped, a large Servant stepping out as pretty as you please, before greeting them both. Such an unexpected action that she froze until he reached the end of his speech.

"Additionally, to my fellow warrior, I propose we fight together as allies. For the Grail, if you like, but I'll gladly support a comrade in any noble goal he has set his heart on!"

Looking first to Lancer, then to the two magi following her, she took in a deep breath.

Before running swiftly away as she reinforced her body.

"I refuuuuse!" Came her answer as she ran.

The two magi following her ran as well, though they took different routes from her. It was an order based upon the assumption that she would be the primary target, and hence they would not be attacked immediately should they not be near her.

Lancer, hold off that Servant!

There was no magi that did anything without having analysed that action for their own benefits, and certainly none that would approach willingly an unknown space that was the van, especially one a magi was already sitting in, in a war like this. In that small space, there was any number of tricks even third rate mages could employ to defeat even the best. She may not have much in the ways of combat experience, but she wasn't someone unfamiliar with the ways magus works.

Perhaps if the mage contacted her discreetly to meet upon a neutral ground, Rika might have considered it, but to sit in a van that might or might not be rigged, within reach of a Servant that she had no knowledge of, was far beyond foolish. The Servant himself may be honorable and just, but ultimately they were tools, whims to the holder of the Command Seals.

Very well. I will rendezvous with you as soon as I take care of him.

As soon as his Master started running, Lancer looked the other Servant up and down, trying to determine whether his attempt at diplomacy was either a ruse or something genuine. In any case, Lancer relaxed a bit at this Servant's choice of attire, leaning his spear onto his shoulder, believing that the Servant before him didn't serve as an immediate threat, at least for the time being.

"I must say that it is rather bold of you to request for an alliance so early in this war; and with complete strangers, at that. While your offer is something to consider, I'm afraid that I must honor my Master's refusal. What sort of knight would I be if I made such decisions against my Master's wishes, anyway?"

Letting his spear dematerialize, Lancer crossed his arms over his tattered poncho, looking directly into the well-muscled Servant's eyes while appearing to let his own guard down.

"Now, if you still wish to remain on friendly terms, I must ask of you to turn back from wherever you came from and allow my Master to proceed with the business that she had planned, tonight," whatever it was. "Of course, if you surely insist on staying where you are, I have no obligation to stop you. The only order that my Master has given me so far is to hold you off, after all. In that case, I will have to ask you to leave my Master alone until she's able to find a safer place to retreat to. In any case, I'd suggest you make your choice now, while the night is young..."

While the threat Lancer made was rather open, it still would hold some weight. As soon as the sun had set, Lancer's own strength already began to rise. Even now, due to the blessing unique only to him, Lancer's power continued to increase. If the Servant before Lancer wished to engage him in combat, it would be wise to do it soon, and fast.
Lancer Ajax
Forest Area


Her enemy's movements were good.

Another dodge, with a quick followup to close their distance, and attack her in extreme close range. An attack that could perhaps fell any man.

Were it be that Ajax be any man.

The moment Rider moved, Ajax too was moving, following up her punch by shifting her body, bringing her knee upwards and into Rider's solar plexus as her outstreched arm closed around Rider's back and side. An enveloping move to grab Rider as well as a straightforwards crushing attack. The only move Ajax made to defend against that short range bajiquan elbow was the twisting of her body as she moved to knee Rider.
Lancer Ajax
Forest Area


Oh? A fast moving person, no doubt one that utilizes their speed and skill to overcome opponents that rely on sheer brawn. The style wasn't something she personally knew, but martial arts was martial arts regardless of whether they originated from Greece or anywhere else in the world. It reminded her of... that person, and that pissed her off slightly, even if she knew that was irrational.

Ajax simply moved her body when Rider threw two kicks at her, striking her shoulder instead of her head.

There was no snarky reply, no witty comeback, just Ajax rushing towards her with a vengeance. No sign that she even felt the blow, but she was definitely retaliating with a swing of her own. For a body that large, one might think she'd be slow as a snail, moving ponderously, as if a glacier swallowing any before them, but her movements belied her size, almost like a cheat, as she attacked, a single punch aimed at Rider's center.
Lancer Ajax
Forest Area

"No names needed." Ajax stretched for a moment. "It is that kind of war."

Short, and concise. She did not show any sign whether the stance Rider took was anything strange, or even if she recognized it at all. Ajax stopped for a moment, as if looking towards the canopy of the forest for something, before turning back to Rider, readying herself for combat. She did not take up any sort of stance, simply opting for a relaxed standing posture.

"Come. Defeat me, nameless one, if you can."

Master. Remember to be on guard. This Servant shall not harm you whilst I still fight them, but other treacheary might abound, with or without this Servant's knowledge.

Whatever tricks this enemy Servant might have and employ, they would find that Ajax would not be defeated that easily.
Lancer Ajax

"Lancer! A Servant wants to play in the forest! They're a Rider, their stats aren't too impressive but I'm sure they have a trick up their sleeve!"

"It doesn't matter." Ajax stood up, a slight smile on her face. "It is a fool move, but one I can respect."

Finishing the rest of her drink, and some food, she headed for the window, before carefully grabbing her Master. "Let us answer this call, and see who may be bold enough to issue such a direct challenge. Do not worry, I will protect you should there be treachery, Master."

The sheer speed at which she travelled allowed them to reach the forest in a relatively short amount of time, as Ajax remained in her spirit form. It was easy enough to find the challenger, as they weren't trying to hide, but indeed was broadcasting their location brazenly.

Seeing the stranger in armor, she set her Master down, before materializing entirely, revealing her massive armor-clad frame, bigger than even the statuesque gorgon of another war. Perhaps the black giant of that war would have towered over her, but in this there seemed none that could even match her size.

"I answer the challenge." Was all the words she offered to the challenger.

But... Instead of readying her armaments, Ajax simply spread her empty hands, perhaps a show of bravery, perhaps daring the challenger to attack her. Or perhaps it was a challenge to see if her opponent would meet her in bare handed combat.
Frederika Bernstein
Rich District -> Historical District.

"Nnngh... Why do I keep getting these bad feelings?"

It was a busy day, particularly the ritual to bind a god in her favour. The food was prepared well, the young boy they bribed with a lot of pocket money to stay silent until a certain part of the ritual did relatively well, even if he almost stuttered during the last part. But, Zeus or perhaps a smaller part of him, did answer, and did give her his blessings, and promises for more. She was hoping for Mars or Ares, but at least no other gods answered the call; the grimoire recorded within the crest did have any mention of summoning only select gods after all. She could have just as easily attracted Sekmet who may or may not offer more insiduous blessings.

In any case, the fortifying of the mansion was well underway now, thanks to the combined efforts of all the mages staying there. But that chill, that feeling, never left her. There was that feeling of being watched, of something in the shadows gazing into her, as if boring a hole into her very soul.

Be on guard Lancer.

Frederika moved as naturally as possible, making small talk with the two mages beside her, as they made their way there. On her back was a backpack, filled with everything they need. There were rumours that the historical district was a burial ground, but with the ritual she would perform on it, they will find out for sure.
Lancer Ajax
Apartment 13B, Oakfield Apartment Building, Downtown

Ajax accepted the drink, and without further ado, simply popped the top off with her hands.

Drinking it however, her face scrunched up at the taste. Some sort of beer, instead of fine wine. Truly the drink of barbarians. Was she to be treated as second class even here? Even without the likes of Achilles or Odysseus present? It was no matter; Ajax would still fight to the best of her ability.

"Hmph... This will do."

"So hi! I'm Liliana Mortensen, I'm 23 years old, and my hobbies are reading, drinking tea, and making weapons that could make your insides come outside! What's your name?"

"I am Ajax. Lancer class." Her eyes glanced about the place, and at her own Master. "I assume you are to be my Master?"

This house... was not her Master's, made obvious by the way she acted and treated the things inside it. Just by observing her conduct, Ajax could already deduce that her Master was not one who had any sort of morals or honor as she knew it. Not that she would say that out loud; she simply did not see what it would change if she did.

"Then, if you are to be my Master, I pledge my shield and spear to you, in this War." Bowing her impressive frame slightly, Ajax gave her Master a serious gaze. "What do we first, Master?"

Frederika Bernstein
Rich District, Old Mansion.

Rika was, unsurprisingly, rather wide eyed at the... figure before her.

This could never be Tristan, but rather some sort of rogue knight, judging from his attire. Was there ever such a dirty looking knight in the Round Table? Gareth? Bedivere? Lancelot perhaps? While she could, perhaps, believe it was simply one of them in field combat gears that was well worn, Rika had no idea where that horn came in. The catalyst she used was definitely, absolutely a piece of Cortana, Tristan's sword, so for it to summon a hobo looking knight was unthinkable. Who else had held and wielded that sword, beside Tristan?

Shaking off her shock, Rika attempted to look as dignified as she could, showing off the crest with a slight blush.

"Welcome, Sir Knight, and thank you, for answering my call." She bowed, before standing straight again. "I am Frederika Bernstein, and yes, I am to be your Master."

A solid Servant, from what she could see of his stats. But... now Rika had a mountain of things to prepare afterwards, as well as preparations that needed to be altered, considering she had banked on getting an Archer for a Servant.
Lancer Ajax
Apartment 13B, Oakfield Apartment Building, Downtown

A call to war, to battle, to glory once again pulled her, into another conflict. This time however, the battle was personal.

Following the pull, the call, the thread that awakened her, Ajax materialized on to the magic circle, her large stature starting to become more apparent as her figure rose from the circle.

The woman could only be called gigantic in stature, as she stretched for a moment, before looking down at the small figure staring up at her. The armor cladding the figure only served to highlight their massive difference in size. The floorboards creaked as Ajax glanced around, before her eyes settled on the boy, sleeping and unharmed.


Ignoring what the small woman said, Ajax sat upon the couch, which seemed to bow under her and her armor's weight. It was a truly comfortable thing, but from the boy on the floor, and from the looks of things, this wasn't really her summoner's couch, or home for that matter. But before she asked about that... Formalities must come first.

"Where are the drinks?"
Frederica Bernstein
Rich District, Old Mansion.

Long before the sun even rose up, they worked quickly, partly to avoid peering eyes, and partly because they just arrived and needed to do it as quickly as possible before the sun rose up. Or before anyone knocked down their door and stabbed Frederica.

A large mansion, complete with a large garden, a complete heated indoor pool, and even a grand hall for any sort of future reception. Its age only seemed to increase its grandeur, its quiet air of dignity, that was certainly marred by the rather harried looking new owner.

"Master, do not fret so much. A young lady shouldn't puff and fret like that." A tall woman, wearing a stereotypical french maid outfit spoke, as Rika looked frantically through a box. Blue eyes gazed with amusement through black hair as Rika inevitably stumbled onto the ground in her haste. The woman seemed to bear not even a trace of fatigue.

"Matilda? W-what are you even doing in that outfit?" Rika stood up, looking around. The mages that followed her was quickly setting up the place, some placing enchanted stones to make a bounded field, some making traps, and even some that was just unpacking their things into the mansion. "This is no time for jokes. I, the current Bernstein Library, has been chosen to participate in a Grail War. I don't even want to be in this!"

"Then, why don't you quit? I'm sure the mediator wo-"

"Then I'd be ridiculed forever as a coward! No, I'll fight to stay alive. I'll keep the library alive even if I have to die!"

Matilda dearly wanted to point out the library would die with her if she did that, but refrained. Rika was just too distraught to even be thinking of anything else right now.


In the empty wine cellar, an impromptu circle was made, as Frederica took in a deep breath.

By now, parts of the mansion were already cleaned up and ready for use, and a few of them had already went out to buy the food and wine needed for a ritual, as well as looking for an intelligent young boy to serve as their helper during that.

Sighing, she started the chant for the servant summoning. A bareboned ritual, considering the Grail itself will handle most of the actual summoning. But... she did have a trump for this, something that made her confident enough to join the war. A piece of Tristan's sword, one of the Knight of the Round. An archer peerless during his time, he should be strong enough to take down any opponents they face in this war. Rika could almost feel sorry for her oppositions.

"Then, those who would heed my words, my orders, to be my sword, my shield, answer my call, from the rings of restraints!"
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