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Current Been a bit inactive from the holidays and soul crippling seasonal depression. Sorry 'bout that.
1 yr ago
Girlfriend and I decided we won't be having kids. We plan to tell them tonight.


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Newish account, but not new to this site. I've been floating around, off and on, since OldGuild.

Hi there. I'm Shinobu and it's possibly nice to meet you. A little about me is that I'm twenty-one, in a long distance relationship with a wonderful girlfriend, been Roleplaying for around eleven years, and am currently living in the United States of Amarika. As I've said already, I've been on this site before and was surprisingly (luckily?) never banned in spite of my stupid antics. I've become a much more refined person, however, and I am looking to chill while posting memes or playing in some Roleplays. I'm sorry for who I used to be. Please be my friend and Roleplay with me, thanks.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting back into Get Kid some Roleplays!

Ongoing Roleplays
All Our Lives (Discord)
Revolutionary Winter (Discord)
Root River: A Wonderful Life!
★ Soul Eater : The Kishin Hunt ★
Test Of Courage

Inactive Roleplays
Beneath The Stars (Discord)
Doom Days (Discord)
Fantastic Phantoms and Where To Find Them (Discord)
Of Beasts and Men (Discord)
PKMN: Unity & Enmity (Discord)
Rust & Steam (Discord)
Song Of Storms (Discord)

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Ah, oops. I missed the deadline. I'm so sorry. I thought it was today. I think I'll unfortunately have to drop though. I was really looking forward to this RP, but my hours still haven't dropped and I'm now sick on top of it. Apologies! I might reapply in the future if my schedule is looking better!
When's the next post deadline? This Saturday?
I hate to do this since I know that my hours will be cut within the next few weeks, but that's still in the next few weeks, so I'll unfortunately have to drop this one. I'm sorry.
Working on a new post for Ollie, but it's a bit slow moving. My hours are getting cut severely soon though so I'll have more time to focus once we hit January.

Location: Red Bridge

Astrid's dog, appropriately named Fluffy, had already ruined his clothing for the day. That was annoying, but it was better than dealing with a cat. Cats were the exact opposite of how the Harvest Goddess was described. In Oliver's opinion, they were equal menace to both humanity and nature. Some slaughtered birds while others were content with scratching

"I wouldn't necessarily describe it as 'formal'.

Mentions: [@]
Finally caught up. I'll start drafting my post today.
@Shinobu not really, theyre early pieces

I bet they're a lot better than you give yourself credit for! Not that I can judge without seeing them for myself though. I can guarantee you that it's probably much better than any cosplay I'd try that's for sure.
@Shinobu thank you :) and I’ve done a Village Belle and Ceresi with the red and gold wrap dress I forget which season that ones in I know it’s around 1-2, and Masquerade Christine Daae

I don't know the last one, but the first two sound impressive!
It's now canon that Celica tried to stab Keith with a pencil.
Nice. Feel free to hit me up with some of your ideas! If not, I can drop you a message.
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