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Interested, world building is something I already do all alone, so with others it ought to be more interesting.
I wonder what I should do now
Exploration RPs are fun. Interested
"Ah, sorry, I wouldn't know. As an ice fairy, I am kinda on the polar opposite of plants, hehe." she rubbed behind her back. "And anyway, even if the purpose was not to be pretty, they are pretty nevertheless."

"Oh, it seems we are almost there! Finally, hehe, my wings were getting tired."
Okay then, let's hope its soon ^^
Prata looked at them and buzzed her wings. "They are gorgeous." she said with a smile. "You are very talented, shame you will have to trade it." Prata herself sighed. "I don't think I will have that much to trade for, guess I will be stuck making a puppy face for food, heheh."
The human knight
Could you post the story here as well? It gets boring to go to the Interest Check all the time.

Prata pondered. "Lots of intrigue, big guys who want to bully us, those cool royal outfits... And lots and lots of food from all over the forest!"
Idk how to do that
:( also I’m currently on a phone
I’ll figure it out tomorrow unless u know how to do it on a phone

I was also on a phone, but it's easier on a computer. I just watched a video a while ago, lots of tutorials on YouTube
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