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@Hammerman My next post will focus on Helena as she is the first to get her guild mark and the others are talking to each other :)

When do you plan on posting it?
@Allycat Yes,a 0th OOC post.

Agata had taken her distance, she was in a new world and wanted to enjoy the sights, taking her time to marvel at the wonders of fantasy-like architecture... though in here, it was probably mundane architecture. At least to the locals. She wondered what other cities there were in this world, she wondered what other races, what other details, so far their hands were being held somewhat forcefully, they had to go somewhere first and foremost, though Agata used to be a great student in her school and college, she had a natural instinct to collect information.

Soon her mind went away from those questions to the silliness she was witnessing, all sorts of talking behind backs, first-grade tier races to see who was the first on the line... "And the goddess told me she was selecting exceptional people" she whispered, were they all going to die? Likely so. Was it worth running away? She didn't feel like it anymore, she was already dead anyway, the best she could do was to enjoy this silliness.

The line started to move, and the emperor went on another tirade. "I guess this is why everyone has felt such republican spirit for the last two hundred years, huh?" she said in a soft voice, easy to miss, but not whispered in fear of being heard. "Well, let's see what I get. Net quizzes always went 50/50 on Gryffindor and Slytherin." she told in jest, touching the crystal.

"Rogue...?" she tilted her head in confusion. "Moon Leap, Snake's Flexibility, Snake Fang Barrage... seems like a bunch of kung-fu moves... I guess it's all relying on the speed of my feet... Yeah. That makes sense."

She moved away and walked towards the elf "Yo. Will we have access to some sort of library or at least a pamphlet telling the basics? It would be nice to know where I am and what I am... you know?"
I think an interest check or a first ooc post would help to attract more people.

— Room 7, 3rd Floor, House Bestia Tower —

"COME ON SAZEL!" said a female voice from the other side of the door, she was still not bad to bang constantly, but she banged twice to make her pointer clear. "Not everyone skips on the first class like you, I am going to be late."

The younger summoner stretched in her bathtub, splashing some water with her feet before sighing. "Just come in, there is no need for two ladies such as us to be shy at the sight of each other..."

"Yeah, no, I don't mind that bit, but you are you, and just yesterday you came home smelling like rotten fish."

"Those fishes were very much alive, my summon enjoys them for snacks and..." there was a sigh from the other side, her roommate had given up with a sigh and moved to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for herself.

That was the cue Sazel needed, and with a smirk, she waited, staying still in her bathtub as she heard plates and utensils moving about. "Now..." she whispered, getting out of her bath, wrapping herself on a towel and opening the door with a bang, The roommate, who was about to get the first bite on a sandwich, stopped herself and looked up.

"Ugh, finally." Without thinking twice, she moved to the bathroom, and Sazel, in turn, moved to the table, with a smirk. In her rage, her roommate had forgotten the breakfast she had prepared for herself unattended. Sazel was quick to fix that, digging in.

"Operation free breakfast is a success~" she hummed. By the time the roommate was out there would be no food or Sazel in sight.

Well, I found some time today, which I thought would be impossible. I updated Jaranda's CS so it is no longer WIP.
I don't typically post WIP CSs, but I will be away for a day and a half and I wanted to show my interest.
About Angaria, do they age normally? I didn't know what to place so I went with the overall age range I am imagining.

Agata stood still for a moment after hearing the answer to her remark on the fact someone had been talking about food and hunt. "Ah, I see. So you died as well..." was all she said, almost sounding calm, but in truth, she had been fully disarmed by his reasonable response. This made her do some self-reflection on the topic, this wasn't high school or college, it would be best if she didn't act so antagonistic to others unless they were being really disruptive.

Her question about who was to lead them was answered by the elven... man? Sure he was saying some important things, but Agata herself was a bit at shock at the contrast going on between speech and body. That was curious, she even wondered if the 'emperor' was after all an emperor, though as far as disparities of body and mind went, her focus moved entirely to the cat-woman, looking straight out of some Japanese cartoon, speaking in a very serious commanding tone.

"A pilot? Nice..." she echoed, smiling even, it was, after all, her dream career, before she was forced to go to business school. She thought about approaching the conversation but decided it was best not to, after all, she still felt alienated from her own body, perhaps later it would be better.

"Well then, no time to lose, let's see what comes next." she said to to no one in particular, before walking forward, into the portal.

Azurca waited patiently after others appeared, she didn't have exactly the most presence, especially when she was in the same vicinity as such exceptional people. A third woman appeared, she had gentle looks but a serious expression, the fourth one to arrive did not have an expression, she wore a helmet, and her name was one she thought she knew, but she couldn't pinpoint from where exactly, she never paid attention to the news until recently. For some moments she was almost smirking at Zane, thinking the boy had had a certain bias towards mages of the opposite gender which was surely teasing-worthy, however, a second male figure soon arrived to dispell such assumptions, a handsome tall man who spoke in a tone Azurca would describe as cute, soon after the third male appeared, and asked a valid question to Zane.

"I would not worry too much about numbers, Catamount is not loved, and they fear most of their own mages, rarely trying to unleash their full potential. If we help each other out, we can make the difference." she told in a sweet and hopeful tone, having first waited for Zane to finish his speech.

She then joined the line to have her guild mark placed on her body, of course, since she would be stuck waiting for a short bit, she decided to bring out a bag full of pastries. "Does anyone want some?" It wasn't impossible that some could be suspicious at food being offered in such a meeting, though the fact Azurca was quick to wolf down on some fruit bread could be a strong counterpoint to such feelings.
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