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Hey, I will only be able to catch up next monday, sorry for the inconvenience.

"Hmm, you shouldn't commit crimes." Sazel answered when Nidhogen mentioned it. "Unless you really need to! Then it's fine."

"Lawrie, you could get on all fours and let me step on your back." Lawrie, to Sazel, came from Clarence, she was not aware it had a second name, and would never understand why some people referred to him as Lawrence even though she was at fault for that.

She eeped softly as she had her midsection wrapped in vines, but was quick to focus properly on the shelf ahead, picking the first book and not bothering with getting down since she doubted she would find her mystery girl on the first one.

Then Clarence found her! Sazel was so excited to finally know more about the mystery girl, but, to her surprise, it was not her at all. "Ah! Didn't you see my drawing? This is not her!" Sazel placed her finger on the temple of the face in the picture. "She didn't have this enormous courtyard of a forehead. I guess the colors are right though. Tan skin, white hair, but less of a brat, more... uh... elegant I guess." the girl was so focused on her act she didn't even notice Mort.

— Courtyard -> Library —
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"Wooooow!" Sazel's interest shot up as she saw The Nidhogen's newly developed form, the girl walking in circles around the summon as she took notice of all the details. "It's excellent, really-o, kinda impressive how you can compress that big body of yours on this smaller form, I wish I could do that sometimes!" the much shorter girl said, poking the sides of the form as she observed the texture.

"Nettle? Hmm, perhaps later, if we can't find a hint in the library. I don't exactly have much more than a few hours, and I want to get some investigation done." she said, before pouting at the suggestion of a drawing. "Drawing, hmm, I am no artist, but I can try."

As they walked towards the library, Sazel sketched something on her notebook, a terrible drawing of what the student looked like, though with some notes that clarified what she remembered. "Hmm... Does this remind you of anyone, Lawrie? No? Sheesh."

Entering the west library, Sazel casually moved to one of the shelves and took out a book, this allowed her to move the shelf away, revealing a secret one behind. "The student archives, very useful for the Chronicle Club... technically not something I should be looking at without permission... buuuut you can't solve a mystery without breaking a few rules, right?"

There were countless volumes, with basic info and a portrait of each and every student, no exceptions. "Someone help me up? The latest years are on the top."

— Courtyard —
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"Someone is watching!?" she hadn't expected it to turn into a thrilling detective novel so fast! With a quick turn, she rose up her fists and was about to declare that she had watched someone boxing once and was ready to apply such immense knowledge on the topic, but there was no need for it. "Oh? Its just Lawrie. I have Miss Ora's classes with him."

With a smile, she started to walk towards him, never minding the fact he fell, the bell ringing that came with each step stopping when she suddenly stopped, squinting her eyes and staring really close at his face. "Yep, its really you, not some doppelganger. You have that... phantasmy-o smell." the heiress knew Clarence's family, somewhat, her parents knew them but she had little first hand experience as her family didn't get her too involved on their social life, she didn't know what to make of them, they looked nice, but she had never talked or smelled them to make deeper conclusions. Lawrie however was nice.

"So... Are you going to help me and Nidhogen? We are searching for the identity of a student, she had like, hair silver like a kitchen knife, brown skin and eyes red like a lobster." she explained, stepping back and smiling. "Never saw her before, she has this... sharp look? Short hair. Do you know anything? Me and Nidhogen are investigating! We are going to the library, see the yearbook and find who she is, then it is likely we will be attacked by pirates or mercenaries, if my books thought me anything." she sounded excited at the last bit.

❈ Location: A human village between Misu and Kina
❈ Interaction: None

With slow steps, the angaria wanderer moved along the road, it was a pleasant morning day, the mist from a nearby lake covering the still sleepy land. Jaranda liked the fog, the humidity felt nice and she walked too slowly to mind the vision impairment.

As she crossed a bridge, she would see a silhouette moving towards her, soon seeing a rugged looking figure in leather armor carrying a knife. “Hello, it seems you are trying to cross my bridge, its fine, I just need a little compensation for…” just then did the man see what he was trying to rob, looking up and meeting the sap colored eyes of the towering tree angaria. “WHAT THE…”

Jaranda did not quite understand the human, was this his bridge? The wood looked older than he, though humans often claimed to own things that did not belong to them. ”Hello” she rose her arm to wave, but the man cowered at that sudden rise of something that could very well be a wooden club, Jaranda looked confused, wasn’t waving hands a symbol of goodwill?

“What are you?” the man questioned.

”This one is Jaranda.” she said placing a hand over her torso.

“No... I mean, what are you? You aren’t one of those beastman monsters, are you?” he said, slowly regaining his courage as he noticed the ‘tree thing’ seemed to not be on the clever side.

”No... I would not say I am not that, whatever that is.” she wasn’t used to such a term being used to describe anyone. ”I am just a person, and you are a human. No?”

“Why are you talking as if I was the weird one here?” he barked, before shaking his head. “Nevertheless, I need the money, now.” She tilted her head at that and he sighed. “Money, gold, gems, that staff you are carrying, everything you have.”

”Oh… This one couldn’t part way with these things, I have nothing to spare. It seems I will need to take another path.”

“Oh it’s not that simple, you have already used my bridge, aren’t you stepping on it?” he rose his knife “So come on, hand your valuables.”

There would be a long moment of silence, before the angaria crossed her arms. ”This one doesn’t get it.”

“Tisone is going to be in a fight soon if she keeps playing dumb.” As the mist started to disperse, more figures would be revealed, four in total, a whole gang of highwayman. Since the towering creature was still unfazed by it, one of the ruffians shot an arrow at her, while the other went for a stab. She was still unfazed.

Finally a bandit with an axe stepped forward, this Jaranda could see as a threat. ”Oh… this is a fight?” she had only seen other races doing this once before, she was not very used to the concept yet. Reaching forward with a sudden move, she slapped the axe out of the hand of the brigand with such strength, that it fell on the water a long distance from the lake’s shore. ”Hmm… Did this one win the fight?” she asked, unsure of how it worked.

The bandits were also unsure now, especially since the creature was so passive towards them, not aiming for any strike after taking away the axe. There was to reason for fight or flight, the first one to approach was also the first to speak, starting to truly understand that this one did not understand much about the human world. “Y-Yeah you did.” He said, nervously at first. “Uhm… So, you said your name is Jaranda, right?”

The other bandits looked confused at this sudden small talk, but they were already confused anyway. The angaria nodded. ”Yes.”

“So… you can cross the bridge now.” He continued looking over her. “But before you go, you said you had no money, right? Do you need work?” the other bandits rose their eyebrows and looked as if their partner had gone mad.

”Work would be good. Yes. Do you have some? I would rather not fight again though, it’s strange.” as she spoke, she rose her hand and removed the arrow from her arm, returning it to the archer.

Slowly, the cart moved towards the coast. The group of bandits still had a hard time dealing with the aloof tree creature, though no longer being rivals was a positive point, even though their master plan to get her to work for them didn’t go as well as they expected, they still figured out she ought to make a good distraction if they get approached by any sort of rival group or authority who might want to see if they have valuables or contraband. After that, the group was not so sure, but there were plenty of opportunities down in Misu.

— Courtyard —
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Nobles from the frontier, like most frontiersman, were known for having sharp senses, and Sazel was no different, and she was catching the smell of something fishy in the air as the teacher answered her so dismissively, when typically he encouraged investigation. Furthermore, it was not usual for him to be so reserved about his research. She caught the smell of something else, a greener smell, and turned to face it.

”Oh morning-o Nidhogen” turning around, she smiled at the creature. She knew it from their shared habit of wandering the courtyard, furthermore, she shared a few classes and one club with Nettle. ”Did you catch this? Teacher Geldwin was acting so odd.”

”Couldn’t be some affair, as I am good at noticing creepy persons and he surely doesn’t feel like one. Furthermore, I never saw that girl before, so she likely graduated already… tough why would he hold a picture of her? Ahhh! This made me awfully curious!” she rose both hands to her hair and messed it up a bit in frustration.

”I need to know more. Hmm. Where to go first? Oh, maybe the library. There are yearbooks and the like.” she said, almost starting to leave the scene before she stopped and turned around to notice the summon, did it want to tag along? It seemed interested. Of course many could argue the library was no place for a summon, but Sazel was not within that common-sense gifted group.
Sorry for doing another post so soon after the last, I just felt like it would be good to place my character in a position to speed up the process. I feel like we should start moving out of this introduction scene soon, to keep the momentum.

"I am so sorry! But when we meet again, I will make sure to bring new, non-magical pastries." she said, placing a hand on Arden's shoulder and giving him a reassuring smile.

She stepped up to a position behind the shirt-less Kouta, likely the next one to get his mark, and loosened her blouse a bit, though keeping her modesty, as she was a romantic minded girl who wanted the symbol near her heart. She was really taking it seriously, though she felt she was no hero, she was open to doing everything she could for the mission and for those of the newly formed guild. It made her happy that she was able to make everyone a bit happier if only just a bit with her pastries.

"Once this meeting is over, how we will meet again? Are there plans for a guild hall?”

The group could seen as too small to take down the entirety of Catamount, however, they were definitely enough to overwhelm the baker, who found herself surrounded. "Uh, yes, there are pastries... Oh? Did you like it Kouta? Ah! I am glad! You know... Aria, right? Take as much as you want... Oh, Lemon Flavor then, Helena? Sure, here you go..." she was panting by the time the last of the pastries were taken out. She hadn't planned this one out, it was a bit hard to remember the names, deliver the pastries and keep sociable.

To add to her troubles, she saw her pastry vanish into nothing right as the new arrival bit into it. She blinked, forgetting all her worries for a moment as she approached him. "Ah, what happened? My magic had never failed like this before. I am so sorry, all the pastries have been eaten, normal and magical, though I could make you a new magical one."
@CelesteEste or anyone else,
Does anyone know if these pastries are magical in nature or just ordinary mundane. Curious how they were made.

It's mixed actually, some are handmade some are summoned
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