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Chapter 0 - Summer Homework

Malum Island, Campsite

Bit by bit, the students were setting up in the abandoned campsite, some had focused on gathering the tents while others had started to explore the nearby area, in search of potential danger or of a better shelter than the available tents.

There was a general expectation of a concise leadership but once again it wasn't found. The best they would have would be the task list and even that was a bit vague. In fact, it seemed the students were having trouble even being all in the same area at the same time, the centre of the clearing would see people coming and going with now crowd being formed.

For Katherine and Cameron, who were waiting for further discussion, it would probably be a bit frustrating, of course there were people around they could try to talk to, or they could set up their own plans.

@stone @Aviaire

Underwater Exploration I


Judea would find it difficult to see at first, the lake was nothing like the nearby crystal clear sea, it was swampy, making it so the Capybara had to deal with a smaller field of view and avoid roots and algae among other sorts of creeping growth in the bottom of the lake. Sometimes she also would face submerged cars, fenceposts and even the slide of the old pool area.

Eventually a wall would appear, it had a hole in it so it wasn't hard to go into the building, the first floor was clearly used to store something, it had some crates in it, going upward there would be some rooms that seemed to serve the bureaucracy of the camping park, finally, upward, it seemed like she had reached that which she sought, the upmost room under the roof was a dry area, opening the window would make it possible to reach it from the lake without the need of diving, should they find a way to cross over the water.

The room itself was mostly empty, it had chairs and a few wardrobes, maybe a changing room for the staff? It also had a door, it was pretty close to the outer wall so it could logically hold a small closet at most, perhaps a shower room... instead, Judea would open it to find a hallway, far longer than any sort of room this particular building could hold. The hallway, unlike the building, was in a good state, and it seemed to have many smalls rooms on its side.

RV park exploration I


The sub-tropical plants in the island were dense enough even something hidden just behind a tree or two was mostly hidden, mostly thanks the bushes and vines growing along the thick trunks and spreading roots of the trees. That said, the objects they would find as they moved away from the campsite's clearing was easy to spot and easy to identify, RVs, or campers, vans which are equipped with such things as beds, bathrooms and cooking equipment.

It felt like a jackpot when compared to the tents, but at the same time it was clear there were things wrong with them, the primary issue was that most doors were jammed thanks to the overgrowth, some of the RVs had broken windows and it was hard to believe anyone wishing to live in one wouldn't need to do a lot of cleaning.

The most worrying issue, however, was to check if the RVs, being part of the island, didn't suffer any type of curse.

Food Testing I


"I think I will be a volunteer to test the local water and food and see if its cursed." Arlette suddenly said to Keith, standing with him in the central clearing. Her tone was serious so it was clear it was something that had been bothering her.

"I proposed it but now I am feeling guilty because of the possibility of it going wrong." she continued, looking to the side, seeing Katherine and Cameron. "They seem to have brought some dry food and water but how long that will last with more than a dozen students?" she sighed.

"I mean, the fountain was marked, which means it is at least somewhat of an unique issue. Maybe it was the only cursed thing in this entire place...?"

The Ballroom


Civility had died quite suddenly and it wasn't a pretty sight. The red and noble blood of a monarch was now slowly spreading into a puddle in the floor, a coup d'état happened before her own eyes and it was an easy guess it was not one that benefited her in any way, she highly doubted an Alovian would be let out alive, much less an Alovian witch. It was a shame really, not only for her and her dreams of getting to know more about this country and for all the conspirators who found themselves facing her. Especially since the host had been so kind to give her all her spell-casting materials back.

She knew after casting her first spell she would be a priority target so why not start with one of her best and most complex tricks? She could do the cheaper attacks later, they were quick and easy and perfect for actual combat, plus starting with a bang could dissuade some of the enemies from fighting.

Typically one or two elements were manipulated, she was aiming for all of them, elemental magic was often neat and divided but in nature it was a chaotic mix of everything at once and by trying to replicate that she could access nature's full fury with a simple snap of a finger, in this case, in particular, she was messing with magnetism using the earth, the pressure of air using the power of wind and the heat of fire and finally, water, turned into ice,tiny beyond what a person could see, showing in the room as little but fog. One would assume this was much weaker than the big block of ice she could have brought about with the same effort, but that wasn't the case, the ice crystals collided at an accelerated pace creating a build up of energy, an electric charge, which guided by her elemental manipulation would soon be released into the room in a deafening, blinding lightning strike.

It went straight to one of the soldiers trying to kill them, also stunning one to his side, the target man however was a smouldering corpse in a second, still standing up for a good few more moments before falling over. It was morbid but Hatzur couldn't help but to softly smirk at the sight, a job well done was always something she appreciated. Another thing she really appreciated was being alive so the witch was quick to retreat to the back of the lines where she would prepare more spells (all far less complex than the thunder bolt) in what she hoped would be a safe position.

I made a map of the camp since some people have asked for info on it.

Because three people came to me with similar questions, let me answer them in a more public manner.

The objective right now is mostly to set up camp, pick a tent or the RV, place your stuff in there and then start to think about the next moves the group should take.

To ease this a bit I had my character make the mission board a bit earlier than expected.
Arlette Sylvestre

Malum Island, Campsite

Before Arlette and Callaia could talk, the group of students started to move away from the port town, starting the plan to move to the campsite, so the two decided to talk later, once they were set up and isolated from the island.

She would stick to Keith as they travelled southward, not because she was a weapon and he was her meister, but because she worried he would simply decided to nap along the road as the journey started to tire them out. "I know I shouldn't say this thanks to our situation, but the place does look pleasant, doesn't it? I might even look forward to camping around here."

Once in the campsite, she was quick to start scouting around for anything useful, being one of the students who noticed the tents under the deck, which seemed enough for most of them, if weapons and meisters shared them. She took one of them and moved it to the centre of the clearing. "Keith, could you set this up for us? I still want to help out the people who are scouting around the campsite."

As time passed and the tents started to be built, Arle made herself familiar with the surroundings. It was then that Judea said they should look for supplies and information, she agreed with that.

"One minute. I have an idea."

Rushing to Keith's bag, she would take out some of his drawing supplies, in particular, a whiteboard and a marker. She would place it in table at the very centre of the clearing.

"We can keep track of tasks using this. Anyone has a map of the island? With some pins or tokens we could also track locations of interest..." she pondered. "Not only will we need to get supplies, we will need to test out what can be cursed or not, we will probably need some volunteers who are willing to be food testers at the risk of being cursed."

She started to write down a few possible tasks that came to her mind.

♦ Checking out the urban regions for signs of the DWMA
♦ Exploring the submerged campsite ruins for supplies
♦ Gathering supplies in the woods and beach
♦ Testing local food to find out what is safe

"This is what I can think off at the moment, I am probably missing many things. Just write down what you feel should be in the task list."
Entmoian Tribe Turn 1

The small canoe moved up to the tall, thin tower. Wopwe wanted to be the first there. Above them, the sky was dark, even though it was barely past midday. Such was life in the swamps, the sky always was often overcast, it probably reminded his people of their ancestral underground homes. Of course, the dark roofs of the caves was still, calm, the sky could be like that too, but it also could showcase great fury in its storms, like the one expected today.

The Nupa of the lands looked over as the traitors were brought, the leaders of an attempted rebellion. It did cross his mind that perhaps he should have gave then a chance, but the law was the law, as he had said in public when he declared their sentences, it could not be bent by prestige, by money, by bloodlines, that was the old ways of the land, the ways of abuse and corruption, of chaos. To fulfil his dreams of an Entmoian Tribe fully centred around the rule of (his) law, he had to deal with these people in the same way he would have dealt if they were fisherman.

Even some priests were asking the Kvune Wopwe to be more flexible, but he could not be moved, he was stubborn in his conviction. The prisoners would be led from the boats to the top of the stone tower where they would be placed in an iron cage. It had to be done in a stormy day so there was a chance of thunder striking the cage. The Nupa was ready to justify the event no matter what happened, no thunder would mean the divine had no desire to give traitors a quick death and if a thunder did hit the cage then it was clear the goddess saw fit to punish traitorous acts with her own hands.

The prisoners in place, he left back for the town. Outside of dealing with political enemies Wopwe wanted to further influence the city and integrate religious and civilian life to a greater extent. The introduction of festivals would be a good way to utilize the temples' control of resources to the benefit of the population. Excess wood could be made into idols and amulets, excess food could be used in feasts, furthermore there were many religious acts typically only observed by the priesthood that the Nupa wanted to extend to the population, stargazing in the hills, bathing in the swamp waters, raising poles in the dry land, all reminders of this new cultural age for the Entmoians.

Chapter 0 - Summer Homework

Malum Island, Porto Torri

The poor sheep was overwhelmed as it was played with, had glasses put on her face and was reached for multiple times. The animal was already stressed, feeling something was wrong, though she couldn't remember why, so all the interactions were only making her more nervous, clearly keeping some of Opal's mannerisms.

The situation had been so bad that when Judea and Sloane picked it up, she didn't even seem to mind it. Maybe she was glad she was out of the crowd or perhaps it was the fact Judea was Capybara witch, those animals being famous for being able to be buddies with anyone.

It was not like the students were in better shape, very few of them seemed relaxed, some were clearly on the verge of panicking while others were discussing their plans while trying to hold back their tension.

There was no leadership in the group, even ones that were proactive in suggesting solutions, such as Ethan, did not take the mantle of a leader, and it did not seem like they would need to, as the group was able to set a course of action without someone dictating it.

Katherine and Cameron's proposal of going to the campsite was proven popular, and soon the group had gathered around them, looking at the map and seeing where they would be going. It was during this step that Arlette was approached by Ephai, who would direct her towards Callaia. The camp was south of this small touristic port city, into green hills that were known to be isolated in nature even before the island's biome had shifted. It was not far, but still a bit of a walk without access to a car.

As they started to leave southward, some did explore the harbourside of Torri a bit more, but so far no clue, nobody who acted as if they knew things were weird, no sign of the local DWMA not even in graffiti, like near the drinking fountain. The most curious exploration, however, was that of Allison, who, being a ghost, rose high into the sky to see the situation in the island.

•:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• ☼ •:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•

Allison would first see Torri in its entirety. The city hugged the bay, most of the buildings being near the sea while in the back, towards the west, it broke into sprawling farmlands. Weirdly, no signs of the jungle in that area. There was no building that stood out as a potential DWMA school, nothing overtly decorated with Death's face, only the major touristic attractions of the city itself stood out: The roman tower, the pier with the restaurant, the local park with a lake.

Looking south, she would see what they suspected, nothing but forests, it was hard to see the camp mentioned below, even if it was supposed to have a small resort like structure full of activities for the campers. At least it would mean they would be in a region devoided of people and potential spies.

To the north-west stood Monte Morte. A massive mountain range which ranged from Torri to the sea in the north and the west ends of the island. With a name like that, one had to question if the local DWMA chapter wasn't among one of the villages nestled in the range, one, in particular, did look a bit glowy.

The capital was supposed to be north-east, but with the mountain to the east it was impossible to see it, even if it was much smaller than Monte Morte. What was possible to see was that the whole region near the airport was another misplaced biome, this time a desert with dunes and little vegetation. Eastward, there were the previously mentioned mountains, little in terms of housing but many interesting sites and holdouts. It was hard to see beyond the mountains, something odd was happening at the east end of the island, it appeared to be a dark tornado with red hues to it, one familiar with the lost island incident would know what this was. Before it, the black smoke of a volcano could be seen in a nearby bay.

The ghost's ascension would come to a halt before she could make it high enough to see past the mountains, as she suddenly would feel increasingly heavy and dizzy. Looking up, she would see an aurora, green and red, covering the island and twirling a lot above them. It was faint and hard to see (was it due to the daytime?), but it was filled with an unnatural pull. Was it madness? It did not feel like it, even for someone unfamiliar with the concept.

With the group wanting to leave for the camp, Allison was given little choice but to go down, probably needing some rest after being so close to the aurora. At least she got a good view of a section of the island.

•:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• ☼ •:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•

When the words South American and forest were said many minds would likely think of the thick and hard to explore Amazon Jungle, thankfully the misplaced biome of this region was not that, it was closer to the subtropical forests with thinner trees found near the Atlantic coast of the continent.

Another helpful factor was that there was a road for them to follow, even if it wasn't the most direct path straight to where they were heading. The road went around the hills, navigating the cliffs, getting them quite close to the camp before they had to leave the aslphalt and walk down an overgrown dirt path amidst the forest.

They would see living proof the biome change was more through than just the flora as animals native to the Americas were spotted, from new world monkeys to seriemas and scarlet macaws to even some capybaras.

Finally, they would have gone down long enough to hear the sea again, making it to the entrance of the camp. It was as overgrown as the path, the sign with the name Il Gufo Camping was hard to read through the vines, which was not a good sign.

Entering the area the main issue would be quickly found, originally the camping park was divided between a large area for tents and RVs and the resort area with activites, the poll and a few buildings. The latter and half of the former had sunk into a lake, some ruins just barely showing up in the surface of the water. Where once had been a simple cliff was now a waterfall, the source of the water, it was scenic for sure, but that was 2/3 of the camp gone, including the areas with the most structure.

What was left was a clearing near the small staircase that led straight into the calm beach near the campsite, by its side there was a wooden deck over the sand, it had a few benches. Lucky them, the area under the deck was used for storage, filled with well-preserved tents, the number was not enough for all of them, so they would need to share tents, not unlike their own apartments back in Death City.

Away from where the grass met the beach, further inland, where the forest met the clearing, a few RVs were left abandoned, most of its functions broken and covered in vines, but enough of a roof for those who did not want tents.

[You may claim a RV if you voted for the hotel or cottage option in the poll, noticed that your partner will share it with you so they must agree to pick the RV too. Don't take it as a reward, only pick it if you mus, I would rather have most characters in similar housing.]

Now the students had their base. No other person was in sight, it was hidden from the rest of Malum by the woods and from the sea by a small island in front of the beach. It was time to settle up and starting thinking of what actions they would take next.

I will probably have to skip this turn, I just started GM'ing a RP and my creativity was spent into planning it. I will resume soon.
Edit. Original post came of as harsh sounding by accident, everyone can move at your own pace, I just ask people to be mindful half the cast hasn't arrived at the scene yet.
I don't really have much thought about what Evan did, and most of it would be meandering so I'll just cut to the point. If my post went a bit too quick I'll edit it. @CelesteEste

Huh. I could swear I had posted a reply to this earlier but maybe I had some net issues or something.

I think you post was pretty good, it went straight to the point and established your character in the scene. I want people to do what they feel comfortable with, unless they are like one lining or not properly answering to the events being played out.
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