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Lavanda Meri De Los Angeles

| l o c a t i o n | wisteria cottage (wisteria 2)
| i n t e r a c t i o n | @kautalya & @rithas & @Pink Khione

Lavanda had followed through as Idette instructed them on the rules of the cottage and guided them to Lavanda's new room—basically home for now.

“That’s your room, potato girl.” Idette made a sound as if she was clearing the air with her cough (and obviously hiding her laugh) before giving Lavanda a quick nod. Idette was awkward, but anyone who laughed at their own joke was someone worth knowing and Lavanda made a mental note to try and get to know Idette better.

Lavanda, who was now staring at the door Idette had gestured towards, huffed out a short laugh before answering, "Well, if I'm potato girl, then the tiny missus over here should be—"

Lavanda turned as she was talking and immediately realized she was already talking to herself. Idette and Fatima were already deep in conversation on their way to their room. Well, as deep a conversation can be with Idette silently nodding in agreement. Lavanda laughed at herself, shaking her head in the process before staring back at her door. The overwhelming sense of homesickness drenched her and she just stood silently by the door for what felt like hours. In reality, only a matter of seconds—excruciatingly long seconds—had passed but she still hadn't made any motions towards the doorknob.


Lavanda jumped, her eyes darting around the hall in search for the sound.



"Oh, duh." Lavanda reached for the source of the sound—her jean pocket. She took out her phone and read the incoming messages she had just received.

Lulumon (´• ω •`)
i need ur help pls
meet me at the quad in like 20 okk

Lavanda sent a quick emoji as a response and finally gathered up the courage to face her room once more. She's glad no one has passed through this hall in the last few minutes because if not, it would have been an interesting conversation to get into. She rose her fist to knock but stopped short—it was her room, no need to knock. Plus, Idette would've told her if her roommate was there, right? Yes, yes.

Lavanda grabbed the handle and turned, pleased that it gave through and she was easily able to open the door. It gave a small creak as she made her way into her room. She saw the room was symmetrically split in the middle; a bed on both ends of the room, a large window in the middle and pair of dressers to accompany each bed. Lavanda saw that one bed was full of covers and appeared to be lived in so she assumed the other side was hers. She walked towards her bed, throwing her bookbag onto it and setting her luggage to the side (none too gently). Lavanda didn't even stop to verify if her roommate was even on her bed, she just assumed the lump she initially saw were the bed's covers and comforters.

Lavanda began getting comfortable and began humming one of her favorite songs as she began to open up her luggage and take things out of her room. In between her humming, Lavanda asked herself, "I wonder when I'll get to meet Eden? I hope she's nice."

Lucas Martin De Los Angeles

| l o c a t i o n | school grounds (was on his way to Zinnia cottage)
| i n t e r a c t i o n | none at the moment

Lucas had legitimately abandoned his older sister at the front gates with absolutely no remorse. But the guilt was slowly eating up at him. He hoped she arrived at her cottage safely, but he had seen Idette near the fountains so he figured Lali would know to ask for directions. He knew that if he had stayed, much to his dismay, that he would had spent the whole day taking care of Lali and making sure she had everything she needed. Lucas needed to get rid of that bad habit or at least not do any of it at school. He had an enigmatic sort of presence—he was seen as the quiet, cool art kid and he much liked that sort of image. What would that do to his image? The great Lucas taking care of his sister? Guiding her? That would have been damaging.

As he made his way back towards his cottage, Lucas decided to take a small detour through a forest path. He loved the small hidden trails the school had to offer and would try to take them as often as possible. The only downside was the fact that it took almost double the time required to reach the cottage. As he made his way through, he passed by a few teachers he recognized and noted that this was a path that seemed to be popular with them.

"Oh, you!!" Lucas heard a voice from behind him and turned around to meet with a teacher he had only seen once or twice during his freshman year. "Yeah! You're good at art right? that's your thing?"

Lucas did not answer immediately and instead his eyes traveled down towards the teacher's hands. The teacher was carrying a bucket of white paint and some paint brushes. Lucas inwardly cursed himself for deciding on the scenic route.

"I need some help covering some Graffiti over on that building," the teacher continued, seemingly nonplussed by the lack of response coming from Lucas. "Please take care of it, I can see to your luggage, just give me your name."

Wordlessly, Lucas handed over his luggage and was given the bucket of paint and brushes in its stead. The Teacher smiled widely after giving him the name of the building and which part needed to be covered by today and before orientation day. Apparently, it was going to be a more-than-one-day project for Lucas. He sighed, still standing in place as the teacher walked off with his cottage information. Lucas took out his phone, pulled up Lavanda's message thread and angrily typed a series of messages.

i need ur help pls
meet me at the quad in like 20 okk

Having recruited his partner in crime and suffering (when it was convenient for him of course), Lucas made his way towards what he called the quad (a rectangular garden area near the building in need of a makeover). "Okay, then. Let's do this."

Lavanda Meri De Los Angeles

| l o c a t i o n | fountain area > wisteria cottage
| i n t e r a c t i o n | @kautalya & @rithas

Lavanda had watched over the events before her as if she were watching a movie, completely detaching herself from the situation. A brief thought of helping the girl who had just tripped flashed through her head but she dismissed it and instead pressed replay in her mind; she had gone up to the blonde girl—Idette—to ask for directions and it turns out she's exactly the person Lavanda was supposed to be looking for (talk about lucky.) Then just as she had begun the conversation with Idette, a chirpy voice from behind her distracts them both by literally falling into view. So she had met Idette and Fatima, her cottage mates, all in a matter of seconds within arriving.

Lavanda tuned herself back into what Idette had been sputtering and awkwardly explaining. Then waited as Idette turned to walk in the direction of their supposed cottage. Lavanda followed right behind Idette.

"Mashed potatoes? I LOVE MASHED POTATOES. Though my mom always makes me eat them even when I tell her not to. She won't let me go on a all protein diet cause it's like 'not healthy for a fourteen year old to eat only protein' like geez mom how ELSE will I become the ULTIMATE WARRIOR."

Lavanda's attention went towards Fatima, the shorter of the three, with a glint of amusement in her eyes and opened her mouth to say something—


Lavanda laughed rather than respond; her laugh was sudden, loud, and accompanied with splutters in-between.

"Yes," she managed to squeeze out, "Mashed potatoes are the absolute best. Actually, potatoes in general are amazing and tasty and you can do soooooo much with them. Not that I cook. But, you know? Yeah, you know."

Lavanda took a deep breath in an attempt to recover from her earlier laugh attack. She offered a glance to her surroundings and noticed that aside from scattered statues and thick, tall trees, there wasn't much else to Wellington Academy. Sure there were a few old, vintage looking buildings, but she was expecting more. The way Lu always talked about this school she imagined a butler at every corner. She was rather disappointed that was not the case. And where was the limo service? Honestly, having to lug around her suitcases was NOT the image she had of Wellington.

"So," She said, continuing the earlier conversation by completely changing topics, "Fatima, right? What grade are you in?"

Just as she had said that, Idette had stopped in her tracks and the girls were now stopped in front of a house. Now she understands why they refer to the dorms as cottages.


| l o c a t i o n | front gates > coleus cottage
| i n t e r a c t i o n s | @ImmortalJaskier & @Moirin (students in kitchen mentioned: @Torack & @Hey Im Jordan)

"Ugh," Venetia sighed, "Heavens to betsy." She muttered under her breath as she admonished herself internally for forgetting a whole student. She could have sworn she had only needed to pick up one of the incoming students for the morning drop-offs, but then yesterday's conversation slowly dawned on her once again. She had completely blocked out the aftermath after she tried to convince the Assistant Principal of her genius, fool-proof plan.

"Okay, okay!" Venetia watched impatiently as the students boarded the golf cart and as soon as she saw Lillie's butt touch the seat, Venetia slammed the accelerator towards the cottage. Venetia ignored her surroundings as she always does and sped through the bumpy tracks, her hat and sunglasses rising with each bump but never falling. She skittered to a stop once she reached the cottage and parked to the side.

"All right," Venetia jumped off the golf cart and with a flashy smile turned to the students, "Welcome to Coleus! This is my kingdom, you get caught doing anything that's against school rules, then you'll suffer the consequences, just ask Abigail—she's got firsthand experience with that. I hate curfew breakers, doesn't matter if it's a second after or 2 minutes after. I don't care if you tripped on your way and have a note from the nurse's office. Don't. Break. Curfew."

Just as quickly as she had ushered that out, she pushed through the front doors allowing Ezequiel and Lillie to follow behind her but never checking to see if they were actually following. "All rooms are on the second floor. Ezequiel, your roommate is Jordan Dom, you'll know where it is when you see it, probably. And Lillie, your roommate's name is Jessa—oh, sugartits."

Venetia had led them past the entrance and towards the living room, she heard some chatter coming from the kitchen but dismissed it after her sudden realization. More students were still to come later in the morning.

"Wait a minute..." Venetia's eyes sparkled as she zoned in her focus onto Lillie."You're perfect! Your roommate is Jessamine, she arrives at 9AM. You remember the front gates right? Go pick her up. You have two hours or so, don't forget. Ezequiel?" Venetia turned to Ezequiel then, "You'll accompany her. It'll be your first project!! Perfect!! You need to make sure you pick up Jessamina, Chester, and Taro. I think that was all of them?"

Venetia internally congratulated herself, a smug smile plastered on her face as a result of constant mental affirmations on how great Venetia was. "Now, you're all set. I hear some voices in the kitchen, go on, introduce yourselves, or make friends—whatever it is that kids do these days. You have some time so run along now. I got better places to be."

Venetia came and went like a storm. She left Ezequiel and Lillie in the living room, already with a huge responsibility to take care of, while she sauntered off and onto the golf cart, speeding away.


| l o c a t i o n | front gates > zinnia cottage
| i n t e r a c t i o n s | @alexfangtalon & @canaryrose & @Hey Im Jordan & @alimariloasun

“Sorry I’m late… I overslept a bit. I made you some tea, though.”

Nico took the thermos being handed to him and opened up the lid. The smell of freshly brewed tea wafted out of the thermos while Nico inhaled in the soft smell. He hadn't had his morning tea as of yet since he had made picking up the incoming students as priority. Now his day had officially begun and with tea in hand, Nico began the mini tour he loves to go through while walking the students to the cottage.

"Thanks Kassandra!" He said, after he had taken a sip. "I was beginning to think you weren't going to be coming, seeing as you got here so late. Nevertheless! You're just in time to help me out with the tour!"

Nico took the liberty to take the slow path once more, hoping the students would take in the sight of what Wellington Academy truly is. While at first sight it feels as if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with all the surrounding greenery and forestry background noise, as soon as you come across any of the buildings the academy has throughout campus, you're brought back into reality. They were walking through a flowery path, one intended to be for leisure walks in between classes as Nico began.

"Wellington Academy was founded by the ingenious Weiss Gillian Wellington, a true man with a true vision. He wanted students to actually love studying and believed it was meant to be treated as a game—a puzzle, a riddle."

Nico paused to let the new students absorb the information; something he wholeheartedly believed in himself. "Right over on that side is the student library—it's where you can borrow books, study or even request reading materials that we may not have." He pointed to a building off in the distance. Then he walked slightly ahead of the group reaching the front of the cottage, continuing to drink out of the gifted thermos. Nico was fully intending for the three students to mingle and introduce themselves as well as give Kassandra full reign of guiding the new students from here on. Nico was curious to see if Kassandra would be able to handle it; she was always responsible so now was her chance to prove it. Of course, he'll hover near to make sure no mistakes are made, but he'll ease off on being the driver for now and allow Kassandra to take the wheel.

As he walked more towards the cottage, Nico noticed another student waving at him and as he focused his attention towards her, he recognized her as Chao-Li while Jae Sun trailed right behind her. They approached the group and Nico nodded in return as a greeting.

M I H U - L Y N U S T R E

☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽
h u m a n
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼
b a r d

"Sit! Sit still! For though you listen long, this is a tale best told with a song"


Golden-brown eyes that reflects her every emotion; Mihu is the type of person that wears her heart in her sleeve. She's the poster definition of a "free soul" that wanders wherever life takes her; her name's synonym is the saying "go with the flow." Standing at a measly 5 foot 3 does not take away from Mihu's charisma. For while she may be shorter than most, the space that her personality takes makes her seem much bigger than life. Mihu's long, long hair—a creature all on its own—wafts and frames her angular face like a brown smoke, its long, long tendrils curling and moving on their own. She almost always wears a mismatched robe with different patches of green, a gift she had received from her mother before she had passed away. Needless to say, it is her most prized possession next to her guitar. Those are her only companions and have been with her through thick and thin.

Mihu came from an indescribable town, an ordinary family, and had an normal future ahead of her taking on the family farm. Mihu had always felt out of place in her picture-esque life she had been leading but she felt like that was the sort of life she had to lead. Mihu had always found solace in music; when she wasn't singing, she was talking. Her father, having known his daughter's love for music, saved up to get her the guitar she now carries with her everywhere. Her mother, fully knowing eventually Mihu would be unsatisfied with her quaint life, wove the cloak Mihu has become inseparable with. She would paint colorful adventures and tell the woes of others with her words and her tunes; her parents were forever amazed by her ability to carry stories with her.

Her father had been the first to fall ill—it was a small town and they weren't the best equipped with resources that could help her father or the other sick-stricken villagers. Slowly, one by one, the more vulnerable to the disease succumbed. Mihu's parents were of that group. Heartbroken and feeling like stale bread, Mihu aimlessly wandered from place to place. Until one day, while she was cleaning out her robe, she noticed a hidden pocket: a hidden note. It had been a letter written by her parents addressed to her. In this letter they essentially encouraged Mihu's wandering spirit, giving birth to a newfound ambition inside Mihu.

Now Mihu became a traveling bard, carrying the stories or her parents, her village and any other stranger she comes across. For humans can always live on through stories.


☼ Mihu has a knack for storytelling. She can make you believe the words she spews and before you know it you'll be swearing up and down that the sun doesn't exist.
☼ Mihu's musical talent is unique; her singing tone being one that one doesn't necessarily always come across.
☼ Mihu is flexible which makes it very easy for her to hide in odd spots when in danger.


☽ Patchy, green cloak
☽ Battered guitar, still works perfectly
☽ Rapier she barely uses but has in case of emergencies
☽ Snacks for the road, can never catch her without some of that

Here ya go! Please let me know if I need to change anything up.
ayyyyyy, below is the character relations sheet coding!! If would like some reference, Kau's partially filled hers out.

oooooo! i’m interested c;
Great!!! Super accepted, you can move her into the CS tab! Her cottage will be Coleus if you’d like to add it to your CS and unfortunately for now she’ll have no roommate!
@Moirin Lillie!!! a fellow weeb c: Everything looks fine for her CS, but i just want to verify. Is Lillie an incoming sophomore? or this is her second already at Wellington?


| l o c a t i o n | zinnia cottage > front gates
| i n t e r a c t i o n s | @alexfangtalon & @canaryrose (and @Hey Im Jordan if you would like to have Kass follow Nico to the front gates.)

The day is raw.

Nico had just finished his 5AM jog through one of the academy's less traveled hiking trails and was now seeking shelter from the sun's perseverant rays. Nico walked. He thought about heading back to the cottage for a change of clothes and to cool down a little but a quick glance at his phone told him that wouldn't be the best course of action. Of course, it was still 6am and he had plenty of time to walk leisurely to the front gates, but one should never just assume everything will go as planned. What if he encountered an emergency on his way there? What if he needed to assist Ela? Or even Nat? There were too many factors and in order to allow for enough time to both respond to them and also arrive 15 minutes before 7AM, Nico needed to start walking now.

The walk towards the fountain near the front gate was a short one, less than 30 minutes. He could've taken a golf cart like Nat or Venetia usually do, but that would spoil the leisure part to the actual journey. New students were arriving! It was a wondrous day and he was going to be one of the first people they interact with, so he needs to make it worth their time; being late is not going to be a good look. Their image of Wellington Academy started with him and he needed to live up to that standard. As he passed by his own cottage, he picked up his pace while humming one of his favorite tunes. From the corner of his eyes, Nico noticed some movement and as he looked over, he saw a student he recognized from his cottage—Kassandra. He continued walking without a second glance, wanting to avoid any delays.

The fountain was already in view and Nico fell into a rhythmic pace since he had arrived a good 20 minutes before the scheduled time. He rehearsed the names of the new students he was welcoming to his cottage in his head, making sure he got the pronunciations correctly, Elysia Dey and Ramona Hernandez. Nico stood a few steps away from the fountain and waited.

▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄

| 20 Minutes later... |
| 7 : 00 A M |

▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄

Once he saw the Wellington Coach pull up near the front gates at 7AM (right as scheduled, he loved how punctual the driver always was), Nico began making his way towards them to meet them halfway. He stretched his arms out towards the sky accompanied by an easy smile until he stopped mid-track—he had an idea of what Ramona and Elysia looked like due to their student applications, so as his outstretched arm began resuming its rest position, he watched on as he saw Elysia go up to Ramona. He concluded they must be introducing themselves and decided not to interrupt immediately. After watching for a few minutes, he glanced at his watch, making the internal executive decision that he had waited long enough.

"Good morning!" Nico's voice cut through their conversation with no regards of what they may have been discussing. "My name is Nico Cavalcanti! But please, just call me Nico."

Nico was standing by the two girls, leaning back on his heels and his lips forming an easy smile. "It is my most absolute pleasure to welcome you both to Wellington Academy."

"I'm the Zinnia Cottage faculty cottage leader." He paused for a few seconds as if to allow them to reply but instead barreled on with practiced ease. "Which basically translates to me being your go-to for any concerns or help you may need while you stay with me at the Zinnia Cottage—your assigned dorm."

"I hope you both had the chance to introduce yourselves to each other since you will be sharing a home for the next year. Now, please follow me! I will lead you to your new home and give you your assigned rooms. Oh! do let me know if you need any help with your luggage." Nico—without waiting for any confirmation of understanding—turned around briskly to begin walking back towards the cottage.


| l o c a t i o n | coleus cottage > front gates | t i m e | 7:15AM
| i n t e r a c t i o n s | @ImmortalJaskier

"Sweet mother of pearls," Venetia's voice rose with each bump and rock she continuously ran over, the sarcasm dripping from each word, "Oh yeah! Let's build this super famous school in the absolute jack middle of nowhere where the paths are uneven and a constant safety hazard!! Genius idea!!"

Venetia pulled onto a sharp turn on the golf cart she had demanded the day before. She didn't understand why they would even entertain the idea that she—just her— would walk to and from her cottage (in her Jimmy Choo's even!) just to pick up a new student. Heck, she had tried to convince the assistant principal that since all these students are oh so smart and gifted, they should be able to find their own way to their cottage with some paper instructions. That didn't go so well.

And now, Venetia found herself speeding (if you could even call it speeding in this sorry excuse for a vehicle) to get to the front gates area and pick up a kid called Ezequiel. She forgot his last name, but figured with the limited amount of kids that are accepted, her margin for errors was very small. She had a brief idea of what he looked like, so as soon as she pulled up to the front gates, her eyes began scanning the crowd. There were some students she recognized since they were returning, but she did not find the supposed Ezequiel anywhere near the fountain area. Instead, she drove closer to the front gates and there by the statues, she found a dark-haired kid sitting by that area. "Bingo."

Venetia pulled up beside the statue, the rhinestones on her sunglasses glinted as a response to the sun's ray landing on them. It was her natural spotlight—the sun. She did not bother getting off the gold cart and instead called on over to the boy sitting by the Athena Statue.

"Hey, Kid!" She said before adding, "My name is Venetia, get on, I got better places to be."
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