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Coda Morr Périgord
l o c a t i o n. Camp
i n t e r a c t i o n s. @vancexentan
————————————■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■————————————

Coda's partner was always one step ahead when it came to emotional reassurances. Coda appreciated, but this time it did little to actually quell the small tremors that still riddled his body. The uneventful walk to their would be camp let Coda's thoughts wander without direction. Thinking back to when Coda had been partnered up with Evan, Coda realized it hadn't been that long between them and was genuinely surprised anyone had the patience to wield him as a weapon. Normally, he found it difficult to convince anyone they could be successful meisters with chains as their choice of weapon. And whenever he did manage to convince them to give him a chance, they would be immediately be put off by Coda's uncontrollable cowardice.

That was until he bumped into something right in front of him—his partner. "My bad."

Coda's eyes lazily examined the area they had walked into; he noticed that within minutes some of his other classmates were already setting up tents. Coda groaned inwardly, tents seemed like flimsy protection and he certainly did not want anyone being able to easily enter the space where he was supposed to defenselessly rest during the night. But was he going to say that aloud? Absolutely not. Instead, Coda resorted to taking precautionary steps, turning in a circle, to fully absorb the area they were in. "Oh?"

Coda took a step closer in the direction that caught his interest—where the forest met the clearing—off in the distance. He didn't know exactly what but was already praying to whichever overpowered being that resided above that it was possible shelter. Instead of taking the initiative, however, Coda looked back to his partner and took a hold of the edge of the bottom of his sweater. Coda pulled gently to grab his attention and angled his chin towards the direction he was hoping to convince Evan to explore, "What do you think that is over there?"

————————————■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■————————————

@vancexentan tbh i had originally voted for the cottages, so i’m leaning more towards the RV, but i’m flexible.
Cutting off sign-ups here, feel like we got too many potential players that went over my head. If some of them don't reply (@Kautalya and @Karisma specifically) their spots will be open.

someone can take my spot, I don’t believe i’ll be able to keep up with this RP due to work getting too busy. Thanks for the heads up tho.

coolcool im interesteddd
Coda Morr Périgord
l o c a t i o n. Somewhere in Malum Island
————————————■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■————————————

The air was brittle.


Coda knew he was a coward by nature, felt it in his bones every time he was flung into a battle, but it was rare for Coda to start trembling in worry when they had only just arrived on the port of the island. In fact, it was such an odd feeling, that that's probably what was freaking Coda out at the moment. Being afraid of nothing was scary all on its own. Dismissing the feeling altogether—his body in total disagreement—Coda turned his attention back to their anxious-ridden teacher.

Quietly, mostly keeping to himself and his thoughts, Coda followed the poor attempt at a single file line. They passed by what was supposed to be a completely barren area that was now lush with vegetation, their teacher's discomfort at this realization rising steadily. Aside from slightly glancing around every now and then, Coda was rather indifferent to their current situation.

Then they saw signs of life—movement—islanders mulling about their daily lives, whatever that could possibly entail. Coda noticed that they exuded an odd sense of airheadedness and aloofness; he drew his arms close to his body, hugging himself and hunching slightly. Then they all stopped momentarily while Ms. Opal attempted to speak with the natives, most not even acknowledging her existence.


Coda's gaze tore from Ms. Opals futile—but arguably commendable—attempts at gathering information, to his apparent classmates. Aside from Evan, his partner, Coda realized he had no idea who any of the people they were with were. He may have recognized a face or two, but didn't know a single person on even a last-name basis. His eyes bounced from person to person, taking to memory some of their characteristics and sizing them up—a habit he unconsciously learned which immensely helped him avoid certain situations. There were a few that felt like straight-up delinquents, their posture imposing and demanding, others that were flashier than a polished blade and then those that had a quiet charisma to them. Coda noted that he seemed to be the only one with a weak disposition, his body language shifting inwards as he made that realization.

His eyes dropped to his feet and then back up a few seconds later in search of Ms. Opal. Coda had immediately taken a liking to Ms. Opal when she had introduced herself; he had found comfort in her neurotic personality and how overwhelmed she seemed to have obtained leadership of a class of sixteen (and possibly unruly) kids. Had it been him, he would have jumped off the plane before being responsible for— baa?

Right before his very eyes, Ms. Opal had turned into a sheep. She even had the "baaa" down to a T. "That's not..." Coda whispered to himself finding himself at a loss for words.

His eyes darted immediately to Evan already anticipating Evan to try and snuffle out any nervousness before it even starts brooding. Then a tall, dark-haired boy with an air of nonchalance introduced himself while, what appeared to be his partner, followed after, pointing out they were forever stuck on this creepy and godforsaken island. Coda's eyes darted to their teacher (new class pet) and then right back to a new voice that had piped up, annoyance clear in her tone.

Coda released some of the tension he hadn't fully noticed he was holding onto and let his arms fall to the side of his body. He debated on what to do next; clearly, he wasn't going to offer any ideas to the group, he couldn't possibly put himself in a position of such importance. Had he been alone, he still would've attempted to find some sort of authority figure somewhere regardless. Instead, Coda made his way towards Evan, ever so quietly, standing a few paces behind him.

And he waited.
————————————■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■————————————

teehee thank youuuuu, i'll move over my CS

Out of all the cast so far I'd say @Karisma fits best with evan.

dnskxlsbdbkx i think so toooo, lemme know if you wanna partner up!!
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