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Somi sighed, which wasn't a normal response from someone who had spent their entire time freaking out. After the lady beside her finished reading the order for all to hear, Somi had just realized the new opened door. Did she care? Not really. It's not like it was their way out, so what was the use of gleefully entering the new area as if they were all on a treasure hunt. If anything, Somi wondered if they would all stay in one room and complete the orders; how many more would it be till the 'king' would get bored and they'd all just die?

The king was dangerous, but whats more dangerous is a group of strangers stuck in a tight-lipped building desperate to survive.

After the woman spoke aloud, reciting the order for all to hear--Somi reread it. Player #3, rip out all of Player #4's eyelashes. Player #6, consume the blood, tooth, nail, and lashes. Never would Somi have thought to ever do this in her life, none of the orders she took back at home were as intense as this one--she had hoped it would've never gotten to this point. But Somi, as hypocritical as she was, would've done it all for the money. Was she getting money here? Not exactly, but maybe something as equally important. She was just betting her life. And her family.

Riley was an extra 'nope' in her list of people to never interact with. As they were acting like this whole ordeal was like a game to them. Which she found stupid but was she going to ever say that? No. Somi didn't want to get stabbed. Her eyes traced the crowd as they disappeared into the second room, but her mind was still on the tooth. She'd have to swallow it. She'd have to imagine it as a pill and just swallow it whole with no second guessing. Somi stared longingly at the bloodied tooth. With one step at a time, she eventually made her way towards the tooth. As uninviting as it was, Somi still picked it up, her body immediately shuddered as a response. She started trembling once more, it was still hard for her to overcome it. Sure it wasn't as horrible as inflicting pain on herself, but it's not like Somi found this meal a delicacy. Hell, if she had been the type to normally enjoy human body parts a la carte, this would've came naturally to her. However, that not being the case here, this was going to be difficult. She stuffed the cursed tooth in her pocket and scanned the floor in search for the nail.

She eventually found a red coated nail, without a second thought(because Somi did not want to keep thinking about it)she grabbed it and once again stuffed it into her pocket. She had two of the needed items, the one thing left that she needed was to consume blood and lashes. Was she to consume the blood of the ladies finger? Or could she consume the seeping blood from her hand? Or did the blood already oozing off the nail and the tooth count? Somi cradled her chin in thought. In any case, the order only says 'blood,' not that they have to consume a certain someone's blood. Plus, she didn't exactly want to lick someone else's bloody finger--at least not in front of so many people. It's awkward, she reasoned. Then Somi instantly thought, what if she didn't swallow the needed necessities? How would the King know that she consumed it? If she would just hold it in her mouth, under her tongue; the king wouldn't exactly know. Although consume does mean to "ingest" something, Somi found it hard to believe the king could exactly see what she was doing.

Unless they were among us.



Somi stood still for a moment. Silence lay like a down-filled duvet over the area, muffling the slightest sound and creating an atmosphere of total tranquility. The quietness was almost tangible, no rustle of clothing, breathing slow and barely audible, even the once creaking of the building settling was stilled completely. Somi began to suspect.

She entered the new found room, watching everyone stand by and examining their area. Ryan, the first person she noticed--was trying his best to get out of this order. Which she didn't blame him, she wanted every chance to just drop everything and run away. But that didn't mean he wasn't under suspicion. It could all be an act. Everyone could be playing an act. Don't trust anyone.

"...Riley and Somi? Funeral home maintenance bills and some kind of big transfer to the Velskaya Corporation. Sounds like you two might know something about this. I found mine too, and Somi's. This King sure did some research before he went after us, didn't he."

This caught Somi out of her trance as she heard her name called. The blond macho man spoke up about certain bills and papers and money that she herself didn't kno--

Suddenly, Somi remembered the countless of bills she paid. All the money she received from others when she completed requests, all went towards bills and debts her father couldn't pay. She squinted her eyes at him, she kept this life of her a secret; but as long as it wasn't said how she got the money, Somi stayed quiet.

Somi turned her attention to the Ryan and Riley talking it out with one another, Ryan going back and forth with the blond man and Riley insisting on just pulling the lashes out. She did however agree with the blond man that cutting wasn't going to work since it does say to "pull," which showed Somi that these orders are a play on words. Blond man proved her theory that necessarily, Somi can consume the blood by just swallowing the nail and tooth--as the two were both coated in the substance. She covered her mouth as a smile rose, she could win; win against the despicable, disgusting, sly king. Listening to the exasperated begging of Ryan and the pointing of a knife by Riley, Somi made her way towards the sinks.

Not wanting to excitably admit it, Somi was ready to consume the denticle and the nail. She was ready to hold a mouthful of water in her mouth, pop in the tooth, swallow, repeat--and then get on with her day. As she let the hand leave her mouth, a smile rose higher and higher, Somi reached for the handles of the sink and began to turn.

She pulled again.


Somi, turned around in a defeated posture and spoke out.

"I can't..." Her pride broke, "I don't..I don't know how to swallow pills without water." Her hand gripped onto her arm, "I need--I know this is--I know I'm being annoying right now. But, I need...Someone to push their finger down and help me.... swallow it." She propped the tooth and nail above eye length, towards the crowd.

She hated this.


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"Seems to me that he's more cautious than most... Six. In a sense, you could say this room is just one big coffin, too, if we lose the game."


Her eyebrows flinched.

"Six?" She gulped, "I don't know when we decided to label one another--" With a small tremble, she crossed her arms and gripped tightly to her sleeves. The young girl, though with a lowered and weakened stance, she flicked glances among the others. A glare and spark escaping her dark colored eyes. That number--number six-- tasted like bile once it escaped her tight lips. A reminder to her that the people surrounding her(and her also) were like animals in cattle pens ready to be slaughtered. A tag to define who they were; and she didn't like that. "Somi. I'm Somi."

These people are not to be trusted.

Suddenly a screeching noise erupted once more, the dumbwaiter showed itself--throwing up a piece of pliers and a new order. She watched as the scene played itself like a movie, the chosen two proceeded to do as ordered. Somi stared as the woman ripped a nail off before thrashing the pliers off to the other one.

Just then, the air grew thick and something felt wrong.

"The fastest way out would be to draw lots and just kill from there."

The word kill seemed to have left the other person's mouth so easily, Somi wanted to throw up. Everything, every single order, had been brushed off by all the others as if this was something they'd do on a daily.

These people are not to be trusted.

The two people, who she nicknamed greasy black hair and creepy blondie, bickered between each other. She understood by both point of views, but it was strange--too strange. If there had been a king "watching" them, where were the cameras? They didn't all exactly search, instead all stood idly by, completing each order as if it was a sport. Plus, when she had read the rules--It was said to complete the orders under 3 hours, they all had time to sort each orders out. They all could've talked with one another and try to figure out a way out, what made them so certain we'd be punished from not completing the order? And if so, how would the king do so?

She sighed heavily under her breath, when would they be done with these orders? And what makes them think it wont be as worse as the others were? Somi bit onto her lip, sweating profoundly. The air was thick as it weighed down on her, for some reason Somi felt such an ominous aura escaping its way from the dumbwaiter's area. To take her mind off of it, her eyes went towards the writing on the wall--Oh?

Her eyes opened wide and immediately, Somi spoke up.

"Wait! What if we don't do an order?" She pointed towards the rules, "It says we'll be punished if we don't complete an order. But how?" Somi continued, "The king would have to specifically come to us personally." Hoping the others understood, she ended off her realization there--having a sudden thought that perhaps the king was listening. She just hoped the king would’ve been dumb enough to not understand.

And, once again, the screeching sound came once more. Somi feared the time she'll come to be used to the sound.

However, after her small analysis, Somi felt a little more brave. She took a big step and marched her way towards the dumbwaiter. An itching part inside her screamed and thrashed about, telling her to not do such a stupid thing--but Somi couldn't stop herself.

After what felt like years, she gulped tightly and arrived to her designated place.

"Who even decided that the punishment would be worse--" She stared down at the metallic object, "What we're already doing is punishment enough."

Inhaling and exhaling softly, Somi reached down to grab the menacing card and her eyes traced along the words.


She kind of felt like laughing a little.

King's Order
Player #3, rip out all of Player #4's eyelashes.
Player #6, consume the blood, tooth, nail, and lashes.

Player #6, consume the blood, tooth, nail, and lashes.

Player #6

Six. Six. Six. Six. Six. Why did that word have such an effect on the young girl. Such animosity came from within the teen, she couldn't stand the sound--she couldn't stand seeing the word. Her palm, that traced and scarred itself of the one number she quickly grew to despise, worked it's way to her mouth. Such nausea hit Somi like a truck, her skin growing paler and paler--

She turned to face the crowd, releasing her tight grip from her mouth, Somi held up the card for all to see. Her eyes focused on the bloodied tooth.

Now how was she going to consume that.

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Her eyes shot up at the rusted ceiling. The drops of tears kissed her cheeks. The murmurs of others was tuned out by Somi, feeling as if she was under water; floating further away from shore. With silence coating her world, she buried her crying face into the safe palms(at least what should’ve been) of her hands. And, with a small quiver, the girl muttered—“Its not fair.”

The young girl thought of her younger brother. Waiting at the table with his homework spread out, knocking the pencil against his forehead. With a frustrated face, crinkling his nose upwards, she imagined her brother under the soft moon lit room; waiting for his big sister.

She imagined him straining his brain in order to solve a simple problem.

She imagined him giving up and grabbing a drink.

She then imagined her brother sitting in front of the doorsteps—eyes full of life and a smile so bright the whole world could combust.

She imagined her brothers delight when she’d step into the house, a jump to his steps as he talked to her about his day.

She imagined a pull to her sleeve, he’d drag her into the living room, shoving her to sit down. Somi would then laugh at his interpretations of his classmates, she would giggle at the way he’d mock the teachers, and she would then wipe the small cheerful tears from her eyes as he showed her the problems that he had gotten all wrong.

Somi, pushed her face closer to her palms. Taking deep breaths here and there until she had a sudden realization that her brother—her brother—must be waiting at home, sick and worried. She thought of her father arriving home with a slight wobble to his steps. Staggering his way to the room and going to reach his son’s head, his intention of giving a ruffle to his hair, only to be shot down by his negative thoughts; bringing his arm to his side and grunting to the floor. She thought of him constantly staring at the kitchen table, wondering where the plates full of food was. She thought of him saddened, she thought of him worried-

Suddenly, Somi snapped out of it.

She had to get out.

And she was willing to do anything to make that happen.

Releasing her face from her cupped hands, Somi wiped the blood residue on her face. She then turned to the writing on the wall, quickly sobered up and tried to make sense of the situation.

Suddenly a screeching sound echoed throughout the room, alarming Somi. Already facing the red on the wall she noticed what she assumed to be a dumb waiter descend. Her immediate thought was to quickly jump into the miniature box and let it take her to where it came from. But it was soon crushed when she saw how tiny it was. Too tiny for such a tall person like Somi.

She stumbled towards her coffin, clutching onto the hems of her sweater, Somi's eyes followed the first person she asked a question to. He took it upon himself to grab whatever was in the dumbwaiter and inspect it himself.

“Kings Order...”

The only sentence that got her attention. Rather than the orders given to number #2 and #7, the idea—the creation—surrounding this game had caught her attention.

If we all die, the king wins but to win we have to kill the king...

Somi watched as he lifted his hands to grab the clear glass, accidentally cutting himself in the process. A part of her believed that since he had cut himself, one of the two players would have to cut something else. Not necessarily, someone.

Her theory was proven wrong when she watched the tall blonde man walk his way to the dumbwaiter. Instantly, Somi felt intimidated by his calm demeanor. She watched him pace around the room, staring at each of the players hands before making his way to the closed coffin.

She stepped forward a little, trying to decipher what exactly this big man was going to do to the figure(if there was one) inside the coffin. A small part of her wasn’t surprised when she watched him prick their already wounded hand. Somi, then, realized she was surrounded by crazy people.

Her lips trembled and her eyelashes fluttered about tremendously as sweat ran down her forehead. Somi couldn’t believe her eyes, what made them believe the order so quickly? And why was it such a normal reaction to follow it? What if there was no meaning to this “game,” and it was just to kill for no reason?

But a part of her knew that in order to survive, you had to follow the orders.

A gasp escaped her lips when she watched the boy jump out of the box in an instant. He quickly went to a defensive mode and began suspecting everyone—as what she could assume—of being his captors.

But, instead of trying to calm down the panicked person in front of her; she wanted to know the one thing that was bothering her.

“Why didn’t you leave your coffin?”

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She awoke in the dark and laid there, blinking twice. She said nothing. Somi's eyes darted everywhere, bouncing around, trying to get a sense of where she was. A slow realization hit her that she wasn't exactly in bed, or at home. Panting heavily, drenched in sweat, dazed and dizzy, Somi began panicking. It wasn't just the fact her eyes couldn't focus greatly on what was happening, but the immense pain that shot up in her body. Shivers went through her body like cold wind despite her being surrounded with stuffy air. Somi whimpered softly, tracing her fingers forward, she couldn't see anything; but she had to know what she was in.

Feeling herself grow pale, Somi Baek started breathing fiercely and scratched against the sides of whatever capsule she was in. She swallowed hard, thinking that one of the offers she had done; backfired and whoever was her victim, became her kidnapper. Fear started creeping up on her as she slammed her foot down on the bottom of the box, a echo traveling through her ears. A cold wash went down her back, the lead weight in her stomach, her dry mouth, and heart thumped painfully when--before slamming into the box again—-she noticed the photo.

A grainy photographed portrayed itself with a rusty, broken apart building. She froze in place and as color drained from her-already-pale-self, Somi made the theory that it was her place. It had to be her place. She's only known one neglected and brooding building and that was what she called home. An abandoned apartment with sickly green weeds creeping over the path, grimy windows with overgrown mold in the corners--could only be described as Somi's home. She bit her lip, tracing her eyes to the stained red spots that decorated the picture. Almost throwing up in her mouth at the sight of the smudged lipstick stain, she not only realized this was taken outside but that it directed onto the half cracked window of their room. Out of anger, Somi snatched the picture from the nailed down area--cracking a nail of her's--and she noticed the big letters that spelled out on the back.


Her eyes widen and then, noticing the dangerous situation she was in; Somi panicked.

Somi anxiously started thrashing around, the continuous thought of getting out was her only motivation. Ignoring the pain from her hand and head, she stomped repeatedly on the cover. Her small hands punched afterwards, trying to strength the blow from her kicks. And, with her last kick, Somi's cover flew open to the side. With no time to waste, she crawled out of the casket quickly. Grunting heavily as she threw herself onto the floor in a rush. With a thud to the floor, she scrawled to her feet and immediately gripped onto her hurting hand. Somi stared down and opened her palm, wincing in the process, noticing the big #6. Various questions flooded her aching head, staggering a bit, Somi gripped her hand and felt the tears fall down her flushed cheeks.

A voice.

Somi swiftly turned around, her hair a mess and her face scrunched up in terror and agony--noticed a black haired man call out softly.

Stupidly, Somi called out back.

"W-Who.." Her eyes darted down to the coffins, "Did..Did you come out from there too..?"

Is this... is this an Apocalypse no Toride RP?

Jeez I could have sworn I was the only person on earth that read it. Tentative interest from me, I've got a full plate but how could I resist?

yes!!!! I love that mangaka's work im reading their other work called "Starving Anonymous." Sososo good

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